401 wallys edukayshun 4

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401 wallys edukayshun 4
Day 5 Monday
For wally that weekend was the longest he could remember, his dad had been home when he got off the school bus on that Friday afternoon, and he knew he couldn`t face gran or it would be physically obvious to his dad that his dick was missing her, so he fained illness which kept him out of trouble till the Sunday, He hated having lied to his dad, but he had promised Gran, and it was the only way he thought he could cope this weekend. a tummy bug, his gran feeding him secretly up in his room and dad steering clear for fear that whatever it was, was catching and would stop him driving, as he couldn’t afford to miss loads.
He knew it was wearing thin on the Sunday, so went downstairs, dad he knew was doing his job cleaning that blessed truck, so they didn’t see him till teatime. By then the lad was sat on the sofa a big book on his lap, pretending feeling still a bit weak, they ate, then he went off back to bed, his dad finally wandering away later than usual on the Monday morning to the lads relief. Gran said little, and after breakfast he was soon on his way to catch the bus.
The day dragged, Mrs Bracewell, in history the frumpy old geography teacher chuntered on all morning and Mrs Ford repeated the act in the afternoon, last period as it should have been sport, though with his club foot he was excused and on library duty. He and Tom sat together at the back on the bus, from his satchel Tom produced a magazine, old and dog eared from many thumbing’s it was a `knave’ like carefully perused the models, Wally being careful not to say the wrong thing, the miles past, and it was soon Wally`s stop, for the second time that day he felt relieved as Tom and the bus rounded the bend.
He was soon home, his Gran in a dressing gown cooking, all appeared well with the domestic world.
“Hi Gran, how`s you?” she grinned, “OK… just a bit behind, what homework?” “history and I had geography, but I managed that in the library so just a bit on the Vikings and I`m all yours, it`s about longboats so it shouldn’t take long. She dropped her gown showing she was naked as a baby. Grinning she suggested before tea he “got on with the homework then” as she was running a bit late and was keen to have him!
He did just that, needing her as she did him, it wasn’t like gran being late, but then, neither was she usually this sexy either! Homework and the meal soon over, both of them naked, he washed up while she made tea. That he suddenly realised just left those blessed hens, “We`ve forgotten the dammed hens Gran,” he said, he moved as if to fetch his dressing gown, but she stopped him, “go do the job naked Wally, I do housework naked for your fantasy, I want you to go out and shut those birds up for my amusement!” he laughed, then said “this early they will be a nightmare, but the shower has passed so come and give me a hand then!”
She chuckled, “ok, we can`t be seen from the road so let`s do it together…I will if you will!” outside wearing only their gumboots from the back porch, they hurried across the yard hand in hand into the little orchard, the hens as predicted were a pain to catch, foraging in the soft earth after the rain, every hen having to be caught individually from the long run, and shut into the coop, that entailed holding the birds, naked it was not a safe occupation, muddy claws, and sharp beaks scratch if you don’t use care. Beryl even warned the lad about waving his todger about “as the cock, old henry loves big worms!” his reply that watching her catch the birds meant it was as stiff as a ramrod so it was not a problem henry could go choke… It took about 30 minutes in all, laughing and dodging about in the bare muddy earth run. The job over after closing the coop up and with the run`s gate closed safely, the lad grabbed his Gran, muddy hands hugging her to him and kissing her, until they sank to their knees onto the soft orchard grass, laughing he had left muddy handprints on her breasts, her back and her arse though he hadn’t escaped either. They knew that they were going to make love again, here and now on the damp dewy rain dampened grass. It was urgent, hard and needful, the desolate weekend had taken its toll.in a short time he was filling her, hot seed spewing deep inside her wet and ready cunt, there was no finesse, no care , no tenderness, in fact it was brutal, Wally spurred on by Beryl`s cry`s of “harder boy, harder, ride me, punish me go on… Hurt me like my Sid did” after the kaçak iddaa rain started once more and together they ran home for shelter, boots off together laughing the showered together, the hot water warming and cleansing the muddy bodies, there erotic hands tenderly slithering over the soapy skins.
She said, “I need to pee” and was about to move to the toilet, when he stopped her, “do it here gran, for me…I`ve always wondered” she looked hard at him then shrugged, opened her legs and began to stream, his eyes never left the source, then his fingers were in the stream, just before the end he knelt the stream hitting him in his crutch, her tear-filled eyes on him as he revelled in the feeling of the hot stream. She dried, the last of her pee soon vanishing in the warm water. He looked up at her and blushed. A little embarrassed, she quickly turned and shut off the water, grabbing at a towel, not quite knowing what to say. From his kneeling position he kissed her backside, and she shuddered. Dry and talcum powdered hand in hand not a word spoken they descended to the kitchen, she bade him lock the doors as she made coffee and then together, still silently, they retired to her big double bed. Once under the bedding she said, “we need to talk lad.” Turning to the bedside light she switched it out, the light out and with the darkness of dusk the place was near inky black, she knew she needed this anonymous effect, to hide her embarrassment. He realised she was about to reveal her innermost thoughts, she sought his nearest hand she felt they needed some sort of a contact, the lay in silence their fingers entwined.
“Look lad, I need to explain a few things, things your dad doesn’t know” she paused, then as if she had made up her mind went on “Over the years… your grandfather, my Sid and I had good times and a few really bad, those first few years, once I was pregnant and we were first together, after my dad threw me out, as it was not done back then to get pregnant before marriage, it was shame on the family and he just threw me out, though he did slip me £100 so we could marry and make a start together. Sid of course, was put out of work too, so we came down here, Sid got work at a farm, though that didn’t last long as they didn’t look after their horses, and he hated that, anyway Sid stuck it till the next hiring fair luckily only a week or two later. He managed to get a place at a small farmstead on the far edge of town, not well paid but it had a rough old cottage, the last ploughman had died, so it was furnished after a fashion and that was all free, so mostly from desperation we took it. We were fairly happy but, very hard up. To make ends meet I ended up sleeping with the farmer, he was a bachelor, and he begged Sid to share me, paying me in cash for the privilege. That one time, led to me sleeping with him regularly, Sid hated sharing me as you can imagine, but we needed to survive, once I had found it was both fun and easy money, I met Jerome. He was a pimp and it was he who changed me, first to a straight hooker, later to, a submissive. It was me begged Sid to let me go on the game, Jerome said it was easy money in the town, and though I wasn’t happy about it, it did feed us and little Jimmy.
I`m not proud of what I did, but needs must, Sid largely ignored what I was doing, and it lasted like that nearly a year, three nights a week I slept with all comers, for a spanking my money tripled, at that time it never went further than spanking, and I admit I grew to enjoy it. We lived better and saved hard so that we could soon stop all of this stuff. Jerome however had other ideas, he asked to meet Sid, so I introduced them. He asked Sid if he would allow me to get even bigger money in two ways, there was the old chap who found pee exciting, and was willing to pay well, that to be brutally honest I didn’t mind so much, but he also suggested that I do a dungeon scene now and again, and though I didn’t fancy that much, the money was fantastic, and after we discussed it all it proved irresistible. The pee thing brought it all back, so that’s why I was as I was in the shower, and you may have noticed I like my sex hard nowadays!” he whispered that “he had noticed and had wondered if that was normal!” she explained that “some women loved it some hated it and he would have to cut his cloth to suit the partner.”
He asked, “what had the dungeon been like?” There was a long drawn out breath then she quietly said, “well, tipobet güvenilir mi knowing what I was giving myself for, I was frightening before that first time especially, I was collected put in some sort of hood or mask and I was taken somewhere in the back of Jerome`s van, I still don’t know where. Jerome was there too, watching I think, though for all I know he could have helped. Still unable to see I had to strip, then they bent me over a table, took turns to hold me while all three men had me anally, it was my first time that way, and that hurt me bad, they caned me a bit then they hung me by my wrists and whipped me all over. three hours later they dropped me home to Sid, still in my hood, my body red with welts and marks, but with a lot of money in a bag. My Sid was sad but found it exciting, and to my surprise so had I, it wasn’t always so simple, but now and again it was a big money spinner. When Jimmy was three, we moved to this village, and although occasionally I still did a special job for Jerome, one even branded me, but Sid was my husband and my only real master from then I was his slave until he died!” Wally asked if Sid caned her? she said, “all the time, whips, bondage, all that stuff we both loved it, but it all stopped when he died… I never have had another screw…till you…!”
“Do you want that sort of stuff again then gran?” there was a long silence then she said, “perhaps one day, I do miss it, soon perhaps just be patient with me, but not tonight, you are not yet ready, just be my lover not my master tonight be gentle please, and just make love to me.” Her wish was his command, slowly and with great gentleness he suckled on her breasts, then her clitorise and finally, just to prove he was capable he had her while kissing her profusely, after it was over he was about to go off to his own room when she stopped him and told him to stay. They slept entwined, just enjoying the feelings in this close companionship, of one another`s bodies. Waking in the first light of dawn to repeat the gentle sex of the previous night, before rising, her naked to boil eggs, he to shower and dress for school!
Over the breakfast she asked, “if he had enjoyed the gentler side of their relationship,” he said that he had, but was now “intrigued by the thought of, the other stuff she had once enjoyed, especially anal, and being a sub, they had tried the pee thing hadn`t they, and where was the brand, as he had not noticed it?” She sat silently drinking her tea, her face a mask. It was soon time to go for the bus, and as he left she threw him a comment that he had desperately hoped for, “perhaps if your that keen they could try some gentle stuff, but I will choose what, oh and when… at least to start !” his broad smile said it all as he blew her a kiss and hobbled away.
School over, she was in her kitchen still as naked as when he left home, the smell of cottage pie permeated the air and she was washing up. “hi gran I just love you naked like this when I come home!” She half turned to greet him. “Hi mate, all ok? homework?” it was her standard greeting. He explained that he had done most of it on the bus, but still had just one assignment, a short essay on home life! She smiled and said, “it had best be fiction then, or we will all be in strife!” they laughed, then he went off to change.
A while later he reappeared, naked, essay in hand, he read it to her as she served the meal, and she listened with tears in her eyes, as the words tumbled from his lips. He had told of his loss of his mother, writing that she had died, not wishing to reveal her infidelity, he had covered his fathers job, and he had told of his grandmother stepping in, and how much he loved her. It was a moving piece. With misty eyes they kissed then they ate, he washed up she boiled the kettle for tea, then making her mind up said, “This morning, at breakfast, you said you wanted to try one of those `disciplines’ I used to love, what would you in your wildest imagination, like to do to me?”
He coloured up, so she encouraged him, by saying “look, we are already lovers, so we should have no secrets, just like you I have my fantasies, all I am asking is that we share our darkest dreams, we don’t have to do them, they might be too over the top or I might not let you, but at least we would each know how our minds work…and there`s a chance we could perhaps enjoy one or two of our dreams”
He smiled distantly, then said that, tipobet giriş “When he had one, he would tell her, but he was living the dream right now, and yes, as he had said this morning he wanted to try stuff, but he wasn’t going to try forcing her…!” he added that, “it would be too embarrassing to tell anyhow!”
She thought for a while then said, “how about writing it down then, you write a good essay so you could… No, WE both could put it in a secret book, like in your dads old diary, then the other party could read it on their own, that way we don’t have to do it face to face”. That agreed on that, then they found a spare exercise book and decided on a hiding place for it in the recessed top of the hat stand in the hall, the agreed signal that there was `something in the book’ to be given by turning a vase on the mantle-piece round.
She took his hand and led him to the kitchen, turned to face him and asked him “you asked where I was branded.” He nodded, so she bent over the table end holding her bare bum cheeks open and pointing out too him a tiny but clear B perhaps a centimetre high on the inside of her left cheek, “Jerome, held me down over a table like this one, and the client did it with a red hot iron, he wanted to do it one letter at a time, it was agony anyway, but the anticipation was exciting and he paid me a lot extra!” she muttered that “it took forever to heal too, and my Sid died later that month so I never had the rest of his name done, though I would have and I will admit and the cash was megga, but it just wasn`t the right time!”
“What was his name?” he asked eagerly, she grinned, “Barry… he was into pee as well”
She went to rise but he was too quick holding her down with his left hand on her back between her shoulders, slipping himself into her gaping hole with a single thrust, and saying, “soft or Hard gran, your choice?” the reply was decisive, “oh it`s like that is it, well I`ve been reading dads diary today, it`s got me going, I need to pretend its him playing out one of his fantasies, so please, give it me as hard as you can lad, don’t spare me, just go for it!”
And go for it he did, hammering himself into her time and again, till she began to cry out, her fingers gripping the table edge, her knuckles white… it couldn’t last, and it didn’t, though he lasted a lot longer than she had expected in such a young and inexperienced lad. For her it was magic, small climaxes then larger climaxes then huge out of this world climaxes that had her calling her son Jimmy`s name as she imagined he was the one hammering himself into her.
Wally shuddered himself to a standstill, seed spewing into her, his rod was still stiffish in her body, he stood still, holding her to the table, He slowly withdrew his now slimy rod. She breathed a sigh thinking it was over, but no such luck! His right hand took his tool in hand lined it up with her brown star and simply pushed it deep into her. With no warning, and no lubrication except her own mucus adhered to his rod it was painful. She screamed, “STOP, don’t move, please, DON`T MOVE!” He stopped frozen, mid-stroke! By that time, Beryl was shaking her head and crying. He was astounded, what had he done! The pain was now easing, the initial burning and stretching becoming bearable. She patiently explained that “he was an impetuous pillock, and that anal needed lubrication and care!” He apologised profusely, but then said, “as he was now mounted should he carry on or withdraw?” Her reply was that, “he was to be slow and very gentle and she would see…” so gently he began to move inside her, every thrust eliciting a groan or a grunt, though he wasn`t sure if it was pain or joy or even a combination… she gasped for him to “speed up a little, its becoming fantastic…” it was his hoped for answer… slowly he raised the ante, she became more excited, he could tell her grunts and groans where getting louder and louder, then, suddenly, pump, pump, pump. The effect took him over the brink, her tight gripping anal muscles making him feel every shot as he filled her bowel. She flopped she had blacked out once more, the massive climax just too much!
He took the opportunity of her faint and withdrew himself. It was some seconds waiting for her to fully revive. Then he helped her to her feet, tearfully holding her to him, as he apologised once more. She admonished him, “From now on I will make the decisions matey, that was bloody painful… then she smiled. “…but it became delicious…” Then she added, “I shall be ok, don’t worry, I shall be sore for a while, but hey ho, I`ve had worse, a lot worse!” They tottered through to the sofa, he made and fetched tea, it was over for the night and he still had those blessed hens to shut up!

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