A Big One In Bradenton

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A Big One In Bradenton
We did actually meet the guy but he did turn out to be too big for her but this is what all three of us hoped would happen.
My wife, Hazel, and I, had been posting pictures on a site called World Wide Wives for about a year and the response had been fantastic. After every posting, her in-box was overflowing. We’d even met a couple of guys off the site for some sexy fun. Hazel enjoyed the attention of two men and we had plenty of offers.
After one particular posting, the usual flood of messages poured in. Mostly from her “Fan Club, as I called them” but also a few new ones. One in particular caught my attention. It was from a guy in Florida, user name “thickcock4u” and boy was it an apt name. His profile picture showed his cock alongside a beer can and there was hardly any difference in thickness of them. When I showed the message to Hazel, her first reaction was, “Ouch,” but that soon changed to “Mmmm,” as she studied the picture. “Oh come on Hazel,” I laughed, “I know you like a big cock, but that has to be too big for you. You could never take one that size!” Hazel looked at the picture again and smiled. “I’m not sure I could, but it would be fun finding out,” she laughed.
It just so happened that in November, we had booked to spend the month on holiday in Bradenton, Florida. After a quick discussion we decided to contact the guy and see if we could arrange a meet while we were over there. After a couple of messages between us it was fixed and he gave us his name, Malcolm, and his phone number and told us to call him when we were settled in.
November arrived and we landed at Orlando and drove over to Bradenton. Hazel was really excited as we pulled into the driveway of the place we’d rented. It took me all my time to stop her phoning the guy straight away, but I did and we unpacked and settled in, deciding to give it a couple of days before we called the guy. Hazel was as horny as hell over the next couple of days, the thought of the big thick cock waiting for her had really got her turned on and she just wouldn’t leave me alone. We fucked morning, noon and night until I was almost a physical wreck, totally knackered. “I’m bloody glad today’s the day,” I said to Hazel, on the morning of the day we were going to phone we guy. “I don’t think I can last out much longer.” Hazel smiled at me. “Well if things work out you can have a rest soon.” I phoned the guy and he said he would meet us in a local bar for a drink to see if we got on okay. Normally, on holiday, Hazel wore tops and shorts but as we were meeting Malcolm she put on a skirt and blouse with a white bra and panties under it.
We arrived at the bar and sat in a corner booth to wait for Malcolm. I could see Hazel was a bit nervous and I knew it was the thought of his huge cock that was causing it. We’d met quite a few single men before but I knew this would be the biggest cock she’d ever taken. We’d been there about ten minutes when the door opened and we both got a shock. We’d seen pictures of Malcolm’s face and his awesome cock, but had never seen a full length photo. We both thought he’d be on the tall side, judging by the size of his tackle, but to my surprise he was only the same height as Hazel, five feet four. He was slim and from the bulging muscles under his tee shirt it was clear that he worked out regularly. Malcolm recognised us straight away and joined us in the booth. He was a pleasant looking guy with neatly trimmed light brown hair and a nice smile. I could see that Hazel was immediately taken with him and was instantly at ease in his company and it wasn’t long before we were chatting away like old friends. Hazel suddenly leaned over and whispered something to Malcolm and he smiled and nodded. Hazel looked at me and nodded towards the door and I knew it was on.
It was only a short walk back to the house and within minutes we were inside and I was locking the door behind us. Hazel told me to take Malcolm into the lounge while she went and freshened up. I fixed us all drinks and took the opportunity to lay down a few ground rules with Malcolm. No anal and if Hazel said stop, that was it. Malcolm readily agreed kaçak iddaa and we both sat down to wait for Hazel’s to get back.
When she did Malcolm gave a low whistle. She’d ditched the skirt and blouse and was just wearing her bra and panties. She came across and I moved over to let her sit between us. I could see her eyes were fixed on the bulge in Malcolm’s pants, and as soon as she’d sat down, Malcolm began to massage her inner thighs and I started on her tits, stroking her nipples through the thin lace of her bra. Hazel was more turned on than I’d ever seen her and as Malcolm ran the palm of his hand over the crotch of her panties, she unfastened the top of his jeans and slowly lowered his zip.
It was immediately clear that his pictures weren’t fakes. He looked enormous even through his boxers. I saw Hazel’s eyes light up as Malcolm settled lower on the couch and leant back on the cushions. He raised his ass and eased his jeans down over his legs and kicked them off then unbuttoned his shirt, and threw that onto the floor with his pants. Malcolm lay back even further and spread his legs wide. His cock looked even bigger now and Hazel’s eyes grew even wider. “Big enough for you Hazel,” he laughed. He seemed really proud of the size of his cock and to be honest I was a bit jealous of him.
Hazel just nodded weakly and Malcolm took her hand and placed it on his thigh just below the leg of his boxers. She hesitated for a moment then pushed her hand upwards and I watched it disappear up towards his cock. “That’s it Hazel,” he said, “I think you’ll like what you find.” Hazel just smiled and didn’t say a word, just carried on moving her hand upwards. I didn’t need to see where her hand was, I could tell by the look on Malcolm’s face. His eyes closed and a low moan escaped his lips and I knew Hazel’s fingers had made contact with his balls. I now switched my attention to Malcolm’s crotch and I could see Hazel’s fingers moving as she gently massaged his balls. Malcolm still had his eyes closed as she moved even further upwards and her hand began to work it’s way up his thick shaft. It was a real turn on, not being able to see exactly what was going on, just the movement of her hand inside his boxers. I could see and hear when Hazel’s hand reached his knob, Malcolm let out a long low groan. “God, Hazel, that feels good, you’ve got a lovely soft hand,” Hazel looked at him and smiled, with the cheekiest grin I have ever seen. “I’m glad it’s only my hand that’s soft,” she laughed.
That was enough for Malcolm, he pulled Hazel’s hand from up the leg of his boxers and stood up and eased his boxers down. Inch by inch, he uncovered the thickest cock I’d ever seen. The action of the waistband on his cock, pulled his foreskin down over his huge knob. It was massive and glistening from the pre-cum that was oozing from it. He sat back down and pulled Hazel’s head down into his lap and pressed her lips against the underside of his knob.
Now Hazel loves a cock in her mouth, but I wasn’t sure she could take this one, it was way bigger than anything else she had taken before. I saw Hazel look up at him, a look of uncertainty in her eyes. “I’m not sure I can take it Malcolm. I’ve never had one this big, ” she said. “Don’t worry Hazel,” Malcolm replied, “just do your best.” Hazel began to swirl her tongue over Malcolm’s shiny purple knob and I saw even more pre-cum dribble from it. “Oh yes Hazel, that’s it. Lick it. Oh fuck you’re good.” Hazel began to work her tongue up and down his thick veiny shaft. I could just imagine how much Hazel would love that inside her. I knew she would love it stretching her and those veins massaging her pussy walls.
I was transfixed as she licked her way down his shaft and ran her tongue over his balls. My cock was rigid and I quickly stripped down to my boxers. Hazel looked across at me and smiled, then returned to the job in hand, or mouth, to be more precise. She continued to work her way up and down Malcolm’s shaft, from his balls to his weeping knob. I watched her tongue scoop bead after bead of pre-cum from the eye of his knob. She moved her head till her mouth was covering the tip of his knob. Malcolm placed perabet güvenilir mi his hands on the back of her head. I tensed, ready to step in if Malcolm tried to force more of his cock into Hazel’s mouth than she was comfortable with, but I needn’t have worried, he just rested them there steadying her head.
Hazel began to move her tongue round his knob in a circular motion, slowly moving her head lower. I watched as her lips opened wider and slowly took more of it into her mouth. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to take it all but she managed to cover half of it. I could see her draw her cheeks in as she applied suction to it and imagined her drawing his pre-cum up his shaft. She obviously was, as I saw her swallow as her mouth filled. From the size of his balls, I guessed that Malcolm had a massive amount to give her and if she did finally manage to get him inside of her pussy he would really fill her, not only with his huge cock but an obscene amount of his sticky cum.
I saw his body tense and he suddenly pushed Hazel’s head upwards, lifting her lips up off his knob. “That’s enough Hazel,” he said, “you’ll have me coming and I want to come in your pussy if you can take me and if you don’t mind.” He looked across the room at me. “Do you have your camera handy Mike,” he said, “I’d love some personal pictures of Hazel taking my cock.” Great, I was about to ask Malcolm if he minded me taking photographs so quickly got the camera out of the case. Malcolm sat up and helped Hazel to her feet, while I took picture after picture. He looked across at me again. “Could you pass me the small case I brought with me Mike?” I retrieved the small black leather case he’d dropped onto the table when we first got back and handed it to him. He put it on the couch beside him and returned to Hazel. He placed his hands on the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down, uncovering the neatly trimmed bush of her pubic hair. Hazel is proud of her pubes and keeps them nicely trimmed. Not too long but just the right length to accentuate her beautiful pussy lips. She looked amazing.
As Malcolm slid her panties down her thighs, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her fur covered mound. Hazel moaned softly as he moved her panties down to her ankles and steadied her while she stepped out of them. I was getting some fantastic pictures as he gently kissed her inner thighs, flicking his tongue over her petal like pussy lips. He reached over the small bag and took out a tube of KY jelly. He squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingers and slid them between Hazel’s thighs. I knew when they entered her pussy. Hazel gave out a loud gasp and I saw that he had three fingers inside her and was working them in and out of her. He was preparing her for the full penetration of his huge cock. He pulled out and added a fourth finger and once again slipped inside her. Hazel was working her hips up and down as he stretched her in preparation for his cock.
Suddenly he turned her round to face me and pulled her back onto his lap. I saw a look of trepidation cross Hazel’s face as he lowered her down towards his huge knob. He released his grip on Hazel’s waist and once again took the tube of KY and smeared another load onto his shaft, paying particular attention to his knob, before lowering her even closer to him. This was the perfect view for my photographs. Hazel was crouching over him, gradually moving her pussy closer to his knob. He reached between her thighs and parted her pussy lips with his fingers and for the first time I saw Hazel’s lips part as just the tip of his knob entered her. Malcolm wasn’t moving, just sitting there with his knob nestling in the folds of Hazel’s pussy lips and Hazel wasn’t rushing things either, not that I could blame her, Malcolm’s cock looked even bigger now it was poised below her pussy.
He didn’t force the issue and just sat there and allowed Hazel to take the lead. I knew she wouldn’t have a problem with the length, as Malcolm was only the same as me. It was his thickness that I was worried about. With his cock held in position by Hazel’s pussy lips, Malcolm was able to move his hands up to Hazel’s perabet giriş breasts and began teasing her nipples through the white lace. I knew this would be a dead cert turn on for her, she loves both nipples played with at once. Her eyes closed and she began to moan softly, as Malcolm gently pinched and stroked her hard nipples. The sensations caused Hazel to relax and I watched as she accepted more of Malcolm’s knob and it slid further into her pussy. The pictures would be classics, Malcolm’s knob was visibly stretching her as it eased her pussy lips further apart. I could see the look of trepidation, mixed with the look of pure pleasure on Hazel’s face.
Malcolm was still teasing her nipples as he gently said. “Move up and down slowly Hazel, ease it in just a bit at a time.” I saw Hazel raise herself a little then slowly lower back down. Malcolm’s knob stretched her pussy lips slightly wider and she was able to take just a fraction of an more of him. She kept this for ten minutes, rising and falling on his knob, each time, almost imperceptibly taking more and more of his knob. She was almost at the thickest part now and I knew just a few more movements and the worst part would be over for her. I saw her raise her hips one more time, her pussy was streaming juices and these, combined with the KY jelly, allowed her, with one final drop to take his knob completely inside her. I saw a look of relief on her face as her pussy closed around Malcolm’s much thinner shaft.
She held her body still as she got accustomed to the huge knob that was filling her. After a minute or so, she began to slowly lower herself onto Malcolm’s shaft then rise again, not letting his knob escape from her. She had had enough trouble getting it in so to rise off it would have been stupid. Slowly, she raised and lowered herself and more of Malcolm’s cock disappeared into her pussy. Malcolm still wasn’t moving, just sitting there, letting Hazel take the lead. Each time she rose up his shaft, I could see her juices glistening on it, she was really wet, wetter than I ever seen her, but this was just making things easier for her. Malcolm looked across at me and winked then turned to Hazel. “I think you’re ready now Hazel,” he said, “I think your pussy is ready to take me.” Hazel was about to say something, when Malcolm started to slide his shaft into her a little at a time, pausing with each forward push, allowing her to get used to the feeling. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he fed more of his cock into her. Hazel had her eyes screwed tight shut, but low moans were escaping her lips as more and more of Malcolm’s cock disappeared inside her. I moved to stand above them to get the best shots and looked down as he slid in and out of her. Suddenly I noticed that their pubic hair was touching and realised that his cock was almost all the way in. With one last gentle push, their pelvic bones met and Hazel had taken her thickest cock ever.
Again Malcolm held steady for a few moments then started to slide in and out of her, slowly at first then gradually increasing his pace. Now Hazel was raising her hips to meet him as she grew used to the feeling of his thick cock. I knew she was comfortable with it now and that she would have the most amazing orgasm. Malcolm looked down at her. “Are you ready to come, Hazel,” he asked. Hazel didn’t answer with words, she just thrust her hips upwards, filling herself with his cock.
Malcolm took this as a yes and began driving deeply into her. Hazel’s moans were now louder than ever and I saw her whole body stiffen and knew that she was having an orgasm. “Do you want me to come inside you?” Malcolm asked. Hazel nodded and Malcolm’s body also stiffened and I knew he was pumping his cumm into my wife’s receptive pussy. They fucked for ten minutes, Malcolm’s cum flooding into Hazel, so much, that with each forward thrust it oozed out around his cock. Finally they were done and lay there locked together breathing heavily until he pulled out of her. I had never seen my wife’s pussy so stretched or such a look of contentment on her face.
Malcolm stayed overnight and he and Hazel fucked twice more. We met him three more times before we returned home but not before promising to keep in touch and promising to return the following year. We sent him copies of the pictures I had taken and had many fantastic sexy sessions ourselves as we watched the slide shows of them on our wide screen TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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