A Campers Dream

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A Campers Dream

It had been a long hard winter in Michigan, so my wife and I agreed to get away from home for a few weeks. I took two weeks off from work, loaded up the camper, hooked up the truck and we were on our way. It was late spring so we decided to go south to enjoy some nice warm weather.

My wife Miko is from Japan, 40 years old, 5 ft. 6 in. tall and about 120 lbs. Her breasts are not big, but she has a nice tight and slender body. I think she has a great body and she looks absolutely hot, but when it comes to sex she is very conservative. With her it’s always basic sex, the same thing, the same way, and the same place. She never wants to try anything new or any new places, its always the same. It took two years before she would let me put my cock in her mouth. With nothing new, sex with her has gotten very boring over the years, but I still love her.

The first day on the road we stopped at a campground in southern Ohio for the night. It was a nice campground and very relaxing. I was hoping that Miko would relax a little so we could have some real fun, but there was very little change in her views on sex. The next morning she didn’t know that I had an old camera hidden in the bedroom and I turned it on when she got up to go pee. When she came back I got lucky and talked her into giving me a blow job. Having her sucking my cock was exciting, but to know that it was being recorded made me even more excited. It didn’t take long for me to blow my wad. When I shot my cum in her mouth she gagged, pulled back and gave me a pissed off look as she ran to the bathroom with a mouth full of my cum. When she came back she was mad and complaining. I listened for a while, but with the satisfaction I felt from the blow job I just got, I just ignored every word. After a few minutes I started to change the subject and continued until she calmed down. When she left the bedroom I turned off the camera and hid it. I thought that would be about all of the sex for the trip, but I was still hopeful

After Breakfast we put everything away, hooked up the truck and started down the road again.

By the time we got to North Carolina Miko had calmed down and stopped complaining about me coming in her mouth. About half way through North Carolina we decided to stop for the night. We found a nice little campground about a mile or two off the highway and pulled in. It was still light and allot warmer than it was at home. When we were done setting up we decided to go for a swim in the campground pool. I must say that I was a little surprised to see my wife in a bikini in public, but again I must say that she looked HOT! We swam and splashed around in the pool for a while before we moved over to the jacuzzi to just relax. We were sitting there in the jacuzzi relaxing when I saw another couple coming our way. The man looked about my age, but the woman looked Asian and a little younger than my wife. He was wearing a pair of black shorts and she was wearing a skimpy white bikini. I must say that she really caught my attention.

When they got to the jacuzzi the man said “Hi, my name is John and this is my wife Kim”. “Do you mind if we join you” he asked? I didn’t even think about it before I said “Sure, come on in”.

As soon as I said that I looked back at my wife Miko. She looked a little uncomfortable, but didn’t say anything. I watched as they stepped down into the jacuzzi, and I couldn’t help but watch Kim. As she stepped down her legs opened a little and I could see where the crotch of her bikini had pulled up into her pussy. I think Kim saw me watching her, and she knew what I was looking at. When I looked up at her face she gave me a little smile. Kim sat directly across from me and her Husband John sat across from my wife Miko. I could see that Kim’s legs were spread open, but with all the waves and bubbles caused by the jacuzzi I really couldn’t see anything.

I introduced my wife Miko and myself, I told them that Miko was from Japan, and we were on vacation from Michigan.

John replied ” Kim is from South Korea and we live a little south of Buffalo New York”. As we continued talking I noticed my wife was starting to relax a little. She didn’t notice when I looked at Kim. I tried not to make it look too obvious, but she was soooo sexy I couldn’t help myself. I know that Kim new I kept looking at her. Every time I looked down into the water she would spread her legs a little, and when I looked at her face she would always give me a little smile. I noticed that John kept looking up and down my wife’ s body, I could tell that he was interested in her, but she didn’t do anything to respond.

We sat there and talked for about 40 minutes, then John looked at me and suggested that he and I go and get some drinks. ” A few nice cold beers would go good rite about now” he said. I looked at Miko and replied ” we are not big drinkers, but one or two won’t be bad. We came from Michigan and the weather here is allot warmer so a cold drink sounds good”. John and I got up and walked to the small store at the campground. As we walked we continued our conversation. but it quickly turned to talk about our wives. John talked about how he has a thing for Asians and I was a lucky guy to have a wife that is so sexy. Just before we entered the store he made a comment ” I would love to spend a few hours with her”, I was a little surprised but replied “I would love to see that”. We went in and picked up three 6 packs of beer and started back. When we stepped out of the store I told him that he was also a lucky man with a very sexy wife. I continued to tell him how conservative Miko is when it comes to sex. I told him that she would go nuts if I even suggested that she should have sex with anyone else. He told me thats too bad because he would love to have sex with her, and his wife would love to have sex with me. I can’t tell you how turned on I got when he said that , but I also knew that with my wife it would never happen.

When we got back to the jacuzzi the wives were talking, but stopped when they saw us. John said “we are back ladies”, Miko looked up at us, but Kim looked directly at me and licked her lips. I quickly got back into the water so my wife wouldn’t see the bulge in my bathing suit. I don’t know what got my cock harder, the thought of John fucking my wife, or me fucking his wife. As we passed the beer around I couldn’t stop thinking of what Kim would look like naked or how much fun it would be to fuck her. I kept imagining how wet and tight her pussy would be, and how great it would taste. By the time we got done with the first beer it was coming up on dinner time. Kim turned to her husband and whispered to him.

John Looked over at us and asked “would you like to join us for dinner”?

Miko looked at me “we have to go and get dressed, I don’t want anyone to see me like this” she said.

“My wife wants to get cleaned up and dressed. Can we meet you at your camper in about an hour” I said?

“That sounds good, It will give us some time to get dinner started” John said, then he told us what space their camper was parked in.

My wife grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself while she was still sitting in the water. When she stood up it clung to her body and revealed her slim tight body. When we were out of the jacuzzi my wife turned away, but before I turned I saw John wink and silently he said wow! Miko and I went back to our camper took a shower and got dressed. We got to their camper just in time to see Kim putting food out on the pic-nic table. She had changed her clothes but they were tight fitting and I could see her hard nipples through her blouse.

“Welcome” John said as he walked over to the grill where he was cooking some chicken. “After dinner we can sit by the fire and enjoy the beer that we didn’t drink earlier” he continued.

Miko went to helped Kim bring the food out for dinner. John and I talked while the chicken cooked. It wasn’t long before we started talking about our wives again. John was a little blunt when he asked me ” would you like to fuck my wife”? It caught me by surprise, but I replied “I dream of sex with ladies that don’t look as good as she does”. John chuckled, then said “I would love to fuck your wife”. “would you mind” he asked? I told him I would like to see that happen, but my wife would never let him. John told me that if I didn’t mind, he had a little pill that we could give her and she would never know. It would be like she was very drunk and in the morning she wouldn’t remember anything. He would have some fun playing with my wife and I could have all the fun I wanted with his wife.

I thought about it for a moment while I looked at my wife, and then at his wife. “Ok, but I would like to get my camera and shoot some video if you don’t mind”.

“That’s ok with me, and I know that Kim won’t mind as long as we get a copy and you don’t show anyone” John replied. I told him, what happens will stay just between us.

“Go tell them that the chicken is ready and to bring their plates” he said.

Once we all got our chicken we sat down and enjoyed the food. It was a little spicy, but very good. When dinner was over Miko joined Kim in the camper and helped do the dishes while John and I moved some chairs around and started the camp fire. When Kim and Miko were done with the dishes they came out and sat down.

John handed each of us a beer. I didn’t see him slip my wife a pill, but it wasn’t long before I saw my wife had a blank look on her face and her eyes looked glazed over. Another 10 or 15 minutes passed before John got up and walked around behind my wife. He put his hands on my wife’s shoulders. She turned her head slowly and looked up at him with her glazed over eyes and that blank look on her face. I knew that she was under the influence of something, and I knew what was coming. Before John went any farther with my wife I went back to our camper and got my camera. When I got back John was still standing behind my wife. I pulled my camera out and began recording. I watched as John slid his hands down the front of my wife’s T-shirt and gently cupped and squeezed her breasts. My wife didn’t move or react to his touch. He pulled his hands back up to her shoulders, and then slid one hand down inside her T-shirt. I could see his hand move around inside her bra. He kept his hand in her bahis firmaları bra for a moment, cupping her breast and playing with her nipple. My wife still had a blank look on her face as she slowly turned her head to look at him again but she didn’t resist or try to pull away. When John pulled his hand out of my wife’s T-shirt he asked me to help him. We stepped up in front of my wife and pulled her to he feet. She just stood there wobbling back and forth like she was drunk. John guided her over to the pic-nic table and then looked around. There were no campers in sight and nobody out walking around.

I held the camera as John gently guided my wife back to the pic-nic table and set her down on top of it. She sat there on the edge slowly rocking back and forth like she was going to pass out and fall over. He leaned forward and gently kissed her as he carefully reached down and pulled her T-shirt up to reveal her white lace bra. Again he cupped and rubbed her breasts before he pulled the t-shirt up and off. Her white lace bra really stood out in the glow from the camp fire. Kim stood there and watched her husband as he reached around my wife’s back and unfastened her bra. She was my wife, but to see her bra taken off and her breasts exposed by another person was such and incredible turn on. John carefully laid my wife on her back, spread her legs and rubbed the crotch of her jeans. She moved her arms a little, but she looked like she had no control as they fell limp by her side. We were outdoors and in public, anyone could walk by anytime and see everything. I was getting more and more turned on with every second that passed. I couldn’t wait to see what john was going to do next. My wife was laying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the pic-nic table. John removed her shoes and socks before he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. He lifted her legs and slowly pulled her jeans down until they were off. He handed them to Kim. My wife was laying there on the pic-nic table with nothing on but her panties. They were white cotton panties with little red hearts printed all over them. I continued to video everything as John pushed my wife’s legs apart and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. My wife doesn’t shave or trim her pubic hair, but her pussy has very little hair. John used his fingers to spread her pussy lips open and expose the sweet, pink, wetness inside of her.

Before John did anything more I asked, ” before you really get going, do you mind if I go take a piss”?

“I don’t mind waiting, there is a hole in the fence behind our camper” he replied.

” Can I help you” Kim asked? “How are you going to help me” I asked? “you will see” she replied with a big smile.

As I went through the hole in the fence with Kim I looked back at John and my wife. My wife was laying there almost completely naked and John had a big smile on his face. Once we were through the hole in the fence Kim led me on a narrow path through some underbrush. We only went about 10 feet before she Stopped.

“This is a good place” she said. She knelt down in front of me, reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Before I could say anything, her hand was inside my underwear and her fingers were wrapped around my rock hard cock.

“I will hold it for you while you pee, just let it go” she said as she pulled my cock out. She moved over and pointed it away from her, stroked it a few times, relaxed her grip and watched as I pissed. When I was done she softly squeezed my cock and stroked it a few more times. I thought we were done until she turned me a little and leaned forward and slid her lips around the head of my cock. With one hand holding my cock and her other hand on my hip she slid her lips up and down my shaft, sucking harder and deeper than my wife ever did. I could feel her tongue licking the head of my cock when she pulled it out of her mouth.

“I cant wait for my husband to get done with your wife so I can have some fun with you” she said as she pulled up my pants and zipped them up. Kim and I went back to the hole in the fence. When I stepped through I saw John sitting at the pic-nic table beside my wife. She still had her panties on and her breasts were fully exposed. I will never forget how it looked when I saw him lean over and take her nipple into his mouth. I walked over to the pic-nic table, pulled out my camera and began recording again. John got up and walked to the end of the table where Miko’s legs were. He picked her legs up, put one on each shoulder and lifted until my wife’s ass was off the table. He looked at me “would you like to pull her panties down for me” he asked? I looked around and handed the camera to Kim. She kept recording while I reached over to each side of my wife’s hips. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her thighs for him. John let her down, grabbed her panties and pulled them down and off. My wife was now completely naked in public, laying on the pic-nic table, and I was so turned on that I couldn’t help but get in on the action. When John let her legs down I reached over and spread her legs wide open for him. Kim was still recording when I reached over and spread my wife’s pussy lips open. I saw my wife arch her back and move her arms a little, but she still was unable to know what was happening or resist. Kim moved the camera over to my wife’s face, then slowly moved down her naked body to her open pussy. With me holding her pussy wide open, Kim was at a perfect angle to clearly video my wife’s clit and everything else she had on display.

John moved in to lick my wife’s pussy, but it was a bad position for him so he grabbed and lifted her legs to roll her hips up off the table. It was still an awkward position for him and I still had the urge to take advantage of the situation. I took my pants and underwear off, got up on the table, and put one knee on each side of my wife’s head. When John pushed my wife’s legs up again I grabbed her ankles and pulled them up and spread her legs wide apart. My cock and balls were hanging just above my wife’s face. I kept her legs spread wide apart to give John access to what ever part of my her he wanted. I watched Kim move around to get a full view of my wife’s Pussy and ass. While I was watching she reached out and spread my wife’s pusssy lips apart and stuck a finger in her, all while she was recording. Kim stepped back to let her husband in. When Kim stepped back John moved in, I could clearly see him licking up and down my wife’s pink, wet pussy. I think he even went down past her pussy to her ass a few times. I watched him lick her clit while his hands were moving up to her breasts and small brown nipples. Kim was still recording everything so I lowered my balls down until they were resting on my wife’s lips. John was really giving her clit a workout when I herd her moan. She opened her mouth and took a deep breath so I backed up and worked my cock into her mouth. I don’t think she had any idea of what was happening, but she started sucking. I was still holding her ankles as I started to slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I lost all track of time but I watched John move his hand down between her legs and insert a finger into her very wet pussy. He slid it in and out of her several times and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She stopped sucking, her lips let go of my cock and I herd her moan out loud and take a deep breath. She may not know it but I knew that she was really feeling it, and really enjoying every second. I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing and I pushed my cock hard and deep into her mouth and I felt it go into her throat. I saw her choke and gag so I quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth. She coughed and took several quick deep breaths before she started breathing normally again. Her arms and hands waved around while she was breathing hard, but they fell limp across her stomach when her breathing calmed down. John held up two fingers, then he reached down and pushed one in her pussy and the other one he slowly pushed into her ass. She let out a gasp and moved her head back and forth a little.

I told him that it was not a good idea to play with her ass hole. ” When she wakes up I can tell her that we made love, but I can’t explain why her ass hole hurts” I explained.

“Ok, but it’s too bad, her ass is so tight” he replied. “So lets continue” he said. He reached up and grabbed my wife’s hips and pulled her ass over the edge of the table.

“I wish I could hold the camera while you fuck her” I said. “Do you want me to hold her so you can use the camera” Kim asked? I watched Kim, I don’t know why but she took her pants off. “Ooookkkkkk” I replied. She climbed up onto the table and handed me the camera as we traded places. I got down and over beside John just in time. He had taken his pants off and his cock was out, hard, and ready to fuck.

“Do I need a condom” He asked? “As long as you don’t have a disease you can go bareback” I replied.

“Ok, it’s more fun bareback” he said.

I moved over beside my wife and videoed John as he moved in close to her. I was close enough to get a good closeup view of John as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet pussy. He stopped rubbing his cock against her when he got to her ass. He started to push some pressure against her ass. I could see her little brown ass hole start to give and open, but he stopped just before the head of his cock entered her. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy again. This time he stopped at the opening to her vagina. All this action made me so horney I was about to blow my wad. I held the camera close enough so I captured every second as I watched as John began to push a little harder, and the head of his cock slowly disappeared inside my wife. I continued to record as his shaft continued to slide in deeper and deeper. He pushed into her until he was balls deep in my wife’s pussy then he pushed a little harder. My wife let out a BIG gasp. When I turned around to look at my wife’s face I saw Kim squatting over her face. I first noticed that her panties were crotchless, open, and Kim’s shaved pussy was just barely touching my wife lips. I turned back and saw John pull his cock out until only the head was still inside of my wife. I continued to watch as John pushed in and pulled out over and over. I could see my wife’s body tense up and her legs and arms start moving. kaçak iddaa The longer and harder John fucked her the more she move. Her hips began to move with his thrusts, her hands moved down and started pushing against her stomach just above her pussy. Her breathing kept getting heavier and heavier. I moved around behind John, lowered the camera and pointed it up. It was an incredible view to see my wife’s cunt taking John’s cock time after time. As I continued to watch I could see my wife’s pussy juice starting to run down over her tight little brown ass hole and dripping onto the ground. I stayed in that position for a few minutes before I got up and moved to another position to record from. While standing to the side I slowly moved the camera from her cock filled pussy to her face. The only thing is that I couldn’t see her face. I stood there mesmerized as I saw what was happening. Kim was squatting down over my wife’s face. Kim’s head was tipped back and her hips were rocking forward and backward. Then I noticed that my wife’s jaw was moving in the same directions and at the same rate. I then realized that Kim in her crotchless panties was rubbing her bare pussy on my wife’s mouth, and maybe my wife had her tongue sticking out licking Kim’s pussy. I just stood there recording and watching. It kept running through my mind, how a woman so sexually up tight as my wife could or would be sexually used like this. (A stranger like John pounding her pussy like she was a sex toy, and a woman like Kim sitting on her face and getting her pussy licked by her)

It was locked in my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about all of this. Suddenly I herd “I’m going to cum” John said. I looked back at John, he gave me a strange look.

“Go ahead, cum inside her if you want” I said as I moved around to a good position to record it. John didn’t say anything, he pushed hard and deep into my wife’s cunt. He froze there for a moment, then slowly started to pull out. He didn’t pull back very far before he slammed back in just as hard as he did the first time. He slammed her cunt one more time before he slowly pulled all the way out. I moved around to where I could see and video her pussy. It was a gaping hole and we could see up inside of her vagina. It wasn’t long before it started to close up and we could see John’s cum oozing out and running down over her ass. John reached up and took hold of my wife’s legs as Kim let go of her ankles. John let her legs down and slid her up onto the table a little more. His cum was still oozing out when Kim got down beside him.

My wife was laying there with her legs spread wide open and cum smeared all over her pussy. Kim reached over and gently pushed two fingers in my wife’s cunt. She moved them around a little before scooped up some cum and pulled her fingers out. They were covered in cum and pussy juice as she walked over to my wife’s face. She pulled my wife’s mouth open and held her fingers over her open mouth until the cum and pussy juice dripped into her mouth. Then she stuck her fingers into my wife’s mouth and wiped them off on her tongue. My wife still had that blank look on her face as she closed her mouth and swallowed. I stood there and watched her for a few minutes. She was still breathing a little heavily and I could see her eyes were still glazed over like she was looking, but couldn’t see anything.

John and Kim were getting their clothes back on when John said “Ok, we can help get her cleaned up and dressed, then we will help you take her back to your camper”. I put my pants on, stepped out past the camper and looked around. I didn’t see anyone or any campers near by.

“If you don’t mind we can take a few pics when we get there” I said. I told them what I had in mind and John said “that sounds like fun”.

We picked up my wife’s clothes. I handed my camera and the clothes to Kim. John and I went over and pulled my wife to her feet. She was standing there completely naked wobbling like before. When I looked down at her naked pussy I could see a glob of cum running down her leg. Kim led the way, recording and carrying my wife’s clothes. It was after dark, but the moon was nice and bright when John and I walked and guided my wife down the road to our camper. I really couldn’t see anyone, but I think someone was standing behind a tree watching us. When we got to the camper Kim found a washcloth and we cleaned the juices off my wife’s legs before we took her inside. Just for fun we sat my wife down on the couch. John and I took our clothes off before we sat down beside her. John sat on one side of her and I sat on the other side. We took my wife’s hands and wrapped her fingers around our Cocks, she had a cock in each hand. Her eyes were open and John and I were smiling when Kim took the picture. Before we got up I decided on another picture. We spread her legs to show her pussy and then leaned her over and put her open mouth around John’s cock. Kim took the picture before we moved my wife to the bedroom. The last picture we took of Miko that night was with all four of us naked on the bed together. John was on his side with his hand on my wife’s pussy and her legs spread wide open. I was on my side with my hand on Kim’s pussy. We set the timer on the camera and waited until the flash.

We got up and took one last look at my wife laying there on the bed completely naked with her legs spread wide open, and she was completely unaware. She still had that blank look on her face as Kim helped me put my wife’s panties and pajamas on her before we put her to bed for the night.

While the videos and pictures were downloading from my camera we got dressed. I gave one copy to John and hid a copy for myself before I erased the cameras memory. I checked in on my wife one more time before we walked back to John and Kim’s camper. On the way back John asked if he could use my camera. I didn’t even think about it, I just handed it to him. When we got back to the camper John handed me another beer, “have fun” he said.

Before I could even open the beer Kim stepped in front of me, put her arms around me, and gave me a long, very passionate kiss. She continued to hold me while I put my arms around her and held her close. It was the most passionate kiss I had gotten in years. While we were kissing she moved her hands down and rubbed my crotch. She broke the kiss for a moment and said, ” I have been waiting for this”. She kissed me again while she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. My cock was rock hard as she reached in, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started stroking it up and down. I slowly reached around and grabbed her firm, almost flat little ass. Her grip on my cock got a little tighter as she continued to stroke it. Then I moved my hand around and between her legs and pushed my finger against her crotch as I rubbed it. Even while we were kissing she moaned hard and clutched her legs around my hand. “Don’t stop now” she whispered. I reached to her hips and started to pushed her pants down. I moved my kisses to her chin, then her neck, and then to her chest. The lower my kisses got, the lower her pants got. Carefully I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and I had already seen her breasts, but WOW! They were small and very firm, with hard brown nipples. She was about 40 years old, but she had the body of a teenager, and I wanted to explore every inch of it. When her blouse was unbuttoned, my hands went back to her pants and my kisses went back to her chest. I looked over and saw John standing there with a big smile on his face and holding the camera. Kim’s pants were down around her knees and, her panties were crotchless, and my mouth was licking and sucking her hard nipples. That must have been an incredible picture. I pushed her pants as far down as I could while I kept licking and sucking on her nipples. Her breathing got heavier when I slid my hand up between her legs again. This time with her crotchless panties, my fingers found their way in between her pussy lips. She was so wet and smooth that my fingers slid back and forth in her pussy so easily. I rubbed and played with her clit for a few minutes until she grabbed my head and pushed it down to her pussy.

“More, more, keep going” she moaned. I used my fingers to open her pussy, and I tried to stick my tongue in it . She was standing there with her pants around her ankles so I couldn’t get my tongue in far enough. Instead of helping her get her pants off, I stood up, picked her up and carried her to a near by chair. John continued to record, from that angle he would have gotten a great shot of his wife’s bare ass fully exposed. I sat her down on a chair and finished pulling her pants off. It only took a few seconds before I had her legs spread and my tongue in her pussy. I held her little pink pussy lips apart while I blew my hot breath onto her pussy. I moved in again and sucked on and licked her clit. My tongue moved up and down, around and around then in and out of her vagina. She was moaning louder and louder until she let go and I felt her squirt in my mouth. I kept licking and licking until she couldn’t take anymore and she pulled my head up. I must admit that my tongue made it’s way to her back door a few times. It was my first time down there, but we both enjoyed it. She moved off the chair just far enough to drop to her knees, she pulled my cock out and started licking. Her tongue circled around the head of my cock, then went up and down all over it. One time she licked all the way down to my balls, she sucked one and then the other. That wasn’t enough for her, she lifted my balls and licked and sucked under them before she stopped and turned me around. She sat me down on the same chair, pulled my pants off and spread my legs. I was so horney that I was open to anything she wanted to do. This time she wrapped her lips around my cock and slid it deeper into her mouth. Deeper and deeper until it went into her throat. Her lips were pressed up against the base of my cock for a few seconds before she pulled it back out and took a deep breath. She held it tight with her hand while her head slid up and down time after time. She even went all the way down again several times. I never felt or experienced anything like that before, not even when my wife sucked my cock. It didn’t take long before I told her “you better stop, or I am going to cum”.

“Which hole do you want to use. All three are ready for kaçak bahis you” she said. John was standing near by, still recording and still smiling.

“You are so hot I want to try all three” I responded. “MMMM, sounds so good” she said as she laid down on a blanket that John had put down, she spread her legs wide open for me. “Come and get it” she giggled.

“I wish your wife was this easy an willing” John said. “Me too, but she is too up tight when it comes to sex. She is almost no fun at all” I said.

It didn’t take but a second before my face was between Kim’s legs again. She held my head tight against her pussy as I licked and licked her sweet, wet pussy and clit. Her pussy juice covered my tongue and tasted soooo good. My face was covered with her juices as I continued to gently suck and lick on her clit. John kept moving around and recording as I started to slide up between her open legs with my rock hard cock. He stood behind me and held the camera low as I pushed his wife’s legs up, lifting her ass up off the blanket. The head of my cock was up against the doorway to her vagina, but had not entered her yet.

“Fuck me, come on fuck me please, I can’t wait to feel your cock in me” Kim said. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against her pussy. Then I pushed it against her vagina, then I slid up and rubbed it against her clit, and then back to her vagina again. Then I pushed a little harder until it stretched her open and the head slipped inside of her. She let out a loud gasp and I felt her push in to me so it would go deeper. She was tight and so wet that I slid in easily. I will never forget the way it felt to be inside her. I pushed all the way in, then pushed a little harder to put pressure on her clit. Again she gasped and moaned as my pubic bone smashed hard against her clit. She felt so fantastic that I lost control and just started pumping and pounding her pussy with my cock like a mad man. As much as I had been holding it back I couldn’t hold my load any longer. “I’m coming” I said loudly as I pushed as deep into her as I could. I felt my cum pump and pump inside her like it would never stop. Slowly I pulled my cock out. It was covered with her juices and my cum. John was standing beside us and got a good closeup view of my cock as it came out of his wife’s vagina. I moved back and set down to catch my breath while Kim laid there breathing heavy. I kept looking at Kim and saw my cum oozing out of her open vagina. I couldn’t stop watching her as she lay there convulsing from orgasm after orgasm. She was absolutely beautiful, naked, legs spread, and leaking my cum. What more can I say.

When she had recovered she asked “are you ready for hole number three yet”? I had just lost all control and blew my wad in her cunt. I told her that I didn’t think I had anything left. She sat up and moved over to me. “Let’s see” she said. My cock was limp and just hanging there. It was still covered in cum and pussy juice. She didn’t hesitate, she just grabbed my limp cock and started licking and sucking. I could see the cum on her lips as she sucked my limp dick into her mouth. I could feel the pressure starting to build up as my cock started to get hard again. She knew that my cock was getting harder and she stopped sucking. I had no idea what she was going to do when she took a finger and wiped it around the base of my cock. She held the finger up to show me the thick layer of cum that was all over it. Then she started sucking my cock again. It felt so good that I laid my head back, spread my legs apart and closed my eyes to enjoy every second. I started to feel her hand moving up between my legs. Then I felt her finger push against my asshole and then into me. At first I thought it was dirty and disgusting. That thought soon passed when it started to feel so good. I thought about John fingering my wife’s virgin asshole, and how much I wanted to fuck her in the ass too but couldn’t. Kim began to twist her finger around inside me and then in and out. My thoughts about it being dirty quickly faded and I began to enjoy it. With her sucking my cock again and her finger in my ass It wasn’t long before she had my cock rock hard again. When she knew I was excited and hard enough she pulled back, turned around and bent over. She went down on her hands and knees with her ass right in front of me. “Do you see anything you want now” she asked? She already got my cock hard again. Now she was sticking her ass up waiting for me to come fuck it. That is something I had never done before, but it was one of the things I always wanted to do to my wife.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I quickly moved in behind Kim, slid my fingers in between her pussy lips and began to rub her clit and finger her vagina. She was still so wet when I slid my fingers down to her ass. I slowly pushed my finger into her ass as far as I could

“Oh yes, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me” she said. I pulled my finger out of her ass, then moved up and easily slid my cock into her vagina. I pumped her three or four times before I pulled it out and put it against her ass hole. My cock was covered with cum when I pushed it against her little brown eye. The head of my cock easily stretched her open and slipped into her tight little ass. I had never done this before so I stopped for a moment to enjoy the feeling. slowly and easy I pushed in so I wouldn’t hurt her. “Oh yes, oh yes” Kim grunted between deep breaths. Her ass was tight and it felt fantastic, but once I was all the way in it felt even better. I felt her clinch her ass even tighter. It felt like she had a tight grip on my shaft when I started pumping in and out. Again I started to get carried away and I slammed into her ass hard and deep. Her back arched and she took a deep breath before she blew it out slowly. I didn’t think I could cum again, but I kept pumping and pumping, harder and harder. Her breathing turned into rapid panting. John was still recording everything, and he was getting video of us from all the angles. I couldn’t wait to see all the videos we had taken that night. Suddenly I herd her groan louder and her whole body began to shake. All of a sudden I felt a warm liquid come gushing out of her and run down over my cock, balls, and down my legs. I kept pumping and she kept panting and squirting. It wasn’t long before she fell forward and collapsed. She was laying there face down, legs spread and her ass hole was freshly fucked and open. I could see her pussy juice still oozing out of her and leaving a big wet spot on the blanket just before I laid down beside her. I just laid there with my hand on her ass while John continued to take video of us.

Kim and I started to get our strength back as we sat up together. John took another short video of us before he shut off the video camera and took some still pictures of us sitting there together completely naked. When we were feeling better Kim led me over to the camper. She opened a small door and pulled out an outdoor shower. She turned it on me and washed me down from my waste down. I noticed that she took some extra time washing and rubbing my cock. She fondled my balls and stuck her finger in my ass when she washed them. When she was done she gave the head of my cock a quick lick and a kiss. John handed me a towel and I dried off before I got dressed. While I was drying off I saw Kim squatting on the ground, spraying the shower on her pussy. When she saw me watching her she turned the water off, leaned back a little and spread her pussy lips open with one hand. I thought she was just showing off until I saw her start peeing. A strong stream of hot piss came shooting out about two feet.

“Do you want to wash your hands” she asked with a giggle. Then I noticed John was moving in closer with the camera. When she was done she moved back up to a squat and started spraying the shower on her pussy again as she rubbed it clean.

I finished getting dressed and Kim finished washing herself. When we were done Kim was still walking around naked. She came to me and gave me one last passionate kiss. Before I left John handed me the camera and he thanked me for a great night. I asked him about the pill. When did he give it to my wife? He told me that he crushed it up and put it in the sauce that he put on her chicken. “We will see you in the morning” he said as he handed me a small envelope. “What’s this” I asked. “A few pills for another time” he replied with a big smile.

I walked back to our camper. With every step I thought about what had happened that evening. When I got to our camper I took a shower and went to bed. I looked at my wife laying there, she didn’t have that blank look anymore. She looked like she was just sleeping very deeply. While I was laying there I thought about my wife getting drugged, stripped naked, fucked and creampied by a stranger, all in public. Then I thought of Kim and all the things we did. I knew that it was wrong to have done all that to my wife, but it had all been a dream come true. I had some pictures, allot of video, and some incredible memories. I knew that would be with me until I die.

The next morning I woke up when Miko came back form going pee. “What happened last night” she asked? I told her that she got drunk on the second beer and then she drank a third beer. “You got totally wasted last night before I brought you back here” I told her.

“Did we have sex last night” she asked? “Yes we did, we had some very good sex last night. How did you know” I asked her.

She replied ” My vagina is a little sore this morning and when I went pee I found a spot of cum in my panties”. ” I must have been very drunk. I don’t even remember it, but it must have been great” she said. “Why” I asked?

“I don’t remember what happened, but I feel like I had a great time and well satisfied” she said.

We got up, had breakfast and started to get ready to go. While we were picking up things outside John and Kim came over. “Good morning “John said”. Before he could say anything I told him how drunk Miko had gotten on those three beers. John and Kim went along with the story I told. John asked where we were going next, and if they could travel with us. “Traveling with friends is safer and more fun” he pointed out. We agreed and exchanged phone numbers and addresses before we pulled out.

We spent the next week and a half traveling together before we started for home.

We agreed to keep in contact and get together again.

But that’s another story.

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