A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 13

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The following morning Robert wanted to take another hike to take some more pictures of Pamela but Vanessa was somewhat tired and she begged off saying she would drive into town to do some shopping and she would have lunch ready by the time the other three returned.

As they were getting ready to go, Pamela said “You sure you don’t want to come Van? We might get horny out there.”

“No, not really, you guys go ahead.” Vanessa replied, “Besides, I’m sure Robert would be more than willing to take care of any itches you might have. And Ed could take some pictures that you can show me later.”

So the three of them set out wearing only their sneakers, however Pamela took a small bag with a couple of dresses since Robert wanted to do some shots of her in different outfits. As they walked past the next cabin Jen was coming out on the deck and they waved at her. None of them failed to notice that she was nude and she hesitated a bit before waving back.

As they hiked through the hills surrounding the lake, they paused at several spots and Robert took some pictures of Pamela in her different dresses and many nudes.

They finally reached a small streamed and followed it until they found a small waterfall with a pond. They all dove gladly into the pond as they had worked a good sweat. Robert took some shots of Pamela under the waterfall and then they just frolicked around in the water.

Pamela dove under the water and took Robert’s cock in her mouth. Robert gasped as he felt the warmth of Pamela’s moth surrounding his cock contrasting with the cold water lapping around his balls and legs. Then Pamela swam over to Edward and did the same thing to him. She returned to Robert and pressing her body to him she kissed him hard on the mouth. Robert could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest and his cock began rising despite the cold water.

Edward got closer to them and pressed his body against his wife’s back, his cock brushing her ass cheeks and he began kissing her neck. She turned her head around and kissed her husband while Robert sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

They got out of the water and as soon as they were in the clearing Pamela knelt between them and took Robert’s cock in her mouth and at the same time she began stroking Edward’s cock. She sucked Robert until his cock was fully erect and then she turned to suck on Edward’s cock. She alternated between them, deep trhoating them a few times and then just sucking the heads of their cocks. As she felt her own heat increasing she lowered her hand and parting her cunt lips she inserted a finger into her vagina.

She could feel Robert getting near the edge so she concentrated on him. She took the head of his cock between her lips and swirled her tongue around the head and wrapping her fingers around the shaft she masturbated him. Edward was pumping his own shaft pressing, the tip of his cock to her cheek. casino şirketleri She went on sucking Robert’s cock head until she felt it growing and pulsing inside her mouth. Robert groaned and pushed his hips forward as the first spurt of his cum filled Pamela’s mouth. Lubricated by his own cum his cock slid easily past her throat and the second spurt gushed down her throat. Pamela pulled back and milked the third spurt with her hand letting it fall on her tongue.

She felt Edward pulling her head to him and she turned and took his cock into her mouth just as he began cumming. She swallowed hard as she felt another gush of Robert’s semen land on her face. She went on milking both cocks until her face and breasts were covered by a mixture of her saliva and their cum.

She had had a small orgasm when Robert began cumming but she was aching for more so she threw herself back on the grass spreading her legs and pulled Robert down. “Come on. Eat me!” She said in a hoarse voice.

Robert got down between her legs and parting her thick labia he inserted his tongue deep into her vagina lapping her juices. Edward sat at her side and began massaging the cum into her breasts. She pulled her to him and they kissed. Edward could taste the semen in her mouth and knowing it was a mixture of his and Robert’s cum excited him.

Robert took Pamela’s clit in his mouth, sucking and biting it while Edward sucked her nipples. Robert inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and began finger fucking her. Pamela began thrashing her hips and clamped her legs around Robert’s head as a powerful orgasm overtook her.

Edward licked his way down her stomach and tapped Robert on the head. When Robert pulled back, he took his wife’s clit between his lips and rand his fingers down her slit marveling at how wet she was. Her juices had flowed out of her cunt bathing her thighs. He slid his tongue into her vagina and at the same time inserted a finger, lubricated by her own juices, into her asshole, pushing it deeper until it was totally inside her rectum. Robert was now sucking on her nipples and another orgasm shook Pamela.

She twisted around until she could reach Robert’s cock and began sucking it again. It was already semi-hard and it wasn’t long before she restored his full erection. Edward was still eating her cunt and finger fucking her asshole but she needed a cock inside her.

“Come on Robert, please fuck me.” She said pulling his cock out of her mouth.

She pushed Edward’s head from between her legs and got on her hands and knees. Robert knelt behind her and penetrated her. Pamela began moving her hips to meet Robert’s thrusts and when Edward knelt in front of her she began sucking his cock. She started cumming again, her orgasm not as strong as the previous ones. It was more like a continuous orgasm that increased and decreased in waves.

After sucking Edward’s cock casino firmaları for a few minutes while Robert continued fucking her Pamela moved forward and when Robert’s cock popped out of her cunt she pushed Edward on his back and inserted his cock into her. She asked Robert to stand up and began sucking his cock as she fucked her husband. Robert’s cock was slick with her own juices and she licked it clean and took it deep into her throat. Then she pulled back and bending forward said.

“Fuck me in the ass Bob; I want you both inside me.” She managed to say between her gasps and moans.

Edward opened his legs and Robert knelt between them behind Pamela. He spit on his fingers and inserted first one and then two fingers into Pamela’s ass, feeling it relaxing he moved his fingers around a couple of times and feeling her ass hole relaxing he replaced them with the tip of his cock.

Pamela had stopped moving above Edward and she felt the tip of Robert’s penis pushing against her anus. Robert pushed forward and the head went in. Pamela gasped and Robert stopped but she said.

“Put it all the way in.” Robert pushed forward again and his cock slid all the way inside. Pamela gasped again but she said. “Go on! Fuck me Bob! Fuck me Ed!”

It took them a few tries before they were able to find their rhythm but soon the men were fucking Pamela hard. Edward looked into his wife’s eyes just as she had another orgasm. Her face was flushed and covered in small sweat beads as was the rest of her body. Edward had never seen such an expression of lust on her face. He could feel his cock rubbing against Robert’s as both of them plunged inside his wife. Pamela was moaning incoherently, a series of small orgasms wracking her body.

Edward reached the point of no return and panting heavily he said, “Oh shit Pam, I can’t hold it any longer. I’m going to cum!”

“Oh yes! Cum inside me!” Pamela almost screamed. “Give it to me, I want’ you guys to fill me up with your cum!”

Edward began cumming and when Robert felt his cockhead pulsating inside Pamela’s vagina, pulsating against his own cock through the thin membrane he groaned and shot load after load of cum into her asshole.

When the men began cumming inside her, another strong orgasm shook her body. It came out of nowhere, exploding all over her body. She let out a long, loud wail as she came. She felt her orgasm would never end and she almost passed out but when Robert tried to pull back she managed to say:

“No! Don’t take it out, not yet!”

They all lay there in the sun in a tangle of arms and legs regaining their breath until first Edward’s cock shrunk and slipped out of Pamela’s cunt followed a few minutes later by Robert’s. Robert rolled to one side followed by Pamela. Both men were on their backs with Pamela laying between them on her belly her arms over their chests. She kissed her husband first and güvenilir casino then Robert.

“Oh God!” she said looking at both men, “That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. Thank you guys, I love you both.” And she kissed them again.

After a while they dove into the pond to wash the sweat and their juices and then headed back to the cabin.

* * *

Vanessa had gone into town to do some shopping wearing only a short skirt and a thin cotton blouse, she knew her dark areoles and her hard nipples were plainly visible through the material and she enjoyed the looks of several men in the store. She placed the grocery bags in the car and instead of driving back to the cabin she decided to walk around a bit doing some window shopping. Actually she was enjoying the admiring looks from the men in the street.

On the way back home she unbuttoned her blouse and after a few miles she decided to take it off enjoying the feeling of the wind caressing her breasts. She was feeling good. She could not believe that she felt this way, so good, exposing herself to strangers. She had really changed in the last few weeks, she felt liberated. She knew that her husband was probably fucking Pamela, but this did not affect her as it would have only a few short weeks before. She was actually excited by the thought and without really thinking about it her hand crept between her legs. She stopped by the side of the road to take of her skirt and drove the rest of the way to the cabin slowly, caressing her breasts and pussy. She was actually looking forward to fucking Edward.

She arrived at the cabin and made a couple of trips carrying the groceries to the kitchen. She glanced in the direction of the next cabin but she didn’t see Jake and Jen. After putting the groceries on the table she walked out on the deck and that’s when she saw them. Jen was lying on the grass between the two cabins and Jake was between her legs, eating her pussy. Vanessa moved a chair to the edge of the deck to get a good view of them and parting her legs she began caressing her pussy and breasts.

When she touched her clit, she moaned loudly and Jen turned her head with a look of surprise on her face and Vanessa thought she would push Jake away or something but then Jen threw her head back and arched her back. It was obvious to Vanessa that she was cumming. She inserted a finger into her vagina and went on masturbating watching her neighbors. When Jake lifted his head from between Jen’s legs he saw her. Vanessa could tell he was surprised and a bit disconcerted but then Jen pushed him down on the grass and kneeling at his side she took his hard cock into her mouth. She had actually knelt on the side of Jake further from Vanessa so she had a clear view of her head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Jake had his gaze fixed on Vanessa and Jen also looked up from time to time in her direction. Vanessa was stroking her clit rapidly and pinching her nipples at the same time. She started cumming, moaning loudly and before she closed her eyes to enjoy her orgasm she saw Jake arching his hips burying his cock deeper into Jen’s mouth as he started cumming also.

To be continued.

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