A Day at the Office

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I came home from work, exhausted. My roommate greeted me as usual and asked me how my day went, “Fine, but definitely unusual.”

“Well dinner won’t be done for about an hour, just got home myself, so tell me about it.”

We both sat down on the couch facing each other as she handed me a glass of white wine.

“I need this.”

“So tell me.”

“Well Jim my boss calls me into his office an hour or so after lunch. I knock, he tells me to come in and I take a seat. But he says nothing at first-sort of like he’s uncomfortable about what he is going to say. I’m thinking, shit he’s going to fire me, so my heart starts pounding and I am prepared to blast him.”


Well he sat there and then cleared his throat, like he was going to make a speech. A feeling of dread came over me, but I sat there calmly, trying to breathe. So he finally says, “Julie I wanted to discuss something with you, something that is a little sensitive and I’m hoping that you will react as I want you to. I’ve been watching you and your performance and I must say I am impressed.”

“Whew, at least he wasn’t going to fire you.”

“Yeah well it got better. So he looks at me, just kind of staring and I knew something was going to happen, wasn’t sure what, but I was a little more calm now. Well he finally blurts out that while he thinks my performance is great, he’d like to see me perform a few extra duties.”

“Great more work.”

“Like I needed more, I’m swamped already. So I said, like what? Then he gets this smirk on his face and tells me that he would just love to see me perform on the top of his desk.”

“He said that? Just came out and said that?”


“What did you do?”

“What do you think I did. I got up and walked towards the door.”

“You said nothing?”

“Nope, just walked to the door. Then reached for the handle and locked it.”

“You did not!”

“Hell yes I did, you know I’ve been hot for him since day one and I thought, why not?”

“So what happened?”

“Well I locked the handle and turned around. He was sitting there with a surprised look on his face. I don’t think he thought I would do it. I walked back to his desk and stood in front of it, just waiting.”

“So what did he say?”

“He said, why don’t you take your blouse off, I’ve always wanted to see what your tits looked like.”

“Did you?”

“Yep, but very slowly. Unbuttoning one button at a time. I took off my blouse and stood there.”

“He told me, now take bursa escort off your bra. I undid my bra and lowered the straps. He was practically drooling. Then I turned my back to him before I let the bra fall to the floor, then stood there. Finally he said, turn around I want to see. So I did. I’m not sure if my nipples were hard because the room was cool or because I was excited, in either case, I could tell he liked it. He told me to take off my skirt. So I unzipped and let it drop. So I’m standing there in thigh highs and panties and he’s says nothing, just stares.”


“Well I walked around his desk and stood in front of him. He reached out and ran his hand up my thigh and gave my ass a smack, then murmured-”nice”

My roommate squirmed a little as I told her that he then put his hands in my panties and ran them across my ass. Slowly he lowered my panties, first exposing my ass and telling me to turn around, which I did. He waited a minute before he pulled my panties the rest of the way down, then told me to bend over some. I was wet already and he was about to see that I was. So I bent over and let him get a good look.

“Oh my God Julie, this is too good.”

“You should have been there, I was hot as hell”

“I bet.”

“So he tells me to sit on his desk and I do. He pulls up his chair and gets real close to me, then tells me to open my legs as widely as I can, that he wants to see my pussy. So I opened my legs slowly, making him wait. I guess I was going too slow because he finally reached out, grabbed my knees and pushed my legs open as far as they could go. He ran his fingers across my cunt, spreading my wetness all around. I thought I was going to scream, I wanted his tongue on me already. He must have read my mind because before I knew it, his face was buried in my pussy, licking away at me. He stuck his fingers in me and start to finger fuck me hard. It felt great but I wanted his cock in me. I was close to cumming, when he stopped. He stood up, shoved all of the stuff off his desk and told me to get on my hands and knees.”

“Oh fuck Julie, did you?”

“Oh hell yes, I wanted it bad by now. So I got on hand and knees and presented him with my pussy and ass, his choice for the taking. I didn’t care what he fucked as long as he did. I could hear him unzip his pants and them dropping to the floor. He ran his hand across my pussy, working a couple of fingers into me again, then pulled them out. I felt his cock rubbing against me and felt him start to enter me, slowly bursa escort bayan at first, then I guess he wanted it as badly as I did, because suddenly he just slammed inside me. He must have been huge, because my pussy felt as stretched as she could be.”


“Well he started fucking me hard, slam all the way in, then pull out almost completely, then slam back in. I’m once again close to cumming and he stops.”

“No he did not!”

“Yep, next thing I know I can feel his cock resting up against my ass and I was thinking this is either going to be real good or it’s gonna hurt like hell. I can feel him making my ass wet by rubbing my pussy juice all over my ass and rubbing his cock all over me too. Then I can feel his cock pushing against my ass and he starts sliding in. I swear he was huge because he barely got in me and I thought he was going to split me in two.”

“Did you tell him to stop?”

“Hell no. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. So he starts to slowly go in deeper and I tried to relax. I felt him fill me completely with his cock, but he didn’t move. He wanted until I was ready and then he started to fuck me slowly. It was feeling so good that I started to fuck him right back and then he started to really fuck me. I told him to fuck my ass hard. He grabbed my waist and pulled me hard against him, shoving his cock inside me.”

“Did you like it?”

“I more than liked it, I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me hard, almost tear me open I wanted to be fucked so bad.”


“Well he pumped away at my ass, fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. Then he reached round and started playing with my pussy and that sent me over the edge. I started cumming on his hand while he fucked my ass.”

I watched as my roommate’s hand moved to her own pussy without her even noticing that she was doing it. I smiled to myself at the thoughts that raced through my mind.

“What happened next?”

“Nothing, he got dressed and so did I.”

“That was it?”

“Well as I walked out I did ask him if my performance was satisfactory. He told me to expect a raise anytime I walk into his office.”

I watched as my roommate sat there, hand still on her pussy. Finally she blurted out “After this I’ve gotta get myself off, watch the oven for me.”

“Do you need any help?”

“No the lasagne is already made, just needs to bake.”

“I wasn’t talking about helping with dinner.”

My roommate let out a surprised gasp followed by a quiet escort bursa moan, then whispered, “Would you?”

“My pleasure and yours if I do it right.”

I leaned forward and kissed her gently, nibbling at her beautiful lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth, teasing her’s with mine. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly, anticipating the moment. When I got to the last button I discovered she was braless. Her breasts were full and gorgeous and the temptation to take them into my mouth was too much to resist. I kissed her neck and then her shoulders and finally her breasts, taking each nipple into my mouth and sucking on them gently. She moaned a little louder as she placed her hand on my head and pulled me closer to her. I gently removed her blouse and began to unbutton her jeans. She moved my hands away and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them herself. She wiggled her way out of them and threw them onto the floor. I could feel how wet she was even through her pink panties. I worked my fingers inside them and touched her pussy for the first time.

I started to run my fingers up and down her lips, spreading her wetness all around, then lifted my fingers to my mouth and tasted her. Her taste was sweet and delicate almost tasteless. I placed my fingers against her lips and she licked at my fingers, then began to suck on them. Now it was my turn to get wet. I felt my pussy clench as she took my fingers into her mouth, flicking her tongue across them. I kissed her again tasting her once more. She lifted her ass up and worked her panties off. I got the first glimpse of her pussy, pink and wet and irresistiable. She leaned back and I lowered my head to her pussy as she watched.

Using my fingers I opened her up and ran my tongue across her clit. She let out a gasp, then reached out and gently pushed my face into her pussy. That was all the encouragement I needed. I began to lick at her, lapping at her wetness. I used my fingers to open her up more and shoved my tongue inside her, sliding my tongue in and out of her, tongue fucking her as deeply as I could. I rubbed my fingers across her clit as my tongue slipped in and out of her. She began to grind her pussy against my tongue and fingers, forcing me inside her more. I started to lick her faster and deeper, wanting her to cum in my mouth. I felt her body begin to tense and I knew she was close, so I took her clit between my teeth and flicked my tongue across it as quickly as I could. Her back began to arch and she began to cum in my mouth, her cum filling my mouth. I licked harder and faster to get all of it.

She lay for a moment, then whispered “You think you could get a job working for you, I’m sure Jim wouldn’t mind a threesome now and then?”

“I bet he wouldn’t, neither would I.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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