A fantasy that goes too far? Part 5

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A fantasy that goes too far? Part 5
That next Friday morning couldn’t get here quickly enough! My wife and I were a mix of nerves and excitement. My wife had spent the days before working out and doing Yoga more than she usual. She claimed that she wanted to look ‘really good’. I assured her that was not a concern. She had also taken off most of Thursday and went to a spa to get her nails done and a wax. She was careful to keep the results of the wax hidden until Dave and I saw together. We left earlier Friday morning before her nerves allowed her to change her mind. Traffic was light, and we arrived by lunch. Our original plan was to meet Dave later that evening at the Hotel bar and then see where it went. We checked into the hotel and then found a nice outdoor café for a bite.

“I have a surprise for you, my dear.” I announced

“What?” my wife responded. “I don’t think that I can handle any more surprises, other than what we’re about to do tonight.”

“This is easy” I laughed. “If you want, I can text Dave and ask him to meet us here for a bite and to get acquainted in a totally social environment. If the three of us don’t gel, we can call off tonight and just have a nice weekend at the beach… together. He actually works really close to here.”

“Does he know that we’re here already?” she asked, “At this place? Right now?”

“No sweetie” I tried to assure her, “He just works nearby, and I thought that it might be a good idea… to help calm you and I. I don’t need to text him, and we can just go with the original plan and meet at the hotel later OR I can invite him over here for a bite. It’s all up to you.”

My wife thought about all of the possibilities and then smiled.

“I guess a quick social meeting would be best” she admitted, “But I don’t look as good as I was planning to look later.”

“You look amazing” I replied, “Just as you always do.”

“You always know what to say” she said with a canlı bahis şirketleri smile. “Go ahead and text Dave and let’s see what he says.”

We held off ordering until we got a return text a few minutes later…

“He’d love to meet you here” I announced, “He’s on his way over… be here in 10 mins.”

“Oh My God” said my wife. “This is really happening.”
My wife sat fidgeting for the next 10 minutes and nervously played with her just-below-shoulder-length hair. I reached over and placed my hand on hers.

“You look amazing” I said, using my most sincere and comforting tone. “and again, this is just a social meet… to make sure that YOU are comfortable for later.”

“Thank you, Honey” my wife replied, “It’s just that I hadn’t planned on meeting him now, looking like this… after our drive.”

“Baby” I said, giving her soft hand a reassuring squeeze, “HE is the one who needs to impress YOU, not the other way around. If you are comfortable with him, he will be treated to the most amazing treat the universe has to offer.”

“Oh Baby” she said, smiling bake at me,” you are so amazing.”

It’s then that I noticed Dave approaching from the side. I stood and he and I shook hands. I turned to my wife and she was smiling up at Dave.

“Hi Dave” I said, “This is my wife, Sheryl.”

“Hi Sheryl” Dave said, “It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Dave leaned down and gave my wife a gently hug.
I have to admit it.. Dave looked way more buff then when he and I met. I might have been the tight shirt and hot jeans, but I could tell that my wife’ initial reaction was VERY positive. The three of us chatted and the talk was light and fun… my wife was holding my hand the entire time as she and I sat on one side if the round, outdoor table and Dave sat across form her.
At one point, as we all sat sharing a small pizza and drinking iced tea, Dave excused himself to make a call. While Dave stepped away, my wife canlı bahis and I used the opportunity to talk.

“Well?” I asked my wife, “First impressions?”

“I like him” she replied with her beautiful smile, “I like him a lot….”

“Well, good” I added, “so should we make plans for later?”

“Are we done for now?” asked my wife.

“Not necessarily” I replied, “I was just looking for your impressions.”

Well” my wife added, “I’d like to talk a little more… if you’re okay with that?”

“I sure am” I said. “This is all about you.”

I smiled and then excused myself and to go to the men’s room.

When I returned, Dave was actually in my seat and they were playfully chatting, as Dave’s hand was on my wife’s knee. I cautiously approached the table and my wife smiled up at me.

“Oh Hi, Honey” said my wife, “Dave was just telling me how much he likes my hair.”

As she remained looking up at me and smiling, her hand reached out, under the table, and softly stroked the top of Dave’s thigh. I was VERY excited to see how this was going. I took a seat in Dave’s vacated chair and we all continued to chat, yet the conversation definitely took on a more sexual tone.

“So young lady,” Dave asked, “Are you ready for this?”

“I… “my wife replied, blushing, “I think so.”

“Move your hand up higher” instructed Dave.

My wife’s breath almost stopped as her eyes never left his and she slowly slide her hand up higher on Dave’s thigh.

“A bit more” Dave encouraged, “Feel my cock.”

My wife gasped a little but while holding her eyes locked on his, her hand now covered Dave’s cock nestled within his jeans.

“I’m going to ask you again.” Dave repeated in a more serious tone, “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes…..” my wife replied, still intently looking into Dave’s eyes.

“Yes WHAT?” Dave shot back.

“Yes SIR” responded my wife.

“Good girl” Dave praised.

Dave turned to me.

“I think that we should skip what we planned bahis siteleri for later” suggested Dave. “I don’t think that we need drinks first, do you?”

“No” I answered, adding a smile. “I agree that we might be beyond that.”

It’s then that I realized that my wife’s hand was still covering Dave’s crotch and she was gently stoking him as her eyes were intently looking at him.

“What time” Dave asked me, “do you want me over at your hotel?”

I looked over at my wife who was still looking at Dave…

“Baby? I asked her, “Now is when you speak.”

We all laughed, and my wife blushed a bit.

“I just want to shower” said my wife, “Do my hair and change my clothes.”

Dave looked at my wife and asked very specifically;

“It’s almost 2:30 now” said Dave, “When do you want to see me again?”

“Uh…” my wife was struggling with a decision.

“Shall we say 5:00?” I intervened.

“4:30 should work” blurted my wife, as she moved her hand from Dave’s lap. “If that works for all of us?” My wife added, looking at me for the first time in several minutes.

I gave Dave the room number of the hotel and told him to come right up. No need to meet at the Bar.

“I will bring something to drink,” Dave stated, “some snacks… and a few toys that I want.” He added with a knowing wink.

Dave stood and that triggered my wife and I to stand as well. Dave smiled, shook hands with me and then he wrapped his muscular arms around my wife’s waist and pressed his hard torso against her petit body. His one hand dropped to her ass and he placed his mouth right next to her ear.

“Don’t worry, Baby” he said, giving her ass cheek a firm squeeze, “You’re going to really enjoy this.”

Dave turned and walked away from my wife and I. I looked at her and she was still flushed with an obvious feeling of excitement. I walked around the table and took my wife’s hand, sat down and guided her back into her seat beside me. I started to speak when my wife leaned over and planted the most passionate kiss on my lips.

“Well,” I said, once we broke the kiss, “That answers THAT question. I’ll get the check and let’s head back to the hotel. 4:30 will be here before we know it.”

To be continued….

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