A gay summer Holiday – Part 10

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 10

Chapter 10
A festival of strong will.

The volunteer group helped Christopher move the concrete formwork. They also helped Chris to coat the inside floors with an epoxy finish, and to smooth out the outside rough concrete terraces. They did a few of the upper cabins first. As others gave each of the 24 lower cabins their own identity by painting some walls in different colors. The work progressed fast. At this rate, they could finish all the 30 cabins within 8 weeks, thought Chris happy. Time enough to also enjoy his holiday was his conclusion.

Jelmer and Jesse came by around noon. Jelmer got a small kiss from Christopher. The guys invited Chris to join them that week. There was a music festival put on in several locations around town by Wessel. In turn, Chris invited the guys to dinner at his place that day. And they excepted the invitation gladly.

Shortly after that, Wessel called and asked Chris to join him at his club on Wednesday evening. Chris put him on speakerphone so the guys could listen in. “Hey, Wessel. Your guitar came in very handy last weekend. Thanks again for the gift buddy!. I played on board the ferry and have gotten a check for 1000 euro for the islander’s Youth’s fund, from one of the locals!”, said Christopher happy and proud. “Oh, that’s great news. Word has gotten out about that! I too have received loads of money and pledges as well. We do have to talk about that later. I will arrange a meeting with the mayor.”, told Wessel. “I do hope I will see you and the guys on Wednesday! Speak to you later, buddy.”, spoke Wessel happy.

“It sounds like I have another job tomorrow. I better get some practice in!”, joked Chris to his friends. “Wow, did you really get a check for 1000 euro?”, asked Jesse. Christopher showed him the check. “That’s fucking cool man. You really need to make sure this fund is set up correctly.”, told Jelmer. What Jel lacked in language skills, he made up for with his financial talent.
“Hmmm,… buddy… I was meaning to ask you about that. Would you be willing to check in with Wessel and the mayor to see how this could be done properly? I would even go so far as to ask you if you would like to run this. You’re much better with money than I am. And you are born here!”, suggested Chris to his lover.

Jelmer was honored to be asked and said yes right away. That pleased Chris very much. And he gave Jel a hug and a kiss on the mouth. The guys discussed what needed to be done that Tuesday and how they could help. Chris told them he got it, but that he wanted to go take a look at the reclamation yard and garbage dump. “Why would you want to go there?”, asked Jesse disgusted by the idea of going to the dump. “I want to see if there are some things we can use here, like bricks or old metal fences. The dump is sure cheaper than having to buy them. After that, we can go racing your cross bikes there too for a bit.”. The island had a motocross track next to the dump.

Jelmer got excited. Finally, Chris wanted to spend some time with him again, he thought. And motocross was one of the brother’s passions they shared. They arranged a time that afternoon. Chris was told by them to put on his leathers because they wanted to race him as well. “Remember guys, I am on a mission to find materials first! The fun will have to wait until later…”, warned Christopher.

Chris went shopping in town first. He did his grocery shopping after he stopped off at the local music store. ‘The Keynote’ was the only shop on the island where you could buy musical instruments. The shop owner was pleased and a little proud that Chris would stop by. Christopher got the usual compliments. And the owner thanked Chris for setting up the islander’s Youth’s fund with Wessel. Christopher told the owner he was glad to help out in any way he could. “Hey Chris,… Talking about helping… How can I help you?”, the owner asked. Well, I am looking for something special for tomorrow. It sounds like I may have another performance at Wessels club.”, told Christopher him.

“Well, if your looking for special, then this may be your thing. There isn’t anyone else who wants this. But I think you could use it. I got this years back when I opened up the shop here… It’s been gathering dust ever since.”, said the owner. He handed Chris an acoustic double-necked guitar. “Oh… heck yes!… That is exactly what would help me! Now I can play guitar, bass, and drums at the same time.”, laughed Chris. “You’re joking, right? You don’t want this old thing…”, said the owner amazed at Chris’s enthusiasm.

“I sure do! What do you want for it? If it has a case, I would like that as well.”, said Chris. The owner told him the price and said that he would add a kind of backpack soft case with extra pockets and replacement strings. And as a bonus, he would throw in a cheap import guitar. Chris paid the guy and asked for a permanent marker. The Keynote’s owner looked a bit odd at Chris. Chris signed the guitar with his autograph. “I will try to auction it off tomorrow to help fill the fund.”, said Chris happy, as he thanked the owner for his donation. They made a photo together in front of the shop, where the two of them held up the guitar. Chris got a copy and send one to Wessel. “Wessel quick idea. Maybe we can auction off some stuff during the festival for the islander’s Youth’s güvenilir bahis siteleri fund?”, texted Christopher to Wessel. And he responded right away. “Great idea… I will set it up! See you tomorrow. Bring your guitar, let’s play together then!”.

Around 2 in the afternoon Chris went to Jelmer and Jesse. They had readied 3 bikes. “You do know how to drive, don’t you?”, asked Jelmer naughty. “Sure I do. I just lack the proper paperwork…”, joked Chris.
Together they drove to the reclamation yard and garbage dump to snoop around. The staff there asked what Chris was looking for. Christopher told them he was looking for bricks or maybe some old metal fences, hand railings or stuff like that. The staff got excited. We have probably exactly what you are looking for. They showed Chris huge stacks of second-hand red clay bricks and some kind of old metal shelving units that they wanted to get rid off. Chris took one good look, and he was sold. “Yes! I will take the lot! Let me arrange some transport and some guys to load it. We can make proper brick stairs up the dune and some privacy fences with these shelving units.”.

After that rather quick ‘shopping spree’, the 3 guys went to the cross grounds. The island had a nice long bike course across the hills near the garbage dumps. The locals got together there to enjoy a race or two. Or hold some motor or mountain bike events there during the holiday season.
Chris watched from the center how Jelmer and Jesse raced each other. Jesse won. He was the more competitive of the two of them. Chris asked Jesse for some tips and tricks before he raced Jelmer. It was Christopher’s first time racing. But seeing as he was a quick learner he also won his race against Jelmer. So now he needed to race against Jesse. Jesse won that race with ease.

Christopher had gotten distracted along the course. On the side of the track, 3 guys lay sunbathing on an old mattress. Al 3 had a hand down their biker gear stroking their meat. One of them, Wopke, was a gorgeous guy. Long curly blond hair, bright blue eyes, a muscular swimmers body, and well suntanned smooth skin. His cross biker overall was pulled down around his waist and his pubes were clearly visible.

After Chris came across the finish line he made another lap. Stopping in front of the 3 sunbathing guys to say hi. He did not get the reception he was hoping for. “Get the fuck out of my sun!”, shouted Wopke. “Hi to you too… My name is Chris.”, spoke Christopher. “So what? you’re still blocking my sun, ass hole!”, called Wopke. The other guys were a lot more friendly. “Hi, I’m Pier, and these are Okko and Wopke.”, said Pier. He had a look of recognition on his face. “Oh… Your that drama Queen that everyone was looking for!… Where are you from? Oh never mind. I actually don’t care. I don’t speak with tourists!”, said Wopke surly. “Actually I am a ‘Wester’. Import, but surely no fucking tourist!”, told Christopher annoyed in his best islanders dialect. “And by the sound of things, you’re an ‘Easter’. The islanders divided themselves up depending on what side of the island they lived on. Because of that, they did not intermingle much. Around the west, the sailors and captains lived. Around the east, they were more agricultural orientated.

Christopher revved the engine and did a donut turn. Spewing a bit of sand over the 3 guys as he drove away. “Ha… made contact with some other locals…”, joked Chris as he stopped near Jelmer and Jesse. “Careful man! Wopke is a nasty high strung type of guy. He beats up guys just for fun. He is a nut case!”, warned Jelmer. “Ha… I do like me some nuts… and I know how to handle basket cases! Don’t I Jelmer?”, laughed Chris, giving Jelmer a few playful slaps in the face. “Okay, then I guess that we are going to have some fun.”, told Chris. With his boot, he quickly smoothed over some ruts in the sand. Wopke came racing fast to Christopher and the guys. And nearly fell off his bike when his front wheel slipped in one of the ruts.

“Careful now Wobbleke. I don’t want you to get hurt. Gorgeous.”, laughed Chris tauntingly. Wopke stepped off his bike and fell into Chris’s arms. Tripping again over one of the hidden ruts. “Man, you are having a hard time getting it up… Whoops, standing up… I mean. “, joked Chris meanly. Wopke got red in the face. Partly due to his embarrassing fall and partly due to his anger issues. “You fucking faggot ass hole!”, shouted Wopke. “Now, now… Wobbleke… No need for that.”, laughed Chris, not impressed by the angry Wopke. Wopke tried to gif Christopher a punch in the gut. But it got blocked by Chris. Then he tried to knee Chris in the balls. But Chris also stopped that. Chris grabbed Wopke behind his neck and pulled him towards him. Then he kissed him full on his mouth. Wopke got surprised and opened his eyes wide. Stepped back and looked at Christopher for a moment, tilting his head to one side like a puppy in surprise. Then got closer again, and he kissed Chris back. Jelmer and Jesse watched the spectacle in surprise. The strong-willed Wopke was broken by Chris with one kiss.

They hugged for a while. Chris pressed him tightly against his body, letting his hands wander. “See Wobbleke, making new friends isn’t so hard!… Your cock however is… My name is Chris.”, said Chris jokingly, removing his hand from Wopke’s tipobet prick. Wopke took the hand, shook it and introduced himself. “Ah sorry. I must have misunderstood your name. Wopke, Right? These are Jelmer and Jesse. But I bet you know them already. Jelmer is my boyfriend and Jesse… Well, let’s say Jesse is my sidekick…”, laughed Chris, winking at Jesse. “Hold on. Jelmer are you gay too?”, asked Wopke in surprise. Jelmer tongue kissed Christopher, grabbing his leather-clad ass hard. Lifting Chris clean off the ground. “He sure is… and he loves cock!”, joked Chris.

“Well, then I have some for him right here.”, laughed Wopke, whipping his 14 by 3.5 cm boy toy out his cross biker gear. “Is that all?”, asked Chris, removing his 22 by 4 cm tool out his leather jeans. “Suck on that, why don’t you!”.
Again Wopke was amazed at what he saw. Jelmer and Jesse stood next to Christopher laughing at how Chris handled the situation. Hanging their cocks out their biker gear as well. Each placing a hand on Wopke’s shoulders and pressing him down to Chris’s waiting, throbbing dick. He socked him off. As his gloved hands wanked off Jel en Jesse. He moaned loudly. Wopke was loving this. Being no longer the badass, but the fucked faced slut.

Okko and Pier came walking over a short while later. As soon as they saw Wopke serving dick they wanted to join in. The 6 guys had a great fucking time. Riding their bikes naked and fucking around a little. Well, a lot actually. After Chris dumped his load in a condom in Wopke’s butt hole they said goodbye. Our guys had invited them to join them Wednesday evening at ‘the Whaler’.

Jelmer, Jesse and Chris drove back to the campground. Where Chris arranged some transport for the bricks and metal frames. They ate a home-cooked dinner in front of Chris’s cabin. He tried out his new double-necked guitar after dinner. Chris quickly learned how he could play that guitar effectively. Playing some of the songs he had written. He now sounded like a proper one-man-band. Until late that evening the 3 friends sat singing pop songs outside. After Jelmer and Jesse had left, Chris went inside ready to get to bed.

A firm knock on the windows kept him up though. He thought that one of the guys had forgotten something. So he opened up the curtains in the nude. However, it was Wopke, who had knocked on the window. Christopher opened up the french doors and let him in. “Sorry to bug you but I could not sleep. I kept thinking of this afternoon… and of you. I wanted to apologize for the things I said.”, told Wopke embarrassed.

Wopke was wearing leather jeans and a leather biker jacket over his other ways naked body. Chris put an arm around him. “Come on in, gorgeous! Man, I do like the way you look in black leather. Wopke was clearly horny too. Seeing Christopher in his birthday costume he had gotten all hot and bothered. His little prick was clearly visible in the tight leather jeans.

Chris pushed him onto the double bed and unbuttoned his fly. And wasted no time. He rode the 26-year-old gorgeous body as if it was a bucking stallion. “I bet you know where to grab the bull,… if you want to milk him…”, laughed Wopke hard. “Fuck yeah… Ride that farmer cock!… Oh god, your so cool, Chris!”. Chris rubbed his hands through Wopke’s long blond hair. Sliding his ass in long strokes up and down his cock while he kissed him. “Hmmm,… nice things come in small leather packages… God, your beautiful Wobbleke!”, winked Chris. Wopke laughed as he rammed himself up inside the hot ass riding him. Chris moaned loudly as he asked his new friend to pound him some more.

After a while, Christopher got up and bend himself over the table. “Pump me full, you leather stud! I want you to give me your nut!”, pleaded Christopher. And Wopke pounded the yearning ass hard. Pumping a load of jizz over his buttocks. They fell onto the couch. Caressing each other and talking a little. “What do you do in your daily life here, Wop?”, asked Chris curious. “Well, I am a cow and horse farmer by day, I run the farm with my father and mother. I’d like to ride my motor for fun. And do lifeguard work during the summer as well.”, he answered. “Ah, that explains your great muscular swimmer’s physique! Man, you look gorgeous!”, said Chris rubbing a hand over his pecks.

Chris also got asked what he was doing on the island. He explained this was his holiday and that he did not like to sit still. He talked about his love for building, and music. And told Wopke about his first gay experience on the ferry. “So are you and Jelmer…”, asked Wopke nervous. “Boyfriends? Yeah… But I am taking it a bit slow with him at the moment. So I sometimes need to blow my load in a different way. Can’t keep it bottled up now… can we?”, laughed Chris. “Anyway, I hope you, Okko and Pier can come by tomorrow. I think I have another performance at ‘the Whaler’ tomorrow evening.

“Sure thing, see you there! Stud. Hey, you know what you could do? You should go see Lieuwe. He’s a queer hairdresser. I am sure he can do some kind of miracle on your hair too!”, said Wopke enthusiastically pulling his fingers lovingly through Christopher’s shoulder length, black hair. The guys kissed and Chris wished him a good night. “Don’t tell Jelmer!”, asked Wopke. “Ha… I will… and I will send him by your farm to fuck your ass hard tipobet güvenilir mi in the haystack!”, laughed Chris. Satisfied for the day he fell asleep naked, his ass still full of juice.

Early the next morning Chris went to the gym and did his work out. And after that, he went to the bakery to get some fresh bread. Christopher invited Sipke and his parents along to ‘the Whaler’ for that evening. And he told them he would possibly also be performing that night, or at least auction off a signed guitar. They got excited and told Chris they would spread the word!

Christopher called in at Lieuwe’s salon. And he was greeted very warmly by Lieuwe. “Hé Chris. Nice to finally see you. What can I do for you? Stud!”, he asked very camp. “Half the island told me to get my hair done by you! I have a performance tonight and want to look like a rockstar! So if you have some time to help me, I would appreciate it…”, laughed Christopher. “keep the length this way. The rest I will leave up to you! I have seen your work and I trust you completely Lieuwe.”, answered Chris.

Lieuwe quickly set to work. He gave Chris some highlights and changed his hairstyle completely. Giving it a more rugged look. Chris was very happy with the new hairdo. And thanked Lieuwe by giving him a small kiss. He paid Lieuwe and started to walk out the door. Lieuwe called him back. Took him into the back room. Pressed him to the wall and kissed him deeply. Chris rubbed Lieuwe’s cock and he came inside his pants in seconds. “Sorry about that.”, he said. “I guess you needed that.”, laughed Chris anxiously. “Thanks, stud. Chris, I will see you tonight. I won’t miss your performance again. Last time I had to watch it on TV!”, moaned Lieuwe. “Cool, see you at the Whaler then! Thanks for the new look.”, said Chris giving him one last small kiss.

The rest of the morning, Chris helped with the rebar work on the 2nd block of 12 cabins. It was readied for concrete the following day. Some of the volunteers were asked if they wanted to help get the bricks and frames from the dump. His uncle Burt had arranged some trucks and trailers to go pick up the stuff. The extra supplies were dropped off in the early afternoon. Chris invited the volunteers to go listen to the Irish folk singers and other bands perform in the town center with him. “All work and no play, takes all the fun away…”, told Chris as an excuse for stopping the building work early again.

The group of about 18 guys and girls walked together through town. Listening to the bands and grabbing a bite to eat or a drink at the local pubs. Making their way downtown toward the harbor they got very happy and a little drunk. Joking around and singing along with some of the performers. That had a positive effect on the other people watching. The atmosphere was a very happy one. The only one who did not let himself completely go was our Chris. He knew he needed to remain sober if he wanted to perform later that evening. But still, he had great fun too.

At ‘the Keynote’ he saw a large banner over the main street. It had the photo they made and it was promoting the auction for the islander’s Youth’s fund at ‘the Whaler’. Some of the island’s businessman and woman where chatting underneath the banner. They saw Chris and his building friends come walking down the street. They greeted Christopher and asked him about the Youth’s fund. “Are you going to run this?… What will it actually do?… How will you distribute the funds?… How will this benefit our youth?…”, they asked.

“Ha ha ha… all very good questions. No, I will probably not be running it! But I have an islander in mind who might. The Mayor, Wessel and I will have to discuss it. But even they can’t do this on their own either. We need you, the islands business people, to pitch in… If ‘you’ want to make this a success… You will need to hire local youths giving them an education and a job… Other ideas would be to fund leisure and learning activities. Like learning to play music instruments, or tourist trades like languages and so forth.”, suggested Christopher. And the business people got excited. “As you can see I will be auctioning off a signed guitar tonight. I hope you guys can sponsor some gear too. The more money we raise the quicker this fund gets off the ground!”, told Chris enthusiastically.

“But the best thing is… You need to come up with how to best handle the Youth’s fund… They need your idea’s… And those of the islander youths themselves of course!… I have only sparked the idea… It’s up to you to make the motor run!”. Chris got applauded and was tapped on the shoulder by the mayor and Wessel. “Nice speech, Chris. I knew you were the right person to give the special islander’s pin too!”, the madam mayor spoke. Chris was surprised. He was happy he could help out he told her. “Sorry to hear you are not willing to run the fund though.”, said Wessel. “I understand that feeling. But I was thinking Jelmer may be a better guy to do that… but it’s up to you.”, said Chris. And that idea got a lot of praise all around.

“See you tonight Wessel. I will grab me some dinner at the Chinese. At what time do you expect me up there?”, asked Christopher. “We start after dinner. The auction is at 9. And we just got permission from the Mayor to stay open all night…”, joked Wessel. “Ha ha… Is that so?…”, she laughed hard. She thanked Wessel and Chris again for all their hard work. And asked the business people to spread the word about the auction. “See you folks tonight then!”, said Chris as he walked away. He was already very excited about tonight’s events.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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