A Knockout

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Big Tits

We’ve all heard the saying that the truth is stranger than fiction, and in many cases I have found this to be true. I’ve also found the truth is quite often more compelling than fiction.

Here is my story…


Awesome! The best seat in the place just opened up and I’m taking it. From this one seat there is a clear view of the entire room and all of the sexy things that are here. This place’s tag line of ‘Gentlemen meet your new favorite chair’ refers to the seat where you get serviced, but I like this one in waiting area just as well. I’m here at a men’s place for haircuts called Knockouts. Maybe you’ve been here. It’s the one that has a boxing motif. If you haven’t been to one, let me tell you about it.

Knockouts is sort of like a barber shop, but instead of the barber being some old curmudgeon with a buzz cut, she is an attractive young woman, or as the name implies, a knockout. These barbers or stylists, as I have learned they prefer to be called, all wear a sexy uniform that includes a short skirt and a mock sports jersey that tends to show a fair amount of cleavage.

Everywhere you look in this place there are televisions tuned to sports channels, but I don’t think many men come to watch TV. They come here to get a haircut, and for the view. Yes the view is outstanding, but the service is even better. Along with great haircut, you get pampering that includes an old fashioned hot towel for your face, and a nice head and neck massage from your stylist. On top of that, many of the stylists like to flirt a little while they are cutting your hair.

To say this place is popular is a gross understatement. If you don’t have an appointment you will likely have to wait. Of course I can’t say that waiting all that bad. Even when I have an appointment, I like to show up early just to take in the view. Apparently I’m not the only one that loves this place. Over the years I’ve seen more than one guy walking out with his hand casually covering his crotch.

So you get the idea that I think this place is pretty awesome, but as great as this place is, this is my first visit in almost four years. You see, a while back I did something stupid that got me banned from Knockouts. Well, I wasn’t officially banned from every Knockouts. I could have gone to the Knockouts in a nearby city, but going to this particular Knockouts was definitely out of the question.

…Banned? Really? How does one get banned from a barber shop?

A little over four years ago I was out running errands that included taking the time to get a much needed haircut. After all, my friends and family were putting together a party to celebrate my fiftieth birthday and I wanted to look my best for the occasion. As luck would have it I ended up nearby Knockouts. Even though I didn’t have an appointment, I knew they accepted walk-ins. So I did just that. I walked in hoping that Tina, my regular stylist, could find a way to fit me in.

Tina was pretty and super friendly. She also had nice big tits that would occasionally rub against you while she cut your hair. I’m guessing that Tina had no idea she was doing this, and if you asked Tina I am sure she would be like most women and claim she never noticed her chest ever touching anyone. But I’m a guy and guys notice even the slightest touch of a breast, and Tina’s titty rubbing was too much for any guy to ignore.

Needless to say Tina was very popular. Getting a cut from her as walk-in was a longshot, but I had to give it a try. The worst that could happen would be to have to make an appointment for another day, or maybe get a haircut from some lesser endowed stylist.

So I walked in only half paying attention and asked this new girl at the counter if Tina was available. The girl didn’t even look up from the computer screen. She just kept doing whatever it was she was doing and informed me that Tina had gone home sick. She didn’t exactly sound thrilled about Tina leaving early either. Then the new girl added that everyone else was really backed up taking Tina’s appointments on top of their own. Well, so much for getting a haircut while I happened to be in the area.

That didn’t really matter. I still had a few days before my birthday. I knew I had another break in my schedule later that week. So asked what Tina’s schedule looked like for the coming Thursday. Still looking at the screen the girl at the counter tapped the keyboard and made a couple of what I would call thinking faces, but didn’t say a word. I wasn’t sure she even heard what I had asked.

I was about to offer to come back when they weren’t so busy when the new girl finally looked up. For a moment she just stared at me. Then she smiled and said that if I could wait, she would do me next. Yeah she actually implied that she would ‘do me’, complete with that unmistakable, yes I meant that to sound sexual tone of voice. The new girl now had my full attention.

The new girl’s name was Jessica. bahis firmaları I knew this because Jessica is what was on her name tag, and the way her name tag was perched up on her tits it was hard to miss. Although I do see how some guys might look right past that nametag.

…So, from my story so far one might think I’m obsessed with breasts, but I’m not. I’ve never been considered what one might call a boob man. It’s just that Jessica was quite well endowed, even more so than Tina.

So yeah, Jessica had a nice set of tits and the way she had stuffed herself in the Knockouts uniform left a good part of what she had exposed, and every time she bent to do something at the counter a little more of her would hang out. Boob man or not, this spillage was very hard not to notice.

I said I am not really a boob man, and that is true. Even though her breasts were screaming “look at me, look at me”, I found the most appealing part of Jessica to be her pretty face. She had beautiful dark eyes that beamed right through the stylish glasses she was wearing, and her skin was so smooth and soft I wanted was to reach out and touch it. But by far her best feature was her friendly and expressive smile. It was like a smorgasbord. I couldn’t decide what part of her I wanted to look at most.

So the clock was ticking on her offer to ‘do me’, and I am pretty sure she was thinking I was trying to figure out if I had time to wait or not, but what I was actually thinking about was how damn sexy she was. Then while Jessica was patiently waiting for my response, she caught me staring at her tits.

Realizing I had been caught praising the yabbos, I got ready for the typical female indignation. But instead of acting perturbed she just smiled, tilted her head and said, “I’m the best you’ll ever have.” With this second double entendre, I decided that I definitely had the time to wait for a cut from this new girl Jessica.

As it turned out I wasn’t exactly her next customer as Jessica had said. She had to finish up with a customer in the chair, and then she had a full appointment ahead of me. It looked like I was going to be there a while. On the up side, I got to sit in my favorite seat in the waiting area. Making my wait even better, Jessica made it a point to flirt with me every chance she had. Her flirting was especially fun when she needed to come up to the counter or retrieve some products from the display stand and the flirting was more up close and personal.

…One of my friends says that all the flirting at Knockouts is just a ploy to get a bigger tips, and to that I say this… “Who the fuck cares why they are doing it. How is having a pretty young woman flirting with you ever a bad thing?”

As my turn in her chair got closer it seemed as if Jessica started making up excuses to come to the front of the store. Each time she came to the front her flirts became more overt and obvious. If Jessica was only flirting for a bigger tip, and she probably was, she was earning every penny.

When it was finally my turn Jessica took me by the hand and led me back to her station. None of the other stylists ever led me to the chair like this, and I didn’t remember seeing Jessica leading her previous customer this way, but I had to assume that she did. I’d have to admit that being led around like that in a barber shop did feel kind of awkward, but I can’t say I didn’t like it.

As Jessica cut my hair we made the typical small talk. It was mostly about whatever sport was on TV at her station, and that’s probably what most guys there talked about, but while we talked Jessica brought up three non-sports related topics that really stuck in my head.

First she pointed out that my favorite stylist, Tina, was married… Then Jessica said she was a great cook and loved to make deserts… And finally she told me she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. These subjects were telling in themselves, but how she said these things left little doubt that she was letting me know that she was available.

My hair was cut and it came time for my favorite part. The shampoo, hot towel, and the head and neck massage. This part of the service from Jessica was amazing. Her touch was a perfect blend of soothing and sensual. When it was all said and done she had me both looking and feeling great, so I tipped her double what I normally would have. It was a small price to pay for the way her flirting and her sensual touch made me feel so young and alive.

…With all that flirting and I didn’t ask her out? Don’t forget that I was almost 50 and she was in her early 20’s at best. But of course that wasn’t the end.

Fast forward a couple of months and I needed another haircut. This time I just needed a little trim because I was heading out on a business trip. If you are starting to get the idea that it takes some sort of special event to prompt me to get my haircut, you are right. I’ve never been one of those that kaçak iddaa gets his haircut on a regular basis.

Anyway, this time I called to get an appointment with Tina. I didn’t want to risk just dropping in again. Of course I arrived early and as soon as I walked in I noticed that things were different. The first thing I noticed was the chair for my favorite place to sit was gone. There was also something different about the front counter, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what that difference was.

I probably couldn’t figure out the difference at the counter because I was gawking at the biggest change they had made. They had put these new life sized photos of extremely hot models in skimpy boxing outfits on the walls. As if the guys coming to this place needed any more sexy women to look at. Now they added a sexy girl fight theme to the mix.

With all of the changes I also didn’t immediately notice it was Jessica who was sitting at the counter, but there she was smiling at me with that big sexy smile of hers. She said hello and even remembered my name. In fact Jessica greeted me so warmly that I felt kind of bad. I almost didn’t want to tell her I had made an appointment with Tina instead of her. So I walked up to the counter and acted as if I were truly unsure of who I had an appointment with.

“Hi, I think I have a 5:30 with Tina?” Half stating, half asking.

Jessica looked at me like the cat that ate the canary and simply stated, “No you don’t sweetie. You’re mine.”

Once again her voice had this tone that sounded overtly sexual, and I got the feeling she had poached my appointment from Tina and put in on her own calendar.

Next Jessica pulled a chair out from behind the counter and scooted it into my favorite place to wait, then smiled a knowing smile and told me to have a seat. Holy crap, it was like she knew exactly why I liked to sit there. Even more, Jessica’s station had been moved to the back in the corner, and my favorite seat was the only one with an unobstructed view of where she now worked. It seemed as if young Miss Jessica really like to be watched.

So I sat in my seat and did what Jessica wanted. I watched. Once again she started her routine of coming up to the front to check on things that probably didn’t warrant a trip to the front, and of course flirting with me. This time her trips to the front were different than my last visit.

This time before she came up to the front, Jessica would first make sure I was watching. Then she would do this exaggerated sexy walk all the way to the front. Once she made it to the front she would flirt. After the task was done she would flirt some more, then do that sexy walk all the way back to her station. It wasn’t long before all I was watching was Jessica as she paraded about the shop.

It had to be Jessica’s third or fourth trip up to the counter when I finally noticed what was different about the counter that day. Jessica was sitting on the stool at the counter and I could see straight up Jessica’s skirt. The sales banner that usually covered the counter’s kneehole was missing.

Now it made sense why the chair from my favorite place in the waiting area had been removed, and why Jessica had put the chair back just for me. It seemed that maybe young Jessica had planned on putting on a little show for me under that counter. Sure enough, just as I noticed the open space under the desk she closed and crossed her legs.

I looked up at Jessica and she was smiling about what she was doing to me. When she finished her task at the counter, she stood she made a show of pulling down and smoothing the front of her skirt, letting me know that it had been hiked up. Then as she walked past me to return to her station, she stuck her tongue out at me and smiled as if she had candy and I wasn’t getting any. Damn this girl knew how to tease.

When she was finished with the customer ahead of me and he was paying, Jessica continued teasing me. She sat at the counter casually crossing and uncrossing her legs while she processed this guy’s credit card. After each move of her legs she would crane her neck to see past the customer and make sure that I was still watching. It was kind of like Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct, but with panties. Unfortunately, the customer was standing in the way and I didn’t really see as much as Jessica likely had intended for me to see.

With previous customer done and gone it was finally my turn. Like before, Jessica took me by the hand and led me to her station. Once again, I didn’t see her do this with the previous customer. I was nice but still kind of awkward. It felt a little like she was leading me off for sex. Even more awkward were the wide eyed stares we were getting from the other stylists as Jessica led me along.

…Okay, on to the haircut.

Jessica was just getting started on my haircut when the stylist at the next station shook her hand wildly and cried out kaçak bahis “splinter!” I had no idea what this stylist was yelling about. Jessica had to explain it to me. She said that individual hairs can get cut at an angle and are quite sharp. Occasionally these sharp hairs can get embedded in the stylist’s skin just like any other sort of splinter. I asked Jessica if they hurt and if she ever had one.

Jessica said she had gotten a few and that two of them really hurt. Then Jessica leaned in close and made sure I was watching her in the mirror. She said the worst place she had ever one of these splinters was here… Then she quickly pulled her shirt collar open exposing her breast while she demonstratively tapped her finger on a place where she claimed to have had a splinter. The place she was tapping was right next to her nipple. Holy shit! Jessica had just showed me her nipple, and it was no accident.

I was completely stunned, but she didn’t stop there. She moved next to me so her back was to the all of the other stylists, and showed me where another splinter had been by slowly pulling her skirt up and touching the tip of her finger high up on her inner thigh.

Now I couldn’t see how she could actually get a splinter there, but I could definitely see her slit through her panties. There was no missing that! Her finger was pointing directly to it. Her skirt was only up for a moment before she pulled it back down and smoothed the front as if she were petting her private place, but I saw what she was showing me.

That was it. There was no way that Jessica was just flirting for tips. But that made no sense. I know I look younger than I really am, but I look a hell of a lot closer to forty than thirty, and Jessica couldn’t have been any more than twenty-two or twenty-three. Even if she didn’t know how old I really was, she had to know I was quite a bit older than her. Hell, I was literally old enough to be her father… and then some.

At that point the term daddy issues crossed my mind. I’m not sure why I had that thought. I never really understood exactly what a daddy issue was. Sometimes I wonder if that term isn’t just used to try and explain the unexplainable. Maybe Jessica had one of these issues, and maybe not. Since I have no clue what a daddy issue really is, I had no idea. My conclusion was that she was looking for a sugar daddy and thought I had deep pockets or something.

The rest of the haircut was spent with her smiling at me then bending awkwardly to expose her cleavage, or her rubbing against me in ways she shouldn’t have been. Of course I was thoroughly enjoying this and wasn’t about to do or say anything that would make her stop. I just prayed that the other stylists were too busy to see what was going on.

Then it came time for the final wash, hot towel and massage part of the service. Once again Jessica’s massage was soothing and very sensual. When she was done and towel was removed, I found her bending over me with her breasts mere inches from my face.

Jessica then gently turned and tilted my head so that my face was nearly touching her exposed cleavage, and said “Let me get that.” She leaned forward until her warm breasts were pressed against my nose and lips. Then she cradled my head and caressed my ear as if she was removing something that shouldn’t have been there.

Oh my fucking god! Whatever daddy issue this girl had, be it sugar or not, I had to get her phone number. The haircut was almost finished. All that was left was the dry and style. I just needed to maintain for a few more minutes and I could ask for her number at the counter when I paid. It would be perfect. She could just write her number on the back of an appointment reminder card and no one would have to know but me and her.

Then of all the bad things that could have happened, did happen. Just as Jessica was putting the finishing touches on my hair, the Knockouts’ owner walked in. Jessica’s attitude instantly went from hair cutting slut to pure business. No more flirts. No more touching. No more nothing. She started treating me just like any other customer. To make things even worse, the owner took over at the checkout counter and I never got the chance to ask for Jessica’s number.

So I paid the old fart of an owner and left Jessica a nice tip. Then I went to my car and stared back into the store while I wondered what the fuck I had done to deserve such bad karma. As I watched through the window I saw the owner putting up a new banner over the kneehole at the front desk. I had hoped he was just there to put up the banner and leave so I could go back in and ask for Jessica’s number, but the bastard stayed until well after they closed. I finally drove home without the chance to utter another word to Jessica.

That night a zillion fantasy outcomes played through my head, each one ending with me having hot nasty sex with Jessica. In my mind we were having all kinds of sex in all sorts of places, but one fantasy ran through my head more than any other. In this fantasy I would imagine Jessica leading me to her station and putting the hot towel on my face, and then while I relaxed she would suck me off.

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