A Lesson in Respect

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Hello readers! This is my first attempt at incest stories and a tad different than my usual writing. If you like it or have any suggestions for a possible second chapter, let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! Disclaimer: all characters portrayed are 18+ years old.


“What do you mean you got arrested?” my girlfriend, Ashley, demanded into her cell phone.

I glanced up as she entered the living room of our apartment, curious as to what had happened. I had a good hunch who she was talking to but for now I just turned the TV down and listened.

“What the hell, Amber!” Ashley said, clearly pissed off. “Disorderly conduct? What, did you get drunk again and go yelling and cursing in public? I can’t keep bailing you out every time you get into trouble for little shit. When are you going to learn? Maybe I should just leave you in there for a couple days so you can learn a lesson.”

I heard a loud female voice yelling from the other side of the phone. Amber obviously didn’t like Ashley’s idea very much.

“Fine! Fine! Just quit yelling for god’s sake.” Ashley conceded, with a sigh. “We’ll be down to get you later.”

With that, she hung up the phone and let out a big sigh.

“Amber got arrested. Again.” Ashley said to me.

I wasn’t surprised. Amber is Ashley’s sister. She is always getting into trouble. Usual it’s because she had too much to drink and got picked up by the police after she messed with one too many people. There was never anything more than that but it was repeatedly happening. Amber would get arrested and then call Ashley asking for help.

“And I suppose she wants us to go get her out?” I asked.

“Yup.” Ashley confirmed. “How’d you know? It’s almost like we’ve done this a dozen times before.”

“When are you going to stop doing this and just let her spend a few nights in jail.” I asked.

We had been dating for almost a year now and I had been pushing Ashley to cut off her assistance from her sister after the first several times I had had to bail her out. But Ashley was too forgiving and wouldn’t consider it.

“I can’t do that. She’s my sister. It’s my job to keep her out of trouble.” Ashley said, unconvincingly.

“Maybe to keep her out of trouble, you need to teach her a lesson and leave her there.” I suggested.

“Next time I will.” She said.

Knowing that wasn’t true, I grabbed my keys and wallet and got ready to go pick up Amber.

The police station wasn’t far and after a few minutes driving, some paperwork and several empty promises to police officers to keep her sober, Amber, Ashley, and myself were pulling out of the station and heading back to our apartment.

“Thanks for the help, sis.” Said Amber from the back seat.

“Yeah sure. But this is the absolute last time I’m doing this.” Ashley replied.

“Uh-huh, sure.” Amber said, knowing that she wouldn’t hold up to that. “Chris! How are you?”

“Fine.” I replied and kept on driving.

“Aww don’t be like that.” Amber pouted.

I ignored her and she resumed talking with Ashley. I didn’t listen much to their conversation. It was mostly gossip and other girl talk about people they knew and such. A few minutes later, we were back at our apartment.

“Hey Ash?” asked Amber, as we walked into the apartment. “Do you mind if I crash here a few days? I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago so I don’t have a place to stay right now? Pleeeease?”

Ashley glanced over at me and I shook my head in silent answer. She gave me a look and I knew she was going to say yes.

“Uhh…Fine but only for a couple days until you find somewhere.” Ashley relented.

“Thanks Ash! Thanks Chris!” Ashley said and hugged her sister.

I knew it was a bad idea but I just sighed and went into the office room to get some work done. Ashley came to find me a couple hours later.

“Chris we gotta go soon.” She told me and headed back into the bedroom.

“Oh yeah, ok let me get changed and we can go.” I replied and closed my computer to get ready.

I had completely forgotten that we had a date tonight. We were going out to dinner and a movie. I was kind of nervous leaving Amber in our house alone but I put it out of my mind and got changed. A half hour later, we were leaving for the restaurant. I had booked reservations for a nice Italian place in the city. It wasn’t five stars or anything but they had great pasta and their meatballs were the best I had ever had. We had returned here many times.

The food was on par, as usual. I got a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs and Ashley got ravioli with marinara. We finished eating and went to the movie after. It was a late showing and started at 10:15 pm so there was only two other people in the theatre. The movie was The Great Wall. It had Matt Damon in it and looked cool and we both loved action movies. With the theatre empty, we started kissing and touching soon into the movie. As soon as it was over, we were out the door and on our way home to continue our lovemaking.

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew something was up when I was greeted by a pair of male shoes that were not mine lying in the entry hall. As I walked further in the apartment, I heard moaning sounds coming from our bedroom. I walked over and opened the door to find Amber on her back getting fucked by some random guy. I was livid.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” I shouted at the guy as I flicked the lights on.

“Who the fuck are you?” the guy asked as he looked over.

I grabbed the baseball bat that we kept hidden behind the bedroom door and brandished it in front of me.

“I’m the guy who’s about to bust your head open if you don’t get out of his apartment!” I threatened and swung the bat through the air in front of me.

“Whatever dude, just chill.” The guy said.

He grabbed his clothes from the pile on the ground and was out the door in his boxers.

“Amber! Who the hell was that?” asked Ashley from the door.

“He’s just a guy I met at the bar tonight.” Amber said. “He was really nice, why did you kick him out.

She was clearly drunk. I turned to Ashley.

“She’s your sister, you take care of it.” I told her, still steaming.

Amber stumbled out of our bed, still naked, and followed her sister to the couch. Ashley got her a blanket to cover her body and left her passed out on the couch. After making sure her sister was asleep, Amber came back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed with a sigh. I gave her a meaningful look.

“Don’t.” she said, tiredly. “I know. I know. You told me so. I should have listened. I just…”

She stopped when she saw the pile of clothes that Amber bahis firmaları had left on the floor.

“Did she…? Did she wear my clothes out drinking?” she asked as she picked up the shirt and pants from the floor. “She did!”

She gasped as she noticed the huge red stain on the white shirt that was unmistakably from a wine spill.

“That bitch! This was my favorite shirt!” she exclaimed.

She threw it on the floor and turned to the pants. She emptied the pockets and found a condom wrapper and a bar tab receipt.

“What the hell? Amber doesn’t have a credit card. Wait. She charged all this to your card? How did she get your card?” Ashley asked.

“She must have gotten it out of my wallet while I was ironing my clothes earlier.” I replied.

“She charged like, a hundred dollars worth of drinks!”

” I told you that you should have let her stay in jail!” I said, furious. “Should have taught her a lesson.”

Ashley turned to me and I was surprised by the look in her eyes. There was a fiery anger there that I had never seen before. Constantly being taken advantage of by her sister must have broken something in her.

“Trust me. I plan on teaching her a lesson.” She said, softly. “And you’re going to help me.”

“What? What are you doing? What am I doing?” I asked, surprised by her sudden change of tone.

“Just shut up and listen to me for a few minutes. We’re going to teach Amber a lesson.”

Ten minutes later, we had talked everything over and had formulated a plan between the two of us. I got in my car and raced over to the nearest 24 hour hardware store to pick up some rope and a dog collar with a leash. I returned home with the supplies a half hour later. Ashley met me in the entry hall.

“Did you find it?” I asked her, as I shut the door and put the brand new coil of rope on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah it was buried in the closet.” She answered and held up the ring gag for me to see.

A few months ago, one of the couples we were friends with had gotten it for us as sort of a joke. We hadn’t used it and I hadn’t been sure if we were going to be able to find it.

“Good. Is that it?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re ready. Here.” She handed me a serrated steak knife to cut the rope with and I followed her to the living room to where Amber was still passed out on the couch. Ashley pulled off the sheet and revealed her still naked body.

Amber and Ashley looked fairly similar, them being sisters and all. Ashley is 24 and Amber is 23. They both had long dark brown hair the fell loosely past their shoulders. They both had similar facial features with their big greenish-blue eyes, high cheekbones, and big pouty lips. They were about the same size. Amber was 5’2 and Ashley was 5’1 though. They both had beautiful round asses that filled out whatever pants they wore nicely. The only other big differences were that Amber’s hair had some slight waves to it and Ashley’s hair was perfectly straight, and that Amber’s breasts were big DD’s while my Ashley’s were perfectly shaped C-cups.

So when Ashley told me we were going to fuck the living daylights out of Amber to teach her some manners, I was all game. I loved everything about Ashley’s body and Amber was merely like a copy of her but with bigger tits. I had already been horny from our playful antics in the movie theatre and now my rage fueled lust was making my cock stone-hard.

I picked up Amber’s sleeping body and carried her into the bedroom. Ashley followed behind me with the supplies. I lay her parallel down on the bed and rolled her over on her stomach. I then pulled her by her shoulders until her head was just hanging off the foot of the bed, propped up by her big tits. I cut off a good sized section of rope and pulled Amber’s hands behind her back. I took the rope and tied her wrists together securely.

Meanwhile, Ashley had made herself busy with Amber’s head. She pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail and fixed it with a rubber band to keep her hair out of the way. Then she took the ring gag and fitted it into Amber’s mouth before securing the straps behind her head.

“Ok I think everything’s ready. Just give her some time to wake up.” Said Ashley.

“Okay but she better wake up soon. My dick is ready to fuck something.” I replied and headed into the living room to watch TV for a while.

An hour later, Ashley called to me from the bedroom. My dick pricked up and I hurried towards the bedroom.

“She’s waking up, Chris.” Said Ashley.

Amber was groaning softly and her eyes were fluttering slowly open. Ashley reached over and slapped her hard on the ass. Amber screamed and woke up quickly from the sudden spank. She looked around confused and tried to move her hands, only to find them tied. She looked up at me and Ashley with questioning eyes.

“Aht’s ‘oin on?” She asked, her words distorted by the ring gag forcing her mouth open.

“Shut up, slut!” commanded Ashley. “I’m sick of you taking advantage of me. You went too far this time and we’re going to teach you some manners.”

Ashley turned to me and pulled me boxers down to my ankles where I stepped out of. Amber’s eyes widened as she saw my hard cock stood at attention. Ashley then straddled Amber’s back using her body weight to keep her still and beckoned me over. She took hold of Amber’s head and held her still with her mouth pointed straight out.

“C’mon babe. Show her what the mouth is really good for!” encouraged Ashley.

I stepped forward and slowly began pushing my cockhead towards Amber’s open mouth. Amber looked up at me, not believing what was happening. She tried to turn her head away from my approaching penis but Ashley held her in place. Slowly, my head entered her mouth.

I was instantly bathed in warm saliva. Her mouth was a velvety, warm cocoon of heaven and felt amazing on my cockhead. I moaned loudly as I felt the warmth on me. I placed my right hand on her head and began to thrust myself in. I slowly fucked her mouth while Amber watched from above. Amber struggled to use her tongue to force my penis out of her mouth, but she only succeeded in massaging me with her tongue and sending waves of pleasure through my body.

As my pleasure grew, so did my lust and excitement. I began to increase the speed of my thrusts and soon, I was facefucking Amber’s soft mouth. As my speed increased, the depth at which I fucked also began to become deep and deeper until I was hitting the back of her mouth and poking at the entrance to her throat. I took her head in both hands and began my assault on her throat as I fucked away at her face, but her entrance was seriously tight and succeeded in keeping my thick shaft was sliding kaçak iddaa into her esophagus.

Amber was drooling and gagging in rapid succession. Her saliva leaked past the ring gag on my back-thrusts and slowly began to coat her chin and my balls. Every time my cock head would strike the back of her mouth, she would gag and try to move her head away, but with both me and Ashley holding her, she had no chance.

“Here let’s try a double assault on her mouth.” Said Ashley after a few minutes of me facefucking her. “Push in as deep as you can, Chris.”

Obeying her, I shoved my cock into Amber’s face until I was stopped by the tight opening of her throat. Once I was there, Ashley put both her hands on the back of Amber’s head and began to push. Amber closed her eyes and thrashed beneath Ashley as her my cock pressed harder and harder into her throat entrance. Finally, with a sudden release, My cock penetrated her tight opening and slid a few inches into her tight, hot throat.

Amber’s eyes flew open and her throat convulsed immediately. Her eyes began watering and she kicked her feet in an attempt to break free. Ashley smiled as she saw my cock suddenly sink in deeper and continued to apply pressure. She keep pushing her sister’s head down on me until all eight inches of meat disappeared between her soft lips.

Ashley gurgled and pleaded up at me with her eyes for mercy but I just smiled down at her and reveled in my pleasure. Her tight throat was constantly convulsing and squeezing my cock. Every gag sent shivers down my spine and felt just heavenly. Ashley looked at the big bulge in her sister’s throat and smiled wide.

“Hold her head still for a sec, babe.” She said and then picked up her phone from the bed beside her. She leaned her head down next to Amber’s head and smiled, holding up a peace sign as she took a selfie with her sister. She took another one of her holding her hand over her mouth in mock surprise while staring at her sister’s bulging throat. She laughed and threw her phone back down on the bed and then took Amber’s head in her hands.

“Okay, I’ve got her again.” She told me and I let go.

Ashley let her grip up a bit and allowed her sister to slide off my cock and get a breath. Amber gasped in air and choked as she came off. Ashley, however, was not going to allow her a long break and once she had gotten a few big gulps of air, she shoved Amber’s head back onto my cock. She began controlling Amber’s head and fucking my cock like a fleshlight. Saliva flew from the corners of Amber’s mouth as her mouth was used like a common hole for my pleasure. Once again, Ashley pushed Amber’s head down until she was kissing my balls and her nose was crushed into my crotch. She held her there and smiled up at me.

“You ready to move on?” she asked as her sister thrashed in her hands.

“Yeah I think we did good with this hole.” I replied as Amber’s throat sent waves of pleasure shooting up my cock and straight to my brain.

“All right then.” Said Ashley.

She fucked Amber’s mouth with a couple quick thrust of her head before releasing her grip and allowing her sister to come off my cock. My shaft slowly slid out of her throat and her neck returned to its original size and it left. Amber’s head dropped and she began choking and coughing saliva onto the floor. I went around to the bed and in it, leaning against the headboard.

Ashley climbed off amber momentarily and grabbed a small bottle of lube from the dresser. She returned and sat on Amber’s legs to keep her still. With one hand, she spread Amber’s firm cheeks and with the other, she squirted a bit of lube onto Amber’s tight ass hole. Amber squirmed as Ashley’s finger began to work the lube into her tight hole and stretch her out. She looked back at her sister in shock.

“What?” asked Ashley. “Did you think I was gonna waste his beautiful cock on your pussy? No way! He’s my boyfriend and he fucks only my pussy. Whores like you get their assholes fucked.”

She reached back and handed me the lube and I coated my shaft and head in the viscous material. Ashley took Amber and rolled her onto her side before pulling her up into a sitting position. I took her shoulders and pulled her onto my lap with her back pressed into my chest. My cock stuck up between her thighs and rested against her pussy lips and stomach. Amber struggled and squirmed but I wrapped one arm around her body and held her tight against my chest.

I lifted her up and Ashley reached between us to grab my cock. She guided it to where it was pressed against Amber’s tight asshole and I lowered her body down until I was pressing into her hole. Ashley grabbed her sister’s thighs and helped push her down until her asshole finally gave way and my cock slid deep into her ass. Ashley kept pushing her down until I was balls deep in her tight butt and her bottom was pressed firmly into my crotch.

Amber screamed out as my cock slid deep in her ass. Her eyes were wide as plates and she stared up at the ceiling as she stretched around my thick shaft. Every little twitch caused her to yelp and groan. Ashley reached behind her head and removed the ring gag. She threw the gag on the bed and quickly replaced the gag with her lips. She began to kiss her sister passionately and lovingly while she ground her dripping pussy into my thigh.

I was getting extremely excited by all this and began to lightly thrust up into Amber’s butt. Amber shrieked but it was muffled by her sister’s lips and tongue. I wrapped both my arms around her to hold her still and increased the speed of my thrusts. Soon, I was pounding her ass like a jackhammer and emitting screams from Amber that were absorbed by Ashley’s mouth.

Amber’s asshole gripped my cock like nothing I had ever felt before. Ashley and I had never tried anal and even my previous sex partners were nothing in comparison to Amber’s delicious butt. I stretched and fucked her bottom for what seemed like hours as the Ashley kissed Amber and moaned into her mouth. Eventually, Amber’s screams subsided into groans as her ass stretched to accommodate my girth.

Ashley broke off the kiss and headed into the kitchen. I heard her opening the fridge but I didn’t know what she was doing. She returned with a large cucumber and climbed onto the bed. I watched as she pushed the cucumber into Amber’s mouth and pushed it into her throat, gagging her and causing her ass to clench up. I groaned with pleasure and pounded harder.

Ashley pulled the cucumber out and brought it down to Amber’s pussy. She slowly spread Amber’s lips and inserted the cucumber. Amber gasped at the sudden intrusion and her ass clenched on my cock once again. Ashley slowly pushed the cucumber kaçak bahis in until it bottomed out at her cervix. Amber shrieked and moaned and the thick vegetable stretched her out.

Ashley began to fuck Amber with the cucumber, thrusting the cucumber hard and fast into her sister’s pussy. Amber’s moaned and grew limp in my arms as her mind melted from the combination of pain from her ass and pleasure from her pussy reached her brain. Her mind overloaded and she just lay there in my arms taking a pounding in both her holes.

After only a couple minutes of being fucked by the cucumber, Amber suddenly let out a shrill scream as she came hard. Ashley thrust the cucumber as deep as she could and held it there while her pussy clamped down on the vegetable. I did the same in her ass and held my cock balls deep in her tight butt.

Amber shrieked and jerked in my arms as her body was racked with the strongest orgasm of her young life. Both her holes spasmed and clenched on the thick phallus in their respective hole. I groaned in pleasure as my cock was massaged by her bottom. As Amber’s orgasm began to subsided, Ashley leaned down and began to lick and suck on her sister’s clit. She resumed thrusting the cucumber into Amber’s pussy.

This immediately sent her into a second orgasm. Her body thrashed and jerked as the waves of pleasure overloaded her senses. Her eyes completely rolled back in her head and she shivered and shrieked breathlessly. As her second orgasm wound down, Ashley removed the cucumber from Amber’s tired pussy and pushed it into her sister’s mouth. Amber softly sucked her juices from the cucumber, hardly aware of where she was or what she was doing.

Ashley’s pussy was dripping by now and she was super horny from watching her sister lose her mind by orgasming. She lay down on the bed next to us and brought the cucumber to her own pussy. She moaned and bit her lip as she began to masturbate with the cucumber, not thrusting it as deep as she had with her sister, but just as fast. She reached up and pinched her nipples.

I pushed Amber’s limp body forward into the head down-ass up position and began to fuck her ass from behind. Every thrust pushed her into the mattress until she was lying flat on the bed. I reached down next to me and pushed my fingers into Ashley’s mouth. She eagerly sucked on them as she fucked herself with the big vegetable.

Ashley’s movements got more frantic and I knew she was about to cum. I grabbed the cucumber from her hand and yanked it out of her pussy. She whined and glared at me angrily as her toy was stolen from her. Her eyes flashed with anger and need and she reached for the cucumber, eager to have it back in her.

I pulled out of Amber’s ass and stood next to the bed. I grabbed Ashley’s ankles and pulled her towards me. She yelped, surprised at the sudden movement. In one quick motion, I guided my cock to her pussy and thrust it in deep. She gasped and shrieked as I filled her completely. I began to pound her pussy at full speed, giving her the fucking that the cucumber could not.

I reached up to her and wrapped my hand around her neck. She choked quietly as I lightly cut off her air. One of her hands involuntarily grabbed at my wrist while the other flew to her pussy and began stimulating her clit. I tightened my grip on her throat and pulled back for a final thrust and rammed into her, hard. My cockhead penetrated her cervix and went all the way into her womb.

Her mouth opened in a soundless scream as she came the hardest she had ever come. Her eyes rolled into her head and her pussy contracted and squeezed me like a vice. She shook and trembled in under me as the sensations ripped through her tiny body and scrambled her mind. She rubbed her pussy faster and faster, prolonging her orgasm. Finally, her muscles stopped convulsing and she fell limp against the bed. I released my grip and gave one more shriek emitting thrust before pulling out of her exhausted body.

I needed to cum soon so I returned my attention to Amber’s motionless body. Ashley managed to get herself up and crawled towards us. She lay over top of her sister and reached towards my cock. I moved in closer so she could reach me easier and she began to stroke my cock. I moaned as her soft, small hand ran up and down my slick shaft.

“A…Are you about to cum?” she asked weakly

“Yes.” I replied with a strained voice.

Ashley stopped stroking and laid down on her back next to her sister. She took Amber’s shoulder and rolled her over onto her back next to her. I pushed their heads together and leaned over them stroking my cock. A few seconds later, I let go.

My cock began to spew gallons of cum on their pretty, exhausted faces. My balls tightened and kept on feeding my shaft with load after load of cum to shoot. I felt like I would never stop and would just stand here cumming until the end of time. Wave after wave of cum rained down on their faces until they were both thoroughly coated in my jizz. Finally, my balls were thoroughly drained and my cock began to soften. I squeezed one last drip from my deflating cock onto Ashley’s face before collapsing onto the bed. Ashley began to absent mindedly kiss Amber. Amber’s orgasm-addled brain barely allowed her to gently kiss back. We all passed out for a few hours as the sun slow began to come up.

I awoke first Saturday afternoon and slowly sat up. Ashley and Amber were still snuggled face to face next to me, sleeping deeply. I went into the kitchen and started making some coffee. I stretched and breathed in the smell of French roast. As I sipped the dark liquid, my brain started clearing and I relaxed on the couch. An hour later, Ashley appeared in the bedroom doorway in one of my t-shirts which was huge on her. I went over to her and hugged her soft form against my body.

“I would kiss you,” I told her. “But you have my cum all over your face.”

She smiled at me and I followed her back in the bedroom. Amber was just stirring and sitting up as we entered. Ashley reached for the bag from the store and pulled out the pink dog collar and leash. She fastened the collar around Amber’s neck and clipped the leash on, tying the other end to the bedpost. She took Amber by the chin and kissed her gently.

“Listen, sis.” She said softly. “You can stay here as long as you want until you get an apartment. But every night that you stay here, you will be our pet. Those are the rules.”

Amber smiled sleepily up at Ashley.

“I thought you wanted me to leave.” She said with a smile before curling back up in the blankets and falling back asleep.

Ashley followed suit and snuggled with Amber before also drifting off to sleep. I sighed and looked down at the two beautiful girls. ‘Things are going to be a lot different around here’, I thought to myself and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

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