A Man and a Woman

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I have always been very shy. In high school I kept girlfriends but never chose to pass third base with them. It was hard for me to feel like an adult when I had to tell a girl not to moan for fear my parents might hear. When I moved to Las Vegas and was supporting myself by working in a casino, things were different. I felt like a man and was ready to do more mature things.

I starting talking to a few girls, but warded off sexual advances. No one felt just right. I was a small town boy in a big city, so these women didn’t quite understand why I wouldn’t have casual sex with them. It meant nothing, they promised. That was the problem though.

One night a Thai girl joined our department. Most of the girls were either ugly or depraved; often both, but this girl had the nicest ass I’d ever seen. It really did something to me. Every time we got ready to clock in, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

I suppose it was her ass that led me to flirt with her in the first place. I used to say mean things to her just to get her riled up. I pretended like Thailand was some third world country and asked things like, “Do they bahis firmaları have books there?” You know, typical ugly American shenanigans. When she got angry, she looked so damn sexy. I couldn’t help but pick on her.

Finally, I said something one night that pissed her off too much. She called me an asshole and told me to leave her alone. I felt guilty, so I tried to make it up to her. I told her I’d take her out to dinner. I begged her. Finally, she said yes.

Perhaps because I was a virgin, I was taking her out to dinner for the right reasons. I wasn’t even considering having sex with her. I thought she hated me. Even though she wore a nice black dress, I thought we’d just eat and call it a night. Our conversations were even awkward at times.

We finished dinner around nine o’ clock, and I decided to go back to her house. Though I’d pretended to be an ignorant American for the past few months, I really was interested in her culture. I examined the strange items in her refrigerator and various things paintings in her bedroom. I studied the pictures of her and her fiancé. “I can tell you don’t love him,” I said.

“What kaçak iddaa are you talking about? I’ve agreed to marry him.”

“Look how uncomfortable you two are together. Your eyes are searching for something else.”

She changed the subject quickly. We ended up watching a movie and lying in her tiny bed, barely big enough for one person. Her shirt was a little short, so her flat belly stuck out. I started stroking my finger back and forth across her waistline. Still, I wasn’t planning to do anything sexual. I just liked being there with her. Vegas can make you feel very lonely when you don’t have someone. I must have run my finger back and forth for an hour before she turned to me and said, “You have no idea how wet I am right now.”

To be honest, I was terrified. I knew how sex happened, but wasn’t sure if I could climax inside a condom or if I should pull out just before. I contemplated not sleeping with her out of fear of doing it wrong. I didn’t want to get her pregnant.

She unzipped my pants and put her thick lips right on my cock before I had a chance to escape. I’d been in Las Vegas almost a year kaçak bahis and was relieved to finally get a little bit of affection. I pulled her pants down and began running my finger along her lips. She was right about being wet. I felt as though I was pressing through heated jello.

I’d been rubbing her belly nonchalantly, but I suppose it was all the foreplay she needed. She could barely wait to shove my cock inside her. She sat on top of me and began grinding me, flesh on flesh. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I began groaning and calling out her name. I didn’t care if the neighbors heard.

“I need to put a condom on,” I said.

She hopped off, tore one open, slammed it on, and then resumed her riding. Finally, I bent her over and fucked her while digging my nails into her back. When she came, I felt her pussy constrict around me. I collapsed after that and could not move. She passed out naked in my arms.

Before falling asleep, I stared at that picture of her and her fiancé on the wall. I’d never been one of those guys to take another’s woman, but he didn’t want her. I could see the lack of sincerity in his eyes. He didn’t love that ass. He didn’t purposely piss her off, just to see how hot she looked riled up. Whether any of us were ready for the transition, she was mine. We slept in each other’s arms, a man and a woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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