A Must-have Exercise Machine

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This story starts out slow, but hopefully you will enjoy how it progresses. I pray you don’t get bored before the real excitement begins.


Eric had dropped out of school a month ago. At 20, he felt like he had wasted the last few years of his life. He wasn’t well built enough that girls would swoon over him, or smart enough that they would ask him to do their homework. Mom tried to encourage him to get better grades, but he was always too busy trying to look down some chic’s blouse, or daydreaming about what was beneath the blouse. Dad proved to have better judgment than mom. One day, he just told Eric to either up his grades or find a job – or else.

So here he was, a door-to-door salesman for a small company that sold those exercise machines which promise on TV to make you a hunk or supermodel or get your money back. Any wages were only in the form of sales commissions, so the company readily hired him, no questions asked. Given his shy nature and geeky looks, Eric wouldn’t have been able to sell a robe to a woman stripped naked by a hurricane, but he had a job, so his father allowed him to continue staying at home.

Every morning, Eric and others like him received a list of people who had called the TV hotline, but hadn’t placed an order. The company had worked out some unscrupulous way by which to trace the caller Ids and pin them to an address. It was his job to convince them to make the purchase. He figured that since they had called, they were already interested. Also, since they had bothered to call, they must be home-bound people who had just too much time to watch infomercials. It would be a cinch. Was he wrong! He hadn’t thought about the other side of the coin – why they had hung up without placing their order.

In the last month, Eric hadn’t been able to convert a single potential customer. In fact, many of his house calls slammed the door on him with threats that are best not mentioned here. His company didn’t care. If he didn’t make a sale, they didn’t have to pay him. He didn’t care. He had a job, so his dad wouldn’t throw him out. Plus, he got to drive all day, even if it was in a beaten down second-hand van, and eat junk food between stops. Sometimes he’d even down a beer or two.

On a routine morning this Friday, Eric got a list from his supervisor, not too different from a list that a courier carried before smart devices were common. It had three names with addresses, phone numbers and the products they had called about. A Jack Thorneburg, a Lexi Garcia, and a Sal Whiteman. He looked up a huge paper map, sketched out a route, then loaded up the back of his van with everything he would try to sell today. He put on the company’s badge and drove off. As expected, Sal slammed the door on his face after threatening him with a powerful-looking shotgun. Eric had seen a few of these in the last month and wasn’t as scared any more. Jack only threatened to sue the company.

Lexi was the last house. He didn’t have any trouble finding it. It was an expensive house near the end of a secluded street. If he had arrived later, he might have seen kids playing in the lawns surrounding him, but they were all at school. He parked the van near the driveway, adjusted his hair and walked up to the front door. DING-DONG rang the bell as he pressed the switch, as if he meant to summon the whole neighborhood, not just the occupants of the house.

There was no answer. This happened sometimes. He called during office hours and some of the bored TV viewers were, in fact, office-going people. He shifted his weight from left to right for a minute, looking around. No one from the neighborhood answered. As though someone was watching him, he acted like he had an appointment, rang the bell again and looked furtively at his wrist (which didn’t have a watch on it) as if he was getting late for something very important. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders (still acting for any watchers), turned around and took his first step away from the house. The door flung inwards and a gasping voice called out, “Yes?”

Eric turned around to see a woman in her late twenties or early thirties standing in the doorway. She was breathing heavily, her bust wrapped tightly in two layered sports bras (light blue on top of white) and her firm butt was hidden under a pair of loose black gym shorts. A pair of long, well-defined legs seemed to be recently shaved or waxed. She was hurriedly trying to dab away beads of sweat that glistened from her arms, chest, waist and legs with a small towel. Her eyes followed the towel as she did so (fortunately – otherwise Eric would have to explain what he was staring at).

Despite the double layering, Eric was taken by just how much of her cleavage he could see. The inner white bra apparently had a very low neckline. The only way Eric knew it was there was because it peeked out a little from the sides and the straps were visible next to the blue ones. How deep the neckline went was hidden by a front zipper on the outer light blue one, which was pulled half-way down. The breasts were – Eric bahis firmaları made a mental reference – maybe as large as tangerines, and stayed perfectly ensconsed in her bras. He was staring hard enough to notice very faint points of her nipples pushing through the double layers.

Her features were somewhat Latin American, with dark eyes, full lips, a very prominent jaw line and not-very-fair complexion. Her dark brown hair was tightly packed up behind her head, making her neck look longer than it really was. Her arms and legs looked like fruits of years of exercise, like someone who runs a marathon while doing bicep curls. As the woman dabbed her stomach, she turned her focus to Eric. “You lost, young man?”

Eric took a big gulp as he tried to gather himself. “No, ma’am. I’m looking for Ms. Lexi Garcia.”

“That’s me.”

“Good afternoon, ma’am. My name’s Eric. I’m from Total Fitness Enterprises. I believe you called us about our Ab Pro Workout System?”

“Oh, yes, I did. But I told the lady on the phone I’d need more time to think about it.”

Eric considered this a success. He hadn’t had any dogs released on him yet and he had lasted a full two minutes! “Yes ma’am. That’s what I’m here to see you about. I’ve got the Ab Pro Workout in my van along with our other fitness equipment. Why don’t you try it out once? I can assure you, it’s a must-have in your exercise routine.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I saw it on TV and I’m not sure if I need it. I had called on a whim. I don’t think I need it. In fact, I’m in the middle of my workout right now and it’s going fine without your machines.”

“That’s absolutely perfect. Why don’t I set up the Ab Pro Workout inside and you can compare it to your current workout?” None of this was Eric’s usual salesmanship. Even with the polite customers, he had never been good at pitching. But something in his brain (or groin) desperately wanted to get inside this house.

“Look, I don’t think I’m ready to buy any of your stuff. If you want to waste your time and energy setting it up, you’re welcome to.” Lexi, obviously into exercising, was a little curious, but didn’t want to get talked into buying stuff she didn’t want.

“Sure, ma’am. I’ll just get it out of the van.”

A little hustle and bustle later, an excited Eric puffed his way through the doorway under the weight of a box that was the size of a trunk. Lexi led him towards the kitchen and motioned him towards a doorway. This, he discovered, led to a spacious air-conditioned basement. He struggled down the steps and even stopped to wonder what it would be like on the way up! A TV was hooked up to a DVD player in front of an exercise mat. A group of young girls was frozen on the screen with one hand touching their spread feet and the other raised straight up. An exercise bike was standing to one side and a rowing machine lay on another side. On a bench by a wall was a bottle of water, a shirt and a skirt. In a far corner was a closed door.

Eric puffed his way into the basement and set his box down. Lexi followed him in and took her position on the mat. “I’m going to finish my workout first. You set up your equipment there and wait on the bench.”

Lexi started doing some basic stretches to warm up again as Eric pulled out an elaborate contraption from the box. It was pretty much a flat seat that slid forwards and backwards on rails, with a back that went up and down, and some tension springs. At the base were footholds to wedge yourself in, plus a few other gimmicks here and there.

It only needed to be unfolded into place, which should have taken Eric under two minutes. Instead, it took him a good ten minutes as he kept stealing glances at Lexi jumping, stretching and bending. Once he was done, he sat down on the bench as he had been instructed. “I’m ready when you are,” he called. No answer.

His tongue wagged out a little as Lexi bent forward to pick up a remote controller that sat in front of the mat. He could see all of her cleavage, right down to the white material against her sternum. He got a good look at the tops of her boobs as some of the material separated from the flesh when she bent. He thought they would spill out at any moment and come rolling towards him like tennis balls. They didn’t. Instead, she pressed the Play button, the girls on the TV screen got up from their bent position, some tacky trance music filled the room, and intermittently the fitness coach on TV asked her pupils to get into this position and that. She explained how each routine worked the glutes, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, abs and other muscles that Eric had never heard of.

Nor was he listening now. He was fixated on the virtual dance that Lexi was performing for him about 10 feet away. He kept averting his eyes every now and then for fear of being caught, but she never paid any attention to him. His cock twitched a little with every view of the cavity under her bras. He’d never seen so much of any girl or woman so close in real life. Outside of a computer screen and his wet dreams, this was his first kaçak iddaa set of boobs. A completely flat-chested girl in the same pose would probably have been enough to set him off, and this was a very well proportioned woman with full breasts. He noticed how each of her muscle groups flexed and relaxed in different stretches. He particularly noticed how her cleavage became deeper or spread a little as she stretched her arms here and there.

As she gyrated her body into different poses, Eric had opportunities to appreciate the bounty of the perfectly spherical globes of her butt. As the fitness coach instructed her to lie down, her arse stood up like very large ice-cream scoops. Eric could see where the track shorts had ridden up her crack, turning the entire display into high-definition perfection. He wished he could wedge his dick into the crack.

His organ was half erect in a matter of minutes. Lexi seemed to be in no mood to stop and Eric didn’t want her to. Once, when she was lying down and facing away, he pulled out his phone and hit record on the camera app. He tried to hold the phone in his lap as though he was playing a game. He was really playing with the zoom and brightness controls.

Though the camera had already missed some sizzling action, he was able to capture some very good views of her breasts and cleavage. The combination of sweat and the camera lens darkened tiny circles on the bra where her nipples were pressed into her flesh. When she stood up, beads of sweat traced lines straight from her neck down her cleavage. Eric was struggling to sit straight as his fully erect dick demanded to be adjusted. Not wanting to give himself away, he continued ‘playing his game’, and used his elbows to try and adjust its position. Though it felt good, it was futile. There really wasn’t any space for it to go.

A good 20 minutes later the TV screamed a reminder, “See you again tomorrow. Don’t forget to hydrate.” Lexi shut it off and stood with her hands on her knees and took deep long breaths. Eric had already decided that this was his favorite view. She stood up, walked to the bench and picked up her towel. Still standing, she started dabbing herself all over and Eric decided this was a good time to stop recording. He quietly put his phone away and tried desperately to think of his boss, his dad and his worst memories. After all, the phone wasn’t the only hard object in his pants.

His meditation wasn’t working, though, especially when Lexi raised one very smooth leg after another on to the bench to dry them off. Fortunately, she still wasn’t paying any particular attention to him. She threw the towel down, picked up the bottle and took a few long swigs of water.

“So, this is it, huh? How does it work? Is it the same as I saw on TV?” she asked, turning towards Eric’s machine.

“Would you like to try it out or do you want me to show you?”

“I’m already warmed up. I’ll try it out. You just show me what to do.”

Eric signaled for her to sit in the machine’s seat and place her legs in the footholds. He couldn’t help staring down her sports bra as she did so, her luscious breasts now only a foot away from him. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees and she was reclined at a 20-degree angle against two rubber rollers that made up the back. He told her to hold on to two rubber-covered rods built into the headrest, then asked her if she wanted low, medium or high intensity for sit-ups. She chose medium and he showed her how he pulled out a peg from one side and where he replaced it.

“Go ahead and try ten sit-ups. I’ll point out to you how the machine targets your muscles.”

Lexi complied. She adjusted a little to get more comfortable and pushed her back down till she was at a 70-degree angle. The second time she did this, Eric knelt down beside her hips and (he had been strictly instructed never to physically engage with customers) held her by the waist with both hands, as though he were holding her down, but without any pressure. Lexi said nothing. As she grunted her way back up, Eric stroked his thumbs along her abs. “Do you feel the tension here?” he asked.

He was staring directly at (and feeling up) her well-toned abs. How was Lexi to know this wasn’t normal procedure? She just agreed with him and continued with her sit-ups. Now, as she pushed backwards, he lifted his thumbs off and slid his fingers towards her lower back. “Unlike your usual sit-ups, the springs in this machine work both ways. So while you are working your abs, you are strengthening your lower back, too,” he explained. His fingers were roaming around the spine as he prompted her, “Do you feel it here?”

Lexi murmured another agreement and still continued her back and forth motion. Eric released his hold on her only when she had finished all ten, intermittently feeling the strong abs under his thumbs or gliding his fingers around her lower back. His actions were not at all in sync with Lexi’s. He was literally just feeling her up. Of course, every time Lexi sat up, her boobs were right next to his eyes. He kaçak bahis made sure he knelt in such a way that his head was high and he could look straight down into her bra. His cock was oozing manly juices now, transforming this young boy into an adult.

He stood up when she finished, and she asked what was next. He explained they would do more sit-ups, but with one addition. He released a couple of pegs on each side of the headrest and showed her how the handholds flexed forwards. “As you push backwards, pull these bars forwards. Go ahead and try it.”

Lexi tried five sit-ups this way. Eric, standing at her head, lusted after the view he was getting. He completely forgot the spiel he was supposed to give her during this workout. Lexi stopped and complained, “This doesn’t feel very comfortable. In fact, I think I might be straining my arms too much.”

“Oh, ok,” Eric woke up. “Here, let’s try only the hands.” He adjusted a peg on the back to lock it. Eric requested her to hold the bars again, brace her elbows and pull forward. She pulled the contraption in front of her face and released it back, continuing the motion several times.

“Very good,” encouraged Eric. “Let me show you how this works.” He stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. His thumbs pressed lightly around the shoulder bones, along her bra straps. “You must be feeling a little work here. Try doing it more slowly.” He enjoyed this for a couple of more curls. He wasn’t completely aware when his thumb went under the bra straps on her back. This was soon followed by his fingers on the shoulder.

Eric realized he had all four bra straps totally in his control. He applied pressure with his fingertips, but raised his wrists and the bras arose from the flesh they were protecting. From his vantage point, he could make out the edges of Lexi’s areolas. His dick was jerking itself now. He didn’t need anyone to touch it to ejaculate.

Somehow, he was able to bring himself back to his senses. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. Very carefully, he extricated his hands from the bras and took hold of her arms instead. This time he pointed out how the same motion worked her biceps and triceps. As Lexi pushed forwards and backwards, his hands were dangerously close to her breasts. At one point, he pretended to focus on a certain spot on her triceps. His index fingers remained stuck to this point on each arm, and as she brought her hands back, the rest of his fingers and palms intentionally brushed squarely against her breasts.

They felt tight and delightful. He wasn’t sure if he grazed the nipple or not, but he allowed himself to think he did. Eric was ready to ejaculate. Lexi tensed up a little, but didn’t say anything. It was just a little touch from a small boy; surely it meant nothing, she thought to herself.

Eric didn’t dare try the same stunt a second time. Instead, he went back to showing her the points on her back that were being worked out. This time, the fingers ‘resting’ on her shoulders slid a little forward, below her collarbone. He flexed his wrists so that the thick bra straps pulled a little away from her chest and could see the full semicircles of the tops of her breasts. Very gently, he released them back into position and stepped away. Out of view, he grabbed his crotch and gave it a few violent rubs. He adjusted it as best as he could, then told Lexi she could stop.

Lexi lowered her arms and relaxed in the chair. “That was better than trying to do it with sit-ups,” she said.

Eric went on to the next part of his sales pitch. “The best part is, you can also do push-ups with the same machine. You don’t need any other equipment. Here, I’ll show you.”

Lexi stepped out of the chair and Eric adjusted a few pegs. This locked the back in a horizontal position. He asked Lexi to lie down on her stomach, lock her feet into the footholds again, and grab the same rods that she had used a minute ago. As she assumed this position, he admired the fullness of her butt at close range. He somehow controlled his desperate urge to grab it. He did, however, pull out his phone and hit record. He hid it as best as he could under his palm and continued recording. It captured her behind and the glory of the exposed legs.

As Lexi started push-ups, he walked around her legs, across her side and stopped at her head. His phone continued recording the gorgeous cleavage that had deepened a little more. Gravity was helping in freeing up the boobs a little, and also opening up the sports bras a wee bit. The weight of her boobs caused the straps to pull away from her chest and he recorded as much of her as he dared. He had to stop when his phone displayed a Low Storage warning. He cursed himself for not having picked up the 8 or 16GB options and put his phone away.

He knelt down in front of Lexi and drew straight lines down the inside of her shoulder blades. “You should be feeling a little strain here,” he explained, his voice cracking a little as he stared straight down her top. Inches away from his tongue, two beautiful balls of jelly were swinging up and down. Eric shifted a little so that he didn’t block the light from an overhead lamp. He saw so much flesh, she might as well have been wearing a Brazilian string bikini.

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