A New Taste Part 28 (Gabriel Dunks His Balls)

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A New Taste Part 28 (Gabriel Dunks His Balls)
Gabriel sent me a message after a few days. He was brimming with the complex thrill of it all. He confessed that his religious guilt was in some sense entwined with his excitement. Everyone around him would be shocked that he had been intimate with a man. They would be disgusted with him and would ostracise him from the church. The truth was that being penetrated by a mans erect cock was like a spiritual experience for him. He felt full. Satisfied. He acknowledged he was cheating but but somehow felt safe with me. Being fellated had awakened him and transported him to a world of pure pleasure that he had never truly experienced with a woman. I quizzed him further to try and understand him.

He had always enjoyed his penis, he knew he was well endowed but only now did he realise the full sensory ability his cock could have. He had known for years that he wanted a man to fuck him, he daydreamed about it. When church goers mentioned homosexuals disparagingly Gabriel found himself thinking about male sex. As they spoke he imagined a man bending him over and breaking in his arse. He prayed for distraction but his long cock would fill up and ask for attention. He found himself secretly looking at pornography when he should have been working at home. Before long his eyes wandered to the gay section. He watched men swallow cocks as long as his and he longed for that single-minded lust to be focused on his own penis. It was my good fortune that he contacted Nick to ask what it feels like to be cock worshipped. Nick told him about my efforts to please him in considerable detail and Gabriel, sat in his spare room, masturbated his cock under his crappy ikea desk. When Nick told him how I eagerly took his hot spunk in my mouth and how I always gulped his semen down Gabriel pumped his own orgasm into tissues and was always suddenly overcome with guilt. He would shut the computer down and clean his sensitive penis in the bathroom. He washed it in the sink because tissue always stuck to the head when he climaxed. I could visualise that soft but hung cockhead all purple red with the cold water making him shiver after cumming. I wanted it in my mouth and told him so.

He immediately said he would invent a reason to be late home. He would be at mine at six. I raced home and had a shower. I found myself deeply aroused by the seemingly illicit nature of our meeting. Gabriel was cheating on his wife and his church yet he trusted me to fuck his cute arse in our secret pact. I would treat him. Edge him. Taste him.

I placed a cock ring behind my balls and felt my shaft begin to firm up in anticipation. I put a bath robe on and paced up and down licking my lips. The bell rang and I let Gabriel in. As I closed the door I turned him and pushed him against the door. My robe opened and my cock found the crack in his bum. I pressed firmly against him.

“Why are you here Gabriel?” He hesitated and I pressed harder into casino siteleri his buttocks. “Why are you here?”

“I want you to fuck me.” He managed softly.

“More!” I insisted.

“I want you to bugger me. I want your cock in me.”

“Good boy.”

I let him go. He hurried into the bathroom for a few minutes and emerged in his boxer shorts to find me naked on my bed. Slowly stroking my erection.

“Shorts off. Suck my cock.” I ordered. He slipped them down to the floor and his long half hard penis uncurled like a cats tail as it filled with blood. He knelt between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. I encouraged and instructed him until I felt I needed to stand and slowly face fuck him. I slapped him with it and looked at his almost delirious face as he embraced the joys of sucking cock.

“You can see why I love it can’t you?” I said.

“Its wonderful!” He replied delighted with himself.

“My turn.” He stood as I sank to my knees. He was now too erect to put a cock ring on him so I told him I would use rings the next time we met. I relaxed myself with some heavenly suction and then slipped the whole length into my throat. He stumbled and fell back onto the bed, his cock sliding out of my mouth like a rope over a cliff.

“Sorry, sorry! It is almost too much sometimes.” He apologised.

“Don’t be. I love your cock. I adore sucking you.” I reached out and wanked his long dick. “On your belly.” I demanded. He rolled over . “Such a nice bum Gabriel!” I said.

“Thank you!” He muffled into the sheets.

“Lift your hips, show me your pussy.’ I ordered. His slim bum rose and naturally parted to reveal his hole. I tongued his anus with determination and intense pleasure. He moaned and writhed, his hands gripped the edges of the bed. When I was ready I rubbered up and lubed my cock. Not his anus.

“Get in position. The position you want to be fucked in.” He raised his bum up until he was in submissive doggy style. My cock head touched his ring and pressed gently.

“Well Gabriel. The choice is yours. You can leave or you can beg for my cock in your gay arse.”

“Please Ben, I need your big cock in my gay arse. I want it more than anything. Please. Please fuck me!”

His anal muscles pursed and accepted my cock head. They tightened around the collar as we both took a breath. I pushed deeper and he winced a little. My hand gripped his boney shoulder.

“It’s all part of it babe. Pleasure and pain.” I spanked his butt and rammed in further. He gasped with each inch. I wrapped my arms around his skinny ribs and began a grind without thrusting.

“It’s so good.” He whispered.

“It’s beautiful.” I answered and started a slow fuck of very long intense strokes of my full length. Once he was taking me easily I repositioned him with his legs back and looked into his eyes as I took him. My cock felt huge and powerful inside him.

As I slid deep into him I asked:

“How can something so good be a sin?” My mouth inches from his. My hips gyrated and my erection canlı casino explored his warm insides. “Your gay arse was made for my cock.”

The provocative mention of sin tipped Gabriel over the edge and he kissed me with fervour. I gave him a proper seeing to. I fucked him and wanked his leaking dick and he sweated under me.

I withdrew from him and looked at my shining condom covered cock.
“Will you cum inside me?” He plaintively asked.

I pulled the condom off and applied some lube to myself. I slipped inside his body in one beautiful movement. We kissed again and fucked like honeymooners. I was extremely hard and ready. The ring added to my pleasure and I told Gabriel I was going to breed him.

“Fill me up!” He whispered.

I jammed myself to the hilt as my pipes flooded Gabriels butt with hot sperm. I rammed and rammed and he looked intensely pleased with himself. The ring kept my dick pretty full for a while and I remained inside his body. It was a lovely sensation as I softened. I pulled out and wiped us both down.

“Show me your pussy.” I insisted. He pulled his legs back and showed me his used anus. I knelt and kissed his hole.

Then inevitably I took his cock in my mouth. Copious precum covered it and I licked it out from under his foreskin. I drew it to full length and throated him repeatedly until he could stand the intensity no more. It spasmed and began to unload. My smiling face nearly spilt it. I was so happy I didn’t swallow the first load and it filled my mouth up. When he stopped pulsing semen I tilted my head and took a huge gulp of cum for Gabriel to watch. Then I returned to sucking him clean. I loved that dick soft and hard. Its length, shape and smoothness were a wonder.

I collapsed beside him on the bed and caressed his body. I pulled him to face me and he understood. After orgasm would he be wracked with guilt and run away or could he face the truth? He tentatively put an arm around me and I moved until I nearly touched his lips with mine. He kissed me and we ground our spent dicks together. Gabriel was only the second man I had been this intimate with post orgasm. I found him very attractive in the afterglow of sex, his skinny body was addictive to me. We talked a little. I told him he had to come back tomorrow. We would both leave work early and I would introduce his cock to the pleasures of edging and cock rings.

I slipped down the bed and kissed his long penis and lifted his dangling ball sack in my cupped hand. I began to suck him, swirling my tongue around the head, under the foreskin. I was an opportunists soft sucking but it resulted in a thickening. He soon filled out. Not erect but not flaccid. I find any hung cock beautiful when it hangs thick and full post orgasm. I laid on my back and asked him to straddle my face which he did with a little chuckle.

“Lower your balls into my mouth.” I requested. Down they came like two quails eggs in a flesh coloured stocking. Such a long sack! I moved kaçak casino the flat of my tongue and helped them drop deep in my mouth. This was a first. The long drop of his sack meant they could really descend deeply but letting them slip down was surprisingly hard. Nevertheless by the time he rested on my chin I had sucked them deeper than most people can manage a cock. I sucked in air through my nose. The scent of sweat and cum filled my senses as I subtly sucked on his testicles. My hands held his butt cheeks and I began to masturbate inches above my eyes. He lifted and dunked his nuts and I asked him to turn round and fuck my mouth at the edge of the bed. He was still functioning at 70% hard and I knew this would be an ideal situation to use my throat. He nudged his semi all the way in until his swinging sack sprawled on my forehead. His clenched buttocks on display as he worked in and out.

Worried he was forcing me too much he withdrew and looked down.

“Are you comfortable? I don’t know how you take it all like that?” He asked concerned.
“I love it.” I replied. “Your cock is perfect right now to fuck my mouth. Please just enjoy yourself. Be selfish, really enjoy your beautiful cock for me.” I implored him. He took a deep breath and manhandled his member into my mouth. I got myself into the zone and enjoyed the slapping of his balls on my face. He thrust and grunted and let himself go. He did let me have a few breathers and I took the opportunity to swallow. I must have looked quite a mess but I didn’t care.

“You are amazing Ben.” He said as he stroked his long member. “It feels so intense I want it to go on forever?”

I turned over and watched him masturbate.

“Stroke that cock Gabriel. Wank for me!” I encouraged. “Show me how good your big cock feels.”

He took a stance and masturbated for me using both hands. My face couldn’t conceal the lust I had for his dick. I knelt before his show.

“I’m gonna cum!” He exclaimed and I open my mouth. He pushed his cock in just as it began to ejaculate. I just remained receptive and he pleased himself, half wanking, half mouth fucking, through a juddering orgasm. Eventually I throated him and cleaned him up. He stood hands on hips shaking his head.

“Wow, I never cum twice.” He said all light headed and adjusting his balance. I held his flaccid length in my hand not wanting to let him go. “You are the first person to swallow my cum you know!”

“Your wife doesn’t know how lucky she is.” I said as I kissed his hanging cock.

“Oh god.” He replied suddenly back in the land of guilt. I stood and embraced him. My middle finger found his fuck hole and as I teased it. My semen trickled out of his butt as I spoke into his ear.

“I don’t fancy many men. I am really a cocksucker when It comes to men. But I fancy you Gabriel. I want you. And I have no doubt you want me to fuck you again. You need this. You need this like I do. You can be yourself with me.”

“Thank you. I must go home. Maybe one day… we could… spend the night together?” I nodded approval.

He dressed and left me alone but he would be back soon. I looked in the bathroom mirror and licked my lips and spoke to myself.

“You… are such a good cocksucker!”

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