A Night She Won’t Soon Forget

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A story for you from me.

You get a note saying to be at the downtown Marriott at 6:30 pm and to dress sexy. Once there you are to ask for messages. Curious to see who sent the message, you ask around the office. No one knows what you are talking about, so it’s not someone there. Intrigued, you go home a bit early to change your outfit from your normal office attire. You go into your drawer, picking out a nice set of sexy black panties and a sheer black demi-bra. Stockings and a garter belt complete the ensemble. You put your little black dress on over these and put on your favorite pair of heels.

Hopping into your car, you quickly, but safely, get to the hotel just in time. You nervously walk to the front desk and ask for messages. The clerk just smiles and says, “Yes, miss. Here is your key to suite 613.”

Now completely baffled, you head to the elevators to the suite. As you open the double doors into the suite, you notice the lights are out, but there are candles everywhere.

You see a note attached to a chair. Opening it, you now realize who it’s from, and smile. “Take off the black dress I know you have on, leave your underwear just the way it is,” the note says. Stripping out of the dress, you head to casino şirketleri the bathroom, where you know I am waiting in the large 2 person tub. You walk in, and I am sitting in the tub, holding 2 glasses of wine. “We can drink this here or in the other room,” I say. You point out that you are still somewhat dressed, so I decide to leave the tub and join you on the bed. Grabbing a robe from the door, I follow you to the bed.

Sitting on the edge, I hand you a glass, as you take a drink I nuzzle up against your neck softly. That produces a sigh from your lips, and I know I can continue down to your chest. Moving your bra strap, I kiss your shoulder, then I move further down to your covered breast. I can see your nipples start to swell at my touch, and the thought of my touch. I pull off your bra, and your breasts fall free to my touch. I put both of my hands on your breasts, slightly pinching one then the other, while running my tongue on both.

Gently nibbling on your erect nipples, I slide one hand from the bottoms of your stockinged leg up to your now moist pussy. I slide the panties aside and gently rub a finger up and down your slit, opening it a bit and finding your clitoris. You moan audibly. I stand you up to pull casino firmaları your panties down, leaving your stockings on. I then push you back onto the bed, and while kneeling at the edge, I begin to run my hands and face up your legs towards your pussy. I see that you are very excited for my touch, as you are extremely wet. I gently push a finger into you, crooking the finger and finding your G spot, I push and pull at the same time. I flick my tongue on top of your clit, as I massage your G spot more and more. I can tell that you are enjoying it, since you grab my head and try to push my face in more.

I dive my tongue deep into your pussy, pulling my finger out and moving it down towards your ass. You moan your assent as i push it into the first knuckle. As I firmly grasp your clit with my mouth, I start to flick and suck on it in a even rhythm. As your moaning gets louder and louder, I take one of my hands and move it up to your nipple, pinching it firmly. Doing this must have put you over the edge, for you shudder uncontrollably and seem to melt in my mouth as your orgasm washes over you. As the final waves seem to subside, I take my cock and gently rub it up and down, wetting the tip and then inserting slowly into your güvenilir casino pussy.

The waves start anew as I slowly work my cock deep into your pussy. You cry out, whether from going to deep or from pure ecstasy I can not tell. I don’t stop as I thrust into you with more and more force, sometimes pulling all the way out, only to shove it back in with more vigor than before. I bring your legs up to go even deeper, as I do this, you unknowingly bring a hand down and start caressing your clit as I go deeper still. The moaning is constant now, and you lock eyes with me and ask me to cum. As you do this, you grab my cock with your hand and squeeze as i go in and out of you. This causes me to jump with pleasure, and I tell you that I’m going to cum.

You beg for it, telling me to cum inside your pussy, to fill you up. Talking like this brings me to the edge, and quickly over it. With a huge thrust, I go as deep as I can and empty myself of all the cum that was building up. I continue to thrust and cum, as you yourself cum again from the friction of my cock, and of your fingers. After a few more entries into your pussy, my cock is finally spent, and I roll off you to lay beside you. You lean over and say, “Thank you for the wonderful evening.” You try to get up to leave, but I grab your arms and throw you back onto the bed, pulling out a pair of handcuffs that you hadn’t seen before.

“Oh no darling, the night is just beginning…”

***To be continued***

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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