A night with Julliet

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A night with Julliet
My name is John, I’m 17 years old and in my last year at Thika high school. Now, I’m your normal teenage boy, I have tried for the soccer team, obviously I was benched for the whole year. I’m on average grades but I know I can pass easily if I want and of course, I’m obsessed with sex. Truth be told I’m no virgin, I lost that long time ago probably when I was 14 but since then I haven’t had sex with any, how should I put it, 10/10 girls (hottest girls). Hey, I’m not a looker but any hole is a goal in my eyes. I’ve had a few girlfriends but none really of note and none last longer than two months.

It was nearing the end of the school year and I was invited to a party at someone’s place whilst his parents were gone away for a week. This was normal really, I would usually just go, have a few u******e drinks, hang out with my friends, maybe hook up with a girl and then head home or crash at the house where the party is. But this party was going to be a little different, I could just feel it, it was strange.

I entered the party a little late as usual, didn’t ever like getting there early or on time. Grabbed my first drink and scoped the field. There was your typical groups in separate parts of the house. The part of the group was the soccer players. I knew I was one of them, despite being benched for the whole year and my team almost lose every game. Then there was a handball team, some of them were pretty good looking, extremely fit, definitely I wouldn’t mind one of them for a night (I’m talking about female team). There was your weeder’s out the back of the house and then rest of the normal people.

The night was going like it normally would for me, just a few drinks and hanging with friends. I was planning to stay the night, maybe crash on the couch. I knew the guy whose house it was so he would be fine with it. It hit about 11.30 when my friends started to leave and pretty soon, I was on my own to roam around and maybe pick up.

I accidentally bumped into someone and knocked their drink out of their hand. I quickly looked up and saw such an amazing sight. It was a girl named Julliet She was one of those rare 10/10 girls. She was shorter than me, standing at about 5”4′, had an amazing hourglass shaped body, perfect perky tits, easily a little larger than a handful, just the perfect size for my liking and she was wearing a very tight short dress that ended right under her perfect ass. At first she looked a little pissed off at me.

“Hold on, I’m sorry, I’ll get you another.” I quickly said as I turned towards the keg, which was luckily right next to me. I turned canlı bahis şirketleri back to her and handed her drink back. She smiled at me and my jaw dropped, she had an amazing smile. She looked a little drunk, and it wasn’t usually me to take advantage of that sort of situation, but this might be my last chance before the end of High School.

We started talking and made our way towards the couch and continued our conversation. There was a whole lot of flirting going on, both ways and eventually we were pretty close to each other. She was still drinking and getting pretty drunk pretty quickly. So I took my chance. I went for a kiss and kissed her square on her succulent lips. I was amazed when she started kissing back. I was getting hard just thinking of how hot this girl was as she slipped her tongue in my mouth and played with mine.

The party was still going strong as she broke off and motioned upstairs. I liked where this was going. She quickly got up and took my hand and we were practically running up the stairs. Dodging people to find a room. We stopped in front of the first door from the stairs, it wasn’t locked as she opened it. But instead of an empty room, we walked into one of the slut in a handball team getting a spit roast from two of the football players. It was a very sexy sight to see, watching this sexy teenage girl getting fucked by two of my teammates, I was getting really horny now. We quickly turned and headed towards the second room. This one was, thankfully empty. It looked like the master bedroom, there was a bathroom built of it.

“You get on the bed and get comfy, I need to use the toilet, I’ll be right back.” I told her. She got on her tiptoes and gave me a seductive kiss on the lips and took my hand and guided it to between her legs and let me feel what was waiting for me. I could feel she was soaked through her panties.

“Hurry you sexy man.” she said in a slightly slurry voice.

I turned around and went to the toilet. I was in there for a little bit after I finished chucking a piss. I was preparing myself for what was about to happen. I walked out of the toilet and towards the bed. But I was stopped in my tracks. She was passed out. My heart and cock sank. What the hell happened? How much did she have to drink?

I walked up to her and shook her a little, there was no movement, no sign of response, she was out cold. I stood there for a few moments thinking to myself, what the hell was going on. One moment I was in for a long night of fucking this 10/10 girl, now I’m stuck here horny as fuck and she’s passed out. I was a little pissed off, youwin but not angry. Maybe she would come too in a little bit. So I sat in a nearby chair for around 15 minutes. I walked back up to her and shook her again. Still not a single response.

Then I just didn’t know what I was doing, but my hand began to move lower, towards her ass. My hand moved closer to her pussy entrance and could feel she was still soaking wet. This jolted my cock right up and he was in control from now on. I rolled her onto her back and straddled her tummy and slowly pulled down the top of her tight dress. Her perfect tits popped out, she wasn’t wearing and sort of bra. They were just amazing, nipples we the perfect size, not too big or too small, and they were rock solid and erect. I lent down and took one in my mouth and started to lick and suck it.

At this point I had to take my pants off, my rock hard cock was killing me in my jeans. I got up and saw that the door had a lock on it. It didn’t want anyone to walking in on me fucking Julliet as she was passed out. I locked it and ripped off all my clothes and straddled her tummy once again. This time my cock was able to roam free on her smooth skin. I rubbed the tip of my cock on both her nipples. Then I grabbed both her tits and squeezed them together and slid my cock in the middle. They felt so good, I was almost ready to blow just on the sight I was witnessing. That’s when I noticed that her mouth was opened a little. I took that as some sort of sign. I inched up closer to her face and opened her mouth a little more so I could slide my cock inside her warm wet mouth. She was passed out, but it was as if she knew what she was doing, her lips wrapped around my cock and I swear I could feel her tongue playing with the tip of my cock.

I slide it deeper, but it didn’t feel as good as what a normal blowjob would, I guess because she was passed out. I slipped my cock out and got up off her. I wanted her now. I twisted her body towards the edge of the bed so I could get easy access to her pussy. I pulled her tight dress completely off her and she was now only wearing her white underwear. I quickly got to my knees and peeled the soaking wet panties off and revealed a completely newly shaven pussy. It looked perfect. Her pussy lips weren’t hanging out like you get with some girls, she was just perfect from top to bottom. Even her feet where sexy, which I noticed whilst I was down there.

I spread her legs so I could get a little taste of what her pussy was like. I took a long lick from her entrance up to her clit, she tasted so sweet. I could easily youwin giriş be down there on her for hours, if she was sober and not passed out. But I was here tonight for one thing and that was to fuck her. I stood up once again and lined my cock up with her pussy entrance. I slowly pushed my cock inside her, she was so tight, most probably the tightest I’ve ever had. I was careful to watch her face for any sort of reaction. It was kinda weird, I was turned on by the fact that she could wake up at any moment and catch my pretty much r****g her.

Inch by inch I slide my cock deeper inside her. It was fairly easy considering how tight she was, she was still soaking wet. My cock was pretty much all the way in when I couldn’t get any further inside her. I slide back out till just the tip of my dick was still inside her. I pushed myself back inside her and back out, soon I worked up a good rhythm whilst still keeping an eye on her face for any sign of her waking up. But still there was no reaction what so ever, so I started to go a little harder and pretty soon I was fuck her hard and deep as if she was asking for it sober. I was close to cumming inside her, but I thought, the last thing I would want is to get her pregnant and she found out I fucked her when she was passed out. I slide my cock out and straddled her once again and started pumping my cock, aiming for her tits.

It only took 3 or 4 pumps and I came all over her amazing tits, the hardest I’ve ever cum. Once I finished, I sat there for a few moments, just to clear my head. Once it was finally clear, I decided to clean her up. I found some tissues and wiped my cum off her. She still looked peaceful in her passed out state, so I couldn’t just leave her there, laying naked, legs wide open on the bed. So I removed the covers an and dragged her up so her head was on the pillow and covered her sexy body up with the covers, not before I took one more look at her 10/10 body. I checked the time, it was just about 2.00. I thought I may as well sleep in this room, I wasn’t going to get a better spot downstairs. So I made myself as comfy as possible on the nearby chair and soon enough I was fast asleep.

I woke up a few hours later, checking the time it was 8.45. I looked over at the bed and it was empty, Julliet had gone. God only knows what she first thought when she woke up naked with me sleeping in the nearby chair. Well hopefully she never finds out what I did to her once she had passed out. I walked through the house, mostly everyone was still asleep or passed out, so I made for the front door. I headed for my bicycle and ride home, reliving last night in my head, fuck she felt so god damn good. I really wanted her again, the next time sober, just to see what she can do.
For now though, I had the images of the last night to last me until the day I will have my 10/10 girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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