A Nightly Visit

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As I pull into your driveway, I feel the familiar butterflies return. I get nervous every time I see you. I never know what to expect from you when I visit. I shut the car off and take a few deep breaths. I get out of the car, and shut the door. I’m tempted to stay there for a few more minutes to try to calm my nerves, but I don’t want you to know how nervous you make me. So I compromise with myself, and I take my deep breaths as I walk up the stairs to your door.

I knock and walk in like I usually do. I take off my shoes, and go to find you. You’re sitting on the loveseat, feet up, playing your computer game. I wait until you finish the fight your in, and cross in front of you to sit next to you. You look over at me and say hi, and then go back to your game. I say hi back, and settle in to watch you play.

About ten minutes later, you finish the dungeon you were playing, and you put your footrest down. You put the keyboard and mouse away, and then sit back down. You reach over, and before I can figure out what’s going on, I find myself in your lap, your lips on mine. You kiss me deeply, hungrily, like you’ve missed me like crazy. I kiss you back with equal passion, our tongues meeting, almost dancing with each other.

I feel your hand slide under my shirt, caressing my back. You slide your hand around to grab my hip, and you pull me even closer. I can feel your erection, straining against your jeans, pushing against my hip. Without breaking the kiss, my hands find the hem of your shirt, and I start to pull it up. I break the kiss just long enough to slide your shirt off, and then toss it to the side. As my lips find yours again, my hands find the button of your jeans. Slowly I unbutton then, and shift a little so I can unzip them.

I can feel you smiling against my lips as we continue to kiss. I can’t resist you, and not only do you know that but you revel in it. You break off our kiss just long enough to pull my shirt over my head, and then your lips find mine again. Your hands move to caress my stomach, making small circles. You begin to increase the size of the circles until your hands encounter my bra. Just as you reach back to unfasten my bra, I move my hand to caress your cock. I feel you jump at the sudden contact, ad I smile. It’s not often I surprise you. Your recover quickly, however, and unfasten my bra. You slowly slide it down my arms, and put it on the loveseat next to us.

You resume making you small circles, only this time they’re more like figure eights, as you move from one breast to the other. You make smaller and smaller figure eights, moving closer and closer to my nipples, but never actually touching them. Just as I reach inside your boxers and wrap my casino şirketleri fingers around your cock, you pinch one nipple, then the other. You pinch just hard enough to hit the border of pain and pleasure, but never actually cross into pain. I can’t help but to tighten my grip on your cock as you pinch my nipples. As you break of kiss, I start sliding my hand up and down the length of you. I whimper at the loss of your lips on mine, but it quickly turns into a moan of pleasure as I feel your lips on my nipple. You alternate between my breasts, nipping at each one and then soothing it with your tongue. I don’t quite stop stroking you, but I slow my movements. I want to feel every inch of you and with how distracted I am by your playing with my nipples, I have to slow down.

I can feel myself getting wet, and I get wetter with each time you nip at my nipples. Your kisses alone are enough to make me wet, but playing with my extremely sensitive nipples is a great way to make me soak my panties and you know it. I know that if I don’t stop you soon, I’ll soak not only my panties, but my jeans as well. With my free hand, I guide your head up, so our lips meet again. After a passion filled kiss, I slowly release your cock, and am met with a moan of disapproval from you. I smile, and slowly slide off your lap. I slide on to the floor and grab the waist band of your jeans and boxers.

I start to tug at them until you get the hint and you lift yourself up, so I can slide them off. Once your free of them, I push your legs apart, and move to kneel between them. I again wrap my hand around your cock and start stroking it as I look up at you. You smile down at me, and shift so your ass is closer t the edge of the loveseat. I pull my long hair to one side, and bend down to replace my hand with my mouth. The second my lips are around you, I hear you moan again, ut this time with anticipation.

With just your head in my mouth, I run my tongue around the rim, concentrating on the most sensitive part. You reach down, and tangle your fingers in my hair, so your hand is on the back of my head. For now, you’re content to see what I’m going to do, but we both know why your hand is where it is. I slowly move my head down taking your entire length into my mouth, and just as slowly pull back. As I pull back, I allow my teeth to oh-so-gently scrape the length of you, and I’m rewarded by your sharp intake of breath, and your fingers tightening in my hair. I repeat the move a couple of times, getting the same reaction each time.

The fourth time I go down, I feel your hand pulling my hair to guide my mouth up. I know this means you want me to speed up, so I do, but just a little. I pause at the top to run my casino firmaları tongue around your rim again, and I feel your hand pushing down on my head. I allow you to push my head down until you are buried in my throat. I swallow a couple of times, knowing how much you like the feeling of my throat closing around you. Just when I think I’m going to have to fight for a breath, you pull up on my hair, lifting my head.

At this point, I know I’m no longer in control. You’re let me have my fun teasing you, but you want more and you want it now. Using my hair to hold me in place, you begin to pump in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. Each time my nose hits your pelvis I swallow, trying to give you as much pleasure as possible. Each time you pull out, I greedily take a deep breath, knowing you’re going to be quick to bury yourself in my throat once more. I feel you swell as you force my head down one last time, and I smile to myself. For a brief second I think that you’re going to let me make you cum in my mouth, which is very rare. Just when I think you’re going to lose control, you pull my head back until you pop out of my mouth.

I look up at you, the only sign of how close you were to cumming is how heavy your breathing. Your face gives nothing away. I smile up at you, and you pull me to my feet. Before I’m even fully settled on my feet, your hands are on my jean, unbuttoning them, and unzipping them.

Take them off, you tell me. I do as I’m told, removing my underwear as well. I step out of my jeans, and stand in front of you. You look me up and down, devouring me with your eyes. The hunger I see in your eyes turns me on even more, and I can feel my juices start to trickle down my leg. You reach forward, and grab my hands; pulling me forward until me knees hit the loveseat. You keep pulling me and I straddle you, pressing my cunt against your cock, pinning it against your stomach. We just sit there for a moment, staring into each others eyes.

Slowly, I move my hand and start caressing the head of your cock again You dip your head down to take one of my nipples in your mouth. You feel as much as hear my sharp intake of breath. As you switch to the other nipple, I slowly start to move up and down, rubbing my cunt against your cock. Every time I move down, your head bumps against my clit, driving me even crazier.

Soon, we’re both breathing heavily. I’m not sure how much more I can take before I have to have you buried deep inside me. You must be feeling the same way, as you stop paying attention to my nipples just long enough to tell me to wrap my legs around you. I do that you tell me to, and you stand up, taking me with you. I wrap my arms around your neck, and you walk güvenilir casino into the kitchen. With every step you take, your cock rubs against my clit, and I can’t help it; I start begging you to take me. “I need you inside me,” I tell you. “Please, I’m begging you”. With that, you place me on the counter and slide your cock into me. My juices have coated you so well tha you slide right in with no resistance. My breath catches as you slide in, only to be released as a moan a second later as you slide out. You slowly slide in and out, driving me closer and closer to the edge with every move you make.

Soon, I’m beggin you. “Harder, please. I’m so close. Fuck me harder.” You simply smile at me, and continue at the same pace. After a few more minutes, you move one hand so your thumb finds my clit. You begin to gently rub little circles, gradually increasing the pressure, but never increasing the speed at which your moving in and out of me. “You’re driving me crazy….Please…Fuck me harder… I’m so close… Please…” I beg. “Like this?” You say, as you suddenly slam into me, just to pull out and do it again. Over and over, harder and harder you piston in and out of me until I can’t take it anymore. I bite my lip to keep from screaming as I cum hard. You slow you movements but don’t stop, prolonging my orgasm until I think I’m going to pass out from the pleasure. Finally, you stop moving, and let me return to the moment. I smile at you, and pull you in for a kiss, knwing that sice you stopped while you were buried inside me, that we’re not done yet.

While we’re kissing, you wrap my legs around your waist, and my arms around you neck. You pull me off the counter, and walk to the bedroom. You gently place me on the bed and then while still kissing me, you release my legs, and pull my arms to my sides. You reluctantly break off the kiss, and grab my hips. You gently rotate my hips, so that I’m face down on the bed from the waist up, and the rest of me is hanging off the bed. I put my feet on the floor, and push myself up so I’m resting on my forearms on the bed.

I turn my head to look back at you and we both smile as our eyes meet. I feel your cock sliding along my slit, and I moan, wanting you deep inside me again. You laugh, knowing exactly what I want. “Please…”I say. Before I even get the full word out, you slam into me. My moan turns from begging to pleasure. You pull back and slam into me again, and again, and again. Your fingers dig into my hips. I’m sure I’ll have bruises in the morning, but I don’t even care. It allows you to slam into me that much harder. Soon, I feel my orgasm coming. I try to hold it off, but you feel so good inside me that I can’t. It crashes over me, taking over my entire body. The feeling of my cumming pushes you over the edge as well.

At last, we’re both completely spent. We collapse onto the bed, you on top of me. After a few minutes, we crawl up the bed, and fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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