A Not-So-Lazy Saturday Afternoon

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You move about the house doing chores, humming as you go to and fro. Summer Saturday and the windows are all open, drapes billowing in and out as casual breezes wander through the house along with the random noises of the neighborhood. It is as if summer herself is breathing a contented sigh as she moves from home to home peaking in.

Loud music from the basement overflows up into the first floor and out into the yard. The sound of random weights comes and goes, clanking against each other, banging on the floor. The rapid fire thuds of a punching bag soon follow. All these sounds are familiar of course. They are the sounds of our regular weekend routine.

Down you come with another load of laundry. My eyes track your passage by. Unknown to you, today a walk to the laundry room is the doe wandering by the panthers den. Our eyes meet as you reemerge. I am across the room; chest heaving and muscles tense, catching my breath from a recent bout with the weights. I motion for you to come to me.

Thinking I have a quick question or something to tell you come near. It is only when you come close that you finally catch the look in my eyes and suddenly you realize what is happening. That familiar feeling of shrinking sets in. You know I will never hurt you, but that does not stop the gut reaction, that feeling of being prey to a dominant creature. I step forward closing the gap between us. You can feel the heat emanating from my bare flesh. You think you can actually feel my heartbeat and wonder if it’s just in your head. The scent of male exertion is in the air, the familiar scent of sweat and metal. You feel my tenseness, see it in my jaw line, can almost hear it pumping through my veins. I have been working out particularly hard today. It may be that I have something from work pressing on my mind or it may just be that I’m trying to burn of excess energy. What ever casino şirketleri the source was you can see the energy has transferred from desire to push my body to the desire of sexual lust. You were the catalyst, soon to be the recipient.

My eyes rake over your body and my gaze drags, like rough fingers, back up your flesh to your own eyes. I say nothing. No words will be spoken between us during this act. My eyes simply and silently tell you to get ready to be taken without much regard for your own thoughts on the matter.

Maybe it was the sundress, maybe it was the way your hair is hastily pulled back into the hair band, maybe it was the clothes basket on your hip as you came by. Something in your presence today has drawn a primal reaction from me. You have the allure of the country girl on the farm, the pioneer’s wife working outside the cabin in the hot summer sun, the peasant girl in the master’s workshop… a woman working hard by her man’s side, also gritty with sweat herself from the day’s labor and exposure to the elements. A recalling of the time when we were as hunter gatherers and I would take you in the open field, in the forest, right here on the hard earth, anywhere so long as you are beneath me, your beauty and body mine to devour.

Only we are here, in this basement. The hard earth will be this dirty workout bench, but it is the same. You are my woman and I am pulling your clothes down. Understanding my need you help me with your pliable acceptance. Merely moving a shoulder here, a hip there to smooth the corners where your clothes catch. You passively help this ape of a man who is impatiently and roughly yanking your clothes down to the floor. You hear a snap here, a tear there, but you do not care. You are already starting to float. You cannot help but fall into your roll, to feel your body readying itself for the loving abuse that casino firmaları is about to come. Your sex is already wet, your hips opening up, your senses tuning in to what I may want or need of you. This reaction was encoded into your genes a hundred thousand years ago and no thought is needed to understand or honor it.

I yank your naked body to mine and our mouths press together hungrily. My hands move over your body pulling at you, lifting you to your toes, gripping you tightly. The open fingered leather gloves I still wear are rough against your skin. At another time they might have been too rough, but right now they feel just right. The leather rakes across your nipples as my hands grasp and pull at your breasts, rakes down your sides and back as my hands return to your ass and pull your hips into my own again. The leather pinches and bites, an extension of my need to have you.

Suddenly a hand gripping the back of your neck pushes you to your knees as my pants are pushed down to my thighs before you. You struggle to maintain balance, to keep up with my urgency. You reach your hands out to my thighs to steady yourself as a musky scent fills your senses. I grip myself and level my need to your mouth. I do not care that I am dirty with sweat and labor; I want your mouth on me. I need to feel you sucking me, accepting me into your mouth. I am beast and I ache to penetrate into your delicate beauty, to fill you with my primal lust. The salty taste of my hard cock makes you hunger all the more for the rough treatment you know is coming. Your pussy is unfolding and slick with your juices, begging to be abused. I can smell your scent even above my own and it drives me to the edge. Suddenly you feel yourself being lifted from the floor and moved to the bench, being positioned face down, hips yanked up into the air, my cock at your opening driving in. You cry out güvenilir casino in a delicious violated yelp.

The act does not last long, we knew it would not. The heat of your body wrapped around my cock, the feeling of your tightness from such sudden and fierce penetration. In shock your body tightens in natural defense only heightening my raw pleasure. Your face rubs against the cool worn surface of the bench as my gloved hands bruise your hips with their angry grip. Over and over my cock drives deep inside your body. You yelp with each thrust as it drives the air from your lungs. Your hands grip the bench tightly as your hips move above locked in my hands. You do not fight the taking. You are giving me your body to use as I need, as I wish.

Your pussy is mine to fuck. I am a beast defiling something pretty in the woods.

The thought of it all makes your orgasms come quick, an avalanche of primal pleasure. You know you will pay for this ravaging in the hours to come with soreness, but right now you wish my cock would swell to the size of oceans and burst you open with its surging.

I crest myself and feel the release roar up my legs and into my loins almost as if from the center of the earth itself. I pull you tight onto me one final time as hard as I can, driving myself as deep as possible, forcing your hips to splay open, lifting you far off the floor, feet dangling in the air. I cry out in pleasure bursting with release. You feel my cock stiffen and pulse within you as I fill your body with my seed. Our cries echo off the basement walls slowly dying down as I hold you there impaled upon me like a ragdoll pinned to my hips. As time slowly returns to our senses our panting begins to calm. My hands soften their grip as we collapse into a pile, me upon your back, my breath hot upon your neck. My body slack now I cover you like a blanket, the heat boiling off of us. We lay still with my cock remaining in you, still large and swollen, slippery with our juices, moving in and out just slightly to the rhythm of our breath.

Finally I whisper quietly, “You are my woman. You are my woman.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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