A Relaxing Bath

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Big Tits

Alone in the house for the first time in what felt like forever, I decided to take advantage of the quiet and solitude for which I’d been longing. As my body sank into the almost too hot water, and my mind sank further into the deep black nothingnesss of relaxation, I found myself thinking about you. The way your voice sounds when you get excited, the catch of your breath in your throat when I do something that pleases you. My thoughts moved lazily toward the fantasy I told you about.. the one that you were so ready and willing to fulfill for me.

Almost unconsciously, and with my eyes still closed, my arm rose out of the water and my hand groped for my razor. Instantly my mind put you there with me, sitting on the edge of the bathtub near my feet. The candlelight cast an orange glow on everything, and I could see its light in your eyes.. the way your lips were slightly parted in anticipation of what I was about to do.

My fingers wrapped around the handle of the razor, and with my other hand I grasped the glass of wine that was sitting on the corner of the tub by my head. I parted my knees slightly and without a word, noticed you reaching for the strawberry scented shampoo on the shelf above the faucet. You moved to sit on your knees by the side of the bathtub, and opened the bottle of shampoo. Your face was a mask of concentration as you tilted the bottle above me, and I gasped softly as the cool fluid touched the flushed skin between my legs. I felt it pool and then start dripping toward the very center of my body, barely catching a channel by which to travel before your warm fingers caught it and started rubbing me.. working the thick shampoo into a lather. I tried hard not to moan, and your eyes moved to mine, glancing at my reaction to make sure you bahis firmaları were doing a good job. I took another sip of wine, and moved the razor toward my body. Your fingertips traced the skin of my inner thighs as I began to slowly and softly move the blade across my skin. The soft splash and tinkle of water as I rinsed the blade was almost maddening, and the feel of your fingers mixed with the knowledge that you were getting very turned on was enough to make my pussy start getting wet and slippery below where I was shaving.

Almost regrettably, I finished, and your hands dipped into the water to rinse me off. You carefully avoided touching me, driving me insane with desire and desperation. Your strong arms wrapped around me and lifted me out of the bathtub, dripping water everywhere and drenching you. You could see now that my whole body was flushed pink from the heat of the water, and steam was rising from me. My hair cascaded down my back in a soft, slippery blonde waterfall, sticking to my shoulders and neck.

I reached for the giant towel you had readied for me, and wrapped it around my shoulders just in time for you to lift me back up and take me to the counter, sitting me down. I closed my eyes, and felt you take the edges of my towel and begin to very gently touch my skin, drying me off and sending shivers up and down my spine. I felt the material graze my nipples and a sharp pang of pleasure coursed through me, making me moan involuntarily and my legs spread instinctively. With the towel covering me, I felt your hands slide up my stomach and over my tits, catching my hardening nipples in the bends of your thumbs. You squeezed gently, making my body shudder and my legs spread just a bit more. “Touch me..” I whispered. I opened my eyes to look at kaçak iddaa you, and your eyes told me that you were fighting the urge to just shove your cock as deep as you could inside me.

By this time, as I lay there in the hot water, my hands found what your hands were not yet touching, and my relaxed muscles were quickly turning into tight, hot nerve centers that made my body scream. My thoughts still concentrated on you, now kneeling beside the counter in front of me. Your hand wrapped around my ankle and pushed my foot up so that my heel was resting on the counter just in front of the sink. You seemed to be studying me, looking at my pink, shaved pussy intently, deciding where you wanted to touch me first. I felt a wave of heat pass over my body and in turn, felt myself drip, leaving a glistening trail all the way down the crack of my ass. You noticed this and your eyes quickly caught mine, then moved back down to my pussy. I felt one of your fingers touch me just at the opening of my pussy, and I gasped sharply as you ran your finger up my slippery smooth skin and just over my clit.

Before I had time to react, I felt your breath on me and then your mouth covering me, devouring me hungrily. My body jerked and a low, throaty moan escaped as I felt your tongue slip from my clit to the tight opening of my pussy. You pushed gently, and moved the tip of your tongue to try to find a way inside. Your eyes moved up to meet mine and I knew at that moment that I was going to die a slow, wonderful death from the way you were burning my body with your mouth. Almost suddenly you stopped, and covered my mouth with yours. I could taste myself on you, and I kissed you deeply, desperately. Quickly, you bucked your hips against me and just like that, your cock was buried to kaçak bahis the hilt inside my freshly shaved pussy.

My fingers started to move over my clit as I thought about you pushing inside me, pulling out and then pushing harder to try and get deeper. Your hands grasped my hips and pulled me to you, pressing my dripping pussy against you. I heard the slapping sounds that our bodies made as you started to ram yourself into me, forgetting the gentleness and the tenderness with which you were touching me just minutes before. I cried out, fingernails digging slightly into your ass as I found purchase and pulled to get you deeper, faster. The water around me in the bathtub started to slosh softly, and feeling it lap against my pussy reminded me of the way your balls were hitting me, slapping and making wet smacking sounds. My pussy started to tighten around my fingers.. your cock. I could heard your groans, your breathing getting shallow and almost labored, your thrusts becoming rhythmic and frantic. Your rock hard cock pounded into me, almost hurting me, when your body tensed and I felt the white hot stream of your cum inside my pussy, burning me from the inside. I felt myself contract and relax rapidly, the walls of my pussy squeezing my fingers hard, and I cried out your name as my body exploded with wave after wave of orgasm.. feeling you inside me, still pumping in and out, shooting every last drop of your load into my pussy that was now gripping you so tight that you almost couldn’t pull out. My body tensed hard, and began to relax, my pussy still contracting around my fingers and my clit throbbing as I sank again into the hot water.

My eyes still closed, I let my hand fall away from my body, and the heat of the water again enveloped me. After a few minutes, my breathing regular and my heart beating hard but slower, I opened my eyes and saw you sitting there on the toilet stool beside the tub, your cock in your hand. You grinned the trouble-maker grin. “Nice,” you said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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