A Reluctant Baby Sitter

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My dad and uncle were going on a night time fishing trip. I did not want to be out all night, especially if the fish were not biting, as usual, because it was so boring. But I did want to go to my uncle’s house to spend some time with my cousins. When we arrived that evening I found out that my cousins had gone to their grandparent’s house for the weekend. Dad was not going to go all the way back to our house so my only choices were to spend the night with my aunt or to go fishing. I chose to stay with her which, as you will see, turned out to be a good choice.

Aunt “Lisa” was 38 at the time. She was a full figured woman at about 5’-8” tall. Her tits were 38 or 40, C-cups that must have been augmented because they were very, very firm. I had seen her in t-shirts with no bra and those puppies pointed straight out. My cock nearly burst through my pants every time I saw that. I am pretty sure she knew I was ogling her tits. She had dark red hair that hung down even with her shoulders and eyes that were a dark, deep color that seemed to change as the light struck them from different angles. She weighed about 140 lbs and was in good shape. She was an avid swimmer. That along with chasing my cousins and working around the farm helped her maintain a nice, firm figure. She also had fair skin which contrasted starkly with her hair and eyes. She really caught your eye as you saw her approaching.

She reluctantly agreed to let me spend the night. I think she may have been looking forward to a night alone but relented when she considered the fact that I would be able to take care of myself – it’s not like she would have to chase after me like she did my cousins. We ate supper then after the evening news she went and took a bath. When she came into the living room she sat in the armchair beside the sofa and curled up to read a book.

As the evening wore on I started to get bored – they did not have cable TV so there was not much for me to do. I tried to stay out of her way but was getting antsy just watching re-runs on TV. It was about 10:00 pm when I asked her if she would like to play cards or something. “Yes, but not with a little kid” she snapped “I always get stuck at home while he goes and does something interesting”.

That pissed me off – I was not a “little kid”. I may have just turned 14 but I was 5’-9” tall and weighed 155 pounds. I played a lot of sports and worked for a local farmer so I was in pretty good shape myself. I was kind of proud of my well defined pecs and the hint of abs that were developing. I was also proud of my cock – I was not the biggest one in gym class, but there were only two others that were bigger than me. It was a little over 5” long but it was very thick – it was about half again as thick as the cardboard tube inside a roll of toilet paper. As you can imagine, I had seen many of those tubes because I kept a roll hidden under my bed to clean up after my nightly jerk-off sessions!

“Well fuck you say” I blurted out without thinking. “W..W..What I meant to say…”

“That’s ok, I was a bit rude, but that is the way I feel” she went on “ no offense, but you are a kid.” “I know a lot more than you think” I snapped back.

“Well if you’re so damn smart, just what do you know?” she shot back as she turned toward me. I noticed that she had on a t-shirt with no bra again. My eyes were riveted to her nipples poking through the thin material. Her tits were jiggling slightly as she talked, animating and punctuating what she was saying with movements of her hands and arms. “Just what do you want to know?” I interrupted and shot back at her “I could shock you with what I know”. “Yeah, right” she sneered at me then the said “Fuck it, I’m going to bed.” She got up and walked past the couch on her way to her bedroom. As she passed me I don’t know what came over me, anger, frustration, sexual excitement, etc. but I stood up behind her and reached around and grabbed both her tits and squeezed firmly. “I know how to do this” I growled.

She spun around and said “You little fucker! (even though I was taller than her!) Anyone with half a brain can grab tits.” “Knowing what to do with them is something else entirely.” She then stomped down the hall toward her bedroom. I was beside myself with excitement. My heart was racing, my cock was hard, my breathing rapid. I was just acting on instinct now. I followed her down the hall. As I got to her bedroom door I lost some of my bravery and stopped at the doorway. She was lying on the bed looking at me standing in the doorway. A few seconds later she said “Just as I thought” as she rolled over and put her face in her pillow.

I got my courage back and strode up beside her bed and stated ‘I do know what to do with tits. I have fucked before, a lot!”

She spun back over and glared at me as she said “I bet! Even if you have, what good is that? I am your aunt”. “Not by blood” I said and added “what difference would it be if you were not married to my uncle?” I reached out and grabbed her tits again. She smacked my hands away. “You nasty little boy – you are sure not showing me you know how to “do it”” she spat at me. “Take off your shirt and let me feel your tits properly” I begged of her. She lay there for a few seconds looking up at me. My mind was racing, maybe I was really going to get to see her hot tits! A look of indecision flew across her face, then it flushed a warm red color and she sat upright on the bed.

“If you want me to do something for you, you are going to have to do something for me” she flatly stated.

“OK, anything”. I was more than happy to oblige!

“OK you nasty little fucker – you are going to have to eat my pussy. You do know how, right?”

I just about choked! I could not believe what she had just said. Fortunately, I had eaten pussy before. I had been taught by an older woman, a friend of my mom’s. And, I had used that knowledge on some girls my age and a little younger, which they all enjoyed greatly. However, I was about to get some more lessons, shown a little more aggressive way of eating pussy.

She pulled her t-shit off and threw it on the floor. She then lay back on the bed and arched her back and slid her gym shorts down, bent her knees up, pulled the shorts completely off and threw them on the floor beside the shirt. I was mesmerized by her furry pussy. The hair was that same dark red as on her head. It had bahis firmaları a smoldering look. The labia were very fat, long and puffy. It looked like she had two very big bananas side by side in her crotch. She then spread her legs and said “What are you waiting for you little bastard! Eat my pussy!”.

I was about to find out just how much she liked to get her pussy licked. I ripped my clothes off and crawled up between her legs, bent my knees under me and leaned in toward her pussy. Her snatch was wet from excitement even before I got my face down there and began fumbling around. I knew what I had been taught earlier but was a little timid, and excited. I had been taught to go slow, build up, use light strokes of my tongue, etc. Her demeanor had changed – she was very firm, demanding now. I did not want to mess this up because I wanted a lot more, wanted to do a lot more.

“Your uncle will not do that, even if I ask” she panted out.

I was more than eager, I was trembling. I was so excited, especially to know I, a 13 year old, was going to do something for a woman that she could not get from her man. I put my face into her pussy and started slowly licking. I inhaled her musky, warm aroma deep into my nostrils then I sucked one of her meaty petals into my mouth. She began to squirm around and offer instruction.

“That’s it, right there, ummmmm. No! Back up where you were! A little higher; at the top of my slit. YEAH, mmmmmmm, feel that little nub your tongue is on?”
“MmmHmm” I replied with my mouth full of her labia. “Get over on it” she ordered.

“You found it, yesssss! Stay on it, keep licking that spot and you will feel it swell up.”
I continued licking her little nub for all I was worth. This went on for about 5 minutes. She was becoming more animated as time passed and my tongue kept busy. Her pussy smell was driving me crazy. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. My legs were getting tired and I needed to move to relieve the pressure on my calves. As I did my rapidly wagging tongue slipped off her nub and across her asshole. She sucked in a very deep, sharp hiss of air “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” as her back arched up off the bed. I stopped, thinking I had done something wrong.

“OHHHH No, don’t stop!”
“Did I do something wrong?”
“Oh baby, no. That just surprised me. It felt good. But, go back to the top, to my nub.”

I moved my tongue back to her nub and started flicking it again. My tongue was getting a little tired but she seemed to really enjoy it. Her pussy juice mixing with the acrid, sweaty taste of her ass on my tongue combined to drive me to continue. My cock was smashed between my stomach and the bed as I lay between her legs licking her for all I was worth. She started squirming and moaning loudly. I could sense she was getting tense, more aroused.

She was starting to perspire heavily now. Little beads of moisture were popping up on her flat tummy. They glistened in the bedside lamp light as I gazed up from between her legs at her perfect titties. I wanted to touch them so bad but could not as I had my arms wrapped around her thighs. I was afraid I would mess up again if I tried to reach up to fondle her tits.

Suddenly she collapsed on the bed and let out a very frustrated groan. Her body went limp, like all the air let out of a balloon. I thought I did something wrong again. “This is just not working. I can’t get there” she panted out. “Suck my little nub, my clit, into your mouth and them lick it. Don’t bite” she panted out as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her cunt.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and started licking it again. She really began to move and buck her hips. She pumped up so hard it mashed my upper lip painfully against her pubic bone. It was all I could do to keep her clit in my mouth with all her movement. I sucked harder and my teeth scraped against her flesh. “Noo!” she barked “No teeth! Damn it!”
“But I…..”
“But I can’t..my teeth.. you are moving too..”
“OK, OK, Fuck! Let me show you something” she said as she angrily sat up.

She grabbed me under my arms and pulled me into a kneeling position between her legs. “Open your mouth” she instructed. “Curl your lips over your teeth……now stick your fingertip in your mouth and clamp down while you suck hard.” I did as she said. “Feel that, feel how your teeth are covered?” “Yes” I shakily replied.

“Now, get back down there and suck my clit like that you little fucker and don’t stop for anything!”

I went back between her legs as she flopped back on the bed. She reached down and peeled her meaty lips open as I clamped onto her clit. I curled my lips over my teeth and sucked her clit and the surrounding flesh into my mouth. It was about halfway into my mouth, not leaving much room for my tongue to work, but work it I did! I rapidly flicked it across just the tip of her nub as I sucked as hard as I could. She quickly resumed her gyrations as I worked on her pussy. It was getting very difficult to hold on and follow her movements! My neck was hurting, my jaws sore. But my cock was raging!! Her movements and my following of them was causing my cock to grind into the bed beneath my tummy!

Just as I thought I could go on no more her entire body tensed up and she screamed, screamed out “YESSSSSSSS, That’s IT! I’M GETTING IT! ALMOST! YES! YES! YES! MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE! AHHH!UGHHHhhhhhh” and she collapsed back onto the bed and immediately began pushing against my forehead with her palm as I continued to suck and lick her clit!

“N..N..No..S..S..S..Stop” she squeaked out as she was trying to sit up and scoot away from me. She pushed me off her clit and my mouth made a loud sucking noise as her flesh popped out. She was breathless, panting heavily and could barely speak. “Once a woman cums, her clit is too sensitive to touch. You must stop then” she struggled to get out as she grabbed me under my arms and started pulling me up on top of her as she relaxed and sank back into the soft bed.

I felt her hot, sweaty skin contact mine as my tummy slid against hers. She continued to pull me upwards, sliding my body along hers, over her heaving chest. At the same time my chest slid across her fantastic tits, the head of my cock bumped against her very wet pussy and grazed her clit. This caused her body to convulse and shudder which kaçak iddaa was all it took! Her meaty lips rubbed my cock head just enough to cause a massive orgasm to erupt within me!!

“OHH Fuuuuuuck!! That feels good!” I cried out as her body made little quivering movements adding to the stimulation of my already overly primed cock!

I involuntarily hunched my back, rising slightly, mashing her tits against my chest and moving back a little. This pulled my cock away from her cunt as the first rope of cum explosively shot out! It flew up between us and splashed against the bottom of her left tit.
She bucked her hips “Oh baby, Oh baby, yesssss, cum for me!” she squealed. She frantically grabbed for my cock! Her fingers encircled it and she started jerking it and rubbing it all over her pussy! The sensation was an excruciating pleasure as my sensitive knob pushed her meaty lips side to side! The second spurt squirted against her clit as she jacked my cock wildly. “Yess baby, do it” she moaned as she jerked my cock. I involuntarily jerked my hips back a little to get my sensitive cock head out of contact with her flesh. “Oh My God, yessssssss” she cried as the third squirt shot onto her pussy lips. She continued to jack my cock as I crouched there, humping air. A few more “dry” squirts and then she was slowly milking my cock and sliding it around over her cunt lips, smearing my cum through her sticky fur as I slowly relaxed back onto her. “By the way, you have a very nice cock” she purred into my ear. Another ego boost for me!

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” I said as my breath started returning. She stroked my hair as she continued playing with my dick. “That’s OK baby. We have a lot of time” she replied. “ I want some of that fat cock” she said and added “ I have not had any that thick for quite a while”. My ego just inflated beyond imagination when I heard that!

“Clean me up” she ordered. I stared to get up and go get a towel but she grabbed my arm and said “Where are you going?”. I looked at her blankly. “So you know a lot do you???” “Clean me up means get down there and lick your cum off my pussy, dumbass”. I had just assumed she wanted a proper, soap and water cleaning. But, I liked this better. I dove back between her legs and started licking her sticky pussy. Most of my cum had ran down the crack of her ass onto the bed. I ran my tongue between her meaty lips and across her nub. She shuddered a little as I did this. I reached up and peeled her pussy open and started to “wash” her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning and purring her approval as my tongue slowly slid over the folds of her cunt and dipped into her hole.

I was by this time very emboldened. The compliments and the fact that I had made her cum did much for my courage. She was starting to respond quite well to my “cleaning”. I wanted to fuck her, wanted to feel that wet pussy surrounding my cock. My desire had come back with a vengeance, my cock was pulsing with anticipation. I decided to take charge.

I quickly moved up between her legs. “What are you doing?” she demanded. “I did not tell you to sto….” She continued until she felt my hot cock plunge into her cunt! She gasped, sucking in a deep breath of air as I sank my meat into her. I began to drive my cock in and out of her sloppy hole and she started whimpering. “Yes! Fuck me! Pound my pussy!” she ordered as if she was trying to regain control. I reached up and started twisting one of her nipples in my hand as slammed my cock deep into her hole. I purposefully, slowly pulled it out to the very tip then drove it back in, balls deep, and paused and rotated my hips at the bottom of each stroke. “Oh god!” was jarred out of her every time my cock banged into her cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me hard! Bite my tits! Treat me like a slut!” she ordered. Her nasty talk exhilarated me and I was once again more than happy to oblige. Little did she know about the ideas that were swimming through my head as I slam fucked her cunt.

For several more minutes I kept up those bone jarring thrust. It was almost painful when our pubic bones slammed together. I mashed her very firm tits, tugged hard on those stiff nipples, pinching, tweaking. “You like this don’t you Aunt Lisa?” I growled out. “You like being treated like a slut!” I added as I started to quicken the pace of my thrusts.

“Yesss!” she hissed. “I’ll be a slut – the nastiest slut you can imagine….JUST FUCK ME HARD!” she howled. She became a wild woman – fucking, humping back at me, running her fingernails up and down my back, uttering all kinds of nasty comments!

I was glad to have cum earlier so I could maintain control, absorb the dirty talk without cumming too soon.

She spread her legs wide, pulled her knees up toward her chest as I continued to drill her pussy. I moved my arms around behind her knees, threw her legs over my shoulders and pressed her legs even tighter against her chest. Her back curved upward from my pressure on the back of her thighs aiming her pussy directly up for my cock to pummel into. I wrapped my left hand over the top of her shoulder for support as I moved my right hand to her firm tit where I roughly grasped her nipple and twisted it savagely.

“You like that bitch!” I growled at her. “You like my cock in your cunt??” I demanded.

The mention of the word cunt seemed to open up a whole new level in her. She became frantic! It was all I could do to stay on her, to keep pounding her pussy. I had not seen a woman like this before – her whole body was flushed a crimson color, sweat was beading up on her forehead, she yelled obscenities at me, spit flew from her mouth as cried out. She screwed her eyes tightly shut and a vein bulged out on her forehead as she screamed like a banshee while her cunt spasmed around my cock and a massive orgasm racked her body. My cock was flying in and out of her pussy and I nearly ripped her nipple off as she drug her fingernails sharply across my back.

“Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck, that’s good enough,OH OH OH” she wailed as I kept on slamming into her cunt. “Good enough for you but not for me!” I growled back at her. “Oh Fuck – you got to stop for a minute!” she pleaded. “Okaaaay, bitch!” I hissed, already knowing what I was going to do. I quickly jerked my cock out of her hole. She shuddered as it noisily popped out of her wet gash. I got up on my knees, grabbed her curled up legs kaçak bahis and rolled her onto her right side. She was panting heavily from her waning orgasm. Sweat rolled off her forehead. I moved around beside and behind her. My cock dragged across the side of her upturned ass cheek leaving a sticky trail.

I pushed her halfway over onto her stomach as my left hand quickly grasped the back of her left knee and shoved it up the bed beside her. In a flash my left hand moved to her juicy cunt and dipped in just enough to lube my fingers before I quickly, roughly shoved my middle finger into her asshole.

She came alive again and squealed as my finger shot past her tight ring! “Of Fuck! No, I’ve never done that..” she gasped out. “Get your fing..”

“Yes!!” I cut her off “Yes, sluts take it up the ass! You wanna be a slut, be my slut, you’re gonna get it in the ass!” I quickly added as my finger rolled around inside her humid dark hole. I quickly pulled on her hips as I ordered her onto her hands and knees. She limply obeyed.

I used my knees to spread her legs apart as my cock rested on the crack of her ass. I slipped my cock into her pussy to lube it with some of her juice as I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and let a drop of spit drip onto her asshole. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and grasped it firmly and aimed it at her hole. Her ample cheeks nudged against my cock as I slid towards her hole. “Spread it wide bitch” I ordered as I pushed on the back of her neck causing her upper body to sink down to the bed. She obeyed and reached back with both hands and splayed her ass cheeks. I spit on her hole again and placed the head of my cock against her rubbery ring. I paused for a spilt second, savoring the sight of my fat young cock about to enter her asshole.

“Please….easy…” she whimpered. This faint request tempered my animalistic lust just a bit. Instead of slamming into her balls deep in one stroke I just jerked my hips enough to pop the head of my cock into her ass. She jerked and squealed, letting go of her ass cheeks. “Spread them back apart” I demanded. She timidly reached back and spread her cheeks again. “Either I can do this, or you can” I said as I stared down at her asshole wrapped around my knob. I shoved a little. “I will I will I will!” she quickly replied.

I leaned back to watch. She began to slowly push back against my cock. Painstakingly slowly she slid another quarter of an inch into her hot ass. She was sucking in gulps of air and moaning each time she moved back. Then she moved forward, back to the edge of my knob before easing back onto my cock, a little further each time. I watched as her asshole puckered in as she slid back and then clung hungrily to my cock as she pulled it out. I put my hands on her hips to encourage her a little and to let her know if she did not get the show on the road I was going to take over because the sight of this was about to make me cum. I did not want to come again until I got my cock fully into her asshole!

Finally!!…she got my cock all the way in her ass. She let her cheeks slip from her hands as she put her arms back underneath her. She used her arms to raise her upper body off the bed and pushed firmly back onto my cock. I almost came. The tightness of her ring strangled the base of my cock as her humid tunnel surrounded my cock. Her head hung down toward the bed as her deep breathing made her stomach move dramatically, causing her ass to massage my cock.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, a somewhat triumphant look on her face, and said “Now…you can fuck my nasty slut ass!!”

I needed no further encouragement! I grasped the sides of her hips and began to slowly stroke her asshole. I could not contain myself and picked up the pace rapidly. She hung her head back down and began moaning loudly! I started to slam into her ass cheeks with each thrust. “AH, AH, Eas..AH, Easy” came her plea but I ignored it. I could not have slowed down even if I wanted to. The train had left the station and I could feel it building up steam in my balls!

Soon her asshole loosened up and I began to fuck it like a well lubed cunt. It was exquisite! I pulled my cock out until I felt her ring bump against the bottom edge of my crown and then quickly shoved it back in feeling my swaying balls bump against her cunt. I bent over and reached my right hand up under and grabbed a hold of her firm tit. I used it as leverage, pulling back and mashing it against her chest each time I thrust my cock home. Her upper body collapsed onto the bed as she moved her hands between her legs. Her left hand began grasping at my nut sack each time I drove into her ass and her right hand began to wildly massage her clit! Oh fuck that felt good. I wanted to utter nasty stuff to her but could not get enough breath to do it as I jack-hammered her ass. The sound of her ass slapping against my stomach echoed off the bedroom walls. She was becoming frantic, an orgasm approaching as her fingers blurred across her clit. I speeded up, my cock pistoning in and out of her ass. I felt my nut sack tighten as my balls readied themselves to unload a torrent of cum in her ass. I was almost there, just needed a little more, then she provided it! She jammed four fingers in her cunt and mauled her pussy! The heel of her hand ground against her clit as she dug her fingers into her wet, hungry pussy! As soon as my cock felt her fingers through the thin membrane separating her cunt from her ass I erupted. My cock swelled up half again and shot a tremendous blast of cum into her hole. As she felt it swell up she screamed “Oh YES! FUCK! CUM IN MY ASS!! YES! Yes!” and started bucking her hips back against me as I strained against her clamping, spasming ass ring to shoot two more powerful bursts into her dark hole.

I collapsed onto her back and we sank onto the bed, her arms still under her. She could not get her breath and shrugged me over. I rolled off her pulling my deflating cock from her distended asshole and lay on my back beside her.

“Think I know a little now”” I leered at her as our breathing returned to normal
“Your turn. Clean me up slut!” I ordered. She looked at me, a little surprise in her eyes, then smiled and proceeded to lick all our juices off my cock.

When she tired of that she moved up and kissed me hard on the lips and said “I think I may want to see how much more you know some other time.”

We continued to have other encounters up until I graduated high school. When I get time I will post some of those events also.

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