A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 10

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“A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 10” is a continuation of “A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure” Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. If you have not yet read those stories, I advise doing so before you start to read this story. This is an erotic fantasy. It is a work of fiction. Any characters or events related to real-life people or real-life events are unintentional and entirely coincidental. The acts that are described in this poem may or may not be legal and should not be attempted in real life without the proper consent and proper legal consultation or awareness of local/state laws regarding sexual relations.


It was 10 P.M. on a warm Friday evening when I returned to the house that Becca and I shared.

“Hi, sweetie,” Becca said, as I opened the front door and stepped into the house. “How did your day go?”

“Pretty good,” I replied, as I set two large brown bags down on the floor. “Work was uneventful for the most part, and, for my line of work, uneventful is always a good thing.”

“Good to hear,” she replied. “That means I can make your day even better.”

At that moment, Becca walked over to me. She wrapped her hands around my neck, pushed her tongue into my mouth, and began to make out with me.

I lowered my hands and grabbed Becca’s ass as we made out. Our hearts beat rapidly as we made out with each other.

Eventually, our lips and tongues separated.

“So what have you been up to today?” Becca asked me.

“Just did some shopping,” I said, as I pointed to the bags at my feet. “Mostly groceries. However, I did get some other stuff.”

“Any details?” Becca wondered. “Or do you have a surprise planned for me?”

“As a matter of fact, I do want…”

Suddenly, the lights went off. I squinted as I struggled to see in front of me. There was no light in the room whatsoever.

“Wasn’t me,” Becca said.

I flipped the light switch that was beside me a few times, but the room remained dark. Instinctively, I turned around, opened the front door, and peered outside. I immediately noticed that all the streetlights had gone out.

“What’s going on?” Becca asked me.

“It’s a power outage,” I answered.

“That’s odd,” she remarked. “No storm, no bad weather, nothing that would warrant a blackout.”

“Hold on, I’ll see if I can call someone,” I told her. “Find out more about what’s going on out there.”

Becca and I eventually learned that the blackout hit half of the country. An accident at a construction site resulted in a massive loss of power throughout several states. We didn’t know how long the power would be out, but multiple reports and various estimates showed that the power wouldn’t be up and working again until sunrise.

“I have an idea,” Becca said, as soon as I let her know the news.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Give me five minutes,” Becca instructed, as she headed upstairs. “Then I’ll show you what I have planned.”

I was in the living room when I heard Becca make her way back downstairs. It took her five minutes to get ready so I knew she had something important planned.

I removed a small box from my right jeans pocket and placed it behind a computer before I arrived at the stairs to meet my girlfriend.

As Becca walked down the stairs, I noticed that she had a flashlight in her right hand. I could also see that she had changed clothes. However, she was wearing a brown trenchcoat to hide whatever she wearing now.

Becca pointed the flashlight at the front door. I stared at the small beam of light that came from the flashlight in my girlfriend’s hand.

“You ready to go?” Becca asked me.

“Hold on, we’re going out?” I questioned.

“Yep,” she replied. “Come on, it’ll be fun. Trust me.”

Becca opened the front door and walked towards her car. I followed her out of the house, making sure to lock the door behind us.

I climbed into the passenger side of Becca’s car, closed the door, and buckled my seatbelt. Becca sat down in the driver’s seat a few seconds later.

“Here we go,” Becca said, as she tossed the flashlight into the backseat.

Then Becca started the car, put into reverse, backed out of the driveway, and headed to the mystery location.

I leaned back in my seat as Becca drove us to the mystery location.

Surprisingly, there were no other vehicles on the road. The only light came from the headlights of Becca’s vehicle.

“We’re nearly there,” Becca announced.

After a minute passed, Becca made a right turn and drove into what looked like a parking lot. I could only see a few feet ahead of us so I had no idea where my girlfriend had driven us.

Eventually, Becca found a parking spot and parked the vehicle. I had to squint for a couple seconds to see where we were, but I eventually realized where Becca had driven us.

We were at Rasington University.

“Rasington?” I asked. “Why… why are we here, Becca?”

“With the blackout going on right now, we can get sneak onto the football field without getting casino şirketleri spotted,” Becca said, excitedly.

“This is a crazy idea, you know that, right?” I asked her.

“Hey, life is short,” Becca responded. “If you’re not doing something crazy every once in a while, life just isn’t as fun.”

Realizing that I wasn’t going to do anything to sway Becca’s opinion or change her current line of thinking, I decided to go along with her plan for the night.

“Fair point,” I said.

“Alright, then let’s go,” Becca told me.

Becca and I climbed out of the car and headed towards the football field. We walked quickly to the gates that led to the football field. I surveyed the area to make sure that nobody was around and to make certain that nobody could see us.

I tried to open the gates, but they were locked.

“It’s locked,” I told Becca. “We’re not…”

“I know,” Becca said. “This isn’t the first time that I’ve been on the campus grounds when I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Becca walked over to a wall that was near the gates. The wall was about twelve feet tall.

“Come on,” she said. “If you give me a boost up, I can climb on top of the wall and help you climb up and over the wall as well.”

“You’re sure there isn’t any type of security here?” I asked her.

“Any and all security on this campus requires power, and the power is out,” she answered. “Trust me. We’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” I said, as I walked over to the wall.

I kneeled down and stretched out my hands as I prepared for Becca to go up. She stepped onto my hands and waited for me to boost her up.

“Okay… now!” Becca yelled.

I promptly gave Becca a boost up. She jumped, grabbed onto the wall, and slowly pulled herself up.

Once Becca was on the wall, she slowly spun around until she was facing me.

“Okay… jump!” she called.

Without hesitation, I jumped up. Becca grabbed my hands on my first attempt. She was much stronger than she looked. She grabbed onto my arms and pulled me up. I took several deep breaths as I joined Becca on the campus wall.

After a few seconds passed, Becca and I jumped down and landed on the other side of the wall. Then we walked over to the football field.

“This sure brings back some good memories,” Becca said, as we looked at the football field, the stands, and anything else that we remembered fondly during our time at Rasington University.

“Same,” I remarked. “So… why have we come out here?”

“Really?” Becca replied. “Coming back to the place where we technically first met? Where you were first aroused by me? Those things didn’t clue you in?”

“You know that I’m awful at guessing games, Becca,” I said.

“I know, I’m just teasing you,” she said. “Don’t worry. I’ll show you why we’re here. Perhaps this will answer your questions.”

At that moment, Becca turned around. I watched as she removed the trenchcoat from her body. She tossed the trenchcoat onto the sidelines before she spun around and showed me what she had on. I gasped. Becca was wearing the cheerleader uniform that I first saw her in when she was a Rasington cheerleader.

“Goddamn, you still look sexy in that thing,” I remarked.

“I’ve been itching to have some fun for a while,” Becca told me. “And what better place to have fun than the first place where you got to see this naughty cheerleader?”

“Wait, you really want to have sex out here?” I questioned. “Look, I know we’ve done some risky things, but on a school’s football field where…”

“The power is out, and there isn’t any security around,” Becca told me. “Trust me. We’ll be able to have plenty of fun without having to worry about getting caught.”

I watched as Becca turned her head and stared at the endzone that was closer to the spot where I would film her and the other cheerleaders.

“I still remember when you filmed me down on this field,” Becca said, as she walked over to that endzone. “Getting as many dirty shots as you possibly could for your private collection. Dirty shots… like this one.”

Becca smiled as she raised her right leg up. Her miniskirt went right up as she showed me the light blue cheerleader briefs that were underneath them. She held her right leg up in the air as she teased me.

“And I know you were watching me when I did stunts like this,” Becca continued, as she brought her right leg back down to the ground.

At that moment, Becca got on her hands and performed a handstand for me. I smiled as I stared at her long legs and big ass.

After a few seconds, Becca got back on her feet. Then she performed a bunch of flips for me. My cock jumped up as I stared at her crotch and ass.

“And I know you remember this,” Becca said, as soon as she stopped flipping and returned to standing in front of me.

At that moment, Becca spun around and bent over. Her miniskirt flew up as she showed me her ass. She giggled as she shook her big ass at me. Her panties were so small that I could see most of her ass.

Instinctively, casino firmaları I pulled Becca’s briefs down and spanked her right cheek. Becca squealed as she felt me spank her ass.

“That’s what I always wanted to do when I filmed you up in those stands,” I confessed.

“Well, here’s what I wanted to do when I noticed you filming me and my friends,” Becca replied, as she spun around and readjusted her briefs.

Suddenly, she grabbed my pants and pulled them down. She could see my fully erect cock through my dark blue boxers.

I watched as Becca pulled my boxers down and freed my cock. She got down on her knees as she lowered my boxers and pants down to my feet. Then she wrapped her hands around my cock and began to masturbate me.

I moaned as Becca stroked my cock with her hands. She gripped the base with her right hand while she moved her left hand up and down my cock.

Normally, Becca would start out slow and gradually pick up the pace. However, she was eager to push me to the brink of orgasm immediately tonight.

Becca breathed heavily as she pumped my cock with ferocity. I cried out as she masturbated me with as much intensity as she could muster.

I cried out as I felt the semen shoot up, but Becca removed her hands from my cock right before I could climax.

I gasped as a few drops of pre-cum began to leak out of my aroused cock. Becca promptly stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum right off of my pink flesh.

“Damn, you still got it,” I said, as I kicked my boxers and pants off my feet. Then I took my shoes and socks off. “Now it’s my turn.”

I picked Becca up, steadied myself, and tossed her into the endzone. She giggled as she lay in the grass.

Within seconds, I had pulled my sweatshirt and shirt off and tossed them onto the grass. Then I kneeled down, grabbed Becca’s legs, and spread them apart. Her miniskirt flew up as soon as I spread her legs. I stared longingly at the cheerleader panties that had caught my attention when I first became attracted to Becca.

I grunted as I reached up and pulled the cheerleader panties down and right off of Becca’s legs. I placed the crotch of her briefs up against my cock, rubbing my head inside of the panties for a couple seconds.

Then I tossed the panties aside and lowered my head down to Becca’s crotch. I pressed my mouth up against my girlfriend’s shaven pussy and began to eat her out.

Becca moaned as I pressed my lips and tongue onto her delicious snatch. My girlfriend’s pink flesh remained extremely sensitive, and it made me even more excited to kiss it and pleasure her.

Eager to increase the intensity, I pressed my right thumb down onto her clit.

“Oh, God!” Becca cried out, as I rubbed my thumb over her clit.

Instinctively, I spat into Becca’s pussy. I wanted to make her pussy as wet as I possibly could. Then I returned to kissing her sweet pink lips.

I pressed my tongue in between the walls of Becca’s pussy. The volume of her moans began to rise as I licked the inside of her delicious snatch.

I grabbed Becca’s pussy lips with my teeth and began to shake them around. She moaned as I played with them. I could feel her pussy become gradually moister as I continued to pleasure her with my mouth.

Becca screamed as I pushed her over the edge. I groaned as she squirted right onto my face. She gasped several times as she reacted to the powerful orgasm.

As soon as she finished cumming, I pulled my head up and began to clean myself off. Becca giggled as she watched me flick my tongue around and lick her cum right off my face.

“Alright, now let’s get that sticky stuff off of you,” I said.

I grabbed Becca’s top and pulled it up and right off of her body. My girlfriend played with her boobs as I took her cheerleader shell from her. Her nipples were already perky and erect.

Then I began to rub the cheerleader top up against my horny girlfriend’s wet pussy and clean her off. Becca moaned as I rubbed her top up against her sensitive clit.

“God, I remember when I first saw this top and the tits that they covered,” I said, as soon as I finished playing with her pussy. “Whenever I fantasized about you, I always imagined myself putting my cock in between those perfect tits.”

“Is that so?” Becca remarked. “Well, let’s see if I can reenact that fantasy on the field.”

At that moment, Becca placed my cock in between her boobs and began to shake them around. I moaned as Becca used her tits to play with my cock.

I grabbed my girlfriend’s hair and pulled on it as she used her rack to stimulate my aroused cock.

Overtime, Becca began to move faster, swaying back and forth as she rolled her flawless boobs over my cock. I loved cumming all over Becca’s tits and seeing her reaction, but I wasn’t ready to cum just yet.

“Alright, that’s enough,” I said, prompting Becca to release my cock. I gasped a few times as I reacted to the pleasure that Becca had given me.

Becca fell back and lay in the güvenilir casino endzone. She remained on her back as she waited for me to insert my cock inside of her.

I rubbed my cock up against Becca’s wet pussy. The cum on her pussy immediately clung to the skin of my cock. Then I entered her.

Becca moaned as I moved my cock in and out of her wet pussy. She grabbed her boobs and played with them as I thrust myself inside of her.

I grunted as I picked up the pace and increased the depth of my thrusts. Becca screamed as I hit her G-spot during one of my thrusts.

“Oh, God!” she cried out. “Oh, fuck! Oh!”

Suddenly, she grabbed my shoulders.

“Oh, God, I got to taste that cock!” Becca shouted. “Let me taste it!”

At that moment, I removed my cock from Becca’s body. I crawled across the grass until my crotch was near my girlfriend’s head. Then I pressed my cock up against Becca’s mouth. She opened it and allowed my cock to enter her.

I moaned as Becca closed her mouth and began to suck on my wet cock. She stroked the shaft with her right hand as she stimulated me with her mouth. Her wet tongue rolled over my aroused pink flesh.

I watched Becca finger herself as she gave me a blowjob. My breathing and heart rate increased as I watched her push three fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

Knowing that I enjoyed her fingering, Becca picked up the pace of her cock stroking as it rolled around inside of her mouth.

“Hey, I got an idea!” I shouted.

Within an instant, Becca opened her mouth and released my cock.

“What is it?” she asked me.

At that moment, I got to my feet and climbed up onto the goal post. I motioned for Becca to join me on the goal post.

“Damn, you are really fucking horny,” Becca remarked, as she realized what I wanted to do next.

I grabbed Becca’s hands and helped her climb up onto the goal post. I slapped her ass as she joined me there.

I watched as Becca lowered herself down onto my crotch. I gasped as I felt my cock go back inside her wet pussy.

Becca began to bounce up and down as I fucked her on the goal post. I moaned loudly as she rode my cock.

Suddenly, I began to kiss Becca’s neck. She cried out as I pressed my lips against her soft and sensitive skin.

As Becca rode my cock, I grabbed her boobs and began to play with her erect nipples. She let out several audible cries as I aroused her with my hands and lips.

A couple seconds later, Becca decided that she was ready for another position. She motioned for me to stay still, and I complied.

I grunted as Becca gradually slowed her bouncing. Then she climbed off of my cock and hopped off the goal post. I promptly jumped off the goal post and landed on the grass beside her.

“Hey, get on my face!” I instructed. “I want to taste you again!”

I got down on my back. Becca hiked her miniskirt up before she lowered herself down onto my face. She shook her ass as she pressed her pussy up against my mouth.

Becca moaned as I began to plant soft kisses onto her pink lips. Then I stuck my tongue out and began to rub it over her pussy.

In response, Becca grabbed my cock and began to stroke it with both hands. Then she pushed it into her mouth and began to suck on it.

Becca and I breathed heavily as we licked and kissed the most sensitive areas on our bodies.

Eager to make Becca cum again, I stretched her pussy apart with my fingers. Then I rotated my tongue around inside of her.

Becca screamed as I brought her to orgasm again. The warm liquid gushed out of her pussy and down onto her face.

As soon as she came, Becca rolled off of my body. She lay in the grass, shivering as she reacted to the intense orgasm.

“We’re nearly there,” I gasped. “Now it’s time for the best part.”

Becca smiled as she got down on her knees and waited for me to enter her again.

I flipped Becca’s miniskirt up and stared at her ass. Then I pushed my cock into her and began to fuck her doggystyle.

Becca screamed as I rubbed my cock up against the walls of her tight pussy. Her tits bounced up and down as I pounded her. I spanked Becca’s ass with both hands as I fucked her wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Becca screamed. “Fuck, I love being your naughty cheerleader!”

Those words did just enough to push me over the edge. I gasped as I felt a strong surge from within me. The climax had arrived.

I screamed as I orgasmed. Becca let out several loud cries as I filled her up. I kept my cock inside of her as I felt multiple streams of cum enter her wet pussy.

As soon as I finished cumming, I pulled out of Becca. I watched my cum pour out of her pussy as I withdrew my cock.

“God, you give me the best creampies,” Becca remarked, as she began to eat my cum right out of her snatch.

“Well, here’s a little extra for you,” I said, as I rubbed my cock against her ass. A couple drops of cum leaked out and onto her big ass.

“Always appreciated,” Becca responded.

After Becca finished enjoying her creampie, I wrapped my arms around her body and began to cuddle with her. We lay in the endzone, cuddling with each other, as our bodies began to recover from the intense sex that we just had.

“You know, it really is amazing,” Becca remarked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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