A secret never told Ch. 02

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Juhi sat in the college library, flipping the pages of the book lying on the table blankly. She had no interest in it. She had picked it up just to pass the time. It was lying on the table already when she had arrived. She had not even checked the title or the author. And she hadn’t read even a single word from it.

She didn’t behave like this normally. If she had picked a book, she would surely read it. If not all the pages. A few at least.

Today she was in a different mood, however. She was waiting for her boyfriend, Sanjay. He had asked her to stay in the library. He said he would meet her here at around 9. It was 9:30 already and there wasn’t any trace of him yet. She disliked this trait of him. He didn’t value punctuality. But he should have come on time today. After all, it was a big day for them.

We are going to make love today, she thought and sweet tingling wave surged through her.

They were in a romantic relationship since almost a year now. It had started with a simple friendship and gradually evolved into a romantic one. They kissed, they touched each other sensually, even at most private places, but hadn’t played the real game yet. Actually, they never got an opportunity for it. They managed to kiss and cuddle here and there whenever and wherever they got an opportunity but couldn’t go for the real thing.

But today a new chapter would open in their life. Sanjay had arranged a room at his friend’s house and he would take her there. She had come prepared for this. She had shaved her vagina last night to make it smooth and soft for him. She had also shaved her legs.

She drew a restless breath and glanced toward the entrance. Two boys were stepping in but Sanjay was nowhere to be seen. She shook her head and looked around, trying to relax herself.

It was a big library. The hall, she was sitting at the moment, had a very high ceiling, almost sixty feet high. At the far end of it was a book section. She remembered that once Sanjay had kissed her very deeply in there. The library was almost deserted at that time and besides playing with her lips he had also managed to squeeze her breasts. She had forgotten everything at that moment, even the fact that she was in the library. For almost five minutes they had enjoyed secretly between two shelves before a student arrived to disturb them. She had left the section immediately but Sanjay had stayed back to settle down his bulge.

They had become so hot after this little adventure that they decided to skip the classes and watch a movie so that they could continue the fun. In the theatre, she had held his penis in her hand for the first time. She had felt a great thrill as his erection throbbed against her soft palm.

I will feel it inside today.

She drew an excited breath, her chest inflating and looked toward the door. There was still no trace of him.

She exhaled sadly and turned her attention to the book she was holding. Let’s read it till he comes.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned her head quickly. It was Sanjay. Thank God.

“Morning sweetheart,” casino şirketleri he said, smiling.

“I’m sitting here since 9. Where have you been?” she said, ignoring his morning wish.

“Sorry, I got stuck in the traffic. Let’s go, we are getting late.”

She blushed as she stood up, smiling softly as she walked beside him toward the door.

He elbowed her teasingly and said, “Your pussy ready for my cock?”

“I will not answer latecomer.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“Um… I don’t know. You should see yourself.”

“Yes I’ll see,” he said, grinning.

As they entered the parking area, he said, “Listen, I need to tell you something.”


“Hitesh is a big flirt, don’t give much attention to him.”

“Boys are like that.”

“But he’s different from others. I wouldn’t have taken you to his house but we don’t have any option,” he said as he climbed on his motorbike.

“Will it be safe there?” she said as she climbed astride behind him.

“Yeah, it’s completely safe. Hitesh is a harmless fellow otherwise. I’m just warning you about his nature.”

“Feeling possessive of your girlfriend, huh?”

“Of course,” he grinned as he started the engine.

“Don’t worry. He can’t steal her from you,” she said, giggling.

After thirty minutes they were standing at the front door of his friend’s house. The good thing about the place was that you didn’t have to wait in the street to get inside before someone opened the door for you. It was at the third floor and the stairs took you there comfortably.

She was feeling nervous as she waited with Sanjay, wondering how would she face the flirty guy when he knew the purpose of their visit at his house. The situation would certainly encourage him.

Then the door opened, and a guy appeared. Her mouth was about to open in wow but she controlled herself somehow. He was so handsome and smart that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. His face was attractive, a sharp nose blending beautifully with it. It seemed he could smell her thoughts with it if he tried. His lips were also distinct, lower one thicker and broader than upper.

She blinked nervously as he met her gaze “Welcome, I was waiting for you,” he said. The way he said it confirmed that he was Hitesh.

“Meet Juhi,” Sanjay said.

“Hello Juhi,” Hitesh said, smiling, his eyes glittering with admiration. It seemed he was as impressed with her beauty as she was with his.

“Hi,” she said, blushing.

“Please come inside,” Hitesh said politely, stepping aside.

She followed Sanjay gingerly inside and sat down on the sofa with him. It was a small living room with a humble appearance. The sofas, the chairs, the coffee table, the curtains on the windows looked old but classy.

“Sanjay you didn’t tell me that your girlfriend is so beautiful,” Hitesh said as he closed the door.

She blushed profusely, keeping her eyes on the floor.

“He has started. Ignore him okay,” Sanjay whispered to her before addressing Hitesh. “Thanks for the compliment.”

“What will casino firmaları you have?” Hitesh said.

“Tea?” Sanjay said, eying Juhi.

She nodded.

When Hitesh went away she whispered, “He’s really a flirty guy.”

“Yeah, you just ignore him.”

“Is it his home?”


“He lives here alone?”

“Both his parents are working. From morning to evening his house remains vacant.”

“Why didn’t you think of coming here earlier then?”

“His brother used to stay home most of the time. He got a job in Bangalore and went away last week,” he said, caressing her thighs.

She flushed and pushed his hand away. “He’ll see us. Keep your hand away.”

“He’s busy in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, but keeping in view his nature, we should be careful.”

“Don’t worry much about him. You just ignore him.”

She nodded and said, “He is also a student?”

“Yeah, he’s doing a diploma in Pharmacy,”

She was about to say something but went silent when she saw Hitesh walking in with a tray.

She picked up a cup as he extended the tray to her, blinking her eyes nervously. She could feel his gaze on her. As she raised her eyes to see him she noticed a ghost of a smirk on his face. Certainly, he was amused by the situation, feeling himself lucky to be part of it. He’s enjoying it.

She dropped her gaze to the ground and took a sip from the cup, feeling embarrassed.

Sanjay also picked up a cup and Hitesh put down the tray on the coffee table before grabbing the last one. The tray also had two glass plates in it, one had namkeen and one biscuit.

“So what’s going on in the college,” Hitesh said, looking toward Sanjay and then shifting his gaze to Juhi.

“Nothing much. Routine things. You tell? Got settled in the Pharmacy?”

“It’s very boring yaar. I don’t feel like going there.”

“Yeah, I can feel it.”

“If I also had a girlfriend like Juhi, I might have been punctual like you,” Hitesh said over his cup. She met his gaze and saw an unearthly lust in them.

She gulped and pulled her eyes away. “He’s not punctual,” she said, smiling awkwardly.

“She always complains about it,” Sanjay said, chuckling.

“Does he miss college often like me?” Hitesh said, fixing her with his lusty gaze.

“No, but he’s not punctual. Today also he came late…,” she blurted out before she could stop herself. Shit, am I stupid or something.

“He might have stopped to buy a condom,” Hitesh said, looking toward Sanjay before turning his gaze to her, smiling devilishly.

She didn’t dare to meet his eyes and took a sip. He’s talking so openly. He’s a dirty fellow.

“Shit yaar. I forgot it,” Sanjay said, standing up. “Is there a medical shop nearby?”

“Sit down Sanjay. I will get it for you. Relax,” Hitesh said as he took a long sip from his cup and stood up. “You want something else?”

Sanjay turned toward her questioningly.

She shook her head, her face red with embarrassment.

Hitesh walked to the front door and went away.

She put the cup on the güvenilir casino table and said, “Your friend is very dirty. He was talking so openly.”

“He’s like that. That’s why I had warned you,” he said, sitting down very close this time.

“He was looking at me lewdly Sanjay.”

“I know, I also noticed. He always takes chances with girls no matter who they are. Don’t worry and enjoy. He has allowed us to come here. In return, we can tolerate some of his nonsense.”

“Why did you forget condom?”

“Sorry, it slipped my mind. The morning traffic had puzzled me.”

“He has gone out to buy a condom for us?”

“I would have gone, but I didn’t want to leave you alone with him.”

“It’s very embarrassing. What he must be thinking?”

“Look we have come to his house for sex. He already knows our purpose. The fact that he’s buying a condom for us won’t change it. Don’t think too much about it and give me a kiss. Look we are all alone here,” Sanjay said, pulling her into his arms.

She smiled nervously, trying to relax. “The door is open.”

“It would take him at least ten minutes.”

“What if someone else barged in? We should wait…”

He captured her mouth in his and started kissing her. She hesitated for a second and then let go her anxiety, kissing him deeply and passionately, telling herself that Sanjay was right. When they had come here for sex, then she shouldn’t worry much about Hitesh’s behaviour. They were dying to get privacy since long and the guy was providing them the rare opportunity in his own house. She shouldn’t give much thought to his lusty gaze and smile. It was normal for men to indulge in such things. Hadn’t she faced such things before, from strangers?

Yes, I have.

Sanjay reached for her left breast as he sucked her lower lip, squeezing it lewdly.

She moaned, drifting deeper into the passion, almost forgetting that they were in the living room the door of which was open and that Hitesh could come any moment. She reached for the front of his trouser where a big bulge was waiting for her. She smiled to herself as she caressed his erection through the fabric, feeling intense ache between her legs.

Then a voice spoke, “You should go to the bedroom.”

Hitesh had come back, and he was standing right in front of them with a packet of condoms. She had no idea when did he come back and how long he had been standing there.

She pulled herself away from Sanjay quickly, heat rising to her cheeks, keeping her eyes on the floor. Shit, he saw me playing with Sanjay’s manhood.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Hitesh said, putting the condoms on the table. “You can go to the bedroom. It’s ready for you people.”

Sanjay picked up the packet, stood up and said, “Thanks yaar.”

“Welcome. Go enjoy.”

Sanjay reached for her hand and said, “Come.”

She stood up slowly, keeping her eyes deliberately away from Hitesh. As she walked with Sanjay toward the bedroom, she felt Hitesh’s gaze on her. It seemed he was ogling her buttocks.

Sanjay pushed open the door and stepped inside. She looked toward Hitesh before crossing the threshold. As if he was ready for it, he grinned lewdly and gave her thumbs up.

She rolled her eyes and disappeared into the bedroom, her cheeks flushing bright pink.

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