A Sexy Christmas Day

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It was a cold windy Christmas day in Ft. Lauderdale; the temperature only reached 40 degrees. Carly worked Dixie Highway wearing only a pair of red daisy dukes, a red midriff top, a black belt that hung over her hips and a pair of black thigh high boots with her Santa hat covering her long blonde hair. While families were, celebrating Christmas she had to work the streets to pay her rent that was due yesterday. Not a sole was traveling the road and Carly was praying for a nice warm car to pick her up. She could not believe it when a black limo stopped and its back door opened. Carly scampered to the door looking inside at the lone occupant.

“You want a date Hun?” She asked the well-dressed man.

“Yes, get in.” He said feeling the cold breeze.

Carly climbed into the limo and its warmth. She looked at the distinguished man he was not like her normal cliental. He had on a black silk three piece mans suit, a black shirt with a gray tie, black dress socks and black shoes with a high gloss shine. His hair was short and black. Carly figured him to be in his thirties. Carly felt nervous like she did the first time she prostituted.

“So what would you like?” She asked nervously.

“I want to rent you for the day; I do not want to spend Christmas by myself. Therefore, you shall celebrate with me. You will be paid $5000.00 for your services.” He explained to her.” Are you alright with that?” He asked her.

She was in shock, was she dreaming? He was the answer to her prayers, and her smile covered her face.

“Yes it’s alright with me.” She told him.

“My name is Sonny Angleton.” He told her.

“I’m Carly White.” She said almost in a whisper.

They drove over to the beach and headed down Hilsboro mile. She could not believe her eyes when they pulled up to a huge mansion. She gulped silently. The chauffeur opened her car door and she exited slowly feeling as if she was in a dream. Sonny took her by the arm leading her inside of the mansion. Her mouth opened slightly as she gazed at the white marble floor, the black staircase with gold railings. She felt like a fish out of water. The upstairs house cleaner came down the stairs and greeted Sonny.

“Martha I want you to take Miss. White upstairs and scrub her good. Go through the garments in the guest room and dress her for Christmas breakfast.” Sonny told Martha a stout woman with gray hair.

“Yes sir.” She told him.

Martha led Carly upstairs and into the bathroom done in black and gold and was bigger then Carly’s bedroom. She disrobed while Martha ran her water in the black tub with gold handles. Carly stepped into the warm bath water and sat down in the tub. Martha proceeded to wash her thoroughly. Martha washed Carly’s hair and then handed her a bath towel when she had finished.

“Follow casino şirketleri me Miss White.” Martha told her.

Martha led Carly into the guest room decorated in purple and gold. Martha opened the walk in closet that was as big as a room and full of clothes. Martha picked out a black silk dress that clung to Carly’s petite body; a pair of black stiletto heels, her under garments was black lace matching bra and thong.

Martha blow dried Carly’s hair and then styled it in a French braid. Martha did her make up and then placed diamond earrings on her ears with a matching necklace and bracelet. Carly looked at herself in the mirror and was in awe for she had never worn clothes like this before.

“You’re ready to have breakfast now.” Martha Told Carly.

Martha led Carly to the stairs and Carly saw Sonny standing at the bottom of the staircase. He smiled at her as she descended the staircase. Carly had butterflies as if she was on her first date.

“Carly you look beautiful.” He told her as he took her arm and led her to the dining area.

It had a long dining room table covered in a red and green lace tablecloth, large poinsettias in each corner of the room. Sonny sat Carly at one end of the table and he seated himself at the other end. Three servants served them breakfast. Carly was nervous eating in front of Sonny and was not sure which forks to use. She ate very slowly.

Once breakfast was over, they resided to the Christmas room. Carly stood in total awe looking at the 12-foot tree decorated in red and silver. A train set running around the tree with so many gifts. A fireplace with a blazing fire with two red and silver stockings hung carefully. Sonny sat her down on the brown over stuffed couch and sat next to her. Charles the houseman handed Carly a large box wrapped in red with silver bows. She was stunned for she did not expect to get any Christmas gifts this year.

“Are these for me?” She asked Sonny.

“Yes for you. I had Charles to go Christmas shopping for today.” He told her.

Carly opened the box and inside was a white denim jacket with turquoise stones around the lapels. Sonny opened up a silver package with red trim that contained a gray silk suit.

“How did you know my size?” She asked Sonny.

“I’ll be honest with you I have been watching you for two weeks. We guessed your size by using the girl in the shop that was about your size.” He told her.

“How’d you know I’d be out there today?” She asked him.

“You’re like me with no family.” He told her.

“How do you know so much about me?” She asked him.

“I had you investigated, when I like something I want it and get it. I got you.” He told her.

After she had opened all the gifts for her, she had a new wardrobe. She was in total casino firmaları amazement that this rich man went through so much trouble for her. Sonny had the servants to leave them alone. He led her to the rug in front of the fireplace and they sat down on the rug.

“You’re so beautiful, I need to kiss you.” He told her.

Their lips softly touched, his hand touched her cheek tenderly. He moved his body closer to hers. She leaned into him as his lips became wanting on hers. His hand cupped her breast and a soft gasp escaped her mouth. He unzipped her dress and she slowly removed it from her firm body. He gazed over her body and unbuttoned the bra releasing her firm breast. He took one into his hand and played with the nipple watching her eyes. He took the nipple in his mouth and sucked on it.

He ran his tongue around it as he took his hand placing it in the crotch of her thong.

His fingers found her wet pussy and his cock throbbed. The head of his cock glistened a clear liquid. Her hand felt its way to the bulge in his pants. She unzipped his pants and found his raging cock. She took it into her mouth. She rolled it in her mouth. Her tongue licked his head and shaft. She began to pull at his pants as he fingered her pussy. She wanted to ride his cock. He removed her thong and she straddled him. She moved her hips in a slow circular motion. She felt his cock throb in her pussy. Their breathing was very rapid. Their hearts pounded. She was so turned on by him. Her pussy pulsated on his cock. Her juices covered his cock. Her clit quivered against his pelvis. His hands were now on her hips, he made her take his cock all the way inside of her. The orgasms rocked their bodies and her moans were loud. She lay in his strong arms as she listened to his heart beat start to return to normal.

“Put on something warm we are not finished celebrating.” He told her as he grabbed his clothes and put them on. “I’ll be back; I need to change out of these clothes.”

Sonny came back wearing black jeans, a black pull over shirt and black boots. He looked at Carly in the white denim jacket, a blue pull over top and tight low riding blue jeans. She had sneakers on her feet.

“What are we going to do?” She asked him.

“We’re taking the boat out.” He told her.

It was a beautiful cabin cruiser that was decorated for Christmas. They headed out to the ocean…It was colder out on the water, but Carly loved it. They spent the entire day out on the boat and Carly was sorry the day was ending.

“We’re going to go have Christmas dinner Carly.” He told her as if reading her mind.

“Oh good, I am starving.” she told him smiling.

Sonny pulled the cabin cruiser into the dock. “We’re here and there be turkey, mashed potatoes, butternut squash…”He rambled off foods güvenilir casino to her.

The aroma of Christmas dinner filled the mansion. Carly was so hungry she didn’t care what fork was suppose to be used. She ate until she was stuffed.

“I will be renting you again for New Years eve. My houseman will take you tomorrow to go shopping for an outfit.” He told her pushing himself away from the table.

“This is it?” She thought to herself not wanting this day to end.

“It’s time for you to bathe and get ready for our night together.” He told her as left the room.

Carly ascended the staircase and went to the bathroom where Martha was waiting for her. Martha let Carly bathe herself this time. Carly laid back into the white bubbles. “This is the life.” She thought to herself.

Martha had a white terry cloth robe for Carly to put on. Carly followed Martha to the bedroom where on the bed was laid out a long red Grecian gown. She had red slippers to put on her feet. She stood in front of the mirror looking at her while Martha pinned her hair up.

“Mr. Angleton will receive you now.” She said leading her to Sonny’s room.

Sonny laid in the bed with black satin sheets and pillow cases. Its comforter was gold.

Sonny looked at how beautiful she was and felt a twinge in his groin. “Come here I have to have you.” He told her.

Carly got into bed with Sonny and before she knew it he was on top of her. He held her wrist over her head and began to fuck her. She felt his cock going in and out of her pussy. Sonny raised up and placed her legs on his shoulders. It was uncomfortable at first, but Sonny performed his magic by screwing her slowly, teasingly. Her pussy was screaming for more. He leaned down biting her nipple softly. She wanted to cum, but he would stop just as she was about to cum. She began to beg him for the climax and he still teased her. Finally he began to fuck her hard and deep until her pussy exploded its juices all over his cock and his cock filled her pussy up.

“You can sleep in here tonight with me and Charles will take you shopping first thing in the morning. Your money is in the envelope on the dresser in the guest room. I will pay you double next week for the whole New year week end.” He told her.

Carly smiled at him for she was at a loss for words. “No more walking the streets.” Carly thought to herself for the $15,000 would start her thrift store she had been wanting to open. Carly dosed off with a new hope for her life.

Morning came and Sonny was already gone, Carly went to the bathroom where Martha was waiting for her. The bath water was warm and felt good to Carly. Carly bathed and had breakfast. Charles accompanied her to the boutique. Carly wished she could open a store like this one so chic. After she picked out her outfit Charles saw her home. He helped her to unload her Christmas gifts from the limo to her apartment. Carly sat on her couch and smiled. “What a sexy Christmas day that was.” She thought to herself.

The End

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