A Strange Happening_(0)

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Chapter 1: A shock, then reminiscing

My name is Ian and the story I am about to relate, you might think is a strange one, but it is all true though hard to understand. It started some 18 months ago, I had been working away from home, I am a self-employed software engineer, and had been working in Germany for a month. When I arrived home at about 2200 the house was in darkness, this, I thought, was very odd. My wife Sue and I had been married for 25 years, and when I was away, she always stayed up to welcome me back home in a way that she loved. I let myself into the house and called out for Sue, the house echoed with my voice, but I received no reply.
I put the lights on in the lounge and hall and then went up stairs to our bedroom. The bed was made and there was no sign of anyone having laid on it. I again called out for Sue, only to be met again with silence. Had she gone to visit her sister, I thought but she always greeted me when I arrived home, not that I worked away from home very often as I normally worked from home. It was just that this company insisted that I was present when the new software was installed on their system. I decided to go down to the kitchen and get a mug of tea, as I turned on the light I noticed an envelope propped up on the tea caddy. I opened it up and discovered a letter from Sue which said that she had left me to start a new life with a younger man she had met at the gym and that she did not want anything from me and I could keep the house, which was nice of her as I had paid for it and it was in my name anyway.
Sue was 45 with long black hair and had an hourglass figure with full 38c tits, which she had maintained well even after 2 kids and she said that her new man was 20 and a body builder with a fantastic physique. I thought that muscles don’t make a boy into a man and if that was what she wanted the best of luck to her. I knew that she would not have a better sex life than we had together, Since we got married we had had some form of sex at least 4 times a week and twice on Saturdays. Even when she was pregnant with our two girls we still had oral sex. She could not get enough of me sucking her pussy until she had a screaming orgasm and then taking my cock deep into her throat and sucking me until I filled her mouth with cum which she would swallow with gusto. We used to experiment with different positions and places to fuck, on the stairs, kitchen table, baby’s cot, out doors in fact anywhere and any time we could find.
Sue was at times interested in trying any type of sex as long as she had an orgasm in whatever way we were trying, bdsm, and mild corporal punishment. One night when we were fucking, I had put my hand between us and wet my finger in her juices; I then pushed it into her anus. This was some thing new for us and she cried out
“Fuck do that again, that was nice.” so I made sure my fingers were wet and I pushed my first finger back in up to the second joint then as I fucked her cunt I finger fucked her ass.
“More, more,” Sue screamed” more, put more in. “I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her in her ass to which she replied
“Yes, yes, yes.” I pulled my cock out of her cunt and moved it down slightly and pushed gently until I felt the head slip into her ass.
“Yes, just there.” cried Sue. I found it was very tight as this was the first time we had had anal sex and I had a job to hold back.
“Fuck my ass, I’m coming screamed Sue.” As I spurted into her ass as we came together.
That was not the last time she asked to be fucked that way, as she got to like it, her ass opened out and it was easer to get all of my cock into her ass and really fuck her and she always had me cum in her ass. She said she like the feel of my cum squirting into her as it felt that I was squirting it all the way into her belly and it made her all warm.


Chapter 2 the Party

Once a few years ago we had a small party for some friends and one couple John and Kerry stayed over as he had had a little too much to drink and could not drive home. John (36) was an accountant and Kerry (27), if she had not been married with 3 children could have been a model. She had long blonde hair, a figure to die for and 36b tits, which were just a handful, but nice and firm. Earlier in the evening I noticed Sue and Kerry in a corner talking together and they both kept looking over towards John and I. When everyone had gone and we had cleared up John and I were standing in the lounge talking when Kerry came up to me and said
“I have been waiting all night to get a dance with you. “She dragged me away from her husband into the centre of the room, as she did, I saw Sue put the lights out. The music playing was a slow tune, and Kerry moulded her body to mine, put her arms round my neck and her mouth into my neck. I placed my arms around her tight body and held her close as I could. As we danced, I saw Sue and John dancing but not as close as Kerry and I were. It was so sensual I started to get an erection which seemed to grow bigger and harder with each movement Kerry made. I realised then that she was grinding her hips onto my cock on purpose and at the same time, she was starting to moan into my neck.
I thought to myself is she trying to get me to fuck her ‘cos if she is she is doing a great job’, next thing I knew was that Kerry had started to bite and kiss my neck. I looked at what Sue and John were up to and found that they were sitting on the sofa and Sue had her tongue down Johns throat. Sod it I thought, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I moved my hands slowly down from Kerry’s waist to her bum and gripping it hard pulled her towards me and at the same time pushing my hard cock into her pussy, lifting her off of her feet. This immediately brought a moan and Kerry said
“Fuck that feels so hard and big I can’t wait to get it into my soaking cunt. I want you to fuck me hard, fast and dirty. ”wow I thought this is one hot woman, what were she and Sue talking about earlier, they must have set this all up. Kerry now was kissing me fully on the mouth her tongue was going in and out of my mouth just like my cock would go into her cunt. My train of thought was broken for a minute when I heard Sue say
“You take our room we will go to the spare. ”as she dragged John up from the sofa and out of the door.
“What are you waiting for Ian, I am game or do you want to start down here? ” Said Kerry moving towards the sofa. This was too good to be true a young blonde that was begging to be fucked. I moved to the sofa with Kerry still holding on to me as if she let go I would run, but there was no chance of that. When we hit the sofa Kerry moved to straddle my legs so that she could still have her pussy in contact with my cock, and she kissed me hard and long with her tongue, worming its way down my throat. This tended to make my cock even harder, I took advantage of this to put both my hands on to her tits and squeeze them together, this brought an immediate moan from Kerry’s throat. With that, I undid the buttons down the front of her blouse and buried my mouth into her cleavage.
“It undoes at the front, get it off. “Kerry moaned. I found the clip and opened up her bra and pushed both it and her blouse off of her shoulders.
“Fantastic tits. ”I said taking the right nipple into my mouth and gently biting and sucking on it at the same time.
”That’s fucking great but don’t forget its twin, ”said Kerry, I now had a tit in each hand squeezing then both and moving my mouth from one to the other.
As I was attending to her tits I brought my right hand down between us and moved it up her leg, surprise Kerry was wearing stockings and suspenders, and I toyed with the area of flesh between her stocking tops and her knickers. Moving my hand around a bit more I placed my middle finger square on her pussy, which was red hot, and soaking wet. I stroked my finger up and down her pussy pushing the material of her knickers into her cunt. As I was doing this Kerry had managed to work her hand onto my cock and was feeling the length and size of it.
“God it feels so big I don’t know if I could take all of it, John only has a small cock. ”Kerry said in surprise.
“It’s not big, it’s just 7 and a bit inches long and about 6 inches round.” As much as I wanted to get her clothes off and suck her cunt and then fuck her silly I thought it better if we were in bed and a bit more comfortable.
“Come on” I said” Lets go upstairs were we can get at each other with more room and comfort.” grabbing her arm and pulling her up the stairs before she could say anything.
When we got into the bedroom I noticed that the bedside lights were on so that I could see Kerry in all her glory. She came up to me and undid the buttons on my shirt pulling it off my shoulders then with out stopping she dropped to her knees in front of me and started to undo the zip on my slacks. In one movement she had my shirt off and my slacks, underpants and socks off and down to the floor. I lifted my feet up so she could remove them.
“Fucking hell that is one big cock.” said Kerry as she saw my cock for the first time, licking her lips.” I love sucking cock but I have never had one this big, I don’t know if I will be able to take it all in.” said Kerry
“Just take as much as you can.” I said,” your cunt will stretch when I start to fuck you with it.” With that Kerry started to lick my cock from the base slowly up to the tip, she ran her tongue around the head getting it wet. She then took the head into her mouth slowly going deeper. When she had it as deep as she could get at that time she put suction on and pulled her head up until my cock popped out of her mouth. Spitting on the head, she put it back and tried to take even more into her mouth each time, the suction she was putting on my cock as she pulled it out was great. In fact, she was giving the best blowjob I had ever had, and that was saying something, as Sue could spend hours sucking cock. I had put my hands on the back of her head and was helping her by pulling her head to my cock as I pushed it towards her mouth. I had put my foot between her legs and was rubbing her pussy and sliding my big toe up and down her wet cunt I thought it was time I tasted some pussy. I pulled her up to her feet.
“Oww! I was enjoying that, it was nearly all in my throat.” Kelly complained
“Don’t worry,” I told her” you can have some more later, we have all night and knowing Sue all tomorrow as well, for now, I want to taste your pussy.”
With that, I undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor leaving her knickers on, I pushed her onto the bed with her legs hanging over the end. I dropped to my knees in front of her and lifted her right foot to my mouth and started to suck her toes very gently then I slowly kissed my way up her leg until I got near her pussy, lovingly I moved to her toes on her left leg.
“Bastard.” cried, Kerry. I then started sucking her toes of her left foot, I took more time in doing this than I did with the right one just to make her suffer and squirm. I again made my way very slowly up her leg. All the time Kerry was mewing like a cat when I reached her cloth covered pussy I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and pushed them back over her head.
“Just the right position,” I told her as I drove my mouth into her soaking wet pussy. The smell and taste were heavenly as I ate her cunt through her skimpy knickers, I grabbed hold of them in my mouth and pulled them down off of her cunt, lifting her bum up from the bed, I put my hand on them and pulled hard ripping them off.
“Arrr Nice.” cried, Kerry
“If you think that was nice wait until I do this,” I said driving my tongue into her cunt. I started to lick up from the bottom to the top when I got there I grabbed her clit with my teeth, with that Kerry let out a scream as she had a big orgasm, soaking me as she came.
“Fuck that has never happened before, you’re the first one to make me come by sucking my cunt, and I love it.”
“Now you will see what it is like to be fucked by my big 7-inch cock,” I told her as I pushed her up the bed and placed two pillows under her ass to raise her up. I moved between her legs and up her chest, and I put my cock between her lips
“Suck it and get it wet,” I told her as I moved it in and out fucking her throat. After a few minutes, I said
“How do you like it in your cunt slow or hard and fast.”
“Start slow then fast.” Kerry moaned around my cock. I moved up and lifted her legs upright and open then kneeling in front of her placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed very slowly until the head was just in I then pulled out right to the very edge and then pushed my cock back to where it had been. I carried on doing this for about 4 minutes in out in out very slowly. Kerry’s cunt was so wet and juicy it was running down and pooling on the bed.
“Fuck me you bastard! Just fuck me, let me feel your cock in my cunt, now!” Kerry was screaming. So as I pulled back, I let her legs go and rammed my cock all the way into Kerry’s wet hot cunt and dropped my body down onto her chest. As I did this, her stocking encased legs clamped around my waist and her feet locked onto my ass then she used her legs to pull my cock further into her cunt. After fucking Kerry in this way for a while, I pulled out of her.
“No, why did you stop I was nearly there.” cried Kerry
“Get on your knees and bury your head in the pillow.” I said to her.
She looked great there on the bed with her tight ass in the air. I moved behind her and bent down and started to suck her pussy from the rear. The pillows muffled Kerry’s cry. I then placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed it all the way in one movement, her cunt was very tight in this position, so I started to fuck her in steady long strokes, pulling all the way out then pushing all the way back in. Kerry’s muted cries got more intense.
I pulled all the way out again and laid on my back on the bed and told Kerry to turn around and sit on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position, this she did with me holding her back to support her. She put her feet on my legs and went up and down like a good one, screaming all the time.
“What position do you want to come in?” I asked her
“On my knees.” she breathed as she moved onto her knees. I got behind her and rammed my cock all the way into her cunt and fucked her hard, with my balls slapping on her clit, her cunt was very wet and very tight. Did I want to come in her cunt or in her mouth I thought, as I fucked her I said
“Where do you want me to come, cunt or mouth?”
“Come in my cunt now, you can fill my mouth later.” was the reply. This was just what I wanted to hear as it meant that we would be fucking each other again.
Now I was fucking her cunt hard, and she was screaming every time I rammed my cock fully in. My cock was getting bigger as I got near to filling her cunt with come.
“Yes, yes, yes,” Kerry cried” I’m Cummings yes, yes, yesssss.” This took me over the top I squirted a full load of cum into her cunt as I fell over her back. As my breathing slowed, my cock started to wilt and dropped out of her cunt, with all my cum mixed with Kerry’s juices starting to run down her pussy and drip onto the bed in a very erotic way. We fell over onto the bed and lay in each other’s arms kissing and touching each other as we drifted to sleep.
I woke up in daylight to feel my cock in something warm, what’s going on I thought in my sleepy stupor I looked down and saw a blond head going up and down on my cock. Forgetting what had happened the night before, I was surprised to see it was Kerry’s head. As she started to stroke me as well I came and filled her mouth up with cum which she swallowed in one movement by lifting her head back, then she licked her lips to make sure she had gotten all of it. I was shocked to hear the sound of clapping, looking at the door I saw Sue and John standing there naked clapping and smiling at us.


Chapter 3 Holiday starts

Here I was back in the present with a letter from my wife in my hand telling me that our 25-year marriage was over, thinking what had I done to cause her to go and find a younger man. I had provided a home and a very good lifestyle as well, she did not want for anything. The first thing I did was to phone our two daughters to see if they knew what was going on. Both Jodie and Rose were shocked and surprised to hear that their mum had left me. They both said
“Dad, if you need anything or feel the need to talk just come and see me.” Which was nice of them, but they had their own lives to run, and I thought that they would not want a 45-year-old moping around them and their families. The next thing I did was to phone my solicitor to see where I stood and to start divorce proceedings and to make sure that even though she said she did not want anything from me, she could not get anything from my company.
With that sorted out, I threw myself into my work as I had a big contract to get going on. Over the next 6 months, the divorce came through, and I really worked hard on the contract. During this time I had not heard from Sue, some of her friends had called me to say how shocked they were to find out that Sue had left me for a younger man and none of them had seen or heard from her and that if I needed ‘anything ‘ to get in touch with them. My daughters also had not had any contact with their mum and were worried about her. They told me that now that I had finished my latest contract to go and have a long holiday and rest and have some fun.
I took their advice and decided to visit Cornwall, where I have never been and tour around the county by car. I booked the first hotel in Wadebridge ‘The Bull’, and from there I would tour the local area. Then move on to Newquay, Redruth, Hayle, Penzance, St Austell visiting the local areas, maybe a trip to the Isles of Scilly, then back home, booking places to stay as I needed them in what places I could find.
I left on the next Saturday and took a slow drive down the M4 and M5 taking about 9hrs to get to Wadebridge. I checked into The Bull and after taking my bags up to my room and freshening up, I returned to the bar and ordered a meal of a 10oz rib eyed steak with all the trimmings and a pint of the local beer. After finishing it, I felt a bit bloated so I went for a walk round the town. Returning to The Bull about 2300 hrs. I went up to my room and dropped straight into bed and fell asleep straight away.
Over the next 3 days, I toured around the Wadebridge area, I went to Padstow and Bodmin, visiting the railway and the military museum and as far north of the county as Camelford and Tintagel and its supposed castle of King Arthur. On day 4 I left Wadebridge around ten am for the twenty-mile drive down the A39 to Newquay, which I should arrive at about an hour later in time to find somewhere to stay. When I got just past Whitecross, the A39 was closed by the police due to an accident further down the road. All the traffic was being diverted back onto the A389 towards Padstow. I decided when I got to Padstow to take the B3276 that runs along the coast down to Newquay.
The B3276 is a winding country road that has a lot of quaint villages and sandy bays. The sun was shining and with a blue sky I thought it would be wise to make use of at least one of these beaches, so I decided to stop at the small village of Trenance which has a small secluded beach. I parked in the car park by the beach and went into the public-house overlooking the beach, to have some lunch and a drink, after refreshing my needs I moved to the beach, which strangely was nearly empty. Finding a spot by the rocks, where I could put my towel down and sunbathe alone. I changed into my trunks, holding a towel to me for privacy, then went to the sea for a swim. The tide was just starting to come in, the water was cool, but not too cold, I swam out from the beach for a bit, then body surfed back in on the surf. I returned to my towel and dried myself and laid down for a snooze, noticing that the sun had started to move around a bit, and my spot had become shaded, which was not too bad as it was very hot.
When I woke I saw that there were more bahis firmaları people on the beach, but it was still ok to be there, so I turned over onto my front and started to people watch, it had been a long time, well over 6 months since I’d had any relationship with a member of the female sex so I enjoyed the view of the women of all ages in their skimpy bikini’s, it was if they knew that I was alone and they were taunting me, saying look but you cannot touch. I could have stopped there for the rest of my holiday even if it had only just started, about 5pm the beach started to clear very slowly until there was only me and 2 others on the beach. It was about time I thought to get on my way and find somewhere to stay, but I knew that I would be back to this lovely secluded beach.
As I packed up and moved up to the car park I saw a young woman about 20 with long blonde hair and a nice figure, sitting on the sea wall, as I passed her she smiled at me in a sexy way. Unintentionally I stopped by her and said,
“Hello, do you happen know of a hotel near here that I can stop at for a few nights, as this is a lovely quite beach and I would like to come back again”. She replied with another smile
“Yes, it is a great beach that doesn’t get too busy. There is not a hotel in the village, but there is one just outside on the St Eval road, there is an old hotel, it’s down a lane on the right opposite the old airfield, but it said to be haunted, you can get a room there.”
I said,” As I want to return here again tomorrow I will try there, I am not worried about a few ghosts!” Smiling I asked her” do you come here every day.”
“I am on the beach every day,” she said ”I only live over there.” pointing to a small yellow house accessed by a little path across the sand dunes.
“That a very nice house,” I said,” My name is Ian, and I am taking a long holiday around Cornwall as a break from work and to get over my divorce.” Holding my hand out. She took my hand and held it tight,
“Hello Ian, I am called Ruth, it’s very nice to meet you, and I am sorry to hear of your divorce.”
“I’m not, even though we had a great life she ran off with a younger bloke,” I told her.
“That’s bad, I can’t understand why she would leave a good looking person like you for a younger man,” then she came back with” did she not enjoy herself in bed.” Wow, I thought she is trying to pick me up, and I am at least twenty-five years older than her.
“No,” I replied” she used to have a great time in bed, we used to fuck at least four times a week, and it always lasted for hours.” She looked at me smiling and said,
“That’s what I could do with, it is lonely here at times on my own.”Ruth let go of my hand and Jumping down off the wall she came up to me and gave me a peck on the lips and then skipped up the path shouting behind her,
“See you here tomorrow afternoon, bye.” I stood rooted to the spot as nothing had happened like this to me ever.
I walked up the path to my car, put my towel and swim gear into the boot and drove out of the village. I drove down the roads that Ruth had said to use and after about three miles I saw an old house on the right. A sign at the roadside indicated that it was called The Cornish Mill Hotel and all are welcome. I turned into the drive and saw in front of me a very old building that seemed to be falling down, but was not. There were no other cars in the car park and the grass around the building was in need of cutting. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about stopping here, but as it was getting late, I would not be able to get anything else in Newquay and anyway I needed to be near here to be able to see Ruth again. I pulled up at the door and took my bags out of the boot and walked up to the door and tried to push it open, it would not move. I saw that there was a big old brass knocker in the middle on the door in the shape of a lion’s head. I gave it a big slam and the resulting bang echoed through the building. After a few minutes, I heard the lock being opened and the door creaked slowly open.
An old man stood there wearing a dusty butler’s outfit.
“Yes sur,” he said slowly” how may I help you.”
“Is it possible for me to stop here for a few days,” I asked.
“Stop here sur.”
“Well this is a hotel is it not.”
“Yes sur, it is you better come in then, and I will see if there is a room free.”
I moved into the entrance hall.
“Wait here,” he said. He came back after a while and took my bags.
“Follow me sur and I will take you to your room, I have put you in the suite in the front from where you can see the sea.” He slowly walked up the stairs to the first landing and along the wide passage to a door, which he opened with a key from his waistcoat pocket. Opening the door, he went in putting my bags down on the floor.
“I will show you around the rooms sur.” He walked around the rooms telling me what there was, opening the curtains and windows as he went.
“We don’t get many guests here sur, so we keep it all shut up.” Thanking him for showing me the rooms and tipping him a few pounds, which brought on a stream of thanks.
“Dinner will be served at 7 pm in the dining room Sur, it is roast beef tonight followed by Apple crumble and custard.” and he turned gave me the key and left the room with the door and the floor creaking behind him.
Strange I thought, a run down hotel with an empty car park and he had to see if there were any vacant rooms, and they were doing a full roast dinner as well. I looked out of the window and noticed that I could only just see the sea far off on the horizon. I looked at my watch and saw it was 1830 so I had a quick wash and then went down to the dining room for dinner.
When I arrived at the dining room, I was surprised to see that the staff were all lined up at the entrance. There was the old man, who introduced himself as James, the butler. He then led me to the line of staff introducing them to me by name. Clive the cook, a rather large jovial man wearing cooks whites, Toby the wine waiter, a small red-faced man, who looked as he had been drinking the wine, himself. He then introduced me to the two waitresses who would look after me. They were named Fanny and Sara; both of them, when introduced to me lifted up the hem of their skirts and curtsied. It was then I noticed that they were wearing the old type of black and white servants dress with black stockings. I wondered if they were wearing suspenders as well. They were both about 19 years of age, they looked like twins and the dresses suited them showing off their cleavage, making them look very sexy. It was strange to go through this in such an old building in theses days; I was wondering what I had got myself into. James escorted me to a big table in the front window, which must have been directly under my suite of rooms. Toby approached my table, which I noticed was the only one occupied.
“The wine list Sur.”
“What wine do you recommend to go with the beef?” I asked
“The 02 Pinot Noir Sur is a cheeky little wine.”
“No Sur 1902.”
“That’s old, I hope it is not corked.”
“No sur it will be a perfect wine.”

“Ok, on your recommendation I will have a bottle of it.” with that he walked off into the next room to return almost straight away with the required bottle with the neck wrapped in a cloth. He removed the cork and then poured a small amount in my glass for me to taste.
“Yes that will do, it is a nice fruity taste.” he then filled up my glass, just as Fanny and Sara came up to my table with a trolley containing steaming dishes of food.
“Your dinner sur.” said Fanny curtseying as she and Sara spooned onto my plate thick slices of beef, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, and Yorkshire puddings.
“Would you like onion gravy Sur?” said Sara.
“Yes please,” I replied as she poured the gravy from a large silver sauceboat. They both curtsied slow and low giving me a long view down their cleavage to their seemingly braless tits.
After I had finished my dinner, all the staff had again lined up at the door. As I walked passed, I thanked them all for such a lovely meal. As I got to Sara and Fanny, I noticed that the top 2 buttons on their blouses were undone as they again curtsied low giving me another look down their cleavage, which as their buttons were undone I could see most of their tits even a hint of nipple. As it had been a long time, it stirred some feeling in my groin.
“Have a good night’s rest.?” said Fanny.
“Yes sur sleep well, hope the bed bugs don’t bite and don’t worry if you hear any noise during the night sur it is just the old building groaning.” purred Sara.
“Good night sur.” said James bowing low.
I climbed up the stairs, and along the landing to my room. Even that it was the middle of a hot summer, there was a chill in my room. I undressed, and as it was cold, I put on my pyjamas which, I would not normally wear this time of year. I got into the big bed and pulled up the covers as I snuggled down into the feather mattress, falling to sleep almost straight away.
When I became awake or I thought I was awake it was still dark I could hear noises in the room. I struggled to see who or what was in the room with me when I felt someone get on the other side of the bed and move over towards me. The covers lifted up, and it felt that someone had joined me in the bed. Next thing I knew was my cock being lifted up and being engulfed in a hot wet mouth, which immediately caused my cock to rise and harden. What is going on, I thought, who is it, is it Sara or Fanny. Whoever it was turned around and planted her naked pussy on my mouth grinding it down on me while she sucked my cock up and down. As I licked her cunt it opened up and started to become wet, I moved my hands down between us until I found her tits, she was completely naked. Theses were big about 38d inches at least but not floppy and fat, and were quite hard and firm. After we had been sucking each other for about 10 minutes, she stopped, jumped off me turned round and slammed her cunt down onto my hard cock all the full length. It was hot, very tight and very very wet in her cunt, it felt that she had not had many cocks in her and I could feel her muscles rippling up and down my cock as if she was milking me for my cum. I put my hands up and felt for her tits as I squeezed them she started to moan and started to move quicker. I could not take much more of this action, so I gripped and twisted her nipples. With that I heard her moan as we both came together, I must have filled her up with gallons of spunk, or that’s what it felt like. She slowly started to stop moving and slid out of the bed. After such an exertion I fell back asleep straight away.
When I awoke the next morning, it was light, and I looked at the clock and saw it was 9.30. Something in the back of my mind told me that I had had sex last night but who with. I pushed back the covers, and I saw that my pyjamas were still on me and done up, and the lower sheet was completely dry and clean as were my pyjama’s. There was no drying cum stain on either my pyjama’s or the sheet. This was puzzling as I remember a woman riding me to a joint orgasm and our juices running down onto my cock and stomach, but where was it? It made me feel odd, had I dreamed it as I was pent up and not had sex for so long, had I dreamed that Ruth was fucking me, had Sara or Fanny joined me for a night of fucking, It was very puzzling.
I dressed and went to the dining room to see if I could get some breakfast when I arrived a smiling Fanny met me.
“Would you like some breakfast sur?”
“Yes please, what have you got?” I said as Fanny escorted me to my table.
“You can have a full English if you would like or just cereal.”
“Thank you, Fanny, I will have the full English,” I told her.
“Did you sleep well sur.”
“Well, I did but must have had a strange dream.”
“A strange dream sur.”
“Yes I had the feeling I was having sex with a woman but this morning there was no sign of anything taking place.”
“What do you think she was like, sur.”
“I would say that she was about 51/2 feet with large breasts and enjoyed oral.”
“Oh I see, I think you have met our ghosts Rosy sur, a very sexy one. She has not been around lately, as she only appears when we have a single good-looking man here, which is not very often as you can imagine. The other ghost is a man and he just makes a lot of noise, clanking chains and moaning. I will go and get your breakfast sur.”
“Thank you, Fanny,” I said, as I sat down Sara brought me a pot of tea and coffee, so I could take my choice. Fanny brought my breakfast which I enjoyed as it was all freshly cooked, not like some hotels I have been in. After breakfast, I went back to my room and had a shower and collected my swimwear ready for the beach and Ruth.
“We will see you tonight for dinner sur?” Fanny asked as I came down the stairs.
“I might be back for dinner, what are we having.”
“Tonight is chicken sur how would you like it.”
“That’s nice being given a choice, I would like it in wine if that is alright, Fanny.”
“Yes sur of course it is, I will tell Clive, maybe tonight sur you might like a real woman instead of Rose to keep you company. She does not appear when we have a couple staying only to single men.” Said Fanny blushing.
“I will think about it and let you know later, who are you thinking of to join me.”
“Well sur It Could be Sara or me or if you feel like it both of us together. Have a nice swim Sur.”


Chapter 4 Two at a time

I looked at my watch and saw it was only quarter to eleven so I thought it was a bit too early to go for a swim so I decided to go for a drive to Newquay. I parked in the town and wandered around the town and the harbour for an hour or two until I was feeling hungry for lunch, even though I found a pie and mash shop in the town, I thought that could wait for another day. I drove back to Trenance and the pub by the beach.
When I arrived there I had a light lunch and a pint of a local beer, which like all local beers, was a good one. After lunch I was ready for a swim so I moved to the same spot I had taken up the day before and put my towel down and as the tide was up a bit I ran down to the surf and dived in. It was stimulating and woke me up as I was starting to feel sleepy after my lunch. I swam out and body surfed back to the beach in the breakers a couple of times. I then started back up the small beach towards my towel when I noticed that there was someone lying where I had put my towel. This made me furious as it was a nearly empty beach and someone takes my spot. I was mad as I stormed up the beach, but soon I realised that it was a woman lying on my towel, cheek I thought she hasn’t even brought her own towel. When I got up to her and before I could say anything she rolled over and said,
“Did you have a nice swim Ian.” as I looked down into the smiling face of Ruth. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini I have ever seen, and Sue used to wear small ones.
“Do you always come to the beach nearly naked?” I said to her trying not to look at her figure.
“Not normally, but as I knew you would be coming I altered my bikini slightly.” as she said this she sat up, and both of her tits fell out of her top, she did not make any move to replace them, even if she could. I sat down by her side trying to hide my erection that was starting to grow.
“Are you not scared of someone seeing you with your tits all out and calling the police?” I asked.
“Not really unless you are going to call them and make me cover up or do you like what you can see.”
“I like what I can see very much, you have very nice breasts, Ruth, I bet they are firm as well.” looking around us she turned and said
“Would you like to find out how firm they are, Ian?” she said looking at me through fluttering eyelashes. I moved closer to her to make sure that we were hidden from the rest of the beach.
“Of course I would, I’m not a queer, I think your breasts are great. I reached out and took hold of the left tit in my right hand and rubbed the nipple gently between my fingers. Ruth closed her eyes and rolled her head back and moaned. I moved slightly and took her right tit in my left hand. So here I was on a sunny beach in Cornwall with a young woman with both her naked tits in my hands with her moaning.
“Shit, I like that, how did you learn to play with tits like that, it’s fantastic.”
“Years of doing it.” I moved my right hand around Ruth’s back to hold her, and I moved my left hand to her left tit as she moved her head back and continued to moan I moved my head down until our lips met. She grabbed hold of my head and kissed me hard on my lips with her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Then she just pulled away and pulled her bikini up over her tits jumped up and said,
“I’ve got to go now I will see you Tomorrow at the same time.” as she ran up the beach and into her house.
What happened there I thought is she a tease or maybe a virgin, as she is teasing me something rotten. I thought the way she kissed me was great, and I could not wait for some more of her lovely mouth, tits and anything else that she would let me get hold of.
I made it back to the Cornwall Mill still thinking about what happened with Ruth was I reading her wrong or what. I knocked on the big door and James opened it as usual.
“Afternoon Sur welcome back,” James said as I passed him and went up to my room and had a shower ready for dinner. I made my way down to the dining room at seven and was met by James at the door and escorted to my table. Again I saw that I was the only resident in the room. Toby came and got my wine order a nice bottle of white as I was having chicken even if it was cooked in wine. Fanny and Sara came and served me the chicken, which was lovely. I noticed that both girls had the top buttons undone as they had done this morning so when they curtseyed I had a very nice view of the top of their full tits. I enjoyed my meal it was a lovely bit of chicken well cooked. As I rose, ready to go to my room. Sara and Fanny were by the door waiting again tonight, and as I passed them I said
“Good night, ten o’clock, both.” Their eyes lit up and they both beamed at me smiling.
I went up to my room taking the rest of the wine with a second bottle plus some glasses. I don’t know if Clive knew what was going to happen later in my room, but I did not care. I had a quick shower and changed into a pair of slacks and a shirt leaving off my underwear and sat in the big chair in the sitting room. Dead on the dot of ten there came a slight tap on the door, I moved over to it and opened it to see Fanny and Sara standing there holding hands both with a bottle of wine in the other. They were still wearing their waitress outfits.
“Come in,” I told them.” Would you like a drink of wine.”
“Yes please.” they said together giving me the bottles.
“Come and sit down while I get the wine, I am Ian by the way,” I said leading them to the sitting room and the big settee; they sat down together still holding hands. I poured 3 glasses and gave one to each of them. I sat opposite them and took a big gulp of the wine.
“Tell me all about yourselves where do you fit into the hotel.”
“We are sisters, the hotel was owned by our grandfather. When he died our father took over, but he lost a lot of money on the stock market and could not keep up the repairs on such an old building, and it fell into disrepair as you see it now, I suppose that you could say we own it as well.”
“Where do James and the others fit in.”
“They were the staff from our granddads time and just have stayed on because they love it here and have nowhere else to go.”
“You don’t get a lot of visitors then.”
“No, we might get one or two a week if anyone in the local villages sends them our way.”
“How old are you both.”
“I am 19 and Fanny is 18.”Said Sara smiling.
“You both look beautiful in your outfits.”
“We like wearing when we have a nice man like you here as we can show off our bodies.”
“You do that often.”
“No, you’re the first single man we have had here for ages”.
“So this is the first time you have been with a man.”
“Yes, if you are asking are we virgins, yes we are we had fooled around kaçak iddaa with boys from the village when we were younger, and we don’t want to be virgins any longer, can you help us to be real women.”
“Do you know what that means to you, especially as I am old enough to be your father, in fact, my daughters are older than you both.”
“Yes, Ruth and I are fully aware what happens and what it means, we have got some Condom in case you haven’t got any as we really don’t want to be pregnant at the same time.”
“Do you mean to say that one of you wants me to get them pregnant.”
“Will you Ian, it does not matter which one.”
“How will you decide and how will you work it that only one of you will get pregnant if I use a Condom. If I fuck both of you with a Condom neither of you will get pregnant.”
“We don’t know how we are going to work that out,” said Fanny” We hoped you would know.”
“You know that there is a chance that neither of you will get pregnant the first time it all depends on your bodies and when you have your period.”
Fanny Said,” We did not realise that, if you fuck both of us without a Condom we might not get pregnant or we both might.”
“Yes that is right, and it might take months as well to get one of you in the right cycle.”
“We know that now, thank you for teaching us that, we think that you better fuck both of us until one of us is pregnant without using a Condom.” said Fanny.
“You know it might be two months before you can tell you are pregnant.”
“That’s ok just fuck the two of us.”
“Both at the same time, together, you must realise that there is a chance you both might get pregnant. If you do there is no come back to me, I will not give any support to any children, you understand this, and it will be put into writing in the morning.”
“That sounds good and fair said, Sara.” I stood up, took their hands and led them into the bedroom. In my mind I was thinking, what is happening to me I am 45 years old divorced, never fucked a virgin, even Sue was not one, now I have 2 teenage virgins begging me to get one of them pregnant and may be a third in Ruth. I was totally amazed what was happening, and I had only been away a week, it must be the sea air here in Cornwall or something in the water.


Chapter 5 The Fun Starts

I asked then if they had ever been with a man before or even been naked in front of one. They said they hadn’t, and it would be all new to them. I moved them by the big queen size bed and put an arm around each of them and pulled them to me. They were both about the same height so it was easy to kiss them one at a time on the lips.
“What I do to one of you I will also do to the other either at the same time or just after and what one of you do to me the other will also do in turn, ok my lovers,” I said to them
“Yes, we understand.” They replied together.
I moved to Fanny and undid her blouse all the way down and pulled it out of her skirt and off of her shoulders. I found that she was wearing a black corset with platform cups that showed off the tops of her tits but supported them, only just covering her nipples; I planted a kiss on the top of both her breasts. I left Fanny and moved to Sara doing the same; she also had a corset on just like her sister. I moved back to Fanny but before I could do anything Sara said.
“oye, you did not kiss my tits, you said what you do to one you will do to the other.” Well chastised I moved back and kissed the top of her tits as well. Moving back to Fanny I undid her skirt and lowered it to the floor where she stepped out of it. She was wearing sheer black seamed stockings. Even if she is a virgin, she somehow knows what to wear to turn a man on.
“Very nice,” I said taking in the view; she was also wearing thin Black knickers over the suspenders attached to the corset. Turning to Sara, I said
“Let’s see if you are dressed the same.” Yes, she was, I now had two teenage virgins in their underwear, and I did not want to strip them totally naked, just their knickers to come off, the corset and stockings can stay it will make them sexier when I fuck them.
“Right it is your turn now to do some work, you can both work together to take my clothes off.” They both moved one on either side of me and put my arms around them while they worked together removing my shirt when it was off they started to kiss my chest and pecks. Fanny looked at Sara and nodded they both dropped to their knees and one at a time removed my slippers. The only thing I now had on was my slacks. Fanny opened the waistband as Sara slid the zip down. Either they had done this before or had rehearsed it well. Together they lowered my slacks when my cock came into view they both gasped. They probably never seen a cock let alone one as big as mine. It might have been flaccid, but it was about six inches long.
“Can we touch it?” asked Fanny
“Of course you can, that’s what you are here for, but be warned it will get bigger when you do.”
“Bigger.” said Sara in surprise as she took my cock in her hand.
“It’s all warm, try it, Fanny.” They were both now holding my cock, in turn, not rubbing it but it was starting to harden and lengthen.
“You can kiss it and take it into your mouth if you like, use it like a lollipop,” I told them. Slowly Fanny kissed the tip and then licked it, passing it to Sara to do the same.
“Let’s get on the bed it will be more comfortable and be easier for you,” I said moving to the bed and lying down in the middle. Fanny and Sara followed me, one on each side with their bums towards my head, which was just right as I could feel their tits and get to their pussies in that position. They started where they left off; I was quite willing to let them take their time to get used to my cock. As they got more adventurous in their administrations of my cock, I started to play with their tits pulling then off of the platform bra and pulling on their nipples. I was longing to get my mouth around the nipples, but that could wait a bit. Together I moved a hand each to their knickers, the heat was amazing, and they were both soaking wet.
I pulled their knickers down their hips and as they raised their legs took them off of their bodies; both of their pussies were open to my hands now. They were both taking my hard cock into their mouths and sucking on it with no instruction from me, not all the way but I could not expect them to do that the first time they tried.
“Now I want Fanny to come over me so I can suck your pussy while you suck my cock, and Sara can lick my balls, this is called a 69 as you can see why.” Fanny moved over and brought her pussy to my mouth while she went back to sucking my rapidly hardening cock. I licked my way up her pussy to her cunt, the taste was amazing, honey with a hint of spice and very wet. I wrapped my arm around her waist to stop her moving and tongue fucked her cunt, I then rubbed my middle finger up and down her pussy to get it wet, this made her squirm and start to make noises in her throat, I then put my finger into her cunt and fucked her with it. I was also checking if she was a virgin, she was and a tight one as well, I latched my mouth onto her clit and sucked hard at the same time as I put two fingers into her cunt.
“Ahh fuck, fuck.” Fanny cried as she came for the first time.
“Change over time,” I said, and Fanny rolled off of me to have her place taken by Sara. I did the same to Sara finding out that she also was a virgin and probably even tighter. This time, when Sara came, she let out a scream that must have woke the whole hotel.
“Right it is time you got fucked for the first time,” I told them,” Fanny come here and lay down by me, Sara you can sit there and play with your pussy and watch me fuck your sister.” Fanny lay down in my arms and I started by kissing her on the lips moving slowly down to her tits making sure that I sucked and bit her nipples. I moved down her body and to her left leg. I worked my way down to her toes, which I sucked then over to her right leg doing the same on my way back up to her pussy. When I reached it this time I licked it from top to bottom tongue fucking her cunt,
“Sara come and suck my cock and get it hard and wet ready for Fanny’s cunt.” This she did with gusto as I sucked on Fanny’s clit and finger fucked her with three fingers opening her cunt up a bit and getting it used to a large object in there. Fanny was thrashing about and whimpering that it was great. I stopped Sara from sucking me and moved in between Fanny’s legs. I asked Sara to come and hold Fanny’s legs open, and then I place my cock at the entrance to her cunt and gently pushed my way in about an inch. I pulled out and pushed in again. I did this for a few minutes making Fanny’s cunt wetter. I pushed it in a bit further each time until I came up to an obstruction, her maidenhead.
“This will hurt you but it will not last very long and then it will all right,” I told Fanny. I pulled out and went back as far as I could go a few times. Then I leant forward and kissed her on the mouth at the same time I took both of her nipples in my fingers and as I kissed her hard I squeezed and pulled her nipples I rammed my cock into her cunt as hard as I could breaking through her Hyman. Fanny screamed into my mouth.
“Fuck me Fuck me Daddy.” as she had a massive orgasm her cunt was moving on my cock and Sara had let her legs go so Fanny gripped me round the waist with them and pulled her cunt up to get me further in as she had a second massive orgasm. This brought me over the top, and I spurted what felt like gallons of cum into her cunt. As she relaxed and let go of me I moved away from Fanny, Sara moved down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked all my cum and Fanny’s juices off of my cock then she moved to her sister and cleaned up what was dripping out of her cunt.
“What happened?” said Fanny
“You just had your first fuck and had two massive orgasm’s, how do you feel?” I informed her.
“A bit sore but happy it did not hurt a lot when Millie my friend got fucked for the first time she said it hurt like hell, she bled all over the place, and she never came, she was really disappointed.”
“That’s what happens when you have it for the first time with someone who is not experienced,” I said pulling Sara to me. I treated Sara exactly the same as I did Fanny, while I was getting my erection back, which with theses two did not take long. This time, when I broke her Hyman, she came for the first time she again let out a massive scream. I also filled her cunt up with my second load of cum.
“I hope your screaming when you came has not woken the rest of the staff up?” I asked Fanny.
“It’s all right Ian, there is only us in the hotel, the others live in the village,” said Fanny, which was a relief as I had visions of James and Clive coming in with big knives to find out what was happening to the sisters. After kissing them both on their lips, tits pussy and toes and they kissed or rather sucked my cock we fell asleep one in each of my arms.


Chapter 6 Start with a special breakfast

When I awoke the next morning, I was alone in the bed. I could remember what took place during the night but this time, there was evidence as the sheet was stained and wet with semen and specks of virginal blood. I got dressed and went down to have some breakfast to be met by Sara at the dining room door, coming up close to me she said in my ear.
“Morning lover, that was fantastic last night, we are both still a bit sore but very happy. Thank you for giving us such a good first fucking with your lovely cock. Let’s hope one of us is pregnant. Would you like a special breakfast from Fanny and me?”
“That’s all right I enjoyed taking you both. Your cunts were nice and tight. What do you recommend for breakfast Sara?”
“As we have told all the staff to take the day off it will be just us for breakfast. Eggs and Bacon are the order of the day.”
“That sounds nice, lead me to it.” Sara took my hand and led me into a small room, which was in darkness.
“We are here Fanny,” called Sara into the darkness. Just then the light came on to reveal Fanny laying on her back on a table, stark naked except for black stockings and suspender belt. Her bum was right on the edge of the table, and she was pulling her legs back with her hands.
“Your eggs are ready, sur.” said Fanny as Sara pulled a chair out and indicated for me to sit down.
“Do you like sauce on your eggs,” asked Sara
“Yes please, brown.” So Sara got a bottle of the prime ministers favourite sauce and squirted it all over Fannie’s pussy, which I noticed had been fully shaved since last night not that she had a lot of hair there anyway.
“Tuck in, sur.” I was told so I leant forward and licked the sauce off of Fanny’s pussy making sure that I did not leave anything in her cunt by using my tongue, giving Fanny an orgasm.
“Now it is time for your bacon,” said Sara” change places with Fanny please.”
With that, Fanny got off the table, and I replaced her, and she then removed my trousers. Sara came into the room, also now naked, she got on the table with me and got into a 69 position and started to suck on my cock as she ground her cunt into my face. This is nice bacon I thought as I got stuck into her cunt as she when to work on my cock. After about 20 minutes I felt that she was going to come and as she did so, I did filling her mouth up with a load of cum. Sara jumped off the table and went up to Fanny who was watching us and kissed her sharing my cum with her sister.
“Was not that the best breakfast you have had sur?” said Sara smiling.
“Yes I never had bacon and eggs like that before, I enjoyed it, it was very tasty. Hotels should offer it a bit more often.”
“Thank you we enjoyed making it for you Ian.” replied Fanny.
“Will you be eating with us tonight sur, it is roast veal?” said Sara.
“I don’t know, I will let you know, thank you, girls.” I replaced my trousers and left the hotel for the beach to sunbathe and swim and maybe meet up with Ruth.
On arriving at the beach, I noticed it was deserted so I took up my usual place by the rocks and lay down on my towel. As the tide was fully out, I decided not go for a swim at the time but to sunbathe. I had taken my radio with me and tuned into to classical radio and started to relax as I listen to the music. After about two hours I heard my name being called from the distance. I sat up and saw Ruth waving at me from the car park. I picked up my towel and bits and made my way towards her.
“Not coming on the beach today?” I asked Ruth.
“No I want to do something exciting today, I was hoping that you would join me.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I want you to come with me back to my house for a start.”
“Ok, lead on,” I said in anticipation of what she had in store for me.
Ruth took me by the hand and led me across the car park towards the little yellow cottage, which she had said was where she lived. She pushed the door open and led me inside. The curtains were shut to keep it cool, and it made the lighting subdued, but I could still see that the room was pleasantly furnished and decorated. Ruth put her arms round my neck and kissed me hard on the lips like we did the day before, but this time, she did not run away. She moved her lips around and forced her tongue in between my teeth to enable her to play with my tongue.
“Are you enjoying your stay at the Mill, Ian and have you met their famous ghost Rose yet?“
“Well, I had a strange experience on the first night if that was the ghost then I have. How do you know about their ghost’s.”
“I used to work there when I left school for a while and heard all about them.”
“What did you do there?
”I was a chamber maid making the beds, but as the place was running down due to the owners not having any money I had to leave.”
“Were the sisters there then?”
“Yes they had just come before I left so I know them very well, have they been looking after you ok?”
“They can’t seem to do enough for me, I don’t suppose they get many guests up there.”
“That is why I sent you there to help them out a bit.” Ruth still had her arms around my neck while she was saying all this. She now led me to a corner of the room where there was a big settee.
“Sit down Ian, I will get you a drink, whisky?”
“That would be nice,” I replied. I thought a whisky would calm me down a bit.
“Here you are Ian,” said Ruth as she handed me a large tumbler of whisky.” Get that down you. It will do you good, it is a rare Cornish whisky.”
“I did not know they made a whisky in Cornwall. ”I remarked.
“It is a big, well-kept secret, only a few of us know about it.”
“It is very good, up with the best of Irish and Scotch,” I commented as I took a large swig.
“Good I am glad you like it, that one is 25 years old.” Ruth came and sat by my side with her drink and put it on a side table, she took my glass and also put it down with her glass. She put her arm around my neck and the purred into my ear.
“Now what shall we do? Ian, I know.” Ruth then pulled back and stood up and very slowly undid the buttons on her blouse pulling it off her shoulders. She was not wearing a bra, and her tits stood up firm and hard with no sign of sagging, the nipples stood out about an inch and very erect. She then without stopping rubbed her hands over her tits stroking them and squeezing her nipples in between two of her fingers. Keeping her eyes looking straight at me she slid her hand down to the zip on the side of her skirt. She undid the button then slid the zip down and then slid the skirt down. She turned her back towards me as she slid it all the way down and off. She was wearing Black stockings and suspender belt and no knickers. Her ass was firm and round. She looked at me over her shoulder, smiled and beckoning to me, then walked out of the room saying nothing. I thought ‘shit’ another one wanting it. I jumped up and followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. Again the curtains were closed, but I could see everything in there. The only furniture there was a massive bed taking up most of the room.
“Get over here and let me strip you,” said Ruth as she started to remove my clothes. Within seconds I was naked, and Ruth was running her hands over my body when she made it down to my cock which was hard as a rock and sticking out at right angles, which it has not done on its own for ages, she ran her hands up and down my cock very gently. She then said very quietly.
“Fuck that is big and hard.” without saying anything else she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck gently on the head. She then started to lick from my balls to the tip getting it all wet.
I thought to myself, she has done this before she can’t be a virgin. Soon she was taking my whole length into her mouth and licking my balls when she did it. It was heaven as she sucked all the way to the top then when straight back down and sucked again. I was doing my utmost not to think about coming, I was thinking about anything except what was taking place in my nether regions.
Ruth suddenly stopped sucking me, and I thought she was going to run as she did yesterday, But no she moved over to the bed and laid in the centre holding her arms up to me and her legs wide open showing me her perfectly shaved pussy, said in a very sexy voice.
“I want you to come here now and make love to me.” I moved onto the bed and ran my hands over her body very gently from her lips down to her breasts and gently squeezed them, bent over and gently bit her nipples.
“That’s nice, I like that,” she purred. I continued running my hand down her body just tickling the skin until I came to her shaven pussy and as I tickled the surface she opened her legs but I did not follow down any further but carried on down her right leg. As I moved down, I picked up her leg, and I moved my body down the bed and took her, red painted, toes into my mouth and sucked on each of them in turn.
Ruth was moaning and starting to squirm. I kissed down the inside of her leg very gently until I reached her pussy; I just gave it a small peck and the up her left leg to her toes. I spent some time sucking this foot. My cock was still hard and sticking up. I worked my way down her left kaçak bahis leg to the pussy and kissed it again, but this time, I licked it up and down from the clit to her opening.
“Yes that is nice …more please…. suck it hard.” she cried as I sucked her clit and moved down and I made my tongue into a hard tube and pushed it into her cunt and tongue fucked her. The juices were flowing out of her cunt and down onto the bed, and she was squirming so much I had a job to hold her down.
“Do you want me to fuck you now,” I asked.
“Yes, yes please fuck my cunt make me cum Ian, I want you to make me cum. Fuck me hard.” God this woman is dying for it I thought so I better give it to her. I moved between her legs, and she opened them up and put them on my back locking them.
“Wait until I get in,” I said getting her to release me so I could get my cock into her cunt. I put the head up against her cunt and gently pushed until the head entered. She then locked her legs around my back so I could not move out. I lifted her ass up off the bed with my hands and pushed a bit further into a wet and tight opening. I was doing ok until I thought I came up to an obstruction. ‘Shit’ I thought is she a virgin.
“You are very tight, are you a virgin?” I asked
“Yes and no, I broke my maidenhead with a vibrator a long time ago, you are my first man, though, just fuck me and cum in me.”
Well, that’s a turn up for the books, 3 virgins all wanting me to cum in them. I started to move a bit to stretch her open a bit. I did the same as I did to Sara and Fanny. I kept pushing in and out just stretching her cunt each time. I bent down and placed my hands on her tits and then kissed her hard on the lips and put my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue. I then grabbed both of her tits and nipped the nipples in my fingers so that it hurt her, to take her mind off of what was happening below. I then pulled my cock out to the edge of her pussy and then pushed it right in and carried on fucking her hard using the whole length of my cock. Ruth was whimpering and crying at the same time.
“Yes that is it…yes yes keep fucking me I am nearly there. I am cumming” Ruth was thrashing about and bouncing up and down, the only reason my cock did not come out was that Ruth had locked her legs around my body and I was under no impression that she would not let me come out until she had got what she wanted. Her cunt was now spewing out fluid, which was making it better for me the more lubrication, the better.
“I am going to come…make me come please…aaarrrhhhhh.” Ruth cried as she had her first orgasm on a cock. This pushed me over the top, and I came filling her cunt up. Which as this was the fifth time in 2 days that I had come I was surprised at the amount that squirted out.
“Shit shit again again” Ruth cried as she came for the second time. I dropped down onto her tits and started to kiss her hard on the mouth, and she kissed me back verdantly.
I rolled off of Ruth and held her in my arms stroking her back and tits, and kissing her gently and nibbling her lips.
“That was fantastic, I did not expect getting fucked for the first time could be as great as that, all my friends told me that it was very painful and that they got nothing out of it. Except for a bit of pain when you entered me there was nothing, but then I came three times the last was when you came in me with such force. Ian, I think I love you, you were so gentle when you found out it was my first time. By nipping my nipples you took my mind off of any pain from my cunt. Thank you my sweet lover.”
“Thank you, Ruth, for saying that. I think you have a fantastic body and for you to give me your virginity, without saying was very brave of you. As I could have been rough, but that is not what I am like, I believe that the woman should get as much out of a fucking as the man, that’s why I took my time working you up until you could not stand it anymore. You are a perfect woman, but tell me two things, why did you run off yesterday after kissing me like you did and put me out of my misery, how old are you?”
“I ran off yesterday because I was not sure that I wanted to go through with it, I fancied you from the first day I saw you, that is why I kissed you on the lips. From the moment I kissed you I knew it was you I wanted. As to my age I am twenty-one next week and getting fucked by you is the greatest birthday present I can ever have.”
“You are younger than my two daughters, they are twenty-four and twenty-two, so it feels to me as I have been cradle snatching.”
“Why? I wanted you to be my first, how old are you anyway if you are too old I might have to call you daddy.”
“I am twenty-one going on forty-five but at this point of time feel about eighteen.”
“Forty-five is not old, and you are fit and can fuck for a long time, what happened with your wife.”
“She decided one day while I was away from home to run off with a twenty-year-old body builder to maybe get a better sex life.”
“Will she.”
“You tell me, I doubt it, these young body builders don’t like expanding energy fucking as it weakens their muscles.”
“I know something about you, that you don’t know that I know. You fucked Sara and Fanny last night, and they gave you a special breakfast this morning, and I’m not a bit jealous.”
“How the fuck do you know that.”
“Well you see, the reason I sent you to the Mill is that Fanny and Sara are my cousins, and we tell each other everything, they rang me this morning and told me what had happened. And I am not jealous that they fucked you before me, but I saw you first, and I told them that I fancied you, and I was sending you to them as you needed a hotel and of course they need the money. I wanted to bring you back here and fuck you when I saw you on the beach the first day.”
“Why didn’t you do it then, why wait until I had fucked your cousins first. What would have happened if they had reported to you that I was not able to take them both.”
“Nothing I still wanted you to take my virginity.”
“What do we do now my love.”
“First we get up and dressed and go and get something to eat at the pub as it is nearly 7 pm.”
“I told Sara I would be back for dinner tonight.”
“Don’t worry I told them you would not be back tonight. They will bring your bags to me tomorrow, as you are not stopping there any more. You will be staying here with me. That is unless you don’t want to?”
“You have to be joking, leave you, I don’t think so.”
“Good let’s go and eat.” Two Hours later when we came out of the pub after having a good meal and a bottle of wine, we walked with our arms around each other’s waist along the beach in the fading light. Well, I thought it seems my tour of Cornwall looks to be over, but I do not mind. I must tell my girls about Ruth, and I don’t know how they will take it possible having a step mother who younger than themselves.
“I better phone my girls and tell them about us.”
“That’s ok I think they will be ok about it.” I got my phone and called Rose.
“Hello, Rose it is a dad.”
“Hi dad, how is your holiday going are you having any fun.”
“Depends what you mean fun.”
“You know have you got, as you say, your leg over yet.”
“I don’t know but if you mean fucking a ghost with the same name as you yes I have.”
“Dad are you taking the Mick out of me.”
“No Rose I had a ghost fuck me, she does it to all the single men in the hotel.”
“You will have to tell me later, but how are you.”
“I am absolutely fine, I am laying on a bed with a fantastic girl who had me take her virginity tonight so I am not going any further round, Cornwall. In fact, she wants me to stay here with her. Oh, by the way, I also have fucked her two virgin cousins, and they are all younger than you and Jodie. Ruth the one I am with is twenty-one and her cousins are eighteen and nineteen.”
“Well done dad you need someone young to keep you going, I will tell Jodie, and she will say the same, enjoy yourselves just bring her to see us as soon as you can. Love you dad.”
“Thank you, darling, I will do that. See you soon love you.”
“There you are, you are ok. Both you and your ex-wife now have a young body to play with,“ said Ruth” but I think you have the better end of the deal.”
“Yes, I know I have.”
“Tell me all about yourself and your life?” Ruth asked.
“How long have you got?” I asked Ruth
“All our life.”
“Ok let’s start at the beginning. I married my wife just over 25 years ago.” I started. After an hour of telling Ruth about my life with her laying in my arms both of us naked on her bed, our mind started to wander away from what I was telling Ruth to the idea of sex and sleep.


Chapter 7 A Threesome

The following day we stayed in bed all morning telling each other about our lives. We got dressed and had breakfast or brunch about midday. I had found that Ruth was an only child and both her parents had been killed when she was young and had been brought up by her aunt and uncle, Sara and Fanny’s parents. When the hotel business crashed due to the uncle’s bad financial bets Ruth had brought her cottage with some of the money that her parents had left in trust for her, and she tried to help her cousins whenever she could by sending customers to them.
About Two there was a knock on the door, and when Ruth opened it Sara, and Fanny stood there with my cases, they both embraced Ruth then they came over to me and jumped into my arms, and they both gave me a big sexy kiss full on my lips.
“Oy you two he’s mine,” said Ruth” but, I might let you share him some time.” Well, that sounds nice I thought we would have to see what happens. Just then my phone rang, it was Jodie wishing me all the luck I needed but to be careful with my money. That’s nice of her, but I am always careful in what I put my money into.
“Ian we are glad that you have got together with Ruth, and we wish you both the best, but we had an agreement,” said Fanny.
“That’s ok with me, I have told Ian he can fuck you both anytime you want that is needed. All our children can be brought up together” replied Ruth” how do you want to split up his time 1 day a week for both of you and the rest of me.”
I thought this might sound good, but I am not a commodity to be traded.
“No,” I said,” I will say when I fuck Sara and Fanny, if we are going to be together Ruth we will stay true to each other, but I will say when it is needed to fuck Sara and Fanny.”
“Ok, you’re the boss,” replied Ruth smiling. With that she stood up and took her clothes off, when she was naked she turned to her cousins and said.
“What are you waiting for.” they both stood and undone the clip at their throat and their dresses dropped down. I now had three naked young girls in front of me. What the hell I thought so I stood and stripped off my clothes. I walked over to the girls and took Ruth’s hand and kissed the palm and placed it on my cock I held out my hand for Sara’s hand I again kissed the palm and placed it on my balls. Next was the beautiful Fanny I called her over hand put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips.
I said to her” guess what you are to do.” she smiled at me and dropped to her knees and without using her hands took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it. I now had Ruth wanking me, Sara playing with my balls and Fanny sucking my cock all without them saying a word. When they had done enough to get my cock hard, I moved them away and took them to the settee and sat them down at the front edge next to each other and crossed their legs over each other so that their pussies were on show. I knelt down in front of Sara who was on the end and started to eat her pussy at the same time I put my hands up and played with her tits. Sara had put one hand over and was playing with Ruth’s pussy and her other on was on my head. I looked up and saw that Ruth had placed her hand on her tit and Fanny’s pussy as well. And Fanny has helping Sara with Ruth’s pussy as well as playing with her own tits. I sucked Sara out until she screamed in an orgasm. I moved straight on to Ruth making sure I gave my lover a good tongue fucking until she also had a big orgasm. Just Fanny to go now and I started to suck her pussy when I started to tongue fuck her pussy, and she was screaming that she wanted to be fucked. Ruth said
“Ian, give her what she wants fuck her silly but don’t come in her that is for our mouths.” cried Ruth I got up and pushed my hard cock into Fanny’s cunt, she was still so tight and within a few strokes I was very near to cumming. I was holding back as Fanny gave a scream and had her wanted release in a great orgasm. I immediately pulled out and wanked my cock in front of Ruth coming all over her face and mouth. Sara and Fanny both helped me milk my cock and then they cleaned me up by sucking my cock and then all three helped to lick the mess off of Ruth’s face and chest, swallowing it all.


Chapter 8. The final stretch
I had spent the next few weeks with Ruth making love to her whenever we could. A couple of times Sara or Fanny got fucked as well just to keep my seed in them as they still wanted to be pregnant. We decided that as my holiday was coming to a close, we would shut up the little yellow cottage until later in the year and go back to my home in the city so I could work to earn some money. It had been a big surprise to my friends that I had gone away single and returned with a 21-year-old girlfriend. I wonder what they would think if they found out about Sara and Fanny.
I had arranged that Jodie, Rose and their families would visit us for a BBQ and to meet Ruth. The girls and the husbands turned up and they got along like a house on fire with Ruth. Their husbands said that I was the luckiest guy on earth to find such a sexy young woman as Ruth, (I did not tell them about Sara and Fanny that was our secret).
The day after the BBQ at breakfast I received another contract for more software and cheque for £200,000 for the last job before my holiday that made the start of the day great. I told Ruth to get dressed up, as we would go out for lunch to celebrate when Ruth’s Phone rang, I could not hear what she was saying, but I did catch the word congratulations. When she came back downstairs she had a smile that seemed to go from ear to ear, she was very pleased about something. She came up to me and gave me a big kiss.
“Sit down my darling I have to tell you something.” She took my hands in hers and looked me straight in the eyes.
“No wait.” she said as she jumped up and got me a drink of whisky.
“You might need this,” she warned me.
“I have been keeping something from you for a week now as I was waiting for a phone call.”
“You are going to be a daddy again.” I took a gulp of the whisky then she carried on.
“You done it good, my sexy lover, all three of us are pregnant, all eight weeks gone.” That was a shock; I thought one of them maybe two but not all three. I looked at Ruth my young lover, soon to be my wife in shock.
“That means you all properly fell the nights you all lost your virginity.”
“Let’s go and have lunch to celebrate and talk about what we are going to do,” she said.
During lunch, we talked about what had happened, and we decided that as both Sara and Fanny were pregnant they could not run what passed as a hotel in their condition. So even if they agreed not to come to me for any help with a baby, as they were both in the condition as was Ruth, we would sell my house and move down to Cornwall. It would not be any bother to my job as I worked mostly from home, which could be anywhere, and we would also get married.
I told my girls what was going to happen but not that I was the father of the other children just Ruth’s. We arranged the wedding for a month later, and all our friends were invited including Sara and Fanny.
Rose and Jodie took to the sisters as they took to Ruth as soon as they knew they were cousins. The wedding went off without a hitch, and nobody found out our little secret. The house was sold, and all my furniture as put into storage until I managed to get a new house in Cornwall. Ruth and I moved back into her yellow cottage by the beach in the interim.
What were we to do about Sara and Fanny and the hotel I thought?
“Ruth, I have some spare cash I will tell what I will do for the girls. I will look into redeveloping the Mill and bringing it back into the state that it was in your grandfather’s time, and then we can try to run it and make it one of the best in the area.”
“You would do that for us, Ian.”
“Ruth, you know I would do anything for you, I will get onto it in the morning, now go and tell the girls, then come here as I want to eat your pussy.” Ruth came back in record time to me naked and got into the 69 position, and I started to suck her pussy while she sucked my cock, just like Sue and I used to do when she was carrying Rose and Jodie, while I rubbed her growing bump.
The next day I found a solicitor and an architect and engaged them to work on the plans for the redevelopment of the Mill. I then went out there and spoke to Sara and Fanny to explain what would be happening and that the Mill would have to close while the work was taking place and that their staff would have to retire as they all really too old to do the job anymore especially if we got bigger with more guests. This they agreed and would tell them themselves. With that Fanny took my hand and led me to my old room, they both took off their clothes and showing me their bumps fanny said
“You can’t really fuck us, suck us both to an orgasm please Ian.”
“You can be fucked for a few more months yet before it will be dangerous, but I will suck you both if that’s what you want, but you will have to suck me as well one at a time.” I grabbed hold of Fanny’s hand and moved her to the bed where a few months ago I had taken their virginities and laid her on her side and then I got along side her and pulled her shaven pussy to my mouth, and she started to suck me. After ten minutes of this, she screamed that she was cumming so at the same time, I filled her mouth up with cum. As soon as she got off the bed, Sara who got the same treatment until she had a screaming orgasm replaced her.
“Thank you, Daddy, same time next week,” said Fanny.
“Yes please.” cried, Sara.

A few weeks later Sara and Fanny moved into a cottage I rented in the village, and the builders moved into the Mill for 5 months of work to restore the building and the grounds back to what they were 30 years ago. I kept a close eye on the work, and the cost’s to make sure it was on time and in the budget. About 2 weeks before the work was due to be completed Ruth, Sara and Fanny all went into the hospital at Newquay to have their babies and would you believe they all were girls and were all born within three hours of each other.
When I told my eldest daughters the news that they had a new sister and that Sara and Fanny also had given birth the same day and this time Rose commented that it was strange, had I been playing away as well. To which I told her that she might find out one day.
The rebuilt Mill was reopened in a blaze of glory and has gone from strength to strength. With more guests each week than it’s had for years. All four of us run the Mill now with a full staff doing the hard work we just supervise and pay the bills. It has paid back what I spent on all the work as well; it just leaves the four of us with the three girls to laze around on the beach and fuck ourselves silly when we want. All of my ‘wives’ have been fitted with the coil to stop any unwanted pregnancies. When we are ready for more they will all have them removed the same day, and they will all get fucked the same time as well, and we will have to see if they all fall at the same time.

Well, you can see my reading friend that I have had some journey through the last few years. I am now fifty with three young beautiful sexy wives and three beautiful children. I have been divorced and down as low as one can get and have been brought back by the love of a good sexy woman. I think my life has now been fulfilled, but there is just one postscript Rosy the ghost did not leave, and she still visits single men staying with us and sometimes when I stop in the staff flat she has been known to visit me, and she gets a good fucking as well when she does.

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