A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 15

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“Are you serious, Mark?” Jessi asked, raising up on one elbow so she could look at me in the dim light of her darkened studio apartment. “You’ll do it?”

The “it” to which my young blonde lover was referring was the threesome with her friend Amara that she had proposed the week before, and that we had talked about earlier that evening.

“I am serious, Jessi,” I assured her, propping myself up so I could look at her on the same level. “But do not make me think about it too much – I will likely talk myself out of it.”

Jessi laughed and kissed me before saying, “I know you will, Mark. But I know this excites you. I am so happy we are going to do it.”

“I think it is usually the guy who says that,” I teased her, which brought a somewhat self-conscious laugh from the lips of the twenty-year-old blonde as we both lay back down and she again snuggled against my side.

“Yeah, it probably is,” she finally replied, and I think that her cheeks reddened, although I could not tell for sure in the low light. “I’ll text Amara in the morning.”

“You are going to see her tomorrow night, right” I inquired, recalling that she had told me earlier that Saturday night was the night she would be having a threesome with Amara and her boyfriend.

Jessi had told me that she had agreed to that threesome so Amara would agree to one with us. She had also told me that she would not be having sex with Amara’s boyfriend, other than oral sex. She had further explained that the same agreement was in place for a threesome for us with Amara -a blonde woman who I thought was approximately Jessi’s age. Amara would limit herself to oral sex with me, just as Jessi would with Amara’s boyfriend. For both threesomes, there was no imitation on what the women could do with each other, at least from what Jessi had said.

“Yeah, but I don’t think that will be the time to talk about our threesome, since her boyfriend will be there and we will be concentrating on him,” the blonde explained.

I was momentarily hit with a feeling of jealousy as I thought about Jessi being with the other woman and with her boyfriend – especially the boyfriend – but I knew that was hypocritical, considering I maintained a friends-with-benefits with one of Jessi’s former classmates – a curvy, thirty-one-year-old brunette also named Jessika.

The thought of the lovely Jessika gave me pause. Jessi had sent Jessika an email a few weeks ago, and that email had proposed a threesome among Jessi, Jessika and me. However, the offer had really been just a thinly veiled challenge to Jessika.

Jessika, who had been angry with Jessi and me, had explained to me how her ex-husband had tried to pressure her into a threesome, and how it was something she would never do. I had assured her I did not want to pursue it with her, and that Jessi had acted on her own. Jessika had believed me, and we had gone one with our friends-with-benefits relationship.

However, just the weekend before, Jessi had texted me picture of her and Amara together even though she had known I was away for the weekend with Jessika. Jessika had not been angry at me regarding those texts, but her reaction to them indicated to me that Jessika thought it was a bad idea for me to go forward with any threesome involving Jessi and another woman.

“I just will not tell her,” I assured myself when Jessika’s likely reaction crossed my mind, but I was still troubled by that concern.

“Is something wrong, Mark?” Jessi asked, pulling me away from my thoughts about my other lover and her likely reaction to what I was planning to do with Jessi.

“No,” I replied. “I was just thinking about whether…”

“This is a good idea?” Jessi finished for me. “Don’t start thinking like that, Mark. We both want this. Just let it happen and enjoy getting two slutty girls at once.”

I looked at my young lover, and with a mental effort, I pushed away my doubts. I wanted very much to do this with her, and I had ever since she had broached it as a fantasy several weeks before.

“How old is Amara,” I asked when it occurred to me that I knew almost nothing about the other blonde other than that she looked about Jessi’s age, had a very nice body with great breasts, and had a sexual history with Jessi.

“Um, eighteen,” Jessi answered hesitantly.

“I did not realize she was that young,” I told her. “Does she go to the college?”

“No,” she replied. “She turned eighteen in December.”

I was about to point out that the college did not have an age limit so long as the person was a high school graduate when the full ramification of what Jessi meant made its way through my brain.

“She is in high school?” I asked, and I could hear the concern in my own voice.

“Yes,” Jessi confirmed. “Her boyfriend is twenty-seven, so there is no problem there. For me, I mean.”

“Oh Jessi,” I groaned. “This is a very bad idea.”

“Why, Mark?” Jessi asked. “She’s legal, and she is only a little more than two years younger than me.”

“What about her casino şirketleri parents?” I pointed out, purposefully moving the conversation away from Jessi’s age. “I doubt this is something of which they would approve.”

“She moved out as soon as she was eighteen,” Jessi explained. “She lives with her boyfriend. Her parents are kinda like mine. They no longer care what she does.”

“I think that might change if they knew their daughter was having sex with a man in his forties,” I countered. “And I know the college would care if they knew I was having sex with a high school student, regardless of her age.”

“You won’t be having sex with her, Mark,” Jessi replied. “Just oral.”

“That is still sexual activity, Jessi,” I reminded her. “I cannot do this.”

The blonde did not say anything for a bit, and I was beginning to think she had fallen asleep mid conversation when she sighed deeply.

“It’s up to you, Mark,” she conceded. “But I’m going to set it up anyway. If you want to do it, just come over on Friday. If not, Amara and I’ll do something together. Or maybe we could just invite Colton over. I’m sure he would jump at the chance.”

“I am sure he would,” I agreed, although I do not think my young lover caught my contemptuous tone.

“Fuck,” Jessi chuckled. “He would probably cum in his pants. When we, I mean, him and me, um, got together, he came almost immediately after putting his cock in me…”

“I do not really want to talk about your neighbor fucking you, Jessi,” I snapped.

“You shouldn’t mind, Mark,” she replied. “He was awful. It helped me remember how much better a lover you are than guys my own age.”

“Well, I guess it is a good thing you fucked him then,” I retorted. “It got me back in your pants.”

“You’re being kind of an ass, Mark,” Jessi pointed out as she sat up and turned her back to me. “I suspect most men your age – or hell, of any age – would be happy at the chance to be with a twenty-year-old and an eighteen-year-old at the same time. They wouldn’t treat the girl who’s making it happen like she’s the worst fucking bitch they ever met.”

“I am sorry, Jessi,” I told her as I sat up and began to rub her back. “I was surprised by Amara’s age, and by you saying that you would invite your neighbor if I did not come over.”

“And I shouldn’t have teased you about Colton,” the blonde responded. “But I was frustrated that I was watching you change your mind when I know it would be exciting for both of us.”

“Well, one good thing, I guess,” I said after a few moments. “Neither of us stayed angry, and neither of us are withdrawing from the other.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jessi sighed.

“Let’s lie back down and try to sleep,” I suggested.

The blonde sighed again, then lay down with her back to me. I snuggled up behind her, reaching one hand over and running it up her stomach until I reached her chest, where I wrapped it around one modest buy beautifully formed breast and squeezed.

We did not talk anymore, even though I am quite sure she was awake nearly as long as I was. I guess we were both too deep in thought to have anything to say.


I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of Jessi doing something in the studio apartment’s small kitchen. Sitting up, I saw her standing at the stove wearing just an oversized t-shirt. As quietly as I could, I stood up and walked around the bed. I moved in behind the blonde and reached around to grab her breasts through the thin material of her shirt. As I did so, I pulled her to me so that my hardening shaft was pushed against her shapely rear end.

“What are you doing, Mark,” Jessi purred as she leaned back into me.

“Trying to get you nice and wet so I can fuck you,” I whispered in her ear while I pinched and pulled her small nipples, prompting a moan and a shiver

“The eggs will burn,” she said, her breathing becoming shallow.

I let go of one breast and reached down to move the skillet full of partially cooked scrambled eggs the back of the stove. I then turned the blonde around and pulled her tightly against me as my lips found hers. She kissed my back just as passionately, and soon we were both breathing heavy.

When we broke the kiss, Jessi smiled up at me before saying, “I think I’m still a bit sore. Do you want me to suck you off?”

“I would rather fuck you,” I growled as I stared into her lovely blue eyes.

“I would rather let you fuck me,” she moaned. “But I don’t think I should.”

“You are really that sore?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” the blonde affirmed. “Someone fucked me nice and hard with his thick cock yesterday.”

“I am sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be, Mark,” Jessi said. “It was all incredible. But since that last orgasm, I have been sore. It is better now, but…”

“Sex would make it worse,” I finished for her. “Then let’s just eat.”

“No, I want to make you happy,” Jessi said, her hand reaching down and wrapping around my penis as she smiled up at me. “And I hear guys like what I can do with casino firmaları my mouth.”

“You are incredible at that, Jessi,” I told her. “But I do not want just that. I will wait until we can do more.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked, a bemused expression on her face as she let go of my softening member.

“Yes, I am,” I assured her as I moved the eggs back to the lit burner.

The twenty-year-old blonde excused herself to change clothes and I tended to the eggs. By the time she had returned, they were ready. We switched off and she plated them as I dressed. We then ate breakfast and chatted. We did not mention sex, her planned threesome for that night with Amara and her boyfriend, nor the threesome with Amara that we had just planned. At least, we did not mention it until I was about to leave.

“Mark, please don’t overthink this,” Jessi whispered in my ear as she hugged me good-bye. “I want to make this special for you – for both of us. Please let me.”

I kissed the young blonde softly on her lips then nodded, intending to do my best not to overthink anything. However, I knew that the issue with Amara’s age and school status would be too much for me to just accept.


I did not hear from Jessi Saturday night – the night of her threesome with Amara and her boyfriend. I knew that she was working until late afternoon and would be hooking up with Amara and her boyfriend as soon as she was off, so I had no expectation of talking to her until at least the next day.

I did not hear from Jessika either. I knew she was also working. I did consider texting her about getting together that night, since I did not want to be home alone with nothing to do but think about Jessi, Amara, and Amara’s boyfriend. However, I resisted that urge.

I managed to make it through the day by going out to a bookstore in the morning and meeting with a couple of colleagues to discuss the first week of the semester in the afternoon. However, I found myself home by 4:00pm with nothing to do but think of Jessi and what she would be doing that night. These thoughts were especially troublesome to me as I had decided over the course of the day that I could not go through with a threesome with Jessi and Amara now that I knew the other blonde’s age.

After about forty minutes of failing to find a distraction, I texted Jessika: “Hey there, sexy. You still have plans for tonight? I would really like to see you.”

A few minutes later, my phone rang. I saw the call was from the brunette, and I answered it with an excited hello.

“Hi Mark,” my curvaceous lover said. “It’s a tempting offer, but I promised my friends I would go out with them tonight.”

“I know,” I told her. “I just thought I would take a chance.”

“Sorry,” she told me. “What about, um, her. Have you guys talked?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “It is, well, um, complicated right now.”

“I can imagine,” Jessika replied. “And that’s another reason I think we shouldn’t see each other, for a bit anyway.”

“The complications with Jessi are not a problem…” I began before Jessika cut me off.

“They are something you need to work out, Mark,” she informed me matter-of-factly. “Just be careful, okay?”

“I will be,” I assured her, feeling a sense of déjà vu as strong as I had had the night before with Jessi.

I realized that I tended to have the same conversations over and over with both of my lovers, although it was not lost on me that Jessika and I only did so when we discussed my younger lover. Unfortunately, I could not say the same for Jessi. Many of our conversations wound their way back to the same issues we had discussed before.

“Call me when you get it all straight, okay?” she said. “Just don’t take too long doing it.”

Jessika’s words drew me away from my reverie and prompted an entirely new concern. I was silent for several moments as I realized exactly what Jessika was telling me. She was indeed putting distance between her and me, as I had suspected on the way home from our weekend in Monterey.

“Jessika, I do not think anything with Jessi changes anything with us,” I told her. “I think we can still see each other.”

“We could,” Jessika replied, and this time I thought I heard some sadness in her voice, “but I don’t want to right now. I’m not mad or upset or anything. And I’m not telling you to not see her, or not to be with her and her friend, if that is what you want. I don’t have or want that kind of hold on you. I just want to make sure you know what you want before we do anything else.”

The brunette’s words lingered in my mind as I tried to formulate a response. I did not want to lose Jessika. I felt a connection with her that was more than the incredible sexual compatibility we shared, and the thought of not having her in my life was not something I liked to think about. But just as she had no hold on me, I had none on her – those were the parameters to which we had both agreed, and which seemed to be working really well. Or rather, had been working well. güvenilir casino

“I do not think it is necessary for us to take time apart,” I finally said. “But, I will respect your feelings on this, Jessika.”

“I knew you would, Mark,” she replied. “That’s one of the reasons that you have become so special to me, and I have no desire to risk our friendship while other areas of your life pull you in different directions.”


Rather than distracting me from thoughts of what Jessi was doing, my conversation with Jessika added to my anxiety. Not only was I left trying to convince myself I should not have a threesome with my younger lover and her eighteen-year-old friend, I could not shake the fear that pursuing it, or even staying in a relationship with Jessi, could damage my friendship with the curvy thirty-one-year-old brunette.

As the evening wore on, I found myself concentrating more on more on my conversation with Jessika. Not only was it easier to think about that than imagining Jessi with Amara and her boyfriend, I found myself growing annoyed with my older lover. She had not been as direct about it as Jessi had been, but in her way Jessika was giving me an ultimatum. Sure, she had not told me that I had to end my relationship with her younger rival, but she had made it clear she would only continue our relationship on her terms. I was at the point of calling Jessika and letting her know I did not appreciate the pressure she was trying to put on me when a text from the brunette popped up on my phone.

“Out with friends, but thinking of you,” she wrote. “I hope you don’t think I am a bitch. I am not telling you what to do. I just want to stay out until the chaos is under control. Sorry.”

As I read Jessika’s text, my annoyance dissipated. I knew why she was doing what she was doing, and that it was for me as well as her. I still did not think staying apart was a necessary step, but I respected her enough to not fight about it.

“I would never think that,” I replied. “And stop thinking about me and have fun.”

“I’ll try,” she responded.

Without the distraction of being upset with Jessika, my thoughts quickly returned to what I had been trying to avoid – thinking about Jessi and the threesome she was involved in at that very moment. Finally, when reading, watching a movie, and writing had all failed to capture my attention, I sat down at my computer and did something I rarely did, especially since December – watch porn.

At first, I tried clicking on the featured videos on a couple of websites I had visited in the past, but the videos did as little to distract me as anything else had. In fact, I think watching other people having sex was making it worse, especially when I saw things that reminded me of Jessi and things we had done together.

Finally, I completely gave in to my thoughts and tried to imagine what Jessi was doing with – or to – Amara and her boyfriend. After a few minutes of letting my mind conjure up all manner of different scenarios, I began searching for videos of threesomes with two women and a man. After wading through my search results, I hit on a video of two younger blondes with an older man.

The blondes were probably both about Jessi’s age, although other than hair color, neither looked like Jessi, or Amara (from what I had been able to tell from the pictures that Jessi had sent) for that matter. Still, I found myself staring at the video, mouth slightly parted, as I began to rub my hardening penis through my sweatpants. On the screen, one of the blondes was sucking hard on the man’s erection as the other one licked and sucked on his balls. Every few seconds, they would change place. One of the blondes, who might have been slightly older than the other, was able to deep throat the man, although with more effort than Jessi had ever shown with me. Still, it was enough of a similarity for me to free my manhood and start stroking it.

After several minutes of oral attention, the man ejaculated all over the older looking blonde’s obviously fake breasts. The other woman licked it all up as the man stood there, stroking himself as he watched. They two blondes then kissed deeply sharing the semen between them.

By that time, my own breathing was shallow and I was leaning forward toward the action on the screen. My penis was rock hard, and I doubted I would last long as I watched the two actresses kiss each other and suck on each other’s nipples. When they lay down on the floor and positioned themselves over each other in a sixty-nine position, I began panting and jerking my hand up and down my shaft faster.

The camera operator made sure to get a close up of each blonde licking the other, and watching them use their tongues to bring each other to climax was enough for me. I grabbed some tissues I had on my desk and ejaculated into them. My eyes never left the site of the two blonde’s eagerly licking each other.

My breathing had just returned to close to normal when I saw that the sapphic display by the two actresses had aroused the man with them. He moved behind the blonde who was on top and slid his now hard again penis into her pussy from behind, even as the other blonde continued flicking the first woman’s clitoris with her tongue.

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