A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 32

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I was standing in my bathroom examining my reflection and thinking green really was not my color when my phone buzzed with an incoming text. I picked it up, expecting a message from Jessika. Earlier that day, my thirty-one-year-old lover had called and asked me to go out with her and some of her friends for St. Patrick’s Day, and I was waiting for her to text me the address to the bar.

The text was not from the curvy brunette, however. It was from Jessi, my other lover. I tapped on the text, and an image popped up. It was a picture of a smiling Jessi, topless. Her modest but perfect breasts were marred by dark red streaks, the start of bruises from my fingers.

“Shit,” I mumbled to myself, shaking my head. I was not surprised – the young blonde had all but asked me to bruise her breasts – but I did not like seeing the evidence. Jessi, on the other hand, loved showing me.

“U like? I jilled off 2 this pic. Twice.” Her next message read.

“You know how I feel,” I replied. Jessi texted back a devil face.

I was thinking about how to respond when another text from my young lover popped up.

“U want to cum here and get my lucky charms? Ive got green body paint.”

“I have plans. I am going out with some people.”

“Change them. I want to fuck.”

I stared at the screen, uncertain how to react to her last message. It was not the bluntness of it-by this point, I was accustomed to Jessi’s directness. Rather, it was the forceful tone. Or, at the least, I was imputing such a tone to her message.

“I will not,” I sent back, anxious to see what her reply might be.

“I can find someone else,” appeared on my screen.

Letting out a breath I had not been aware I was holding, I called the young blonde.

“Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, Mark?” she snapped, her voice cool.

“So, you are angry.”

“Very perceptive, Mark. How did you know?”

“Well, I can hear it now,” I sighed, hating the condescension I also detected in her voice. “And I knew something was wrong because of your texts.”

“What about my texts?”

“You did not use any textspeak in your last couple of texts. Your language use tends to be more formal when you are angry.”

“Interesting. Can I go now? I need to find a hookup for the night.”

“You are acting like a spoiled brat,” I replied, knowing as soon as they left my mouth that those were the wrong words.

“Fuck you. Oh wait, you’ll be fucking her, right?”

“What I will be doing is not the issue, Jessi.”

“Yes, it is, because she seems to be getting all the holidays.”

I thought about denying that I was going to see Jessika, but I did not want to lie to Jessi. Instead, I chose to be open while also attempting to counter what my young lover was saying.

“I was with you on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Valentine’s Day. I am not going to feel bad about being with Jessika for St. Patrick’s Day, of all days.”

“Don’t forget Steak and a Blowjob Day, although I won that one in the end.”

“There was nothing to win because there is no contest between you two.”

“That may be the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, Mark,” Jessi snarled before the call went dead.


“Hey Mark,” Jessika called as I approached her. She had texted where to look for her, and I was appreciative of that. What I was expecting to be a bar was actually a crowded club, and I did not think I would have been able to find the brunette and her friends very easily had she not helped me.

“Hi Jessika,” I replied as my curvy lover hugged me, crushing her augmented breasts against me.

“I’m glad you’re here. Come meet my friends.”

Smiling, Jessika grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. As she walked in front of me, I admired the way her black jeans seemed to be molded to her flowing hips and rounded derriere. And her pants went well with a long-sleeve, off the shoulder, dark-green sweater that showed no cleavage but left her shoulders bare while clinging like a second skin to her large bosom. It was no surprise to me that I saw many heads, mostly male, turn to follow our progress through the packed club.

“Here we are,” Jessika announced when we reached a booth in which three women sat.

The first person I noticed was Karen, a short-haired woman in her late thirties who had been a classmate of Jessika’s and Jessi’s. She waved and smiled at me, and I returned the gesture, although I must admit her presence made me a little uneasy. Jessika and I were not doing anything wrong, as she was no longer a student in my class, but I still had some concern about the details of our relationship making their way back to the college administration, as such situations were discouraged.

“You know Karen, of course,” Jessika said, turning and grinning at me. “The blonde next to her is my friend Jenna, and the dark-haired beauty across from her is my cousin, Barbara. Jenna and Barbara, this is my friend, Mark.”

I shook Jenna’s hand first, trying to remember in what casino şirketleri context Jessika had mentioned her before. She looked to be in her late twenties, with long blonde hair, green eyes, and a thin but attractive face. Like Jessika, she wore a fitted top that showed off an unexpectedly prominent bosom for such a slender woman. Barbara, whose hand I shook next, appeared to be in her late-twenties like Jenna. But any similarity she had to the slender blonde woman ended there. At first glance, Barbara was a slightly thinner and slightly darker complected version of Jessika, although her breasts, while still sizeable, were not as large as her cousin’s. On closer inspection, I saw that her face was a little thinner with a longer nose and brown eyes. But when she smiled, she looked like she could have been Jessika’s sister rather than her cousin.

Jessika scooted into the booth next to Barbara, leaving room for me to sit on the outside. Once I sat down, my lover snuggled up close to me. I was somewhat surprised by this, given we were with other people, but then I noticed the empty beer mugs on the table. Well, empty except for Karen’s, which was about a third full of green liquid.

“So, you’re Mark,” Jenna grinned at me, her eyes holding an appraising look. “I half-believed Jess had made you up to keep me from setting her up on any more blind dates.”

“Oh, that was you,” I replied, remembering the context in which I had heard her name before. “You set up the date Jessika went on before the holidays.”

“Yep, the one where I texted you from the bathroom,” my brunette lover snickered, before kissing me on the cheek. “You were my hero that night. I’m not sure I could’ve gotten through it without you.”

“He wasn’t that bad a guy,” the blonde sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Nah, he just stared at my boobs all night,” Jessika shrugged. “I doubt to this day he knows what color my eyes are.”

“Gray,” I supplied, which earned me a kiss on the lips from Jessika and a shake of the head from the Jenna.

“Fuck buddy my ass,” the blonde sneered, and I felt Jessika’s body tense beside me.

“So, how are you doing, Karen?” I asked the short-haired woman, hoping to change the subject.

“Pretty good,” Karen replied, her eyes conveying both that she knew what I was doing and that she wanted to move on from the prior topic as well. “I’m not at all overwhelmed in English 102, and that’s thanks to you, Mark. You’re a hell of a teacher.”

“Thanks,” I replied, my face warming.

“Apparently so,” Jenna laughed.

At that moment, a waitress arrived with a tray of green beer. She put glasses down in front of Jessika, Barbara, and Jenna. She also sat bottles of mineral water in front of me and Karen. Jenna pulled a card from her purse and gave it to the waitress.

“This round’s on me,” the blonde announced.

“I should pay for Mark’s water,” Jessika said. “I ordered it.”

“You paid for last round, Jess,” Jenna replied. “That means next round is on you, Barbara.”

“Sure,” the dark-haired woman shrugged. “But it’ll probably just be for you and Jessika. Three’s my limit.”

“This is our third round,” Jessika whispered to me. “Karen bought the first. You’ll be up for the fifth, although I doubt we reach that one. Well, Jenna might. I don’t want to get sloppy drunk tonight. I have other plans than to be dead drunk when you take me home.”

“Oh. Okay,” I responded as I watched Jenna down her mug of beer in one long drink.

“I can do that,” my lover grinned before draining her mug.

“Dance time,” the blonde whooped after Barbara followed suit, although it took her two drinks to finish her mug.

Jessika bumped into my shoulder, and I knew she wanted me to get up. I took a swig of my mineral water, then stood. Jessika scooted out, followed by Barbara. Jenna was already on her feet, shaking her hips and beckoning to Karen to join us.

“I think I’ll just watch this one,” the older woman said, which prompted the blonde to shrug and head to the dance floor. Barbara followed, and Jessika grasped my hand and dragged me after them.

“I am not much of a dancer,” I told Jessika as she picked a place on the dance floor and started gyrating to the music.


“I am not much of a dancer,” I repeated, leaning in close to her ear and raising my voice.

“Just move your feet and shake your butt, baby,” she shouted into my ear. “No one’s watching us anyway.”

I did as Jessika suggested at first, and I think I might have even been able to relax and enjoy myself had we been alone, for Jessika was such an enthralling dancer that I wanted to move my body with hers. But her dancing prowess was a double-edged sword. Despite her assurance that no one would be watching us, I saw quite a few people doing exactly that. At least, they were watching the curvy brunette as she embodied the music in her sensuous movements.

“I need to rest,” I told her after the third song.

“Okay,” she grinned, giving me a quick kiss and a wink. “But don’t be casino firmaları gone too long. This isn’t as much fun when I have to fend off random guys.”

I nodded and made my way back to the booth where Karen sat. I took a seat opposite her, then turned my eyes back to the dance floor. Jessika was dancing with a tall, blonde-haired man who looked like he was trying to talk to her. I noticed that my brunette lover never quite looked at him, nor did she appear to respond to his attempted conversation.

“You have nothing to worry about, Mark,” Karen offered, drawing my attention. “I’ve seen her do this before. She’s really good at not letting anyone think he, or sometimes she, actually has a shot.”

“I am not worried,” I shrugged, and it was true. “But I do love watching her dance. It is as if she becomes the music.”

“Yeah, I don’t think most of the guys watching her are thinking that,” the short-haired woman laughed. “But I’m not surprised that you are.”

“So, how long have you known about us?”

“Jess spilled the beans a few weeks back. I mean, I knew you guys had at least done something together after the semester ended, but I only learned it was an ongoing thing last month.”

“How did she, um, characterize it? Our relationship?”

“Oh, as friends-with-benefits. She told me she was happy just keeping it there with you.”

“And did you believe her?” I asked, my eyes darting back to the dance floor as a new song started. Jessika had turned away from the tall man and was now dancing with a shorter, darker-haired man.

“Do you?” Karen asked, her gaze locked on me.

“Sometimes,” I sighed. “Other times, I am not as sure.”

“And what about you? Are you happy with it?”

“Mostly,” I admitted. “There are other factors.”

“Ah, the ‘someone else’ she doesn’t want to talk about, I would guess.”

I nodded, hoping Karen would not ask who the other person was. I was sure she would remember Jessi.

“I know this is not at all my business, Mark, other than that Jessika is my friend, but I’m going to say this anyway. I can’t imagine that this other person, whoever she might be, is worth maybe losing Jessika, who I believe is not only a great person, but one who cares about you far more than she admits.”

“Yeah, I know,” I sighed before drinking the last of my mineral water.

At that moment, Barbara arrived back at the booth, dropping onto the bench next to Karen.

“Too handsy out there for me,” the dark-haired woman said. “I’m sure Jenna is not minding that though. And Jessika can deal with it in her own way.”

“What is that?” I asked, causing Barbara to laugh.

“She just dances away from them,” Jessika’s cousin explained. “You’re the only guy she’s let touch her for more than a second or two. And she’s so good, they don’t even realize that she’s avoiding their touch. They just think she’s dancing. She said it was something she learned, um, when she was, uh, younger.”

If I had not been accustomed to the way Jessika’s face darkened when she was flush, I do not think I would have noticed the physical indication of Barbara’s embarrassment. I was on the verge of telling her I knew Jessika had been an exotic dancer, since I suspected that was what the dark-haired woman was referencing, but then I realized that Karen might not know. So, I nodded but said nothing.

“You mean when she was a stripper?” Karen asked, drawing a wide-eyed stare from Barbara. “Don’t worry, I know, and I know Mark does too. Jess told me.”

“Oh,” Barbara and I both said at once, sharing a glance as well.

“Yeah, that’s where she learned it,” Jessika’s cousin said after a short silence. “Although, I’ve heard she used to do it when she was younger too, so maybe it was a skill she brought to her, um, work as a dancer.”

“She is an amazing woman,” I added, my eyes back on her as she danced with yet a third man. “Did you grow up in Northern California with her?”

“Yeah, I did. I moved here after she and Josh did. He loved it here, and he would tell everyone who would listen. He tried to talk his parents and my parents into coming here too.”

“Josh was Jessika’s brother, right?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, he was. He and I were the same age and grew up together. He was more like a brother than a cousin.”

“Are you and Jessika first cousins?” I inquired, wanting to move us away from the sobering topic of Jessika’s younger brother.

“Yep. Our moms are sisters. I look like both of them. Jessika does too, although she’s got those gray eyes you like, Mark. Those are from her father’s family, as well as our moms’ dad, Ian O’Connell, in whose honor we drink tonight.”

“I thought Jessika had told me her maternal grandfather was English,” I mused, searching my memory.

“She might’ve,” Barbara snickered, a knowing look settling on her face. “And he sort of was, in that he moved to England before he immigrated here. She just doesn’t like to admit to the Irish heritage, as she has had it thrown in her face because of her temper.”

“Jessika’s güvenilir casino temper is not that bad,” I responded, prompting both women to laugh. “What? When she does become angry, it never lasts long.”

“I think that may depend on the company,” Karen offered. “In just the time I’ve known her, I’ve seen Jess explode a couple of times. Now, it was always when other people were acting like idiots, but I’ve seen it happen.”

“You should’ve seen it with her ex,” Barbara snorted. “After one fight I witnessed, I told her she should dye her hair red as a warning. She nearly bit my head off.”

“I just have never seen that,” I shrugged, taking the opportunity to look to the dance floor as I thought about the times Jessika had been angry with me and how that anger had faded quickly.

The sight that met my gaze took over my mind, displacing any thought of my lover’s alleged propensity toward anger. Jessika and Jenna were dancing together as several men attempted to dance with them both. The blonde was a proficient dancer in her own right, but her movements lacked the fluidity and grace of the brunette’s. Still, the two of them dancing enthralled me, reminding me of my fantasies involving Jessika and my twenty-year-old blonde lover, Jessi.

“Ah, the teasing the guys portion of the night has begun,” Barbara giggled. “That’ll be Jenna’s doing. They’ll be back over here soon. I should order another round.”

“I’m fine,” Karen said, holding up her water.

“What about you, Mark?”

“Some more water would be great,” I replied, my mouth dry, my eyes locked on Jessika.

Barbara left to find the waitress as the song changed. Jessika appeared to start our way, but Jenna pulled her back. The brunette smiled, then flowed into the music. But she was no longer dancing with Jenna, or with anyone else. She was just dancing, her body and the music intertwining. I licked my lips, which had grown as parched as my mouth.

“Oh, I see we’ve reached the next part, which is where Jessika no longer cares who’s watching. She just wants to dance.”

Barbara, who had slid into the booth again, grinned at me when I looked at her, then she patted my arm.

“If I didn’t know better, and I really don’t, other than what Jessika tells me, I would think you’re more into my cousin than just friends-with-benefits. On the other hand, I’ve seen lots of men stare at her like you’re doing, so maybe I don’t know anything.”

“Jessika means a lot to me,” I admitted, my gaze darting back to where she swayed to the music, lost in it.

I am not sure what more I might have said, because while I was speaking, the song ended. Jessika appeared to take a deep breath then a step toward the booth. At the same time, the tall blonde man she had first danced with grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back into him so that he was pressed up against her. The curvy brunette removed his hands from his waist, and I could almost feel her surprising strength as she did so. Shaking her head, Jessika looked back at him and said something. His eyes narrowed, then he grabbed her hand.

I stood and stepped toward the dance floor. I was not sure what I was going to do, but I did not want to leave Jessika out there alone. But as soon as Jessika saw me, she pointed and pulled her hand away. She then strolled over to me without looking back, her hips swaying and a grin on her face.

“Are you okay?” I asked my lover a second before she put her arms around my neck and pulled me into a long, deep kiss involving quite a bit of tongue, mine as well as hers.

“I guess you are,” I observed when our lips parted.

“I am now. And I’ll be even better when you take me home and fuck me.”

“My home or yours?”

“I don’t care,” the brunette replied, then she was kissing me again.

“That’s quite a show you’re putting on, Jess,” Jenna’s voice said from close by.

“Yeah, somebody needed convincing that I was here with somebody,” the brunette responded to her friend, although her eyes did not leave mine. “Besides, I rarely pass up a chance to kiss this man.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” the blonde laughed, this time earning an exasperated look from my lover.

“Barbara ordered another round,” I interjected, drawing the attention of both women.

“Well, then one more drink before you take me home and fuck me,” Jessika grinned.


“To your house or mine?” I asked Jessika when we reached my car.

“Mine, I guess. I didn’t bring any of my shit with me, and I don’t have clothes at your place. Plus, mine’s closer, so we can fuck sooner.”

“Where is your car?”

“My place. Karen picked me up.”

“Is she the designated driver?”

“Sort of. She’s like you – she’s not much of a drinker.”

“What about Barbara and Jenna? How are they getting home?”

“Karen will take Barbara and Jenna, unless Jenna goes home with someone. Oh, by the way, you need to be careful around Jenna. She likes to stir shit up. She kept telling me I needed to kiss one of those guys to make you jealous.”

“Yes, I noticed that she seemed to be a bit of an instigator.”

“That a good word for her,” Jessika giggled, running her hand up my arm as she did so. “I always think of her as a snarky bitch, but your term works too.”

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