A Virgin Soldier Ch. 02

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College Babes

This is the second instalment about a forlorn young soldier at odds with his self-esteem and sexuality. Thank you for the words of encouragement so far. All characters are over 18.

Chapter 2 – In the Prone Position

I arrived home almost in a daze, not really knowing how I had got from Leo’s house to my parents front door. I knew that I should be grinning like a Cheshire cat at that moment; however, in my mind I was as unfulfilled as I was in my groin. Julia had used me and then discarded me; what is more, I had cheated on my mate and potential wingman. I could not look him in the eye and invite him out for a beer now.

I put these thoughts to the back of my mind as I put the key in the door. My mother certainly knew me well enough to see when I was troubled and I did not feel like having a conversation about my afternoon… she would not approve.

It was Saturday evening, and as I had no other plans I succumbed to the soon-to-be ritual of visiting with nearby relatives and a drink in the “legion” club. Several scotches, and a few ‘war stories’ later, I had almost forgotten my tryst with Julia. Life, it seems, goes on.

Sunday morning greeted me with the smell of bacon and I dragged my hangover downstairs for breakfast. Later, a walk to the corner shop to get the Sunday paper and some fags (cigarettes, for the benefit of American readers!) re-established the feeling of normality. I was a born again virgin.

Like most families, Sunday lunch is the hallowed ritual in our household when everyone actually sits down together for the only really civilised meal of the week. My mother never failed to disappoint in the roast dinner department. After three months of army food, I must have been slavering like a rabid dog at the table in anticipation.

About halfway through the roast lamb & trimmings the telephone rang. My father, a placid, easy going man, furrowed his brow.

“Who would ring during Sunday lunch?”

He raised himself up and headed towards the doorway into the hall to answer.

“Ralph, it’s for you, some woman named Julia”

My mother shot me a questioning glance. I mumbled an “excuse me” and went to collect the handset from my father, who discreetly shut the door to give me a moment’s privacy.

“Ralph, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, can you come round now; everyone is out.”

You could have knocked me down with a feather at that moment. I told Julia that I was in the middle of lunch but would get there as soon as I could.

I almost got indigestion from bolting the rest of my food as I gave my mother some bullshit excuse to leave. Fifteen minutes after putting down the phone I was standing outside the same front door as I had the previous afternoon. This time, with some inkling as to what awaited me on the other side, my palms were sweaty, my mouth was dry and my stomach was threatening to discard my hastily consumed lunch.

“Steel yourself, Turner.” I thought. “You are supposed to me a man now, remember!”

A shaky finger pressed the bell and after what seemed to be an eternity the door opened. The now familiar, doll like features, blood red lips and piecing green eyes struck my senses like an ice pick into my chest. Julia ushered me inside.

“Come in quick, I don’t want the neighbours to see.”

I stepped over the threshold, and this time there was no banter or tea and biscuits; Julia swiftly shut the door and embraced me. Our lips met and I felt her soft velvet-like tongue probe past my lips and swirl about my own as if it were a dance.

My first French kiss…today was going to be full of new experiences. I broke our embrace and stood back to admire this flame haired beauty, wearing figure hugging jeans and a white muslin blouse that was near translucent in the light coming in from the window next to the front casino şirketleri door. I glimpsed her pert tits and raised pink nipples through the material. She was not wearing a bra.

My appraisal was short lived as Julia grabbed my hand, almost yanking me up the stairs to the bedroom. I barely had time to catch my breath.

“Come on, I told you I would make it up to you, and today is the day”

She fell backwards onto the bed and dragged me down on top of her.

“Undress me.”, she breathed.

Shaking fingers set about their task as I started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Oddly, I remember thinking that it was quite difficult as the buttons were on the opposite side to a man’s shirt.

As the third, then fourth button popped open under my fumbling fingers, my mind was snapped back to the task in hand as I gazed for the first time on the exquisite white, blemish free skin of Julia’s chest with the hint of cleavage between the gentle swell of her tits. The texture of the muslin fabric did not allow the blouse to fall away under its own weight, but was held stationary by those hard little nubs that crowned the surging flesh beneath.

I took a deep breath as the last button was released and I was able to slide the blouse apart. It felt like Moses parting the Red Sea and to me was just as spectacular an event. I was caressing and staring at my first ever, real live, pair of tits, in my young life.

“Like them, huh?” Julia giggled.

Speech had yet again deserted me and I just nodded.

“Don’t stop there tiger, undo my jeans”

Pausing, as I slid further down the bed to comply, I could not resist the temptation to gently kiss first the left nipple, then its neighbour. I was gratified with an audible sigh from Julia and the instantaneous response of both nipples to further stiffen from my ministrations.

The shaking in my fingers had thankfully stopped as I fought with the button on her jeans. As I undid the zip I was rewarded with a glimpse of white cotton panties which become more visible as I tugged at the denim to get it over her hips. Julia raised her arse off the bed to help me. Being in such close proximity to her cotton covered pussy afforded me with my first hint of the aroma of female arousal. My nostrils flared as I took in a lungful of the sweet musky scent for the first time.

Soon enough her jeans had been discarded to the floor and now at the foot of the bed, I again stopped to take in the breath taking sight of this near naked redheaded goddess. Julia seductively beckoned me to re-join her as she discarded the blouse.

Our lips touched again but before I could savour the contact, I felt pressure from her hand on my chest and I was deftly pushed onto my back with Julia following the motion to land astride my chest, pinning me down.

Julia wiggled her way down my body to get access to my own buttons. As she did so her panty covered pussy came into contact with my groin. We both became aware of my erection at the same instant. I had been so engrossed in disrobing my partner that I had failed to notice my own arousal. Julia was spurred on by the contact and my shirt and jeans joined the growing pile on the floor in just a few seconds.

My glasses, too, were gone. I didn’t need them at that point anyway, I could feel my way. The next few minutes were given over to my initiation in passionate kissing before Julia pulled her lips away and, nodding in indication asked “Are you going to take them off?”

We rolled back over and I moved down her body, kissing each part of exposed flesh I came across until I got to her panties. Stopping briefly to relish the aroma for the second time, I hooked my fingers into the waistband and pulled them down. This motion brought my face level with her moistening valley.

Unsure how to proceed, I decided casino firmaları to let my instincts take over. Remembering the porn movies that I sometimes got to watch in the Guardroom in Aldershot, I knew that the centre of a girl’s pleasure was at her clit.

I flattened my tongue and moved in to lap at the moist petals of her labia, moving slowly to the apex where I discovered my intended target. I then lost contact with both my hearing and sight as Julia clamped her toned thighs around my head. She may have cried out or moaned at this point but my world had shrunk to just the sensations on my tongue and lips, complemented by that fantastic scent. I could happily have stayed there forever and I knew already that this was for me as special and as pleasurable as penetration.

There is a gap between my front teeth and in the midst of my oral explorations I thought to gently nibble at Julia’s clit and guide it into that gap where it would be trapped between my teeth and lips. In this position I sucked and flicked it with the tip of my tongue until the body above and around me started writhing in ecstasy and the pressure of the thighs around my head increased until I thought my eyes would be squeezed from their sockets. Just when I thought the pressure was going to crush my skull, Julia suddenly went limp. I raised my head in concern, wondering if I had done something wrong.

Julia was flat on her back, with her normally porcelain coloured skin flushed red from her face, down to the top of her pert tits. Her eyes were glazed over and she was panting heavily.

Remember that I was naïve and inexperienced beyond words, so I swiftly moved up the bed and gently reached out, caressing Julia’s velvet skin, whilst softly asking her if she was OK. After a few moments I was relieved to see Julia re-focus on me with a smile slowly transforming her features.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“What?” was my innocent reply.

“What you just did, it was amazing!”

It was my turn to blush as I explained that I had no idea what I was doing and even thought that I had hurt her in some way. Julia started to giggle again in the cute way that she has, but she stopped in her tracks, eyes wide in amazement when I went on to tell her that I was in fact, up until the day before, a virgin.

“My god!” she exclaimed, “You mean to say I was your first?”

I nodded, feeling a little bashful now.

“Well in that case my little soldier, I have a few other things to teach you before I get finished with you.”

With that, Julia slid down my body and I raised my hips as she grabbed my boxer shorts and yanked them off. Looking down, I was embarrassed again to see that my cock had deflated somewhat following my previous concern about Julia and my confession. I need not have worried, as she grasped my member and sucked it into her mouth.

The sensation this caused was so much more intense and pleasurable on my cock than the frenzied coupling of the day before. Within a few seconds I felt myself hardening to my former fully aroused state. Julia’s oral skills felt amazing.

I am, as previously mentioned, not well endowed, probably just slightly smaller than average. This had often been a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness, and again a pang of anxiety flitted across my mind. I knew from the porn magazines and movies, that had been my sole source of sexual gratification in the past, that women liked guys with cocks ‘as big as a baby’s arm’, as the phrase went around the barracks.

What I did not realise was that most normal girls could not take such a large cock fully into their mouth and throat. So I was treated, on my very first time, to a deep throat experience. What is more, I could tell from the enthusiastic way she did it, and the moans of satisfaction, that Julia was enjoying güvenilir casino it too.

After nearly five minutes of wondrous head I pulled Julia gently off my cock. I was close to cumming and was not sure of the protocol of emptying my cum into her mouth. I also desperately wanted to fuck her again and find out if it would be better than the first time.

This brought me to the question I had to ask…so far everything had been bareback and I did not have any condoms. I was also doubtful if Julia had any either. AIDS was not a factor back then, but the sexual health film they showed in the Army was graphic enough to give me pause, even in the throes of passion. I had not had time to consider it on Saturday, but now wanted to do things properly.

Julia assured me that everything would be OK and she was on the pill. As we both knew that I was OK too, we both relaxed a little more. Women’s instincts being what they are, Julia knew what I wanted. She grinned.

“Time for lesson three.”

Julia scooted back up the bed and moved into a crouching position above my waist. She took back hold of my now glistening cock and guided it towards her neither lips. As she had done previously, my cock was brushed back and forth across her outer entrance. This time I had a grandstand view of the proceedings. I realised that my pleasure was already doubled from my previous experience just by having the visual stimulation.

Her body sunk down on me until our pubic bones clashed together. I could no longer see where we started or finished as individuals; we were now one entity. Julia stayed impaled on me for a few seconds whilst we both savoured the sensation of our conjoined bodies. Her breathing started to become faster and my eyes again moved to her tits which were jiggling in time with her breathing. My gaze continued up until our eyes met. This time she had kept them open and the smouldering passion I saw in those beautiful green orbs became almost as intense a connection as our physical one.

Julia started to slowly push up until I was almost completely out. Then she changed direction and let her body weight force her back down again. She slowly picked up the pace until I was pistoning into her pussy. Involuntary movement in my hips started me up towards her and after a few strokes we got into a rhythm.

Not surprisingly, shortly after I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and tightening of my sac. I groaned and squeezed my eyes shut as I felt my seed being pushed out into the silky cave of her pussy. This was met with a groan from Julia as I felt the walls of her sheath contract around me to force the last of my essence into her as we both came to rest.

Julia slumped on top of me and I felt a sheen of perspiration on both our bodies. We kissed, gently this time, savouring the contact. Passion spent, I wanted to just enjoy the contact of a female body against mine.

I felt my cock start to soften and there was an audible plop as it slid out of her. I realised that I was a little sore but this had definitely been better than the first time. I decided to forget yesterday and try to focus on today as the first time I truly slept with a woman.

Practice makes perfect and I wanted to try another position. Unfortunately, I was then reminded of the taboo nature of our coupling when Julia said that her ‘family’ had gone out to visit relatives for lunch but were due back later that afternoon. Regretfully we agreed that it would be prudent to call a halt to the proceedings.

After sharing another kiss, we both got up and dressed. As we made our way downstairs I reminded Julia that my ‘Leave’ was up in 3 more days and I would be going back to barracks. Julia said she would do her best to arrange another meeting and would call me. We came together for a final kiss before I moved out the door. That had been some afternoon. This time I knew I had a big smile on my face as I walked down the street.

I decided to go back to my local for a pint. I would rather go home smelling of beer than pussy, there would be less explaining to do.

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