A Weekend Escape

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Several weeks have passed since Cassie and Ben joined Jon and me for that memorable evening. Every day for that first week at work, whenever Cassie and I saw each other, I had to stifle a smile, while Cassie’s beautiful face would instantly turn crimson. We still have lunch together every day, as we did before, but the increased closeness we share is palpable to us, and I think evident to anyone who even glances our way. We haven’t had a repeat episode of lovemaking together, and I think it is quietly understood between us that we probably won’t.

Since then, Jon has become an almost permanent fixture in my house, and I have become an almost permanent fixture on the end of his cock. We simply cannot keep our clothes on, or our hands off. He hasn’t exactly moved in with me, but he is only on campus for class, volleyball games, and to pick up some clothes from his closet. I really need to start sewing some buttons back on his shirts. After all, he has bought me new bras and thongs to replace the ones that mysteriously have gone missing.

Last night, after having our way with one another, we lay naked together in the hammock in my patio garden. Jon told me the university is scheduled to host an educator’s conference next week. As he lightly stroked my hair, he whispered to me, “I will be free from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning.”

As I toyed with his cum coated shaft, I coyly offered, “What did you have in mind, kind sir?”

“Well,” he replied, “I was wondering if you and I could spend the long weekend together. Sort of a mini-vacation. It would be like Spring Break, and I would be with the hottest girl in the school.”

“Jon,” I reminded him, “I would be the oldest girl in the school. Those two cheerleaders still snub me at your volleyball games. They call me ‘Granny’ behind your back. They must think I’m too old to hear them.”

“Screw them, and anyone else who doesn’t like it,” he said. “How many times do I have to tell you that I love you, and that age doesn’t matter to me? Remember, you’re only 7 years older than I am anyway.”

That was a surprise when he first told me. Despite his youthful appearance, Jon is actually a graduate student at the university. One evening, after a fairly athletic lovemaking session, I tearfully lamented on how his youth would eventually get the better of our relationship. While holding me in his strong arms he asked, “Just how old do you think I am?”

Between sobs, I managed to answer, “You’re still in college. You can’t be much more than 21.”

After a long, deep kiss I wished could last forever, he placed a finger under my chin and brought my tear filled, emerald green eyes to meet his. “Shannon, darling,” he said, “I’m actually in grad school at the university. I’m 28. You’re 35. What’s the big deal?”

I was flabbergasted. I literally couldn’t speak. He laughed softly, as the realization came over me. Without a word, I pushed him on his back and straddled him. I kissed him hard, while my tongue played roughly with his. With my fingers entwined in his thick, dark hair, I brought his mouth to my left nipple. He grasped my tits in his hands, as I guided his now sturdy cock into my ever eager slit. I immediately began to vigorously ride his more than ample cock.

Ignoring his pleading to slow down, I quickened the pace and the force of my thrusts, as I mercilessly slammed him into my sopping wet cunt. When he realized I wouldn’t stop, he grasped my hips and began to help me pound his hot, throbbing shaft between my legs. I felt his cock thicken inside me, as my own orgasm began to build. I drove his cock fully into me one last time and clamped down hard, as our orgasms simultaneously burst to life. I felt him quiver and buck as he pumped yet another load of cum into me. How I love to feel his hot cum shooting inside me, as a previous shot is forced out of my slot by his purposefully thrusting cock. I rode him until my legs hurt and he begged me to stop.

He told me he loved me for the first time that night – and every day and night since then. I have trouble voicing that sentiment, but I hoped he knew I felt the same. My thighs were once again slick with our combined cum as I slid off of him and cuddled into his arms.

“So, what do you think?” he asked, bringing me out of my reverie.

“I would love to get away with you for the weekend,” I answered. “In fact, I know the perfect place. I’ll take you to work with me.” The look on his face was priceless.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he offered. “I was wondering when you’d take me.”

Not everyone would consider going to work a vacation, but I work in a fairly unique environment. “Fuga” is an unusual resort. One half of the resort caters exclusively to the corporate world. They offer meeting space, conference and banquet facilities, and a state of the art business center. The other half is a member’s only vacation spot that caters to its guests’ every whim.

What makes “Fuga” really unique is that the member’s half of the casino şirketleri resort has several areas which are clothing optional. There are separate pool, patio, and exercise facilities for those members who just can’t stand to wear their clothes. For those members who also prefer an intimate dining experience, private chefs are available to prepare and serve meals in the guest’s suite. That’s where I work. I’m a private chef.

The big corporation I used to work for held a conference there a few years ago. I happened to overhear one of our Vice-Presidents bragging about the private half of the resort to one of his colleagues. Innately curious, I wandered over to check it out. The owners were having an overly loud discussion in the lobby with one of their chefs, when he threw his hands in the air and stormed out of the building. The owners — two sisters – wondered aloud where they were going to find another cook on such short notice. I don’t know what made me speak up, but I offered to help. I kissed the corporate rat race goodbye and I have worked there ever since.

On Thursday afternoon, Jon and I packed some things and headed up to “Fuga”. We were met in the lobby by Laura — one of the owners. After introducing Jon and watching our bags disappear, Laura invited us for a drink in the bar.

“It’s about time you brought him around, Shannon,” she teased. “I was beginning to think you were making him up. Although that smile on your face always told me otherwise. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Jon.”

“The pleasure is mine,” Jon replied. “I want to thank you again for your kind hospitality. This place is beautiful.”

“Thank you,” came the reply from behind us. There stood Blythe, Laura’s sister and the other owner of “Fuga”. “No we are not twins. She’s two years older,” Blythe joked, as she noticed the contemplative look on Jon’s face. “You must be Jon. Shannon talks about you all the time.”

“I do not,” I said, defensively.

“You do too,” Cassie laughed from behind the bar. “Nice to see you again, Jon,” she shyly said, as her face turned that now familiar, crimson hue.

“It’s just that you look so similar,” Jon confessed. “Shannon always told me you looked alike, but I never realized you looked that much alike.”

“We’re used to it by now,” Laura sighed. “In fact we grew a little tired of it, so we got these.” Laura and Blythe turned around and pulled up their shirts to reveal the tattoo designed on the small of their backs. Their different names were written in identical script and highlighted by intricate scrolls. “Keeps us honest when it comes to our husbands,” she laughed.

“Why Fuga?” Jon asked. “What does it mean, or does it stand for something?”

“It’s the Italian word for Escape”, Blythe replied. “We thought it fitting, considering all the marble and the architecture of the place.”

“Now I know you asked for no special treatment, Shannon,” Laura said, “but Blythe and I agree that you deserve a little something extra. We have assigned you one of our personal assistants.”

One of the many ways that “Fuga” caters to its members is the option of enlisting a personal assistant. They are there to insure that anything you need to improve your stay is provided, without having to wonder where or who to ask. They are your suite attendant, your concierge, your front desk attendant, your room service, and anything you need rolled into one person. It’s a bit extravagant and a little pricey, but for those who want it, it’s available.

“Here she is now,” Blythe said, as she motioned to the entranceway. Standing in the doorway was a very lovely, young woman. “Come on in, Britteny.”

Britteny practically bounded into the room. She was just over 5 feet tall and full of energy. Long, blonde hair in a single braid framed elegant, classic features and piercing, blue eyes. She might weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. She was an absolute beauty. If you could imagine one of the Great Masters painting an angel, I think he would be hard pressed to find a more perfect subject than the young girl in front of us.

“Hey, I’m Britteny,” she said in an equally angelic voice, as she took Jon’s hand and then mine. “It’s my job to make sure that you enjoy yourselves as much as possible, so please let me help you. I’ve taken the liberty to make a reservation for you in the dining room at eight o’clock. That way you can have time to relax and unwind before dinner. If you would prefer another time, it’s no problem. I can change the reservation to whatever time you wish.”

“Thank you,” Jon said, as I was inexplicably struggling to find my voice. “Eight o’clock is perfect. I was thinking of grabbing a nap before dinner anyway,” he said, as he elbowed me gently and winked.

“Cool,” Britteny replied. Handing each of us a small cell phone, she said, “If you need anything at all, you can page me by pressing this button. I’ll answer right away and take care of whatever you need. Anything right now, or any questions?”

“Not right casino firmaları now, thank you, Britteny,” I finally said. “How about that nap, sweetie,” I said as I elbowed Jon in return.

“Right ….that nap,” he managed to say without laughing too obviously. “Thank you again, Laura and you too, Blythe. We’ll see everyone a little later,” he added, as he took my hand and led me to the door. A quick glance over my shoulder and I saw Laura and Blythe whispering to each other. Cassie blushed even more red than usual, as she knew firsthand what might precede our nap. Britteny waved at us, and when she smiled, I swear the room brightened.

Jon actually waited until the door to our room closed behind us, before pinning me to the wall and tearing at my clothes. He swiftly got us both naked and carried me to the bed. He spent the next 20 minutes ravishing me like we’ve been separated for years. I lost track of how many orgasms he brought out in me, before he finally released another torrent of cum into me. Falling to the mattress next to me, he pulled me into him, and I fell fast asleep in his arms.

When I awoke, the room phone was chirping and I could hear the shower running. Britteny was on the phone, with a courtesy call 30 minutes before dinner, and to see if we required anything. I thanked her for waking me in time to get a shower and properly dressed before dinner.

“Part of my job, that’s all,” she said in that angelic voice of hers. “Page me if you need me.”

After dinner, Jon and I had another drink with Cassie in the bar, and then called it a night. Upon entering our room this time, it was my turn to start tearing at Jon’s clothes. I shucked my dress to the floor and began tugging at Jon’s belt. Once we were both naked he laughed, “I doubt you can carry me to the bed.”

“Who needs the bed?” I laughed back. I pushed him into the large cushioned chair, and climbed in his lap. I could now ride him in one of my favorite positions. He managed to carry me to the bed, while remaining inside me, before we climaxed again.

We slept late Friday morning. Neither of us in a hurry to leave our warm bed, I paged Britteny. “How can I help you?” came her voice, almost immediately, through the phone.

“I was wondering if you can send up some coffee and pastries for us,” I replied. “A lazy morning in bed is such an uncommon occurrence. I don’t want it to end.”

“I’ll be right up, Shannon,” she said. “I’ll knock and leave it at your door.”

“We’re all adults, Britteny,” I offered. “It’s OK to use your pass key, and come on in.”

“Whatever you prefer,” she replied. “I’ll knock first anyway….just in case,” she added. She arrived in almost no time at all. Jon and I were still in bed and she gave me a knowing smile, as she placed our tray on the table.

After breakfast, we took our time reading the paper and watching TV, until the sun beckoned us through the patio doors. “How about we head out to the pool for a while, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Sure thing, babe,” Jon replied. “Which one? Bathing suits or birthday suits?”

“As if I didn’t know which one you prefer,” I laughed.

We made our way down to the lobby. The clothing optional area is located through a long, private hallway accessible only with member key cards. About halfway down the hallway, Jon grasped the strings to my bikini top and pulled at the string on my left hip. In two more steps, my thong was on the floor. I turned to find a very mischievous grin on Jon’s handsome face. He toyed with my bikini top as he stared hungrily at my fully exposed 34 C’s and completely shaved mound.

“It is clothing optional after all,” he joked. “I opt for you like this.”

“That’s a two way street, darling,” I offered. “So let’s have those shorts, shall we?”

He slowly removed his shorts and his cock was beginning to stiffen. I walked up to him and kissed him. I reached down and fondled his balls and felt his erection building. I grasped his nearly sturdy cock and began to stroke it rhythmically. I backed him against the wall and knelt in front of him. I began to suck on his rigid shaft, as I grasped it firmly in one hand. With my other hand, I continued to play with his balls, as I took more and more of his shaft in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down his warm, thick cock and swirled my tongue over his swollen helmet.

He was nearing climax and didn’t hear the approaching footsteps. I did and quickly disappeared in a doorway. There he stood dumbfounded, his rampant erection in full view, as Britteny rounded the corner. “Hi Jon,” she politely said and continued on her way. “Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself,” she added as she continued down the hallway.

I came out from hiding, laughing out loud. “Very funny,” he said. “You could have told me, you know.”

“Now what fun is there in that?” I managed to say, tears of laughter streaming down my face.

“Are you going to leave me like this, or are you going to make up for stranding me?” I can’t exactly güvenilir casino lay out by the pool like this, now can I?”

“Never let it be said I stranded my man,” I replied. I quickly repositioned myself in front of him and vigorously stroked and sucked his cock. It wasn’t long before he was once again close to climax. I felt his cock swelling in my mouth and sucked harder and faster. I clamped down on his shaft with my lips as he started to cum. Shot after shot of hot, thick cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed every drop, just to be sure I was truly forgiven. Later, while we lay by the pool, Britteny strolled by and gave me a furtive wink. I returned an impish smile and shrugged.

I decided a massage was in order that afternoon, and made my way to the spa. As I entered the changing room, there was Britteny, naked and fresh from a shower. Her tight young body glistened with water beads. Her breasts weren’t overly big for a girl of her stature, but she was by no means flat chested. Her legs were toned, and her ass was a perfect heart shape. She was toweling off her beautiful, blonde hair and was well aware that I was there.

“Go on in as soon as you’re ready,” she said. “I’ll be right there.”

“You’re the masseuse?” I asked, trying to hide the hope in my voice.

“That’s right,” she answered. “I’ll be right in. Lie down and relax. Won’t be long, I promise.”

I went into the small treatment room and traded my swimsuit for a warm, thirsty towel. I wrapped it around my torso and sat on the table. In just a few minutes, Britteny came in, similarly wrapped in a towel.

“You look tense,” she said. “Let’s see if we can change that, shall we?”

She rubbed her hands with warm oil and asked me to loosen my towel. I decided that fair was fair, so I just tossed the towel to the floor. My naked body on full display, she just smiled and said, “Let’s begin.”

I lay face down on the table and she came up beside me. From my vantage point I saw a towel appear at her feet. I closed my eyes and savored the memory of her naked form. As her hands first touched my back, a jolt of electricity shot through my clitoris. I felt her slowly spreading warm oil over my back. She moved to my shoulders and worked them gently. Each firm squeeze was matched by a tightening between my legs. She placed hot, flat stones down the center of my back, and then spread the warm oil over my ass. She lightly traced circles across one cheek than the other. I felt a trickle of warm oil drip down my inner thigh to join the juice pooling in my slot.

As she gently worked the backs of my legs, I stole a glance at her beautiful, naked body. Her nipples were firm, as were mine. Her breasts gently heaved with each breath. She was still damp from her shower, and I watched a drop of water fall from her long, blonde hair. When it landed on me, my ever quickening breath caught in my throat. She looked down and met my gaze. A dazzling smile formed on her face, and she continued her work. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations. By the time she was finished, my clit was aching with expectation, but my heart incessantly whispered Jon’s name in my ears.

“You love him, don’t you,” she said, finally breaking the long silence. “I can see it in the way you look at him, you know. Have you told him yet?”

“No, I haven’t,” I confessed. “Well, not in so many words, actually. I mean not in those words…exactly. It has become very difficult for me to say that to anyone anymore.”

“Is it something he did that’s the reason you find it so hard to say I love you?” she countered.

“Of course not,” I replied. “He’s absolutely wonderful to me.”

“Then why are you holding him responsible for what some asshole in your past did to you?”

“It’s just that…..it’s……it’s….,” was the best response I could manage to utter.

“Has he told you he loves you?” she asked.

“Repeatedly,” I admitted.

“Then exactly what is it that is preventing you from telling the man you love how you feel? I’m sure he’d like to actually hear it from you, you know. Why do you think I stopped myself from making a play for you during the massage? I could see that you are totally in love with him, just in the way you look at him.”

“Thank you, Britteny,” I sighed. “You are wise beyond your years. You are also absolutely beautiful,” I added, as I kissed her cheek and left.

I found Jon at the pool and practically dragged him back to our room. “What’s gotten into you?” he asked. “Didn’t enjoy the massage?”

“Jon,” I stammered, “I need to tell you something. You’ve been telling me you love me for well over a month. You’ve repeatedly said that our age difference doesn’t matter to you. I have always hoped that you can sense how I feel about you. I have always had a hard time putting my feelings into words, and, having been hurt in the past, have been extremely reluctant to voice what I feel. But, here it is.

“I love you. I should have said it sooner. I certainly felt it sooner. I am also deathly afraid that some day you are going to look over at me and wonder what you are doing here with me. But until that day comes, I will treasure every moment with you and tell you how much I love you, until you tire of hearing it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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