A Wild Drive Along The Coast

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Amy and Chris were enjoying a drive along the coast on a beautiful summer afternoon. Amy knew she would enjoy the scenic beauty along the way. She would enjoy satisfying her man as he drove taking the most scenic route.

Amy noticed that they were entering a desolate stretch of road and there wouldn’t be much scenery. She was going to take advantage of the opportunity and create the scenery in a most pleasurable way that would benefit them both.

Amy slowly began to unzip her black sweatshirt. She began to grin in a deviously wicked manner. Chris glanced quickly and saw that Amy’s sweatshirt was almost open. Without saying a word, he waited to see what would happen next. Amy’s sweatshirt was now unzipped and pulled open.

Chris was pleasantly surprised to notice that Amy wasn’t wearing a bra. He licked his lips as he noticed how those pointed nipples accentuated her perfect tits as they were bouncing from the car’s vibration. “Wow baby, that is really turning me on.” Chris took his right hand and reached out to touch Amy’s left breast. She turned to him and guided his hand between her breasts. Amy then leaned back and gradually lifted her beautiful, round ass off the seat. With her hands, she slid her moist panties down to her ankles revealing the nakedness of her beautiful brown, shaven pussy. She moved back into the seat and stared straight ahead.

In a sultry voice, she asked Chris, “What would my man like me to do next?”

Chris wanted to pull the car over and fuck her right then and there, but he wanted to see how far Amy would take things. After all, she was a passenger in the car he was driving. In a commanding tone, Chris said to Amy, “play with those sexy tits for me.” Even though Chris was driving, he wanted to see Amy stroke those babies for him. This would nurture his voyeuristic side but he knew full well to still keep his hands on the wheel.

Amy began to fondle her full breast with occasional nipple play. She was blessed to be well endowed with perky and dark nipples on her supple breasts. One could have a sucking marathon upon those delightful lip smacking casino şirketleri tittie pops. She pulled on her nipples until they were poking straight out and ready for the long awaited attention she would give them.

Amy’s round, brown ass was in the perfect position to be finger fucked while she entertained Chris, by licking her right breast. In a gentle motion, Amy moved her head close to Chris, as if to give him a steaming kiss but instead she licked her fingers and then touched her right nipple with her wet finger. Amy couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in Chris’ pants as her fingers stroked and fondled her dark nipples. Amy continued playing with those yielding breasts and by now, Chris’ cock was a throbbing rock of hardness.

Chris managed to keep an eye on the road without losing sight of what Amy was doing. She repeated the same licking and play on her left breast. Chris put his finger on Amy’s nipple and could feel her elongated, erect, wet nipple and he yearned for much more.

Chris told Amy, “stop playing with your tits and show me your juicy cunt.” Amy leaned with her back against the door and spread her legs. The light from the sun revealed the wetness of Amy’s cunt and her excitement was obvious to Chris, who loved the sight of a completely shaven pussy. Amy’s clit was hard and throbbing so she spread the lips of her pussy and gently gave it a two finger squeeze. The inner pinkness of her pussy was even more accentuated by the surrounding brown lips of her labia. She began to rub the little hooded nob of her clit.

Amy moaned with pleasure as Chris couldn’t help but lean over to get a quick lick of those chocolate colored nipples. The car almost swerved into the unoccupied lane but Chris immediately had control again. Amy’s body lifted from the car seat and her body shook as she continued to rub her clit faster. Her pussy juices were now coating her fingers. Amy moaned and said, “Oooh Baby, I’m going to cum.”

But Chris didn’t want her to cum so he said, “Not yet, baby. Play with your pussy some more. I love how you pleasure yourself. Its casino firmaları making me so hot and my cock is harder than ever.”

Amy couldn’t contain her pleasure. Her wetness seeped onto her thighs. Her pussy was on the bitter edge of climax. Chris reached for Amy’s hard clit and flicked it with his middle finger of his right hand. Amy moaned loudly, because it felt so good. “Oh baby, you’re really going to make me explode if you keep doing that!”

Chris rendered his next command. “Baby, stroke my cock with your left hand while you finger your pussy with your right hand.”

Amy released Chris’s raging cock from its prison and began pulling and stroking the tip of it, sliding her fingers from the cock head to the base of his hairless balls. Amy took her finger and began to slide it inside her pussy. Her hand moved faster along the shaft of Chris’s cock and her finger went deeper into her pussy. As Amy’s ass rocked back and forth, to the rhythm of her finger strokes inside her cunt, she squeezed Chris’ cock as she screamed out loud, “here I cum!” Then in a heaving explosive shudder, Amy came. Her body went limp in the seat with her finger still embedded inside her cunt and her hand was shaking on Chris’ cock. Suddenly, Amy began laughing uncontrollably with a sultry hint of over indulgence yet insatiable pleasures.

Chris said to Amy, “I’m not done with you. What are you laughing about?” Chris was now aroused to the point of needing to spill his creamy seed in Amy’s face. Chris said to Amy in a demanding voice, “Now fuck me with your mouth.” Amy’s smile to him indicated that she wanted this also. Chris wasn’t sure if he could drive while she gave him head, but he was willing to risk a fatal car crash and relished the thought, not a bad way to go.

Amy licked her lips and immediately clamped them onto Chris’ thick hardness and she instinctively knew what to do to please her man. With her lips in a tight wet circle, she slid them down onto his hard cock. Chris swerved a bit to the side of the road upon the sensational stimulation his cock felt at the moment Amy’s tongue güvenilir casino worked its magic. Chris remembered how true to form the graffiti written on one of the stalls in the men’s restroom were about Amy’s blow jobs. Chris suddenly had the urge to slap Amy on her nice brown round ass. This stimulated Amy as she liked rough play, especially being spanked while pleasuring her man by giving him the best blow job ever. This made Amy push deeper onto his cock. Chris rocked in rhythmic motion to each slide of Amy’s mouth on his cock.

Amy gave Chris the best blow jobs and even though he was a head holder, Chris never held Amy’s head as her rhythm was too perfect and her mouth worked such magic on his cock. Chris said to Amy, “Baby, you know how to make your mouth fuck my cock better than any woman I’ve ever known.” Amy’s mouth and entire body could feel the muscles of his cock tighten and Chris’ thighs started jerking. Amy knew this was a sign that Chris was on the edge of ejaculating inside her sexy mouth, so even as she heard a truck drive by them and honk, she kept sucking his cock.

Chris’ body tensed and his cock released his load into her mouth. “Oh Shit,” Chris screamed! “Take it baby. All this cum is just for you.” Amy had to swallow twice to take all he had given her. She couldn’t move as her body was in a state of cum over dose which left her spent. Chris lifted her head and kissed her lips.

It was only the long drawn out echo of the truck driver’s horn which brought them back to reality. Chris had swerved into the truck driver’s lane, but the truck driver was smiling as he looked down from his cab and he saw with pleasure the sight of Amy’s wet brown pussy and round brown ass.

“I guess it’s time to pay attention to the road,” Amy said with a smile. Chris watched her dress and knew that she would deny him nothing. What a pleasurable trip this turned out to be? Even the truck driver reaped the benefits of watching the two of them and stroked himself off real good at the wheel and the memory would stay on his mind.

Chris and Amy continued on their drive up the coast with a big evil and very wicked grin. They were both well satisfied but still wondered what else might take place before reaching their destination? No telling what pleasures were yet to unfold, between these two?


Copyright © Katarina Davis

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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