Aadi – Piss Lover

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Aadi – Piss Lover
Hi, my name is Aadi.
When I was in college, I lived in college hostel, my friends and roommates always offered me to cigarettes and drinking but I did not it.
My room was near washroom of hostel and RO system installed also there.
Once I locked in my room by my roommates mistakenly, I felt piss but door was closed, so I searched something in my room, there was only coka cola bottle which was half empty, so I pissed in it.
Nobody in hostel, after sometime I felt thirsty, water bottles emptied already, Ohh! Hell, what I did, I pissed in left colddrink too, when I unable to control thirst, I took colddrink bottle in which I pissed, and started drinking it, OMG! What was the great salty taste with the coka cola!!
I finished the whole litre bottle.
After classes, my friends came and open the door, they found me sleeping, they felt ashamed for their mistake.
After that incident, I drank my own piss of daily basis.
One day my roommate caught me to drink piss, he told me that he spread it the hostel, I did not understand how to stop him.
I replied to him, “if you say anyone about it, I definitely complaint to warden for drinking and smoking inside.”
He calmed down to listen me.
And I added, “If you need to piss, I m ready to swallow it.”
Then he pissed in the bottle and I swallowed his piss, due to beer, his urine taste was differ from mine, it was not such salty like me.
Now, I stopped drinking my own piss.
Now, I dreamt about taking piss directly through cock, so I bunked a class with my room mate, and said to him, “Listen, today you don’t piss in bottle, I wanna take it directly in my mouth.”
He felt too happy. I took his cock in my hands, it was pulsating, he said, “there is one problem, like this, piss wet the floor or our bed too, then how ll manage?”
He added, “Better to take in your mouth and I piss safely inside.”
I did not want to take anyone cock in my mouth, but once I took piss directly and this was right time.
So I opened my mouth wide and took his cock in my mouth, he pissed in my mouth slowly with full control and meanwhile started rubbing his cock in my mouth, I felt the size of cock grown.
What the fuck?
He enjoyed oral sex with me, in every stroke, he shoot some piss with his growing cock.
Now, he finished pissing and his cock was fully hard rock, I tried to pull him but he grabbed my hairs tightly and continues pumping his cock in my mouth.
Sudden I felt a awesome taste in my mouth, that was great more than piss. I enjoyed that fluid of his dick.
“Wow!” I said.
I asked him about this and he said, “This is semen, Yaar!”
I said, “But it is only mouthful! I need more.”
He replied, “It’s only ejaculate in this quantity only, for more, you have to wait for an hour atleast and suck my cock again.”
I said, “I do everything for that fluid called semen.”
I started watching porn movie to learn more and I found that I gave the blowjob, a type of oral sex, to my friend, so that he ejaculated in my mouth.
Now, I watched the males on road while pissing, it made me happy.
After some more days, I made new friends who fed me semen and enjoyed blowjow.
One day, one of them, inserted his finger in my asshole, it was quite interesting, his finger moved in all in my asshole and I felt very good, then he filled some oil in my asshole and covered his dick with same oil too, he placed his dick dead to my asshole and pushed inside me.
And started fucking me, first ouch! then wow!
After 5-10 minutes fucking, he pulled out his dick and rushed into my mouth, and flooded his semen more than before.
I swallowed his semen with my asshole brownish saliva.
Then he offered his asshole to me, I also enjoyed bareback and left my semen inside his asshole, then I sucked it from there.
When I our three year course complete and exam was done, we back to hostel and packed our luggage, that we all hostel friends enjoyed open naked bath in washroom, they all enjoyed to fuck my mouth and asshole, this was the first day of my life when I swallowed more than 50-60 cumshots in a hour and drank lot of piss.
I selected with good rank in Mumbai MBA College.
I reached at home and then fulfil the requirement of MBA admission.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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