Addie’s Secret Encounter

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Addie awoke to strong gusts of wind and rain battering her two-story home. With horrendous sounding thunder in the distance, she rolled over and looked at the flashing digital clock. Seven in the morning was early for Addie who usually awoke at eight. As she lay unclothed under comfortable ivory sheets, her soft chestnut brown hair was beneath her head. Addie turned and looked through the rain-drenched window at the turbulent conditions outside. Shifting to one side of her canopy bed, she sat up and stretched.

Placing her hands softly on her thighs, Addie inspected her naked reflection in the cheval mirror. Shifting her hands to the inside of her thighs she slowly glided them across her abdomen to her breasts, elevating them tenderly from beneath. Looking down, she pressed them together and smiling, thought that they weren’t bad for a thirty-six year old.

As the stormy weather continued, Addie walked into her closet and put on a pink terrycloth robe that fell just above her knees. After sliding her feet into a pair of fluffy, white slippers, she went into the bathroom. As Addie brushed her shoulder length hair, she decided to postpone her morning appointments and, if the weather let up, keep the afternoon ones.

Downstairs in the kitchen Addie turned on some soft jazz she liked. After starting some coffee she walked through the utility room into the living room. She then proceeded directly to the large picture window to look outside. As she watched the driving rain splashing against the window, she could smell the aroma of the brewing coffee coming from the kitchen.

Addie Haden is a professional woman standing a hair above five-feet, five-inches. She is of average weight and keeps her hair at shoulder length. Her hazel eyes sparkle beneath long curly lashes and she has an engaging smile. Her breasts are generous at a 34C. Her areolas are topped with medium sized nipples and her shaven pussy bears a short strip of hair. Addie’s figure rounds out with a 34-inch waist and 35-inch hips. She loves to dance and has shapely legs. She is skillful at coordinating her clothing and usually wears matching lipstick and nail polish. If her looks were put into one word it would be “refined”. Addie works for an advertising agency, making close to a six-figure income. On the job she dresses conservatively and is known as a hard, dependable worker. On her off time, however, she wears more revealing cloths. She owns a two-story home in a nice neighbor, some twenty miles from her work. She has never been married as she feels it would tie her down. Although she dates, Addie enjoys the single life too much to favor a single man.

As Addie observed the storm outside, she couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would even think about going out.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Startled, Addie walked curiously over the tiled foyer to see who was at the door. Who in the world would be ringing her doorbell at seven-thirty in the morning – and in this storm!

Looking through the peephole Addie saw Garrick, the twenty-year old hunk that took care of her lawn. She paid him one hundred and fifty dollars a week, which was good money for him. With the chain guard still in place she unlocked and cracked open the door.

Its me Miss Haden, Garrick,” he said as rain blew through the porch and drizzled in through the cracked door.

“What are you doing out in this weather, Garrick?” Addie asked through the cracked opening.

Then remembering that she knew him, Addie said, “Just a minute.” And, as she opened the door, continued with, “Come in Garrick; before you catch pneumonia.”

“I’m returning your iron,” Garrick said as he entered, stepping onto the tiles as he closed his umbrella.

“My iron?” Addie questioned. “You could have waited until the storm blew over.”

“No,” he answered, “I’m leaving for California this afternoon.”

Surprised Addie exclaimed, “California! This afternoon! Why?”

Excited, Garrick answered, “Transferring to a four-year college! UCLA at Irvine – and I almost packed your iron.”

Garrick put his umbrella in the corner and opened a small white plastic garbage bag. “See,” he said.

“I didn’t mind if you kept it,” Addie explained, “I have another one anyway.”

“No, casino şirketleri I thought it would be best to get it to you before I left,” Garrick replied as he picked up the scent of Addie’s lightly perfumed body.

“Thanks Garrick, you’re sweet,” Addie said. “Why don’t you wait until the rain stops before you go back? Are you already packed?”

“Almost,” Garrick replied, “I just wanted to get the iron back to you before I forgot.” Then looking back at the door said, “It’s really pouring out there.”

Garrick had been renting a room from a family two doors down from Addie while he was going to the local junior college. They had spoken often as he took care of her lawn on most Saturdays. Addie liked it when it was hot because all he would wear was swimming shorts and grass-stained sneakers. Garrick stands a little under six-feet and weighs one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He has an athletic body type, short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Garrick is somewhat shy and well mannered.

“I’m going to miss you Garrick,” Addie pouted curling her lips. “I didn’t expect you to go until September.”

“My friend transferred there last month so I decided to go early and stay with him until school starts. Enjoy California before I start classes and all,” Garrick explained.

“Wait here Garrick, I will get you some towels,” Addie said.

Returning with the towels Addie continued, “Here, let’s see if we can get you dry.”

As Addie handed him a towel, her mind drifted to the times she would masturbate thinking about him. It wasn’t unusual for her to watch him from her bedroom window as she massaged her pussy. And, in order to flirt with him, she would take him a cold drink wearing shorts and a bikini top. There was always sexual uneasiness between them.

“What time is your flight?” Addie questioned as she handed him another towel.

“Three-thirty, but I have to be at the airport at one, with the security and all,” he replied.

As Garrick dried himself off Addie stepped back to get a good view of this young hunk. Her mind rambled as she wondered if he had a big cock, how may times he had sex, and what it would be like to fuck him.

“Is that coffee I smell,” Derrick asked.

“Sure is. Would you like a cup?” Addie answered, as her thoughts zoomed back to the moment. “I don’t think you are going anywhere soon.”

“That would be great,” Garrick said. “OK if I take off my shoes?”

“Go ahead Garrick, and dry your feet,” Addie replied.

He then took off his shoes and socks and dried his feet so he wouldn’t get the carpet wet.

With the gusts seemingly getting stronger Addie took Garrick by the hand and walked him into the kitchen. With a towel draped over his shoulder, he sat down at the kitchen table. Addie walked over to get some large, rarely used mugs from the top shelf of cabinet. Raising herself up with her toes to reach the top shelf, she intentionally made long scratches on her right rear thigh, lifting her pink robe another three or four inches with each scratch. Flirting, Addie was sure he would be able to get a good look at most of the rear of her right thigh.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“No, I have them,” Addie answered as I took one down at a time.

“You know I had a crush on you,” Garrick softly confessed. “I loved to cut your lawn just to see you.”

“What?” Addie said calmly as she pretended to have not heard him. “Did you say you had a crush on me?”

“Yes,” Garrick acknowledged as he glance toward the small palm Addie had in the corner by the refrigerator. “I’m really going to miss you Miss Haden.”

“Please call me Addie,” she replied.

“OK Miss Haden; I mean Addie,” he answered with a shy smile.

With growing excitement being felt by both, Garrick and Addie sat and drank their coffee.

“What do you like about me?” Addie questioned as her eyes sparkled and the mug positioned in front of her mouth.

Pausing for a moment and looking at his cup he softly replied, “Everything.”

“Well, I like everything about you too,” said Addie. “You are such a hard worker as well as a handsome young man.”

With the stormy weather outside, soft jazz in the background and the smell of fresh casino firmaları coffee in the kitchen, they glanced and smiled at each other as they sipped their coffee.

“Why didn’t you ever get married Miss Haden, I mean Addie?” he asked as he took another sip of coffee.

“Aw, I’ve been too busy to even think about it. Besides, I like to date different men,” she answered, “Do you want some more coffee?” Her knees were now moving back and forth under the table.

“No, I’ve had enough,” Garrick replied. Pausing, he asked, “I have always wondered if you date younger men?” Garrick was opening up to Addie.

“On occasion,” Addie answered with a smile. “Do you have somebody in mind?”

Smiling back he pushed back his chair and put his mug in the sink.

Looking out at the raging storm in his bare feet, Garrick nervously asked, “You like to dance don’t you Addie? You’ve told me you have taken lessons.”

“Yes, I like it. Dancing keeps me in shape,” she answered and feeling he was hinting that he would like to dance asked, “Do you like to dance?”

“Not really,” Garrick answered. “But I’d like to take lessons one day – Oh, my mother says that dancers and ice skaters have the most beautiful legs in the world.”

As Garrick walked back to his chair Addie inquired with a smile, “Are you trying to tell me I have nice legs?”

“Yes,” Garrick daringly answered.

“That’s a very nice compliment Garrick. Thank-you,” She said as she stood up, and moving to a position that he could get a good look, pulled up her robe to reveal most of her legs. “You mean these,” she asked as she looked down at them and smiled.

Addie’s toenails were painted red, as were her fingernails. Her legs are always shaved and moisturized with a silky lotion.

Garrick was still looking at her legs when she looked up at him. “Is there something else you think is nice?”

“Wow, Addie,” he said in an embarrassingly tone, looking to the side.

Smiling, Addie walked over to the sink and, as she looked out at the downpour, pulled up her robe exposing half of her bare ass. “How about this?” Addie asked still looking outside.

“Of course,” Garrick said as Addie lowered her robe, and returned to the table.

And then without hesitation Addie asked, “Would you like to dance with me? One before you go to California?”

Hunger for each other was growing by the minute. Both realized that he was leaving in a few hours and what ever happened, happened. No harm, no foul.

Eying each other for a few seconds Garrick answered, “Maybe a slow one, I’m not good at dancing fast.”

“Ok, a slow one it will be,” Addie said as she walked over to chose an appropriate CD. Finding one she continued, “Ok, here are some good slow ones.”

Addie moved over to Garrick and showed him how to place his hands for dances such as the foxtrot. “You are still damp,” she remarked as she placed her left hand on his back. “Take off your shirt and let me dry you off. You don’t mind dancing with your shirt off do you?” The thought of his bare chest increased the wetness within her pussy.

Garrick took off his shirt laid it over the back of the chair. Addie then started to dry his proud chest and arms. He was thrilled to have this beautiful woman touching him.

“There, isn’t that better? Now turn around so I can get your back.” Addie ordered.

By this time Addie was overcome with the craving to fuck Garrick. After drying off his back she said, “There, now you are danceable: So let’s dance,”

Addie placed the towel on the table and repositioned her hands, holding his left hand up and placing her left hand in the middle of his unclothed back. “Now put your right hand in the middle of my back,” she instructed.

Addie knew her nipples were hard as they rubbed against her robe. Even though they were separated by a couple of inches, she could feel his growing cock brush up against her.

When the song was over Addie stepped back and, while still holding him, said, “See that wasn’t so bad, was it? Would you like another one?”

During the second dance Addie made sure they danced closer. As Garrick realized he was hard, he started to back away so she couldn’t feel it.

“That’s güvenilir casino OK, Garrick. It happens a lot,” Addie whispered in his ear and pulled him closer.

CRACK! Lightening struck close as Addie wrapped her arms around Garrick for safety.

“That was close!” Addie shouted making eye contact with him.

With their lips only inches from each other’s, Addie connected with his recently moistened lips.

The excited couple kissed and fondled each other, exploring each other’s mouths and bodies.

Losing control, Addie took his hand and guided it to her wet pussy.

“This is your going away present,” she panted.

With shallow long breaths, Garrick ran his fingers up and down her wet slit.

“Finger-fuck me Garrick,” Addie pleaded. “Finger-fuck me.”

As his other hand moved up under her robe to her breast, Garrick slowly entered her impatient pussy with his fingers. He was turned on even more when he realized how wet she was.

Accepting the pleasure as she moved her hips, Addie placed the palm of her hand on his firm cock and kept trying to grasp it through his damp pants.

Longing for his cock in her pussy, Addie whispered in Garrick’s ear, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Kissing and holding each other close, they we went up to Addie’s bedroom.

As they walked into the bedroom, Garrick could really sense Addie’s perfume and his rigid cock turned to concrete.

Breathing heavily, Addie unzipped Garrick’s pants and reached in for his cock. As he pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them, she freed his cock through the opening in his light blue boxers and milked it as she struggling to take off her robe.

Holding his cock and gazing into each other’s eyes, Addie walked backwards with him until her legs touched her bed. She then turned Garrick around and had him sit on the edge of the bed. Addie eagerly removed Garrick’s boxers. As the boxers hit the floor, Addie was kissing and licking his cock. She could not get enough of it. She kissed and licked his rigid cock from the base to the head and on all sides. Cupping his balls she then took Garrick’s cock in her wet mouth. Within seconds his cock was blanked with her saliva.

Garrick lay back on the bed. “Do you like that?” Addie questioned when she took a momentary break.

Continuing to give Garrick the blowjob of his life, Addie was fingering her sopping pussy.

With her pussy pulsating for his cock, Addie let go of it and positioned herself above him. As she knelt over his erect cock, she slid her wet pussy lips up and down on its shaft, pressing it to his abdomen. With Garrick massaging and sucking on her breasts, Addie lifted her ass slightly and, with his cock in her hand, guided its head to the wide opening of her ready pussy.

“Oh, my,” Garrick panted as Addie sat down on his cock.

Addie wanted to make sure all of Garrick’s cock was in her, so she rocked and rotated her hips around it. Satisfied she had it all; Addie hysterically fucked Garrick at a frantic pace. Garrick’s breathing became fast and shallow as he tried to keep up with her. But the pace was too fast and cum started surging out of his cock.

At first Addie didn’t realize he was coming so she kept up her frantic pace. Then, feeling him jerk beneath, slowed down and strived to milk every drop of his warm cum.

Exhausted, Addie pressed her breasts on his chest and kissed him around the neck.

Soon they glanced at the window and could see sunshine through the clearing skies. The downpour had turned into a light rain. Still sweating, they held each other until Addie noticed that it was ten-thirty.

“You need to get ready to catch your flight,” she said.

“I know,” Garrick replied.

Garrick and Addie got up and Addie quickly dried his cloths.

Kissing Garrick, as he was about to leave, Addie asked, “Will you come visit me?”

Looking everywhere but at Addie he answered, “I will try to get back here whenever I can.”

“Call me when you get to California?” she begged.

“I’ll call you,” he responded.

After giving Garrick a kiss, he left the house, walking under his umbrella in the light rain.

Addie yelled to him from the front door, “And thank-you for returning my iron.”

Addie kept her afternoon appointments and that evening the phone rang. Garrick called from Los Angles. As they spoke Addie touched herself as she reflected on what had transpired that morning.

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