After Lisa and I Split Up…

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After Lisa and I Split Up…
Lisa and I weren’t working out. We’d drifted apart and I was feeling smothered. Some would argue that dinner on the table every night and not doing any housework was a great thing. As it was, I didn’t like it. The food was great but I was getting fat and feeling trapped. Lisa and I parted. She returned to her Mum’s house and I got a place with an old housemate called Martin.

A year and a half passed and I’d met someone on the tail end of Lisa. That relationship didn’t work out. Nothing noteworthy for here either, but Lisa and I got back in touch and things got naughty. We didn’t ever think of getting back together but had some fun. Mostly we’d meet in Hedge End at an old outdoor warehouse and she’d suck me off late at night.

After eighteen months, Martin moved out and was replaced by Andres who had left his gf behind in the US and came to do his PostDoc work, reanimating locusts…. one limb at a time. Cool huh? He and I got on better than Martin and I. He was open and we’d get drunk together and have a laugh.

One evening, after he’d been living there for a few months he came out of his room looking utterly flat and bewildered. His gf in the US was going away or a weekend with a couple they fantasised about swinging with. It was a dead cert, according to him and it felt like a final breakup. I chatted for a few minutes, conscious that Lisa was due to arrive for a night in in a few minutes. I closed the conversation feeling bad for hum but slapping him on the shoulder and saying, “Don’t worry mate, Lisa’s arriving soon and I’ll get her to suck you off…. That’ll cheer you up.” He gave a halfhearted laugh but the gesture cheered him up.

He was in the shower when the doorbell rang and I greeted Lisa and ushered her upstairs before Andres could say hi and said, “Okay, I just had a conversation with Andres…” I relayed the tale to her (leaving out the part where she cheers him up) and she said how awful it was and that he must feel awful. I said it was and grimaced and launched in to the last part of that conversation. “I, um, for a laugh and to cheer him up, said you’d suck him off to put a smile on his face..” I put up the palms of both hands to kaçak casino placate her before she could say anything and carried on, “So, look, I said that as a throw away comment, so if he gets weird or says anything bad then leave it to me to deal with, okay?” She agreed and we went downstairs. Andres was a gentleman and didn’t say a thing.

The house we lived in was on a steep hill and so the patio was a 3ft drop from the kitchen and the small lawn was a 3ft drop from the patio. It was a nice little garden and after we chatted for a while we all went out for a smoke. Andres and Lisa were getting out very well. They’d not spent much time together but it was a warm evening and the conversation flowed well.

My cigars took twice as long as cigarettes to smoke but they were patient and waited for me. Lisa lit another cigarette and this is when things get blurry. I can’t remember how the conversation turned but I was stood behind Lisa and told Andres that Lisa had a cracking pair of tits. She sounded suitably embarrassed but it was twilight and I couldn’t see her face. I put my cigar in my mouth and, still standing behind her, started to unbutton her shirt. She didn’t object even when I unclipped her bra and pulled it up to give Andres a good view. I was playing with them when I said to him, “Have a feel maaan, don’t be rude.” To his credit, he nodded to her for approval. I still couldn’t see her face. While he was doing this I unzipped her jeans and had a fumble. That slut is always sloppy. I don’t know how, on a daily basis, she isn’t sliding down the street on her own snail trail

After 30 secs or so I fastened her up. Andres had confirmed the wetness of her pussy with his fingers. I’d embarrassed her by wiping my wet fingers across her philtrum, just under her nose before going back inside and the whole thing being forgotten about.

We chatted and laughed for a half hour before I announced wanting another of my cheap cigars. We all walked out and round to the patio and I borrowed Lisa’s lighter and then lit Andres’ cigarette before putting the lighter in my pocket. This left Lisa a little confused and with a cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth and complaining casino oyna she didn’t have any fire. I told her I had something else for her to smoke. She said, “I’m not smoking those shit cigar things,” and twisted her face. Putting my cigar in my mouth I theatrically took her cigarette and packet, returned her cigarette to it before putting the packet in my shirt pocket. I said, “Your smoke is down there,” pointing at the small lawn 3ft lower than the patio. She looked confused and I put my hand on the back of her neck and guided her down the steps and walking her back along to where we were standing. I was still on the patio and she was looking confused until I got my cock out and said, “Here ya go, you can smoke this,” with a huge grin on my face. A series of emotions payed across her face but I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and forced her mouth on to my cock. It didn’t take more than a second for her to change her mind and by the time she came up for air, Andres had his cock out and I was guiding her mouth to his cock. The dirty slag didn’t even complain, she just got on, hungrily, with the job in front of her.

Andres finished his smoke and I threw mine away before I moved things indoors as the neighbours were overlooking but it didn’t take more than a few seconds to get her naked. Both Andres and I grabbed her roughly, while we were fully clothed. We aggressively kneaded her tits and when she recoiled, and in unison, Andres and I put a hand on her shoulders forced her to her knees and started slapping her face with our cocks. She was pretty well trained by this point and immediately stared playing with that sloppy pussy. We could hear how wet it was. She was grunting like a little piggy, taking turns on each of our cocks.

We moved up to the bathroom and the big mirrors for the spit roast. I loved watching her face as Andres fucked her. She was breathless and her expression encapsulated disbelief as well as the pleasure she was feeling. I was delighted by how ashamed she was. I revelled in it and wondered how else I could humiliate her.

Andres and I changed ends and I started a steady rhythm on her pussy. Her head was bobbing in time canlı casino siteleri on Andres’ cock. I was taunting her now and calling her a dirty slag. Asking if she liked two cocks and if she wanted to be fucked some more. She hadn’t cum yet and resentfully pointed this out. I didn’t care whether she did or not and took out my cock and started slapping her arse with it. All the while asking if she wanted to be fucked some more. Her “mid sex” voice is the same as her mother’s. Hot and weird. In the end she just kept repeating, “fuck me.” Lol. Good girl. I started, slowly and firmly pushing my cock in to her arse. She was mortified. I’d done her in the arse before and she squeezed out a turd once. It was solid, thank fuck, but I loved her shame. I held her hips tightly once the head was in and after a few controlled and controlling strokes she just began to take it. Grunting more now with her mouth still on Andres’ cock.

Once we’d done this she was actually hungry for a cock in her pussy and arse. Sadly Andres wasn’t long enough to make this happen so we blamed it on her, told her she was shit and wanked over her face until plastering her with cum. She revelled in all of it. Still rubbing and fingering her pussy and getting her mouth, enthusiastically on whichever cock she could while we wanked.

Andres and I went downstairs, I said to her, “Have a shower, you dirty slag,” and she did have a quick one.

Once downstairs we were all naked and she was sat on the breakfast bar stool while Andres as busy at the stove making hot chocolate. I was horny af. I got Lisa to get on her knees and go back and forth between Andres and I. I was now on the stool and she’d sucked us both to hardness. I then put her back on the stool, lifted her legs over my shoulders and slid my cock in. I’d no intention of it being a long fuck but Andres and I took turns stirring the hot chocolate and stirring her still sloppy pussy with our hard cocks.

I spunked in her pussy that time. Andres watched and wanked his cock. She waited for him to fuck her but he was serving the hot chocolate now. I said wank in to her hot chocolate and he did. The rest of the evening went smoothly. Lisa was satisfied by home time. Andres was somewhat cheered. I was horny as hell despite having shot my load four times.

There were more occasions. None as horny as that. There’s something about boundary pushing and spontaneity that beats planning, every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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