After School With Miss Singh

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Miss Singh was awful quiet that Friday afternoon. She sat behind her desk, looked down at the papers she was supposed to be grading, but her hands were not moving. She looked to be a far away planet and rules of this world no longer were intended for her.

Outside the afternoon was bright and sunny. This was the hottest summer in years. The beaches were packed every afternoon. Almost nobody was staying home anymore. A bunch of kids were playing tackle football in the grass outside of Miss Singh’s first window.

Freddy Gordon glanced over at the best teacher he ever had and saw the look on her face. She was an attractive Indian woman with a face he could stare at for hours. If time had no made them fifteen years apart he would have married her. But Freddy was too young to think anything serious could ever happen between them. He was eighteen years old and they were plenty fish in the sea. It was still in his best interest to stare at the lovely woman, however. She was dressed for the summer, a pink shirt with a Teddy bear in the middle and black shorts that went down to her knees. Her skin was dark brown and she was skinny as a toothpick. Her breasts were very small and still very lovely. She looked very enticing to most men around the school and most students who saw her walking passed them.

Her long dark hair was Freddy’s favorite part of Miss Singh. He loved the way it glistened in the morning. He loved the way in went down to the crack of her bony ass. Miss Singh could always make him feel so venerable, so desperate. He could love her forever if he had the opportunity.

He resisted the intense urges to stare at her any longer and got back to his American History work. Her image was captured in his mind. His fantasies were written in thick green notebooks. Someday he would be with Miss Singh, he felt this to be true.

The fifteen minutes left in the class went by quickly. The sound of the bell that signaled the end of class, and more importantly to most, the end of school, caught Freddy by surprise. He did not want the period to end so fast. He got out of his seat nonetheless and made his way out of Miss Singh’s American History class. That’s when he heard her voice calling him from behind.

Freddy turned around and saw Miss Singh looking at him. She was slightly smiling, but she also looked concerned.

“Is there a reason for you staring at me so much during class?” Miss Singh asked when he arrived at the front of her desk.

There was plan etched in his mind if Miss Singh ever caught him staring. He had the perfect story made up in his head.

“I wasn’t staring at you,” he said, keeping his acting skills in control. “I was watching the clock.” He pointed to the clock behind Miss Singh as if to prove himself correct.

“You stare at the clock ten casino şirketleri to fifteen minutes a day,” she said. “Is my class that boring. You just can’t wait to get out of here.” Miss Singh sounded a little hurt.

“Well the work is too easy. I get an A on just about everything you hand out. But I’m just like most other students here, I just can’t wait to get out of school.”

“You are one of my better students,” she spoke slowly. “You have the highest grade of all five of my classes combined.”

Freddy was absolutely proud of this fact. He was never a bright student, but because Miss Singh was the only teacher he actually liked, he gave each assignment she gave his best effort.

“I’m really proud of you, Freddy,” she continued. “You do all the work, you never hand in anything late, you never come in late and you never ever complain about all the work I give. Hell, you have not missed a single day.”

Freddy saw a glare in her eyes. Was that lust? He wasn’t sure, but it looked like it.

“I’m glad my class gives you so much fulfillment,” she talked slower. “It makes me feel like I’m doing a good job. I grew up in India and life there was so much harder. You considered lucky to get a chance to go to school. Here the opportunity comes for everyone and so many just toss it away. But not you. I’m glad to see you achieve so highly in my class, but disappointed to hear you find my class boring.”

Freddy quickly thought of something to say. He did want this moment to end. He had a good chance with his favorite teacher if he didn’t ruin it.

“Your class isn’t boring. I like doing the work. I think your great teacher. The best teacher I ever had.”

She smiled revealing her white teeth. Her eyes were moving up and down, seeming to get a good look at Freddy’s body. If she was than she liked what she saw. Her smile brightened.

“Thanks,” Miss Singh said. Her voice was higher, filled with glee. “You’re one of my favorite students. Maybe the best I ever had.”

“Maybe,” he acted disappointed. “Who else will do all your work and never complain once?”

“Not too many. But homework, class work, quizzes and tests don’t tell me everything. I need to get to know you in away know other teacher gets to know before I call you my favorite.”

Freddy’s heart was beating a little faster. Miss Singh was staring a whole through his eyes.

“You look like one of the strongest I’ve ever had in class. You look gentle though.”

Freddy stood at six foot three and about two hundred pounds. His blonde hair and green eyes made him look like any other all-American young men. He played football and basketball for the first four years of his high school life, and even gave baseball and track a go. He was in excellent condition, indeed very strong, but Miss casino firmaları Singh was right, he was very gentle. Athletics had only made him appear tough in the eyes of his friends and other classmates. Without athletics his schoolwork has improved.

“You’re very handsome,” Miss Singh continued. “I watch you sometimes. I know you watch me from your desk and there’s no shame in it. I watch you from mine all the time. Before I got to sleep I dream about your smooth touch. I wonder how you feel deep inside of me.” Miss Singh stood up and walked over to the door. She locked it from the inside. “I need you so bad, Freddy. I’ll go crazy if I wait any longer. You make feel special.”

Freddy didn’t actually no what to say. He looked at his teacher who was slowly walking toward him, her eyes full of lust, and her tongue rolling around her dark lips. “I guess should be reward for outstanding achievements in your class, huh,” was all he did say.

Miss Singh nodded her head in agreement. She put her hands on his face and slowly caressed his cheeks, nose, mouth and forehead. She moved her face closer to him and began kissing his nose and eyes, then she softly kissed his lips. The kissing became more powerful. Each wanted to feel each other’s tongue. Their hands roamed their bodies. Freddy broke the longest kiss and moved his lips down her neck. Miss Singh moaned lightly while she unbuttoned Freddy’s pants. She slid her hands in his boxers and felt his awakening penis with her hands.

Freddy’s dream was finally coming true and he couldn’t believe it. Miss Singh was pulling down his boxers and taking his throbbing penis in her hands. She spit on his penis and stroked it in her hands lightly.

“I want this to be the best day of your life,” Miss Singh said.

She took Freddy’s penis deep into her mouth. She licked all around his shaft, taking in his salty flesh with all the pleasure in the world. She sucked him down to his balls and let it back up again. Freddy’s watched his cock disappear and reappear from Miss Singh’s tight little mouth. Her hands were wrapped around his legs so that she could bury his cock with her mouth. Freddy grabbed her by the side of her face and began pumping into her mouth. They constantly met each other’s pace, no matter how fast they went. Miss Singh wrapped her dark lips around his cock tight so she could feel like Freddy was fucking her mouth. Freddy imagined Miss Singh’s tight lips to be her pussy. He badly wanted to fuck his favorite teacher.

Miss Singh took his cock out of her mouth. She rubbed his pre-cum all over her face, then licked his balls while his penis stood gently on her forehead.

“I want you to fuck me,” Miss Singh said.

“I want you so much,” Freddy said back.

Miss Singh took off her shorts and her cotton panties. güvenilir casino Her pussy looked so tempting. Her fingers were already teasing the opening. She was shaved. Miss Singh gently laid Freddy on the classroom floor and mounted his cock. Her pussy was tight, it took effort to get his cock inside of her, but when the job was done there was no better feeling. Miss Singh rode his cock like a true cow girl. She did all the work for him, holding his hands down and throwing herself on his wonderful cock. She moaned lightly. There were still people remaining in the building. Miss Singh, Freddy knew, couldn’t afford to get caught fucking a student.

Her pussy juiced were running down his cock. It was the best experience Freddy ever had. Miss Singh, who would believe this tale. He lifted his head up and kissed her again. Her hands played with her small breasts through the fabric of her pink shirt. Finally he took off her shirt. He sucked he tiny breasts through he bra.

“I love your cock,” she moaned in a whisper. “Oh, yeah, suck my nipples. Oh, oh.”

Freddy lightly sank his teeth into her dark nipples and Miss Singh let out a small scream. She slapped his stomach lightly and rode him faster.

Miss Singh got up without warning. The Indian beauty knocked all the papers and junk off her desk and laid down on it. She spread her legs wide and told Freddy to fuck her pussy.

She held her legs wide apart and Freddy entered her gooey warmth once again. He fucked her with all he had, trying to return the kindness Miss Singh had showed him so far. He pumped his cock out of her tight wet pussy and listened to her soft moans. She touched his cock as passed in and out with the tip of her fingers. Freddy leaned down and sucked her nipples once more.

Miss Singh was rocked by a violent orgasm seconds later. Freddy took off his shirt and she rammed in her mouth to shut down the screams. When it seemed to be over her sped up the pace once more.

“Fuck me. Fuck me, hard. Fuck me, fast.”

Freddy obeyed. His body was becoming exhausted quicker. The hardness of his cock and the wet tightness of his pussy were making strong friction. He felt the cum flowing through his balls.

“I’m gonna cum,” he shouted.

“Then cum deep inside of me.”

Freddy let out a deep breath and was rocked by his own orgasm as his cum spewed deep inside of Miss Singh. He came for an entire minutes. When it was over both were tired, but they both wanted more of each other.

“Have you ever had real Indian food,” Miss Singh asked when they were both dressed. Freddy’s cum was still dripping down her legs, but it never went down passed her shorts.

“No,” Freddy said.

“Maybe you should come over then. Our food is so hot and spicy it’ll make your eyes water.”

He followed Miss Singh to the parking lot and got in her beat up car. They drove off together.

Despite the differences in their age, time had not cheated this perfect couple.

Oh, in case you were wondering, they ended up living happily ever after.

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