Almost caught

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Almost caught
So tonight the teenage neighbor sees my wife head off to the bar. Next thing I know my dog is barking like crazy. I get put of bed naked to go see what’s going on. He is standing at door. Shit I’m naked oh well

Me “what do you need”
Nb “got any booze”
Me “maybe what’s it worth to you”
Nb “let’s have some fun”

I let him in and we go to bedroom. He gets undressed and I start sucking his rock hard cock. He moans with delight. Soon he starts sucking my dick. My cock starts throbbing right away. Blake is taking my whole cock in his mouth. I’m not that big but my wife cannot do this. It feels so good deep in his mouth.

Me “get on top of me for 69”
Blake “that sounds hot”

As we are in 69 sucking each others dicks I hear a noise. Oh shit wife is home. She wasn’t gone very long. He grabs his clothes and bahis siteleri scurries to basement to hide. I soon realize it was the neighbors. So he comes back up for more fun.

Blake “can i fuck you”
Me “yes but go slow”

He slips his rock hard cock in my ass and starts moving in and out. It feels so good. He then grabs my cock and strokes it. I am leaking precum good while he fucks me.

Blake “I am close”
Me “so am I”
Blake “where do i cum”
Me “all over me”

The thought of him blowing a load on me gets me excited and I start to cum. All of a sudden he jumps up and runs downstairs. I was like what the fuck. I had cum a little. All of a sudden my wife walks in.

Me “hey sexy”
Wife “not tonight I’m not in the mood”

We fall asleep and I wake up a few hours later. I am so fucking horny. I go down to basement bahis şirketleri and Blake is down there.

Me “shit I’m sorry Blake”
Blake “I’m good drank all your beer”
Me ” good easier to take advantage of you”

I bend him over the couch and start fucking his ass. It is so tight. Thrusting myself in deep and hard as I listen to him moan. I pull out and make him suck my cock. Shoving it down his throat and facefucking him. He starts drooling and gagging.

Blake “omg treat me like a slut”

I shove my cock back in his tight ass and stick my tongue down his throat. Fucking him hard as I kiss him. I cant help myself as I throat fuck him again. The drool running down his face as he gags on my cock. Just when he cant take any more I slam it back up his ass.

I can tell he is at the point of collapsing. canlı bahis Exhausted from the hard fuck and gagging. So I start sucking his cock. Feeling it throb in my mouth as i move up and down. Then i sit on his hard cock and ride it. I can feel I am close to cumming so I get him back on his knees.

He cant hardly keep his eyes open as I fuck his throat. All of a sudden I cum deep in his throat. His eyes get really big as I blow my load in him.

Me “my God that felt good”
Blake “I dont know how much more I can take”
Me ” but you like it and you know it”
Blake “fuck yes”

I start sucking his dick fast and as deep as I cum. I can taste his precum. I shove 2 fingers up his ass and he blows a huge load in my mouth. I keep sucking till he goes limp

Exhausted he lays on my couch ready to call in a night. I realize we have been fucking for almost 2 hours. So I crawl back into bed with my wife. But that doesnt last as I am wide awake. I go down and sit in recliner next to Blake. This king do I fuck him again or let him rest. Either way hes my little bitch now

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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