Am I?

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Am I?

By Larry Malone

It was one of those chilly raining afternoons in November when school was out and there was very little Ron and I could do with our free time. Our fall back activity was always his attic room with our combined collection of porn magazines. As Ron flipped through one of them, he said, “Do you think I’m gay?” I looked at him in surprise and asked why would he think that since he was dating one of the most attractive girls in our senior class.

He put down the magazine and said that last week, his gym class coach had taught the class some basic wrestling holds and during a practice demonstration the coach paired him with Bosco. Our classmate, Bosco, was bigger than average and a sure bet for any college sports team he wanted. I said that was a mismatch and Ron agreed but explained it was just an exercise to practice the moves coach was showing us. In one move, Bosco pinned me face down and he was on my back. I felt that he had an erection and it was wedged into my ass through my gym shorts. The more I tried to throw him off me, the deeper he got into my crack. All I had on was a T-shirt, my shorts and a jock, that left my ass bare under the thin cotton shorts. Ron then looked at me and said,” Larry, I have to admit, I liked what I felt. It got me excited, I got a solid boner. It felt really good!”

I knew Ron was worried so I just tried to pass it off and said, probably anybody would have felt the same since I heard the ass is a very sensitive part of the body. He looked at me and said, do you think you would? I said I wasn’t sure, that since I wasn’t into wrestling or had that coach, that never happened to me. Ron, looked at me and said, “Want to try? I couldn’t think of an answer so said, “Sure, why not?”

Ron said we should take off our pants and try it with just our Jockey briefs on since that would be about what the gym shorts would feel like. We did. He asked me to lay face down on the day bed and he got on top of me in a fake wrestling neck hold with his crotch in my ass. I could feel his cock getting hard through the two pieces of fabric and pushing into my ass crack as he started a dry humping motion. I had to admit it felt kind of good. Ron asked how it felt and I admitted it felt good, he continued to dry hump me, then he pulled down the back of my briefs and I felt his bare 6” cock in my crack. “How does this feel?” I had to admit that felt good too, better as a matter of fact. Then Ron leaned in close and whispered, “Can I stick you, Larry? Please, can I stick you?” With that he kept sliding his cock in my ass crack with his ample pre-cum but I didn’t answer but it did feel good so I didn’t say or do anything. Then I felt Ron spit into my crack a couple of times. The added slipperiness of his hard güvenilir bahis cock felt fantastic. Ron slid up and down a couple of more times and then reached down and aimed his cut cock head at my pucker and leaned forward. It stung a little but Ron kept easing in, I relaxed and he slid all the way in. “Oh God Larry, that feels so fucking great, how about you?”

I couldn’t answer I was still processing the feeling, slight discomfort but rapidly changing to pleasure as Ron started to slide his cock in and out of my ass. He kept moaning and saying how hot my hole was and then said he couldn’t hold off, plunged in deeply and I could feel him shoot a load in violent thrusts deep in my ass. Ron, rolled off me and said, “That was fantastic, thanks!”

I decided I was going to find out for myself, I rolled over and took him with me and pinned him face down on the bed then got on top of him. I pulled down his briefs, my uncut 7” cock was rigid and out and landed in Ron’s ass crack. I took Ron’s lead and spit into his hole as I aimed my cock at his little pink pucker. When Ron felt my cock head separating his sphincter, he struggled briefly but realized that, he owed me and had to give his ass up too so we both could feel what it was like. I slipped in and without waiting started deep fucking his hole until I could feel the same intense heat from his hole as he obviously had felt in mine. The tightness was more than I could take and felt my load bubbling in my balls. I plunged in deeply and shot my load. Ron bucked up and I could feel his body jerk as he shot a second load under him into his briefs. I collapsed on his back in an exhausted sweat and fully satisfied as my deflating cock throbbed the last of the cum.

When I caught my breadth, I started to ease out but Ron grabbed me with his internal ass muscles and said, “Let’s do it again. I liked it. Your load really makes it feel a lot better.” I needed no more encouragement as I felt my semi-hard cock get rigid as I started to fuck him full strokes in his cum lubed ass. I was able to last a lot longer and tried a lot more moves on my body and cock inside his hole and made it really a laboratory of sexual exploration.

As we lay side by side, Ron asked, “Well, do you think, I’m gay?” I said I didn’t know and really didn’t care, I told him that all I knew was that I enjoyed what we did and wanted to keep doing it. I also said I didn’t think I would be giving up the girls just yet. In response, he reached over and took my hand and placed it on his cock which was rigid again. I slowly started to jack him off until he slowly rolled me over and got on top of me and easily slipped into my still cum lubed hole.

We continued fucking each other in the ass on and off during the school year until one time türkçe bahis I really wasn’t interested in fucking Ron when he asked me since I had had a very successful date the night before that really drained all the cum out of me. Ron said he understood but a little later said could he try sucking me to see if that would get me hard enough to fuck him, he said he really wanted to get fucked. I had a few girlfriends give me blow jobs that I really enjoyed so I thought, why not.

I stripped my pants and briefs off and lay on the bed on my back with my feet still touching the floor. Ron, stripped and knelt between my legs and started to lick and suck my limp cock. I didn’t think it was going to affect me but Ron was really good at it and did things the girls never did like gently caress my balls and reach under and play with my ass pucker. I guess having a cock of his own, he would know what felt good and how to make me feel good. In minutes I was hard as a rock. Ron reached into his night table and pulled out a tube of something and coated his cock and my hole, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and pushed his cock deep into my hole. I took it easily and moaned in pleasure as he deep fucked me until I felt him shoot his load deep into my ass.

When Ron pulled out of my ass, I flipped him on his stomach, lubed his ass and shoved my rigid cock deep into him. I was so turned on; I shot a load almost immediately. It wasn’t long after that I also tried oral sex on Ron and we added that to our irregular get togethers. It sure made not “having to do without” a lot easier. But we both agreed, we weren’t gay.

One day we started talking about Bosco again and wondered why he got an erection when he was on top of Ron. Ron also mentioned that a number of times Bosco had asked him to help him practice wrestling moves but Ron wasn’t into the sport and always refused. Now we started thinking that maybe it wasn’t the wrestling Bosco was interested in. We decided to find out.

The next time Bosco suggested to Ron to practice the moves, Ron suggested “Maybe Larry would be interested.” Ron suggested that Bosco come over to his house and he would invite me and the three of us could “practice.” Bosco was all for it and plans were made for the following Saturday when Ron would have the house to himself for most of the day.

When Bosco showed up, we all went to Ron’s room and started to strip. Ron and I stopped in our tracks when Bosco dropped his pats revealing a skimpy, black lace panty that was obviously for a female and not meant for a guy. Bosco’s balls packed the cotton lining as his cut rigid cock shaft projected over the top, he had to be 8” for sure. It didn’t faze Bosco at all that he was wearing girl’s panties and flopped on the bed as if nothing was strange. güvenilir bahis siteleri We both finished undressing and joined him.

He flipped over on his stomach and asked “Who wanted to go first?” Ron and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe this macho guy wasn’t who we thought he was. Ron took out the jar of Vaseline from his night stand and coated his 6” cock and climbed on Bosco’s back. He slipped the panty to the side revealing Bosco’s star pucker and placed his cock head at the entrance. He barely got it in place when Bosco raised his ass up and slowly engulfed Ron’s cock and basically sucked it into his hole. When Ron was fully in him, he told Ron to fuck him hard, he couldn’t wait. Ron needed no encouragement and started pounding his asshole. Bosco’s moaned and groaned in pleasure and gestured for me to get on the bed also and sit at his head. I did and was amazed as Bosco pulled me close to him and shoved his face into my crotch and started to suck me off as Ron continued to deep fuck his ass.

Bosco obviously had done this before I never felt anything so pleasurable as his blow job, Ron’s and my amateur attempts at cock sucking were no comparison. Within minutes I yelled that I was going to cum, thinking Bosco would stop like Ron and I did and pull off the cock shooting cum. Instead, he swallowed me down his throat and let me shoot my complete load and licked me clean afterwards. Ron followed shortly and I could see him plunge deeply and shoot his load deep into Bosco’s ass and then collapsed on his back.

We rested a few minutes and thought that was the end of the sex play until Bosco got up and asked who was next? Ron and I looked at each other in shock realizing it was time to pay the piper just as Bosco grabbed Ron and gently pushed him face down on the bed saying, “Now I get to finish what I’ve been wanting to do in gym class.” He grabbed the Vaseline, coated his cock and added some to Ron’s hole and slowly fed his 8” rigid cock into the tight hole. Ron groaned a little but my 7” cock probes we had been doing for a while opened him up enough and to relax him enough to take the piece now sliding deeply into him. When Bosco was fully into Ron, he started pounding away which gave me an idea. I relubed my cock again which had gotten hard watching them and got behind Bosco, pushed him face down on Ron’s back and shoved my cock into his still lubed hole gapping with Ron’s cum load still inside. It went in easily and I could feel Bosco gripped my cock the full length through his internal ass muscles as he welcomed me and we set up a fucking rhythm of him fucking Ron and my fucking him. Since it was all our second loads it took a lot of time but gave us a lot of pleasure when we finally all shot our second loads. Those three ways lasted the rest of the school year until graduation separated all of us but not before we all answered the original question with the answer, “Who cares?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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