An Irish Gale

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The wind howled around the small car as she turned her key for the third time, the engine sputtering and gasping before culminating in nothing. She intertwined her fingers and rested her chin on the steering wheel, staring out at the trees and bushes swaying angrily in the inclement weather, the rain hammering down on everything. She glanced out the passenger window at the small Irish pub she had spent the evening singing in, it’s warm lights inviting, promising heat. She scowled.

“I can’t believe this… I have to be in Dublin tomorrow afternoon.” She slipped the keys out of the ignition, grabbed her coat and locked the car before dashing inside, out of the rain.

Sure enough, the fire was still crackling away in the stone hearth and the smell of whiskey warmed her as she tossed her coat over a chair and pulled off her scarf.

“Back again, Miss Cassidy!” drawled a thick Irish brogue from the group of men by the fire.

“Back again, Douglas. Shocking night out there. Looks like I’ll have to have Niall fix me up with a room. How are you and the lads getting back?”

The Irish brogue known as Douglas slurred his words. “Sure Big McCusker has his four by four, and it’s for driving in any aul weather. We’d take ye, but I know you’re for Dublin the morra.”

She smiled, and leaned across the bar, smiling fondly at Niall, the owner of the place. “What does a girl have to do around here to get a nightcap?”

He chuckled lowly, before looking up at her, his hands already pouring her a Drambuie. “Och god it’s not you again. Sure didn’t we have enough of your warbling already this evening?” He set the small glass in front of her and closed her purse as she went to pay him. “Don’t worry about payin it. I’ll charge it to your room.” He winked at her and she snorted derisively at him.

“How generous of you, Niall, you tightfisted…-” The two of them chuckled at each other, before she settled herself on a stool, nodding at the group of men with Douglas headed out the door, muttering their farewells.

She took a sip of the Drambuie and shivered, smiling as she felt the warmth spread from her stomach through her limbs. Niall went to the door, pulling the locks and bars across it and drawing the heavy curtain.

“You know, you weren’t that bad tonight.”

She nearly choked on her drink as she looked up, her emerald eyes twinkling with unheard laughter. “Why thank you.”

He nodded, laughing himself as he picked up empty glasses from around the little pub. “You’re a wild inconvenience tonight you know. I was for staying, but this place only has two rooms and the wee box one has a cracked windowpane.”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so tight, and put in double glazing, you wouldn’t get cracks from birds flying into the windows.” She raised herself off the stool and walked to the window, her glass in her hand as she looked out at the rain and wind. “I can’t believe that weather. I’ll be stuck here all night, and I’ve to be in Dublin by three tomorrow.”

Niall finished wiping the tables down and loaded the dishwasher. “Stop your whinging, Aine. You’ll get there. You want another drink? I’m having one myself. On the house.”

Aine Cassidy nodded and turned to walk back to the bar, setting her drink down as he poured the amber liquid into the glass, filling it almost halfway before pouring one for himself and nodding towards the fireplace. “Might as well keep ourselves warm while it’s lit.”

They sat and made conversation, Niall kept the Drambuie flowing until the flames had gone down and Aine was singing lowly, her head tilted back against the leather casino şirketleri couch, her eyes closed. Niall took a sip of his drink, and narrowed his eyes a little to look at her. Her long, red hair fell across her shoulders in large curls, and she kept having to lick her lips between lines of the ballad she sang. Niall smiled, his eyes noticing her in a way he’d never noticed her before.

The firelight gave her skin a rosy hue, or maybe it was the Drambuie. Her lips curved in this way when she smiled and it made his heart jump. He shook his head. ‘You’re drunk, man. She’d never look at you that way.’ He swallowed the rest of the contents of the glass and kept it in his hand, lest the noise disturbed her song. Her voice took the words of poems by Irish fathers, and wound them into the most beautiful songs. He was mesmerised by her. His eyes wandered down over her loose white shirt, trying not to look at the black patterned bra underneath, and her floaty black skirt that glided along the ground when she danced, her hand beating on the bodhran.

He lost himself. “God Aine, you’re beautiful.”

He didn’t realise he’d said it until her emerald eyes were staring at him, her mouth open slightly in shock.

“What did you just say?” Those big eyes blinked at him, and he set his glass down. He wasn’t sure if she was blushing, or if she was too close to the fire. He thought to himself, now or never.

He swallowed, licking his lips and before he knew it, she was kissing him, her hands on his chest, her sweet lips pressed against his. He moved his hands to her waist, and pulled her to him. She took his lead and moved her leg, sliding it over his so she was sitting astride him. He murmured against her lips as his arms slid up her back and into her hair, holding her to him as he kissed her back, his tongue sliding between her lips, her own tongue almost shy. She groaned a little, and he felt her body shift against him… there.

“Niall…” She moaned into his mouth, gently nibbling on his lower lip and running her hand down over his throat, her lips skimming across his jawline. She moved her hands into his hair, tugging with her fingers as she ran her tongue over his ear, tugging on the lobe with her teeth and breathing shaky breaths.

“Oh, god…” He groaned, his hands pulling her hair, her head falling back as his lips found her throat, kissing her there, razing his teeth over her shoulder and teasing her. The sounds of her breathing and her quiet groans, coupled with her hands in his hair and her thighs around his waist made him want her so badly. He unbuttoned the front of her shirt, trailing kisses down her chest and over each breast. It made her squirm deliciously.

“Oh please…” She crooned.

“Aine, we can’t. I don’t have anything here.” He hated himself for saying it, and looked up at her as she raised her arms, pulling her shirt over her head, the red curls falling over her back like a cascade.

“It’s alright, I’m safe,” she smiled, dipping her head to kiss him, her tongue flicking over his lips teasingly. She moved her hands behind her back and removed her bra, tossing it onto the floor. Before it had even landed, Niall’s mouth had found her left nipple, his fingertips had found her right and he was slowly torturing her. She threw her head back and groaned. “God Niall I want you.”

He closed his eyes briefly, before his teeth gently closed around her nipple, causing her to groan loudly. “What was that again?”

She leaned back, her hands against his knees. “I said I want you.”

His tongue flicked over the nipple before he turned casino firmaları his attention to the other one. She chirped, her body shivering as she slipped her hand down into her panties, causing him to immediately stop.

“Now now, can’t be having that.”

She was panting, her eyes ablaze with want and she stood up, letting her skirt billow to the floor. His eyes widened as she stood before him, her beautiful, curved hips, the cascade of red hair falling to her waist, her olive skin, those beautiful full breasts. He stood, pulling off his clothes in record time and standing before her in his boxers. She smiled coyly, hooking a finger in the waistband before lowering herself, and lowering his boxers too. As his thick, erect manhood sprang from the boxers, she had her breasts around it.

“God in heaven.” Niall gasped as he felt her soft breasts slide along his length before feeling her warm tongue licking the tip of him. He looked down at her, his chest rising and falling until his breath hitched in his lungs as she sucked him into her mouth. He cursed, his hands falling down to rest in her hair as her head bobbed, her tongue working around him and sucking him. He could hear the little wet noises as she sucked, and he cursed again as he felt her throat; and felt her gag around him.

“Now.” He breathed, and she looked up at him, her tongue still rolling around him, those green eyes of hers wide and wondering. “I have to have you now, Aine.” She pulled him down onto the floor, smirking at him as she straddled him, running her soft breasts against his face, his tongue finding the hard buds of her nipple as she positioned herself over his member, very slowly lowering herself down onto it. She groaned, leaning her hands on his chest as she moved her hips, massaging him with her body, taking his cock deep into herself. She threw her head back, that cascade of auburn hair whipping around her as she gave in to her inhibitions and started to ride him.

His hands held her hips as she leaned back, her hands on his thighs, her hips moving back and forth. It was glorious, she looked glorious as Niall looked up at her, a Celtic goddess, the firelight shimmering on her naked skin. She began to groan, her body began to speed up and he would be damned if he was going to let this end yet. He sat up, his lips on hers, gently pushing her back as he rose to his full height, her eyes on him like a wanton animal.

He pulled her to her feet, kissing her hard, his hands on her hips, guiding her back against the stone wall.

She gasped as her back touched the cold stonework, the temperature causing her to arch into him and her nipples to bud. “Fuck!”

Niall smiled lasciviously at her reaction, as he lifted her left leg, positioning himself at that hot, wet, centre of her. Her eyes found his and they stared into each other’s eyes as he slowly, purposefully, sank into her. She dug her nails into his shoulders, their tongues intertwining, kissing each other hungrily, Aine moaning with every deep, languorous thrust. He pulled her other leg up until she was pinned to the wall by his hips, her legs crossed around him as he thrust into her, holding her hands above her head against the wall. He lowered his head, flicking his tongue over her nipples and nibbling them until he felt her legs begin to tighten.

His stride slowed, her feet came back to the floor, and he pulled out of her, a rude smile on his face.

She looked at him, almost angrily. “Right then. I’m off to bed I suppose.” She spoke coldly, glancing at him, trying not to look down at the part of him that was still standing straight güvenilir casino up, pointed right at her.

“You suppose?” He said with a curt tone.

“Well you don’t seem to want to finish..-”

He slapped her on the ass. She blinked at him. “I’m not done.”

She opened her mouth, and then closed it again.

“Go over to the sofa. The arm of it, mind.”

She folded her arms, and went and stood at the arm of the sofa, ignoring him. She glanced down at her clothes strewn across the floor, the empty glasses on the table and before she had her wits gathered he was kissing down her spine. His hands cradled her buttocks, as he feathered little kisses over them. She spread her legs leaning forward on the arm of the sofa before she felt that familiar heat against her pussy again. But he didn’t enter her. She moved back against him, and he moved too.

“What’s wrong?” She swept her hair over her shoulder and looked around at him.

“You don’t want to go to bed then?” He smirked.

She rolled her eyes, moving her ass up and down, using him to get herself nice and wet. “No, I don’t want to go to bed.”

He closed his eyes, gasping a little at the movement of her bottom against his cock. “What do you want, then?”

She moved her hips again. “I want you.”

He leaned forward, grabbing her hands and pulling them behind her back. He watched her sink her teeth into her lip and then he sank himself into the hot, wet folds of her pussy. She groaned, as he pushed himself inside her, filling her. With one hand, he held her wrists, and used the other to slide around and finger her clit.

“Oh fuck, Niall, oh… god!”

He could feel her tensing, pushing back against him harder and harder. Her breasts bounced lightly with every thrust. God, it felt amazing fucking her this way. She pulled her hands away, bracing herself against the arm of the sofa. He dug his fingers into her hips, his balls slapping against her. He kneaded her beautiful ass and it seemed to drive her crazy. She groaned, looking around at him with heavy lidded eyes and he ran his thumb down and around her tight asshole. She cursed loudly, moving her ass in an up and down motion as he drove his cock into her.

She grabbed her breasts, squeezing her nipples as he pumped himself in and out of her. The sensation was incredible, it had been so long since she had been with a man. She squealed aloud as she felt his thumb enter her ass, moving gently in the same motion as his hips, forward and back, slowly and lovingly. She could feel the so-longed for desire thrumming through her body, the orgasm she wanted so badly. One of his hands worked at her clit, the other was splayed across her back as his thumb toyed with her ass and she felt as though she was going to come apart at the seams.

“Niall… I can’t… I’m…” She could feel her body tensing, building until she unraveled beneath him, his cock stiffening inside her as she cried out, her toes curling and her body shuddering.

He knew it before she even spoke. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, and her ass hole too. Her orgasm hit her like a train, her whole body quaking and pulling him towards his as well. She cried out, her legs buckling, her whole form tightening as he felt himself start to come, he pulled his thumb out and grabbed her hips, thrusting into her deeply, once, twice, his cock buried in her as he felt himself come, he grunted, pulling himself out of her and spraying her ass with the sweet, white juices. He twitched slightly, pulling her to him again as she murmured incoherently, curling up against him as he lay down on the couch with her and pulled the large tartan blanket over them both.

She never made it to Dublin at all, and it wasn’t until Douglas telephoned the next evening that Niall and Aine even realised what day it was.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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