An Old Friend

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My girlfriend goes out to a nightclub. I get a surprise when I go to pick her up from an old friend


My girlfriend’s name is Louisa. She stands at five foot, six inches with a petite, size 6/8 frame and 32B breasts. She has long, dark brunette hair which she wears straight a lot of the time. She also has sparkling hazel eyes which she makes look even more seductive by using dark eye shadow. Her best features for me though are her long sexy legs. I like to encourage her to show them off more by wearing short skirts and dresses along with high heels. The tight fitting clothes she sometimes chooses also compliment her ass beautifully. To me, she truly is one of a kind and I consider myself lucky to have gotten her from school considering the amount of guys that wanted her.

Louisa is more of a career minded girl. She never paid attention to trying to be popular or getting with boys in school. She didn’t lose her virginity till she was sixteen and that was to me. Louisa adores me and I can tell by the way she treats me in our home life. We have sex on a regular basis and she tells me how much better I’ve gotten since we first started fucking. She has a high sex drive and even calls me boring if I come home from work late in the morning and I don’t want sex. I was able to change her over time from the more innocent angel she once was to the wild horny devil she has turned to now.

Louisa and I have been together for over five years. We are both twenty-two now and engaged to be married. We’ve had our problems and issues in our relationship but we’ve always found a way to pull together and sort our problems out. One of our issues now and again, is her behaviour at clubs and parties when she is drinking. When she is drunk, she isn’t shy about kissing guys and letting them touch her body wherever they like. I have no doubt that there are some guys, including my own friends; who have explored her body a little more than they should have.

We had broken up a couple of times during the first year of our relationship over this but we realised how much we really love each other and we got back together. This story isn’t the first time she’s ever done something with another guy but it is the time I’ve chosen for my first story. We were both 19 at the time. I was in full-time work and she was in her first year of university.

Because of my line of work in the entertainment industry, it is a rare occasion for me to get weekends off to be able to go out partying with her as much as she likes. This doesn’t stop her from going out though as she has plenty of girlfriends to enjoy her nights out with. There are also a few guys who are always willing to be involved with her and I have had my doubts about her going out with them. Whenever I question her about them though, she always replies that they are just being friendly. I guess Louisa still has an element of naivety about her.

While Louisa has been at work during the day, I’ve been sleeping for my night shift. I stir as I wake to some irregular movement under the bed covers. As my eyes shift into focus, I lift the covers to find my girlfriend seductively sliding her lips up and down the shaft of my cock. She looks up at me then closes her eyes and continues working my cock in her own slow, erotic way that she loves to do. When I eventually blow my load into her mouth, she eagerly swallows every drop before climbing up me and kissing me on the lips smiling.

When I get up, Louisa tells me she is going out with her friend Ronnel tonight. This makes me nervous straight away. As much as I like Louisa having a best friend that she can rely on for anything, she is a bad influence. Ronnel is a gorgeous Indian looking girl. She is tall with sexy long legs standing a couple of inches taller than Louisa. She has a slim but curvy figure, along with long dark hair.

She is the sort of girl who more enjoys being single and likes seeing who she can pull in the bars and clubs. She has never stayed faithful to any of her boyfriends. Ronnel isn’t shy towards girls either and Louisa has even told me how they experimented in college. I know when it is just the two of them and Ronnel does pull, Louisa can feel a little left out and Ronnel will have no problem influencing her to have some fun of her own.

Watching my girlfriend get dressed before I went to work was arousing enough. After getting out of the shower, she dresses into her underwear for the night. She slips into a sexy, shimmering satin and lace thong, and matching bra. Then sat at her dresser in her high heels and underwear, she prepares her makeup and styles her hair. She adds loose curls to her dark brunette hair that falls to her mid-back. I’m hard just seeing her sat there getting ready for the night.

She had earlier decided to wear a short tight purple dress and she bends over in front of the wall length mirror, stepping into the dress and pulling it up her body. The dress hugs her body perfectly and stops just at the bottom of her ass, making her legs casino şirketleri look even longer. The bottom of the dress has a lace trim too of about four inches; so I’m sure in the club lights the bottom of her ass would be visible to the keen looking eye. The top of the dress also has a lace trim around it; giving a peak at the embroidered flower pattern shining on her bra. Louisa looks stunning, and she will be turning a lot of heads tonight as she walked past in her silver 6 inch heeled strapped shoes.

Louisa finishes off the look with a pair of dangling diamond earrings and a matching necklace. She stands in front of me and asks what I think. I am so hard looking at her that I want to fuck her there and then. With her long, curled, dark brunette hair falling over her eye on one side of her face; some seductive red lipstick on; and her figure in that dress; she looks perfect.

I give my girlfriend a long passionate kiss goodbye, making sure to feel that luscious ass of hers before she left for Ronnel’s house for early drinks. She hikes a leg up to my waist, wrapping it around my back and presses her hips against me. She holds me by the head and gives a penetrating look into my eyes.

“I want a long, hard dick in me tonight,” she says before planting kisses up my neck.

I am already hard but when I hear her say that, my dick starts to ache.

Then proceeding to lick then bite my earlobe, she whispers closely into my ear, “and it might not be yours.”

She hitches up her dress showing me the diamond band around her waist. It’s a long necklace type piece of jewellery she wears around her waist. It’s covered in diamonds and has a dangly piece at the back that falls down the centre of her ass and another dangly piece at the front which touches the top of her thong. It’s another compliment to her already sexy body and goes well with her belly button piercing she has. She wears it when she knows she’s going to have sex and was proving her point that she was going to get fucked one way or another tonight.

Louisa loves to tease and knows how to stir jealousy in me. I know that she is being playful but I also know jokes are half meant. I wait for a time when she decides to make it a reality again after her efforts to remain faithful. How she is looking and feeling in her outfit, I can’t help but feel tonight will be that night. She walks away clasping her handbag giving me a tormenting smile. Before leaving, she blows me a kiss and tells me she loves me.

The night goes normal for us as it usually does when I’m working and she is out. Louisa texts me now and again, and I give my typical replies. At about 1am though, she sends me an out of the ordinary text. She tells me she has met James and some of his friends in the nightclub. They’ve all been hanging out together and having fun.

James is a Middle Eastern looking guy. He is good looking with a toned body. All three of us used to work together before we went our separate ways in other lines of work. James and Louisa had a love hate relationship at work but you could tell they were attracted to each other in a way. I could tell how they really felt and it made me jealous when I saw them in their friendly moods; flirting and making suggestive comments.

Louisa even called his name out once during sex and there had been certain experiences whilst at work which had gotten me annoyed at the two of them. For example, I had glanced over at them when she walked past him holding a tray of food. James gave her a light slap on the ass and Louisa just looked over her shoulder smiling.

James got more confident with her over time and would ask her what underwear she was wearing. She would happily undo her trousers to show him, even turning round to show what her ass looked like in them if he asked too.

I displayed my disapproval with her behaviour many times and we would have serious discussions at home. She would only reply that she is having fun and not doing anything that bad. I would often think what they were up to at work on the occasional shifts I wasn’t there. They sent each other dirty texts; spoke on webcam in her nightie on a few occasions; and still continued to text even after he had stopped working there. She also admitted to getting naked and playing with herself on webcam for him. Even though they did eventually stop talking to each other, I was yet to realise how quickly old flames reignite and how easily she would be seduced by him again.

Straight away when I read that they are together, my imagination goes into overload with thoughts of her in that sexy slutty dress and high heels grinding up against him. A knot turns in my stomach and my thumbs are shaking a little as I write a reply text. I ask her what kind of fun she is talking about, even adding a ‘: P’ at the end. It probably wasn’t the best idea, as I’m not too keen on finding out the answer.

The reply from her is what I am expecting. I read they’ve all been dirty dancing and she and James have kissed casino firmaları a few times but nothing heavy. I know where there is kissing, there is touching and can only imagine where James has been having his first feels of my girlfriend’s body. I read it several times and my thoughts of their activities get worse with every read. Shortly after, another text comes through saying that I shouldn’t be worried. She goes on to say it’s only harmless fun and she will be waiting in bed ready for me to fuck her senseless. I giggle a little at the remark but that feeling of jealousy and worry still sticks in my mind.

She’s an attractive girl and has no problem pulling at clubs. I also know how she melts into guys when she is dancing with them. She is a passionate girl with a very sensitive body. She loves it when her ass is touched and has a sexy look in her eyes when she is turned on.

It is now 3:30am and I am very eager at this point to get home to my stunning girlfriend and take advantage of how horny she is likely to be after her night out. Louisa is always horny and wild when she is drunk and keen for sex; something I have no problem with providing her with after a boring night at work.

I get a phone call from her in the office asking me to come and pick her up when the club closes at 4am instead of having to pay for a taxi. I explain to her that I won’t be able to leave early even if it is half an hour as I’m due to finish at 4:00am.

Fifteen minutes later, I get another brief phone call from her:

“Hey darling, I was just calling to let you that James lives pretty close by and him and the guys are having drinks at his afterwards so Ronnel and I are going there.”

I can hear the wind rushing and laughing in the background.

“Who are you with now?”

“Just one of James’ mates who has followed me outside this time. “

I’m feeling uneasy. I can hear the unmistakable sound of a soft moan then the break of a kiss.

“Babe, what’s going on?” I ask with my heart beating faster.

“Sorry baby. James’ friend has me up the wall. He’s been at it all night trying to get with me but I’ve been pushing him off,” she says laughing as if this is a game to her.

“And what about James? You’ve been pushing him off too I hope.”

“Well…he’s been luckier but nothing is going to go past what happened in the club. I promise.”

“What do you mean by luckier?” I ask afraid of the answer.

“I’ll tell you later in bed.”

“I’d rather know now so I’m not waiting.”

She hesitates but replies, “Ok, well…erm…I let him finger me on the dance floor and…baby… it felt really good.”

“How good?”

“Like… orgasm good.”

I’ve given her orgasms from rubbing her clit in the past, but one thing I’ve never been able to achieve with her is giving her an orgasm from sex or fingering her. It’s not that I can’t find her g-spot and she always says she feels close but can’t seem to let go with me.

Clarifying what I had just heard, I ask her, “He gave you an orgasm by fingering you?”

“Yeah and baby it felt amazing. Not just him fingering me but everything about him tonight and the way he has been touching my body has made me feel incredible. Come and get me quick, please. I love you and I want you so badly.”

Not sure how to reply to that statement, I simply say, “Ok sexy, I’ll be there soon.”

“See you in a bit, love you.”

“Love you too.”

There is another sound of kissing before she hangs up and for the next hour, my feelings of being eager and excited turn to anxiety and doubt. To say I felt de-masculinized was an understatement. I sat there thinking to myself how I could possibly go home and fuck her now? How could I fuck her struggling to make her orgasm after another guy just did it first time with his fingers?

When I arrive at James’ house, all the lights are on and the front door is open. I approach the front door and can hear some rock music coming from someone’s room further within the house. The house is full of smoke and as I look through the first door along the corridor, which is clearly the living room, I can see a near empty vodka bottle; some crushed beer cans and a couple of large empty coke bottles.

A guy holding his phone while smoking a cigarette comes down the stairs ahead of me further down the corridor.

“Are you lost, mate?” is all he says as he stands in front of me, giving me an intimidating stare awaiting an answer.

I explain who I am and I am just there to collect Louisa. The look in his eyes lightens, and while still holding the fag in his mouth and looking back to his phone, he gives a light laugh and tells me that she is with James in his room on the top floor. He then continues to head outside shutting the door behind him.

The house itself was three stories high, so I begin heading up the staircase. On the second floor are a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom. I have to walk past both bedrooms in order to keep going up güvenilir casino the stairs. As I peek into the room playing the rock music, I can see Ronnel wearing only her black lacy French knickers and a top which has fallen on one side showing her black lacy bra. The room is filled with dense smoke as they have been smoking, which by the smell, I can only assume is weed.

My dick immediately hardens watching Ronnel sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. One guy has his hand down the front of her lace knickers and is kissing her, while she has her hand round the cock of another guy sitting on the bed next to her. As the guy fingering her is moving her knickers, I am able to catch a few looks at Ronnel’s beautiful brown pussy. As much as I want to stay and watch this Indian sex goddess fuck these two guys, I know I need to find Louisa and find out what she is up to alone with James.

I continue up and around the stairs until I can see the door to what I think to be James’ room. My fears feel like they are coming true, as the sounds emanating from James’ room make me realise exactly that what I thought would happen when they met, is happening. Louisa isn’t a quiet girl and the door is just hanging on its latch from where it hadn’t been closed properly.

Even though my heart is sinking further with every step, I have to see it to believe it, and so pushing the door open ever so slightly; I am able to get a full view of the bed. There she is, my love, straddled on top of another man. Louisa is riding him with her hands on his chest with every inch of his dick inside her as she grinds her hips on his body. James just looks up admiring her and holds onto her ass. I can tell she must have been eager to get his dick in her because her dress is still on, albeit her shoulder straps are down her arms with her dress pulled down so her bra is showing. Her thong is still on too just pulled to the side; and her dress hiked up around her waist. Even James still has his jeans and boxers round his ankles and his shirt open.

The look on her face tells me she must be in pure ecstasy; not lifting off him much keeping his dick buried deep inside her. The sounds coming from her are amazing. I am listening to her moan in ways I’ve never heard before, moans of intense pleasure. She is throwing her head back every time his dick hits the right spot, which by the way her moans are intensifying must be a lot.

I watch his hands slide up her sides and hold her lovely slim waist. James lifts up her dress till Louisa decides to pull her dress off over her head. James’ hands roam her body touching every part of her bare skin. Her grinding continues for a few more minutes; her pace quickening and her moans getting louder. Louisa’s nails are now digging into his chest and I know what is coming and the jealousy feeling inside me is building fast. My girl, who I love, is about to have her first orgasm from sex, given to her by another man.

Shortly after my first seeing them, she throws her head back as a massive surge of pleasure floods her body and she lets out loud moans. Her moans turn to screams and her mouth, still red and glossy, opens wide. Her hands brush through her thick curly hair and down her face as her hips thrust forward one more time; her body shuddering on top of him. As the feeling within her subsides, she slows down grinding slowly over him.

I can’t believe what I have just seen. I had been trying hard to get her to have an internal orgasm for years. I have been able to get her to have an orgasm from her clit with ease, by either my tongue or my fingers, but never an internal orgasm from sex. Yet here was a guy making her cum with no difficulty, like it wasn’t even a challenge.

With a cheeky smile on her face, Louisa’s body collapses over James. Her beautiful brunette hair falls over her face hiding her. Louisa then leans in locking them into a passionate kiss. I look away and sit against the wall, trying to take in all the information I had just been hit with.

James now starts giving moans of his own pleasure so I return to my position in front of the door peeking through. James had now taken off his jeans and boxers and I knelt there witnessing my half naked girlfriend on her knees between this guy’s legs. She is sucking his dick in a way I’ve never seen her do before.

She is usually slow and erotic when giving blow jobs. She likes to wrap her hand around my cock and begin by slowly kissing around it, teasing me by looking up at me with a smile. Louisa then proceeds to lick my cock all over while steadily stroking my shaft. Her pace alternates between a slow and fast rhythm before she finally wraps her lips around the head enveloping my cock with her mouth. She will often switch from sucking and licking my cock but still keeping her hand wrapped firmly around the base or shaft. Most of the time her eyes will be closed; adding to the intimacy of her own pleasure in sucking my dick. Every now and then though, she will look up at me into my eyes, and then seductively close them again. Louisa’s technique sucking dick is equal to the eroticism and intimacy we share while having sex. Maintaining our passion for each other during sex, often leads to long intense orgasms for us both.

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