An Older Friend?

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I’ve always had a thing for older men. Since I was first interested in the opposite sex, I have never once properly felt anything genuine for blokes my own age. I don’t even apologise for it, it’s simply the way I was designed. Some people might say it shows I have daddy issues, but whatever- the simple fact is, I only like older, more experienced men.

Which is why, when I saw this guy whilst on a night out, I knew I wanted him. He had a slight beard, nothing too bushy or obvious, but enough fuzz to interest me. He was wearing a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up and jeans. He clocked me looking at him and grinned- a wide, cheeky look which made my insides do a little flip- fuck, he was cute! Tall and skinny, muscular without overdoing it, I guessed him to be mid 30’s. Older than me, but not as old as I’d usually go for either.

I stood at the bar watching him. He looked back to his mates to continue his conversation, and I tried concentrate on my own group of friends I had come out with. But I couldn’t help looking over in his direction, repeatedly. He was still there, and in my head I was convinced he was ignoring me on purpose, to wind me up. After about the 10th time of looking in his direction in the same number of minutes, he was no longer there, nor were the friends he was with. My heart dropped slightly, admonishing myself for missing the chance to speak to him- he really was very cute!

I turned round to chat to my mates again until I felt a strange presence behind me. I could see my mates looking at something behind me too. I turn round and sure enough, it was him, though he was now on his own. From the looks on my friends faces, they agreed with me, but strangely enough, he only seemed to want to say hi to me. I coyly smiled at him and said hi, twirling a loose strand of my hair between my fingers, a sure sign I’m nervous or shy. He grins at me, almost as if he’s unsure of himself as well, but he wanted to take a risk. My heart is in my mouth as we walk away from the group I’m with to sit down and chat in a quieter part of the pub. I know full well my mates will be watching us, and I think he does too, because he leads me round the corner to a quiet section with hardly anyone else here. We sit down with our drinks and I ask him if this is his local. He tells me it used to be, but he’s since moved away. He used to hang out here all the time when he was too young to legally be here, but as the landlord was a friend of his dad’s, they let it slide. He explains that 20 years ago, the laws weren’t that strict. I sit and watch him open mouthed before asking how old he is. His answer took casino şirketleri me by surprise- 46. I laughed incredulously, but he didn’t smile, so I said, “Are you serious?” He reached into his pocket, retrieved his wallet, pulled out his driving licence and handed it to me. After taking note of his name- Jack -I took a while longer to find his date of birth but when I found it, I still couldn’t believe it!

“I guessed you to be mid 30’s, not mid 40’s, jeez! I miscalculated!’ I laughed. So did he, before adding “At least you went the right way- down!” Instinctively, I looked in that direction- directly at his crotch. As soon as I did, I looked away again, slightly embarrassed but also excited.

We chatted easily after that, and when he finished his drink he offered to get me another. Suddenly feeling emboldened, I replied, “I’d rather move on somewhere else”, with a wink and a knowing smile. He returned the smile, and leaned in towards me, landing a gentle kiss on my lips. God, he tasted divine. He started to move back, obviously being a gentleman and not pushing his luck, but it was too late for playing games now, so I pulled him back in towards me and kissed him again, this time slipping my tongue in. He responded eagerly, his tongue joining mine, as my hand creeped round his neck to stroke his hair whilst pulling him in again. We kissed for a few minutes, hands and fingers entwining in each other’s hair- almost a full on making-out session, but thankfully the seating area was still quiet. When we eventually pulled away from each other to catch our breaths, I could feel the area around my mouth tingling slightly from stubble rash, but I didn’t care. He was a good kisser!

“Do you wanna get out of here then? I know a shortcut if you don’t wanna go past your mates?” I nodded silently- I knew I should probably message one of them to say I was ok, but I didn’t want to break off contact with Jack just yet. The opportunity came soon enough anyway- he popped to the loo on the way out, so I had enough time to send a text to one mate telling them his name and address, in case I went missing! Strange how my mind works, even after a few drinks, but I’m not that drunk that I’m unaware of my surroundings. Though having said that, the immediate reply from my friend was, “Bloody hell- he lives in Brum! That’s a long way to go for a shag!” I laughed out loud as he returned from the loo, and so I showed him her reply, explaining what I had done. I was half expecting him to be freaked out that I had recalled his address from a short glance at his driving licence, but he didn’t seem to register that fact. He just casino firmaları said, “Tell her I’m taking you to my parents place down the road.” He reeled off the address, allowing me to send it to her.

We left via the back exit and walked hand in hand round to the taxi rank. As we got in, he repeated the address to the driver and settled back with me, still hand in hand. I turned to kiss him again, and as I did so, he pulled me over to him so far that I repositioned to straddle him. My knees either side of his hips, my tits virtually in his face, and I could feel his cock hardening through his jeans. This was a good sign, he was up for some naughty fun! I leaned forward to whisper in his ear, “I’m not vanilla”. He reached round to grab my ass, pulling me towards him even closer and replied- “That’s good, cos neither am I!” Oh, this was going to be a fun night ahead!

We continued to make out like naughty teenagers, oblivious to the taxi driver sneaking peeks at us through the rear view mirror. I was grinding in his lap, too busy feeling his erection grow beneath his jeans to notice the car had pulled up outside a large family home. For a moment I was genuinely wary of where we were, since I hadn’t been taking any notice at all, but when we got out, Jack took my hand and I followed him to the front door of what i assumed was his parents place. He let go of my hand to reach for his key, unlocked the front door and we stepped inside.

No sooner were we inside and the door closed behind us, Jack took my hand again, and led me straight upstairs. Excitement took over me, mixed with some slight trepidation. Having never done this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I sensed that Jack would look after me, and thankfully so far, it seems my judgement was right. He led me to what I assume was the master bedroom, and sat down on the bed, keeping hold of my hand to get me sitting next to him. He took my head in his hands again and kissed me again, his tongue pushing through eagerly, and I responded with similar willingness. He leaned into me, pushing me gently backwards so he was laid on top of me. I ran my fingers through his hair, already feeling damp between my legs, and he hadn’t even touched anywhere near there…yet! Just as I had that thought, he slid one hand up my legs, under my dress and one fingers lightly stroked my wet panties. It sent such a jolt of pleasure through me that I threw all caution to the wind and, removing my hand from his hair, I started undoing his shirt buttons. I managed to undo 3 buttons before he pulled away from me and tugged his shirt off over his head. Before he laid back güvenilir casino down, I pulled my dress upwards. He sensed what I was doing and paused to watch me, so I sat up and pulled the dress over my head. Jack took the hint and removed his jeans, revealing his bulging cock previously hidden underneath. We both continued to undress ourselves until were both fully naked.

I gasped as he lowered himself on top of me again, now feeling the full size of his package against my mound. His tip was already nudging my slit, making me tingle with pleasure. No sooner had I got over that sensation, his cock was now pushing further, deeper into my dripping wet pussy. I gasped as he pounded me, hard and fast, just the way I like it.

As I moaned, he simply grinned at me and leant over forward to bite on my nipples gently. This sent another jolt of pleasure up through me, and before I knew it, I was so close to coming, I had to close my eyes to focus on not letting go too soon. As I did this, he slowed his pace, meaning I could also help him along with some internal muscle squeezes.

His eyes widened as he felt what I was doing, and his face looked slightly shocked- I got the impression this was a new move on him, so I did it again just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. As I squeezed again yet another time, I could sense he was close as he scrunched his eyes shut. I held the final squeeze just that little bit longer, then released his cock so he could move freely again.

Jack was starting to show signs of being tired, so I motioned to him that we should swap positions. I took the opportunity to climb on top of him- riding cock is my favourite position after all! Jack took my breasts in his hands roughly, which simply encouraged me more to be rough with him, and as such I started riding his cock hard and fast, my hands on his chest to keep my balance. His occasional hip thrusts sent his cock to the tip of my g spot, meaning it wasn’t long before I was closing my eyes, trying to focus on staving off my release as much as possible. But he wasn’t holding on, and no sooner had he given another thrust upwards, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and my orgasm took over my body, shuddering as I let myself lose all control. I must have involuntarily squeezed internally again, because he was now grabbing my hips with both hands to hold me down as he finally shot his load.

I collapsed onto him before rolling off to one side, not caring about the mess we might make as a result. I was amazed that I had been able to reach orgasm so quickly, and that I had allowed myself to reach that level of pleasure previously unknown. Moreover, I had managed to reach such a level with someone who I didn’t already know on a personal level.

Whatever the reason, I was happy and satisfied, as was Jack. Maybe next time we’d be able to enjoy it for longer…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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