An Unexpected Tryst With Vera

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I’d done something really stupid. Yes….. I was quite drunk but even through the haze of my inebriation I know I’d done something stupid. I’d had a blazing row with my fiancé and here I was letting myself through the back door of her Mom’s house with an apology in my heart and a reconciliation on my mind.

The house was quiet. Too quiet. Andrea usually had her music system loud…… loud enough to make her Mom look to the heavens and pray for the day she’d move out and set up a noisy nest of her own. But the house was silent. I paused at the bottom of the stairs and called her name.


No reply.

“Andrea! Are you up there?”

Silence. Damn! She was still out somewhere with her friends. I was a little annoyed and dismayed. I’d worked out just what to say and now was unable to voice the thoughts running round inside my head. I needed a cigarette…. badly. I retrieved my packet from my jeans pocket but a glance inside revealed it to be empty. Remembering that Vera, Andrea’s Mom, usually kept a carton of 200 cigarettes in the drawer in the lounge I strode purposefully into the lounge and slid open the drawer. DAMN! It was empty too.

Shit!!! I’d have to go without for a while longer!

I pondered what I should do. Should I wait for Andrea to return home – not knowing how long that would be? Or wander back into town in an attempt to find her and deliver my profound apology?

I didn’t know what to do. Alcohol always makes decision making an impossible task. If I stayed here she might not return for hours….. perhaps not until the morning. If I slipped back into town I’d probably fail to find her at all. But whilst in town I could get another packet of cigarettes but might probably stay for another drink……. and another drink was something I could really do without.

I just didn’t know what to do for the best.

I heard a footstep in the hallway and was just about to deliver the first line of my apology when the door opened and Vera stepped into the room. I presumed that she’d been upstairs snoozing when I’d called up the stairs and I’d awoken here. And here she was, wearing what I’d describe as an underskirt. Figure-hugging at that. I couldn’t help but look at her smooth thighs, the swell of her breasts and her slender arms. She’d never make a Page 3 girl…… but, for a woman of her age, she was quite attractive. Maybe a bit too much tummy but, after-all, she was in her forties……. if only just.

“I thought I heard your voice, James”, she cooed softly. “Is Andrea with you?” She glanced around the room looking for her daughter.

“No”, I replied. “We had a bit of a tiff and she went off with her friends. I have no idea where she is”

“A tiff?”, she queried. “Nothing serious I hope”. She walked across the lounge carpet casino şirketleri towards me. “You two look good together”.

I told her that it was just a stupid quarrel and that I was ready with my apology. Things would soon be back to normal I reassured her.

“But”, I went on. “It’s no good me staying here, feeling sorry for myself. I must go home and sleep some of this beer off. I shall be back early in the morning to put things straight with Andrea”. I grinned. “I might even bring flowers and chocolate!”

I pushed the swivel chair backwards a little so as to stand and that’s when Vera slipped her arms around me and, with a soft voice said, “There’s no hurry James. Andrea isn’t the only girl here that enjoys your company, you know”. She smiled a sexy smile and winked at me.

I don’t know what came over me. Perhaps it was the beer doing my thinking. Perhaps it was the sweet scent of her perfume assailing my nostrils. Perhaps it was because I was upset. Perhaps it was her close proximity, her warm touch and near-nakedness but somehow we swept each other into our arms and we kissed.

This was not a passive, platonic kiss between a young man and the woman that could be his future mother-in-law. This was hot, torrid, urgent kissing with wandering squeezing hands and hungry flesh-seeking lips.

Her fingers quickly moved to my denim-covered groin and squeezed as my hands found the globes of her ripe, mature tits and squeezed, roughly plucking at her already erect nipples. My other hand grasped the globes of her full, round ass-cheeks and squeezed. Her insistent fingers tugged my T-shirt from the waistband of my jeans and she tugged it up higher and over my head. She threw it across the room to lay on the floor near the door before holding my close once more

Her fingertips caressed my naked chest as our tongues teased and taunted each others. My hand snaked between her smooth thighs and caressed her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

“GOD!”, she gasped amid panting breaths. “It’s been so long since Andrea’s father left me! I want you! I want you now!”

She was sat astride me now. Just the material of my jeans and her flimsy panties preventing my hard shaft from plunging deep inside her wet pussy as our kisses became more urgent and hot. Her hands stroked and squeezed at my flesh……. my arms….. my back…… my shoulders as mine explored each exposed inch of her warm flesh.

“We shouldn’t……”, I managed to gasp between her urgent kisses but my hold on her hips didn’t slacken at all. “What if……..?”

“Andrea’s not here”, she whispered in a husky voice. “And I’m not going to tell her…… are you?”

I didn’t get the opportunity to reply before her lips once more descended on mine and her tongue slipped into my mouth casino firmaları again to tease and please. Her soft breasts pressing against my chest exciting me further and my stiff prick pressed hard against the mound of her pussy.

She giggled as she broke off that hungry, devouring kiss and stood up in front of me. Leaning forward, giving me a good look at her full breasts down her top, her fingers were already plucking at the fastening of my jeans. Anticipating, I raised my hips, lifting my ass off the seat as she tugged them down. We both giggled as they tangled around my shoes before her increased efforts paid off and they, together with my shoes and socks, were thrown across the room. But she didn’t pause there…… her slim, eager fingers delved inside my underwear to grasp my hard cock.

“You have a wonderful big cock”, she murmured as her fingers grasped my shaft. Slowly she began to wank me. Her warm fingers moving slowly up’n’down. I leant back in the chair enjoying Vera’s gentle touches. She wet her fingertip with her own saliva and stroked slow circles around my japs-eye and was rewarded with a small tear of pre-cum.

“Yes”, she went on. “You have a very nice cock. No wonder Andrea is always smiling”. Her fingers worked a little faster now as her other hand slid my underwear down further so she could cup my balls and gently squeeze them. “I hope you’ll make me smile too”. She winked that naughty wink again.

“Do you like that?”, she asked.

I nodded eagerly. What bloke wouldn’t enjoy a hand-job from a sexy woman?

“Yes!” I hissed. “YES!”

She released my cock just long enough to tug at my underwear and, lifting my hips once more, they were flung across the room. Her slender fingers were once more around my shaft before they hit the floor.

Another little tear of pre-cum oozed from the eye of my cock and……. before I could do anything……. she leaned further forward and lapped it from me with her tongue. Then she slowly slipped my shaft as deep in her mouth as it would go.

I gasped with sheer pleasure as her tongue lapped against the underneath of my cock. Slowly she began to fuck me with her warm mouth. Slipping it out until just the tip rested between her lips and then sliding my length back until I was completely enveloped in moist warmth. Her head bobbing up’n’down in my lap as she gobbled greedily on my hard shaft.

I clenched my teeth. And the cheeks of my ass. Holding back. Knowing that I wanted to cum. Wanted to cum. Wanted to throw my seed into her greedy mouth but no! NO! Not yet! I wanted this feeling within me to last!

The need subsided…. at least for a while. She flicked her tongue across my angry helmet and rained tiny kisses along the length of my shaft as her fingers stroked my hairy balls. I wanted her güvenilir casino to stop! I wanted her to continue until my seed shot deep inside her!

And, as she teased and taunted my engorged cock she looked me right in the eye. I saw the horny expression on her face, the naughty glint in her eye. I knew what she wanted and I wanted it too.

She stood up once more. My cock hard’n’angry against my belly as she hurriedly stripped naked in front of me and as she cast her under-dress aside

She straddled me and lowered herself down. Her fingers guiding my hard-on into her moist folds as my hands cupped her ripe, full tits. Her hot, slippery pussy enveloped me and she gasped as my length filled her.

“Oh God!”, she cried as her pussy-walls stretched to accommodate me. My tongue flicked across her taut nipples, each in turn before I took one into my mouth the suck and tease with my tongue.

Her pussy felt good around my prick. I could feel her squeeze me with her little muscles. She might be an older woman but she certainly knew how to do this!

Slowly she began to fuck my cock. Sliding my shaft in’n’out of herself as I continued to make a meal of her big tits.

“Squeeze them!”, she hissed. “Squeeze them hard!”

I didn’t need telling twice! I mauled at them and bit at them as she fucked me. Her tempo increasing as her passion increased. Our bodies slapping together in a love-tattoo as she ground her cunt onto my erection. Faster. FASTER!

“Oh! OHHHH!”, she grunted. “I’m gonna cum!” My hands roughly grasped her hips, pulling her further onto my shaft with each of her thrusts. Her fingernails raking my shoulders as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her cunt muscles rippling up’n’down my eager shaft as her pussy juice trickled out onto my balls.

“God! I needed that!”, she gasped, her breath ragged. Panting heavy.

But I hadn’t finished. I hadn’t shot my load inside her yet. But I was so close!

Roughly I pushed her off me and guided her to the floor. I quickly positioned myself between her open thighs and entered her wet cunt. No finesse now! An almost savage assault as I met my need. My cock pistoning in’n’out of her sloppy cunt as I fucked her solid. Deep! Hard! The constant slap of my hips against her smooth thighs. Harder! Deeper!

“YES! YES!”, she cried. “Fill me! Fill me with cum!”

Arghhhh!! My balls tightened and I did just that! Splashing my cum deep inside her clenching cunt! ARGHHGHH!! Filling her insistent folds with jets of creamy cum! My cock jerking and twitching inside her with each splash of my love-juice! ARGHHGHHYEAH!! FUCK! My final trickles of cum seeping into her sloppy gash.

I stopped, my breathing hard’n’heavy as her arms slipped around my shoulders to hold me to her.

“Andrea must never know”, she whispered in my ear.

Now talk about the bloody obvious! A box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers might placate the lover’s quarrel we had but…….

how’s she ever gonna forgive me for shagging her Mom?

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