Andrea’s First Time

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Miguel arrived at Andrea’s house, a little nervous. This was to be their first date, though they’d been friends for most of their lives. They’d simply never realized that they liked each other more until recently. He had finally realized it a few days ago, when he got seriously aroused sitting with her and watching a movie. When he’d asked her what she’d say if he kissed her, she surprised him by kissing him. They had both been rather surprised, and didn’t say much for a few minutes. Later on that night, Miguel had asked Andrea if she’d like to go out for a date.

Well, here he was. He was dressed semi-formally, for the restaurant, and they had plans to go to a movie afterward. They were going to see the new romance movie. He took a breath and knocked on the door.

She opened the door, and his jaw dropped. He’d never seen her so attractive. She was wearing a tight white blouse under a deep red jacket, with matching skirt. Her long dark hair was up in a braid, and hung over her left shoulder. He began to feel a little under-dressed, in his good kakhi pants and his white dress shirt. He didn’t even have his sport jacket with him. Though he was wearing a rather nice tie. Andrea rushed out of the house, turned, locked the door, and took his arm.

She said to him, “You look marvelous, relax.” They went to his car, and they drove out to the restaurant he’d picked.

The drive was mostly quiet, while Andrea looked over Miguel. She’d never realized he cleaned up so well. She thought back to the night he’d asked her out. She’d kind of surprised herself when she’d kissed him, as well as surprising him. She hadn’t realized how much she liked him.

He knew she liked Italian, so he reserved a table at a quiet little place he’d found recently. They were shown to the table, and ordered their drinks. The waiter brought them back, and took their orders. The meal was delicious. They talked and laughed throughout their dinner. They chatted about all kinds of things, and remembered back to when they were kids together. Then, while Miguel shifted his feet a bit, so did Andrea. Their legs touched, and all thoughts of children flashed out of their minds. They looked at each other, and Miguel thought, *God, she is so beautiful.* Meanwhile, Andrea was thinking, *I hope the movie isn’t too long, I don’t know how long I can restrain myself.* Andrea then smiled her quirky half-smile, and said, “You know, I thought we’d planned to keep this date cool and calm. I don’t think it’s working.”

“I think you’re right. Shall we head for the movie? Or would you rather go home, and we could try the cool and calm date again, later?” Miguel wasn’t sure which he’d rather do, himself. He was not particularly sure he could restrain himself, in either case. As it was, he was uncomfortably hot, and he thought Andrea looked a little flushed, herself.

She said, “Let’s go ahead and see the movie.” She wanted to see the movie, and since he’d agreed to see it with her, they were certainly going to see it, whatever else happened that night. *Now where’d that thought come from?* she wondered. *I just want to see the movie, and then go home.* She tried not to think about Miguel coming in with her, but the idea wouldn’t leave her mind. Andrea had a very active imagination.

So Miguel paid the check, and she let him, since she knew his general rule of paying for dates. She’d heard him complain enough about other dates who wouldn’t let him obey it. “If I ask you out, I’ll pay for the date.” Then they went and drove over to the theater, and got into the movie. They sat down, and Miguel offered to get drinks. Andrea replied, “Just get a large root beer, and we’ll share it.”

When Miguel came back with a large root beer, and a couple of straws, he sat down and put the drink between them. Andrea looked at him, when she noticed the two straws.

“We never bothered with separate straws when we shared drinks before, Miguel,” she said. *Wow, I never realized how much I like his name.*

Miguel looked at her, shrugged, and said, “That’s true. Guess I have an extra one.” So he put the straw in the root beer, and offered the first sip to Andrea. She took the drink, nodded, and took her sip. *My god, those lips are beautiful.* When she handed it back, he flushed, quickly took a sip, and was thankful for the darkness of the theater.

A moment later, the movie started. The preview clips were quite entertaining, and both Miguel and Andrea laughed. Once the movie started, Miguel casino oyna put his arm around Andrea, rather hesitantly, and Andrea leaned her head on his shoulder, and snuggled up like she usually did during romance movies. The movie was excellent, though Miguel had a continual problem with his pants being a bit tight around the groin. Andrea’s closeness was all too distracting for him. He finally relaxed and put his hand on her shoulder, and squeezed at the appropriate times during the movie.

Throughout the movie, Andrea was slightly uncomfortable, since she was disturbingly aroused, and was thankful for the jacket that hid the fact that her nipples were hardened to pebbles. She wished Miguel would start moving his other hand from his lap. She didn’t realize that he was hiding a raging, almost painful hard-on.

After the movie, when the lights came up, they stood up, stretched, and his arousal became rather more obvious to her. She said nothing about it, though. Both of them simply talked about how good the movie was, and, on the way back to Andrea’s house, they discussed the little points of the movie. Both of them were rather amusingly preoccupied, though neither noticed.

When Miguel’s car pulled into the driveway, Andrea looked over, and asked, “Would you like to walk me to the door for a goodnight kiss?” Miguel’s eyebrows shot up at this, but he nodded, and they walked to the front door. She found her key, and opened the door. Then she turned around, and looked at Miguel. She put her hand on his shoulder, and pulled him to a kiss. It started out nice and chaste, but Miguel put his arms around her for a hug as well, and the kiss became much more than chaste. Andrea’s mouth opened a fraction, and Miguel’s tongue slipped out, and met Andrea’s. Their tongues entwined, and when they broke away, breathless, Andrea didn’t let Miguel go. She said, “Come on, that was way too good, and we’re both entirely too hot to let this opportunity pass. To hell with cool and calm.”

He nodded, and she pulled him inside, and pushed the door shut behind him. She turned and locked the door, then said, “I have the house to myself for the weekend, my roommate is visiting her family in Washington. Would you like to stay the night? Or do you have to get home?” He looked at her like she was crazy, and said that he had no reason to leave, unless she kicked him out.

She smiled, pushed him up against the door, and kissed him very passionately. Their tongues did the age-old dance, and their hands began to roam over each other’s bodies. As they became entangled in clothing, they stopped reluctantly, and Andrea led him up the stairs to her room. She opened the door, and he remembered the huge bed she had. They’d have no shortage of space to move about.

She looked at him, and said, “I want to go all the way tonight. Are you okay with that?”

Miguel looked at her, looked down at his highly obvious arousal, and looked back to her. He realized that she had never had sex before. He said, “Are you sure? Absolutely?” She nodded. He also nodded. Then he slowly began removing her jacket. “You must be a bit warm in this.” She nodded again, smiling. She started removing his tie. He began letting his hands roam around a little bit. He touched her petite rump, and squeezed, eliciting a slight squeek from Andrea. When she finished with his tie, she began slowly unbuttoning his shirt, with her tongue and teeth. He looked at her, and was amazed. His erection pulsed painfully, reminding him of what else she could do with those lips. She looked up from her task, and he saw absolute lust in her eyes. She reached down with her left hand and rolled his testicles around in her palm, through his pants. She felt his erection throb at that. Her eyes widened as she realized exactly how much he wanted her, too. Andrea used her right hand and pulled his zipper down, and unbuttoned his pants. She finished with the shirt buttons, and removed it rather quickly. She wanted it out of her way.

Miguel, meanwhile, was playing with her blouse, and when she’d finished with his shirt, lifted it, and pulled it off her, exposing her bare, bra-less chest. He looked on her hard nipples with great appreciation, and then began toying with them. He squeezed them lightly, provoking a slight gasp from Andrea. He pushed her back on the bed, and laid her down gently. He followed her down and straddled her, and kissed her with great enthusiasm. Miguel then moved his mouth down her chin, licking and kissing all slot oyna the way to her throat, and then around to the right side of her neck. He nibbled softly, which brought a near convulsive stiffening to Andrea, and she grabbed him, scratching his back in the process. She managed to gasp, “Wow. Amazing.” He then licked the spot he’d just bitten, and worked his way to the other side of her neck. He bit down a little bit harder on this side, and she gasped in pleasure. As soon as she recovered, she returned the favor, but he didn’t respond so drastically. He did almost melt, though.

After this, he began working his way down her neck and shoulders, and began alternately rubbing and pinching her nipples. He then reached them with his mouth, and she shivered when he licked them. Andrea began to move her arms up and down his back, and played with his hair. When he moved his tongue to her belly button, she gripped his hair and arched her body. He looked up, “Hit a nerve, did I?” She looked down, and nodded, biting her lip. He told her to lift up her hips, as it was time to remove her skirt. She obliged, and he slid the skirt off slowly, then pulled her panties down after it, to expose the warm, dark cleft in her groin. He smiled wickedly at her. He said, “Put your arms up under your head, and don’t move them.” She obeyed, looking slightly confused.

When he began to kiss her thighs, she squeeked, and convulsed a bit. “Wha-” she was cut off by a gasp of pleasure, when he used the tip of his finger to stroke the lips of her slit. He then continued kissing and licking at her thighs, working his way up to her extremely damp center. When he reached her groin, he began by slowly licking at her lips, and swirling his tongue around her clit. She shivered, and arched when he used his tongue to separate her lips and penetrate a little bit. Meanwhile, his hands were tracing their way up her thighs, and moving in strange, swirling paths, until they reached her ass. She quivered with delight as he brought her to orgasm, and she lost track of time as he ate her out.

Eventually, he used his fingers to probe into her soaking cleft, and when he met no resistance, he realized that she must have some kind of toys around. He glanced around, briefly, and spotted a wooden box he had noticed a few months ago, when they had been playing a game of truth or dare. He’d asked her what was in it, and when she’d said toys, he hadn’t thought anything of it. Now he knew what toys they were. He filed that little tidbit of information away for a while.

After a while he stopped, and kissed his way back up to her breasts, then gave her a little taste of herself, when he kissed her. Andrea decided she liked it, and kissed him deeply. She was apparently in no way finished for the night. She broke the kiss, and looked at Miguel. She looked down, and saw the intense hard-on through Miguel’s briefs. She rolled him over, stretched, slid herself off the bed, and stumbled around to where she could reach his pants, so she could finally remove them completely. She did so. She then began to tease his thighs with her fingernails, and eventually pulled his underwear off him. His throbbing shaft was finally free, and she was impressed. She leaned toward it, and he looked at her, questioningly. She said, “That was amazing. I want to try to return the favor.” When he asked if she were sure, she simply said, “Lean back, put your hands behind your head, and let me know when you’re about to come.” He nodded. She began to kiss his thighs, and he shivered, just as she had. He leaned back to enjoy what she would do.

What she would do was to kiss him all around his penis, using her hands to gently hold it while she licked his testicles. His breathing quickened at this. She sucked one into her mouth, then the other, rolling each around with her tongue, and teasing them with her teeth. She then released them. After a moment of hesitation, she began kissing his shaft, and licking it periodically. Eventually, she reached the head. He said, “Wait, let me calm down a moment. I’ll come as soon as you take it in, if you do it now.” So, she stopped, and waited for a minute, while he regained control of himself.

When he nodded, and leaned back again, she began to lick and kiss the tip of his penis, flicking her tongue over the very tip. She tasted the drops of pre-cum, and rolled them around in her mouth, rather enjoying the taste. She decided then that she’d have to try his semen, when he came. After a moment of this, canlı casino siteleri she began to slide her mouth around the head of his rod, and eventually got about three inches of it into her mouth, before she realized that she’d gag if she took in any more. Andrea then began sloly rolling her tongue around the shaft, and slowly slid it in and out of her mouth, never letting it all the way out. She began alternately sucking for a moment, and then blowing around the penis. When he arched his back, she slowed down even more, then sped up her movement.

After only about a minute of this, she heard, “I’m going to come, pull off!” She decided not to pull off, and his hot seed sprayed into her mouth, and she gagged. It shot straight back to her throat. When she pulled away, to stop from throwing up, his penis pulsed again, and more semen sprayed her lips. When she opened her eyes, and got control of her throat again, she noticed that there was semen everywhere, and that he was holding her, and asking if she was ok. She nodded, and licked her lips. “I guess I should have pulled away sooner, huh?”

He chuckled, and said, “Maybe so. If you want to taste the cum next time, then just put your tongue in the way, so it doesn’t hit the back of your throat. That way you won’t gag.” When she nodded, he also nodded, and she pushed him back down. She began licking up the cum, having decided that she liked the taste that she got. She swallowed all that she could find. Then she said, “I’m probably going to find bits of this for a while in my blanket, until I wash it, aren’t I?” Miguel just chuckled and smiled.

After washing off the rest of her face, she came back into the bedroom, and noticed Miguel looking curiously at the wooden box on her shelf. She walked over, took it down, and opened it. “Now you know my secret, Miguel.”

He nodded, unable to speak as he saw the array of objects in the box. There were little chrome vibrators, a full-sized dildo, and a small, unopened box of condoms. “I bought these a couple of months ago, except for the condoms. My parents decided that I should get The Talk, again, and gave me those a couple of weeks ago. They sure didn’t want to leave me alone. I mean, god. I’m 18 already. I know what sex is. I guess we get to use one now, huh?” She noticed that his penis was finally no longer aroused. She looked up, and said, “You want something to eat, while you recover?” Miguel could still only nod, as the shock of seeing his best friend’s “toys” still hadn’t worn off.

They went downstairs, to the kitchen, and turned the heat off, since they were warm enough as it was, even still naked. They each had an apple, and shared a couple of grapes. Eventually, Miguel recovered his wits, and Andrea mentioned, “I kind of like your taste. Do I. . .?”

Miguel nodded, “You taste very good. I like it. We’ll have to have oral sex again sometime soon. If you like, that is.” She nodded.

“I agree.”

“Do you still want to go all the way, Andrea?”

She nodded, and said, “Are you ready to do it, yet? Recovered enough?” At this, Miguel looked down, stood up, and said, “I seem to be fully functional again.” And apparently he was, as the soldier was at attention once more. Andrea grinned, and grabbed his penis. “Let’s go have some sex, then.”

She led him upstairs by his penis, and they almost jumped on the bed in lust. Miguel opened the box of condoms, and tore open a wrapper. She knew she was ready, and nodded at his glance. He unrolled the condom onto his penis, and then she lay down, and spread her legs. “Be gentle, Miguel,” she said. He nodded, “Of course I will.”

He lay down on top of her, supporting his weight with one hand, while the other guided his engorged penis to her apparently very ready vagina. He slowly pushed the tip in, as she gasped. He looked down, she nodded, and he kept pushing. After almost a minute, he was all the way inside her. She had a radiant look of pleasure on her face, and he kissed her beautiful smile. As he began to move, she started to hesitantly move along with him, amplifying the feeling of pleasure for both of them. As she lost her virginity, he kissed her passionately.

They began to move more quickly, both beginning to shiver and gasp, and she, after a short while, began saying his name, softly, and he followed her lead, and began to softly say her name. Soon, both began to speak louder, and eventually to cry out the other’s name, and when he filled the condom with his seed, she felt him shudder and pulse inside her, and she reached her orgasm, as well. The chorus of two eventually decrescendoed, and after a few moments, both were so relaxed that they fell asleep, still joined as one.


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