Andy Ch. 02

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Andy an American and Shannon a New Zealander who has returned home to settle. appear to be a likely couple and could even marry. While Shannon makes it difficult for him, cooling off to fight hr hang-ups or until Andy can wind up her motor again, he eyes the attractive neighbor who appears to be single minded about getting her fill.


Andy lay in bed attending to his erection, lights out and sliding glass door open, looking at the moonlight and thinking about women, in particular two women. He licked his lips thinking about five days and erotic nights with the sexy Shannon — yes, he now classified her as sexy although she was virtually flat-chested, the only such concession he could ever recall making. Her smile had gotten to him and he kept looking at the way she flicked her fringe back, often with a half-smile as if caressing herself rather than acting irritatingly by that handful of ill-disciplined hair.

He mused about her legs — he’d stopped looking at them so much but was constantly aware they were there; amazingly they were better than her mother’s. She moved with a touch of panther — fluidly unless she was tired and the way she rode Gigi brought him little short of the feeling of ejaculating when he watched her cantering, relaxed and very much in command of her temperamental horse who now accepted the rider was boss.

Ah, the horse. He thought back to the time when Lucy had told him Gigi was unrideable. He hadn’t corrected her and when he told her about his experience with horses she consented to him working Gigi back in to rideable status though she doubted he could do that within the two weeks available. Then when Lucy told him Gigi had been bred locally and yes the breeder, now elderly, still lived on his farm Andy almost yelled in delight, knowing his chances of success had soared as he could trace back to the source: something had happened to have blighted Gigi — it was rare to see a horse remaining some distance away from other horses as if being ostracized. He left immediately to visit Sam Guthrie.

There was no-one at the house so Andy drove down to the barn. The double doors were wide open and looking inside he saw a rather pretty but a little over-weight woman struggling to shoe a horse.

She hadn’t offered a normal greeting. Instead she straightened and looked at him through narrowing eyes. “What are you doing with Lucy’s car?”

“Good afternoon, I’m Andy King, Lucy and Jerry’s house guest.”

“Ah, dad said Lucy had a Yank staying with her. I assumed he would be aged and bald-headed.”

“Then you like what you see?”

She stared at him. “I hadn’t counted on him being a smart-ass either.”

Andy rubbed his jaw. “You’re struggling there — you hold her head and I’ll shoe her.”

“Don’t you mean the other way round?”


Andy picked up the leg and inspected the hoof. “Good preparation.”

“It ought to be; I’ve done hundreds, taught by my father. I’m Eva Guthrie — dad is at the dentist’s.”

“Hi Eva.”

“Have you ever shoed a horse?”

“Scores, but not hundreds like you.”

“Andy grabbed six nails and went to put the first in his mouth.

Eva said that was not recommended practice.

“I bet you do it, we are all naughty at times.”

She grinned and returned to the head of the big mare. “Selma threw the shoe this morning; I use her to run with the hunt.”

Andy grunted with six nails in his mouth.

He rode the leg and as Selma attempted to kick him through the roof of the stable he worked to complete the task expertly.

Eva inspected the hoof. “A very nice job.”

“But not quite as good as you would do,” Andy laughed, slapping her ass without really thinking; after all, he’d only just met the woman.

“You bastard,” she said, straightening up and glaring at him. “You’re encouraging me to be unfaithful to my partner.”

He muttered ‘No’ innocently and attempted to worm his way out: “It’s such a lovely ass I couldn’t resist; I’m sorry but it’s your fault for having such a sexy butt.”

“My fault?” she shrilled and this time Andy was sure she’d attempt to slap him. But she caught his cheeky grinned and flung herself at him and kissed him heavily, walking him backwards clear of the horse. She came up for a breather and said, “Struggling with a horse always makes me horny.”

“Well, we’d better do something about this he said,” eyeing her.

She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her bra up to free her drooping tits. “Right, get into these while I struggle out of these jeans and get you unzipped.”

It was one of those animalistic fucks — hard and furious without preliminaries but she did insist on a condom. “My partner and I are lesbians — you probably call it gay — so I’m not on contraceptives.”

“Pull one out of my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans while I suck these babies up to action mode,” Andy had smirked.

Back to the present he felt his balls tighten and aimed his cock to the ceiling, tilted back towards his chest slightly so the discharge would fall on to him instead of casino şirketleri the sheets. His fisting accelerated as he remembered the site of his thick cock entering Eva’s juicy cunt, doggie style as she lay over the workbench on her removed jeans, both heavy breasts pushed out on both sides of her torso; Andy found he could reach both enlarged nipples which he tweaked while she grunted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. They sweated and she pushed back at him athletically, with good timing. As she began to come she squeezed him with those strong horse-riding thighs; he closed his eyes and began ejaculating with a roar that made her squeal repeatedly in delight.

Andy opened his eyes to find his chest splattered with cum but he was on his bed and not in the barn. It didn’t really matter as the end result was similar although he was missing the warm, juicy and very active cunt around his dick as that was vastly superior to his own dry hand. He was sure he hadn’t been roaring — he listened and was relieve that no-one came running to check that he was okay. He grinned knowing that it hadn’t mattered that Shannon had forgotten to tell him about Eva Guthrie’s sexual preference as he’d found out himself through Eva’s confession and the fact she occasional had a male on the side. But he must tell Shannon what Eva had told him about Gigi — perhaps he would save that for when they were on their little holiday.

* * *

Next morning the dining room clock struck 5:00 waking Shannon; she heard her father pad down the passage to turn on the coffee machine. She’d not dropped back to sleep at 5:45 when he drove off so fetched her viabrator, keen to set it working as she felt emotionally uptight as so much was happening. She was close to release when she heard two raps on her door. Hurriedly she pulled the sheet and light blanket over her, leaving the viabrator deep in her pussy and still going at low setting.

“Come in,” she partly croaked, embarrassed and suffering a dry mouth, knowing her mom never knocked or coughed discreetly before entering.

“Good morning; Jerry made more noise that usual moving about and leaving so I wondered if you would be awake. Would you like coffee?”

“No thanks but a glass of juice would be welcome.”

“Here, have mine — we can share,” Andy said, standing by her dressed only in shorts, his wide and muscular chest making Shannon almost choke with desire.

“If we intend sharing other fluids I can I can share your orange juice,” she said daringly and smiled as his eyes widened. She wondered if he could smell her as she was very wet; if he did, he gave no sign of it.

“You are looking very lovely with your hair spread over the pillows like that.”

Shannon gave a cry, almost a yelp, and had a big ejaculation. She had to fight to keep from drumming her heels and squealing.

She opened her eyes to find him smiling at her with an understanding look. ‘Understanding’, oh God, she thought, blood rushing to her face again. Understanding what?

Andy failed to calm her when he said it pleased him to see her react romantically and with deep feeling after he’d made that sweet comment about her hair on the pillow.

The viabrator continuing unabated was making her feel on the verge of going over the top sexually so she squeaked, “Could you go now, I need to go to the loo.”

“Right,” he said, kissing her lightly sweating brow. “You’re hot, are you okay?”

“Yes fine,” Shannon lied, on the verge of another ejaculation.

“Let’s go riding this morning — I’ll bring in and saddle the horses while you make breakfast, okay?”

“Yes but go, I’m ready to burst.”

“You don’t want me to stay and watch you pee.”

Shannon was sure her face turned purple as she ejaculated again enormously but she’d managed to remain mute. Her dismay turned to a sexy grin when she’d realized Andy had not seen her contorted face as he’d left the room, probably as soon as he made that filthy remark. God, who did he think she was, allowing him to watch her pee?

“Oh no, she groaned, being hit by a smaller release. “I’m becoming depraved.”

* * *

Ninety-minutes later Shannon pulled out of the canter and called, “Let’s stop for coffee and give the horses a blow. Andy was riding Gigi as Shannon had wanted to watch Gigi at a canter and at full gallop with a rider; she’d been impressed as Andy was a great rider and Gigi ran freely and appeared to be enjoying being pushed to her limit — well as much as one can ‘read’ a horse’s reaction apart from when being petted or offered a taste treat.

He called out and signaled he was riding down into the creek bed carved out by floods. They walked the horses down and along the upper level for a while to cool down before allowing them to drink. Andy led Gigi into a stand of pine-trees and simply dropped the reins.

“Tie her, she’ll run away.”

“No she won’t; she likes me. She’ll just walk out and graze once she’s rested and Jess will follow her.”

“Well if you’ll wrong you’ll get it from me,” Shannon said menacingly, not fancying a long walk casino firmaları in the heat of the day.

Andy walked closer to her and dug into his back pocket and threw something at her saying, “Catch; you may have a use for this.”

Wondering what on earth he was talking about Shannon caught the small packet and flushed as she recognized it as a condom pack. She felt angry — what a scoundrel, making no effort to prepare her and to expose his feelings; beside she’d earlier had more than enough excitement for one day. “Okay, I’d like that,” she heard herself say. Shannon!

His big grin turned her knees to jelly so she held out her arms as if wanting to be saved but irrationally wanting to be savaged if that were on his mind. He embraced her, spun and sank on to his back on to the coating of pine needles with a force that would have knocked the wind out of her. How he’d managed to cushion the fall with her on top of him she had now idea but he had enough breath to kiss her deeply — their first real sexy kiss.

They pulled their mouths away to take in air.

“Do you want to do this?”

She nodded and whispered, “Oh yes please.”

“Suck me off,” he commanded.

Well, really! But he redeemed himself by adding a little late, “After I have undressed you.”

She wriggled in delight now assuming this was not to be a quick seduction just to allow him to get himself off, er, with her help.

They kissed leisurely. He stroked he hair and nibbled at her ear until her mind had soared and she was ready to give him anything he wanted. Even her butt she admonished as her resistance crumbled. Yes, if that’s what he wanted. What she wanted was that thick cock between her lips — come on Andy! He turned away and yawned — oh fuck, he’s about to fall asleep on me. She rolled off him and removed her boots.

“What’s the hurry,” he yawned.

She was tempted to tell him what she really thought but decided to be enticingly positive. “Because I need my mouth full.”

He sat up in a flash and removed his sneakers and then helped her remove her second boot.

They removed their clothes and tossed them together to make a rough bed over the pine needles. The hugged, kissed and sank to their knees. Andy lay on his back and as she began licking his more than ready erection he lifted her over him.

* * *

When Shannon spread her knees as she came to rest Andy was face to face with a hairless vista of narrowing thighs of flawless skin that led to a pair of plump lips that formed the gateway to her vagina. He couldn’t recall seeing in flesh a more perfect pussy; had he’d been a religious man he would have paused to offer thanks. Instead he spread the lips and his gaze met a moist and welcoming pussy. How he knew it was welcoming he had no idea, but he was sure it was so. His tongue darted forward to make inaugural contact of what conceivably could be the first of 20,000 such encounters they would have during the next forty or so years if were to spend the rest of their lives together; Andy wasn’t sure if elderly men continued to suck pussy but he saw no reason why had wouldn’t be able to negotiate the wrinkles to administer stimulation if that was still appreciated. His tongue squeezed in and although Shannon sighed deeply and shuddered there was no evidence she’d left a fresh deposit for her tongue to find.

They agreed later that it had been a glorious first fuck although they got off sometime apart. She’d laid on her back as she requested missionary position and he pounded away until red in the face but without success until he pulled her lower legs over his shoulders and pushed back in with gusto; she shrieked, grabbed his arms and began panting madly as she gushed and gushed which was her description. He was unable to disagree because he was aware she was leaking big-time.

But he hadn’t unloaded.

“Oh my poor darling,” she’d cooed. “Want me to suck you off again?”

“No,” he puffed.

“What if I jerked you off?”

“No thanks.”

“Then what, I’m beginning to suffer soreness as I’m not used to all this thrusting, or not a great deal of thrusting at all in recent times for that matter.”

Andy grabbed her hand, sucked her middle finger and told her where to insert it.”

“No, I’m not that kind of girl.”

“Then what kind of girl do you wanted to be?”

“To constantly be nice to other people and be respected by them. To be loved by you and for you to bring me lovingly to multiple climaxes.”

“That’s admirable but what I’ve just told you to do won’t make you any less popular with other people and if you don’t tell that I get you to shove a finger up my ass when I’ve flagging they’ll never know so will have no reason to respect you any less.”

“I suppose you a right; I’ll carry lube in future.”

“I’ll instruct you.”

“There’s no need; I’ve done it to myself a few times.”

At that totally unexpected disclosure Andy climbed almost to the point of ejaculation but hurriedly thought negative thoughts and took in deep breaths, lowering his excitement levels a güvenilir casino little. He may as well keep Shannon on her learning curve.

Her finger entered him with little difficult and he sighed, “Squeeze my nuts gently.” Seconds later he lifted on to his knees, ripped off the condom and stroked up twice over his cockhead and released the first shot of semen that caught Shannon under the chin and the second made it to the center of her chest.

“My God, how did you do that? My previous men have never shot passed my belly button.”

Andy said it was the power of her fingering and she looked ever so pleased. She said in a small voice, “Do you want to ass-fuck me?”

“Let’s keep that for when we’re both feeling in the mood.”

She smiled and said what a good idea as she was nervous, only having had it done to her once and that was at the university dorm when the girls had a gang splash with some of them using strap-ons.”

Andy boggled and allowed Shannon to see his expression; she blushed.

They cleaned up with tissues Shannon had in her bag and as they rested still in the nude he told her about his visit to see Sam Guthrie, who was not at home and in great detail about his encounter with Eva and it was her turn to boggle — first that Eva what let anyone touch her hunter let alone shoe it and then when he began describing their sexual encounter.

“Are you sure you want me to learn about this?”

“Yes, I have no hang ups about sex.”

“Yes, I’ve gathered that,” Shannon said dryly. “But are you sure you actually had sex — Eva always has been gay.”

“She must be unworried that people think like that because I fucked her into ecstasy and she admitted to me she was a practicing lesbian but took up with the occasional male for the difference in stimulation.”

“Good gracious, was she any good?”

“Almost quite brilliant — she virtually had me away just by using her cunt muscles.”

“Do women have muscles there that they can use?”


“Well I never.”

“I believe it takes practice but just squeezing your thighs together to increase friction can be helpful to your partner — or embarrassing if applied too early. We must practice — also down at the lake we’ll learn about what one of my girlfriends called her Kegel exercises. With her I thought she was capable of ripping my cock from my body, just using her cunt adeptly.”


“Have you ever done it Cowgirl or performed a sixty-nine with a guy holding you, licking you out with your legs above his shoulders?”

“No,” Shannon said, wide-eyed and reaching to begin stroking his cock back to erection.

“Then guess what we’ll be doing down at the lake house when we are not out fishing or tramping and Tony Jenkins gave me the location of a nearby horse trek ranch which would interest us.”

“I can’t wait to get there,” Shannon grinned. “Oooh, look what’s happening down here; it looks like we can manage another one.”

* * *

Lucy was tight as a drum in curiosity but at no time did she catch Shannon and Andy at it. In fact despite her constant vigilance she saw little more than the chaste kisses whenever they parted during the day or when one of them went off to bed. She had been aware from her daughter’s arrival home that Andy took in wake-up coffee, juice and toast to Shannon but was out again before he had time to exploit her daughter sexually — well, at least not in a meaningful manner.

A mother knows when her daughter is having sex and Lucy knew Shannon had scored at least once. How did she know? She just knew. The changes in Shannon were singularly insignificant but viewed collectively Lucy saw that Shannon walked taller, her nipples had become almost constantly erect and she seemed to strut rather than walk normally. Even more significant, lately whenever Shannon walked away from Andy Lucy began noticed an ass sway — not outwardly noticeable but she looked for signs and saw the subtle sway. As sure as hell Andy noticed it too as his eyes didn’t leave her daughter’s ass until Lucy disappeared from sight.

Lucy was happy that they were doing it — it’s what she’d wanted to happen — but damn it she wanted positive evidence! She’d twice tried wheedling it out of Shannon who simply looked her straight in the eye and said no. Oooh, the liar. The thought of them being away together for five days, behaving gross…um…like rabbits, racked Lucy with envy and unsettled her so much that she’d gone to the city that afternoon to resume her off-again on-again affair with her neighbor and lawyer Tony Jenkins who lived half a mile away. His wife still had him on a ration of once a fortnight, or so Tony had alleged over lunch before they went to the hotel suite kept permanently by his firm for VIPs. On a previous occasion the gallant Tony had told her what she was doing for him qualified her as a top shelf VIP.

That evening Jerry, Lucy, Shannon and Andy finished two bottles of red wine over dinner and had two double whiskies before eating so Lucy had her confidence up. She suggested to Shannon that she should be packing for an early start in the morning and off went Shannon. Ten minutes later Lucy said to Jerry he looked tired; Jerry yawned and said he was off to bed, which left Lucy as she had planned: alone with Andy.

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