Annabelle’s First Job

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This job was ruining her life.

Or so Annabelle thought as she sat in front of the computer, a pile of paperwork at her left, another of unanswered mail at her right. Because while all her friends were at the beach or by a pool enjoying their summer before going away to college, Annabelle was stuck in a law firm, working nine to five and missing on all the fun. Sure, the money was good and the job wasn’t too bad, but still, she would love to be out there having fun with all the other people her age.

But she wasn’t. And while her best friend paraded in the beach wearing a bikini she had helped her pick, Annabelle herself sat in an air conditioned room wearing a black skirt, a demure white shirt and heels. Upon receiving her uniform and having it fitted, the naughty part of her had toyed with the idea of taking the skirt’s hem up a lot more than the three-inches-above-the-knee the dress code required, or perhaps having a shirt that was more form fitting and flattering that showed off her curves the right way or that she, simply, didn’t have to button up almost to her throat. Even her heels, that at three inches gave her height a good boost, seemed boring to her.

Sighing, Annabelle felt a little rebelliousness blossoming inside her. Oh, to hell with everything! Even with the conditioned air she could feel the heat taking over her body. It was a slow day, and very few clients had showed up so far. Would anyone notice if she undid a couple of buttons of her shirt? Besides, if any client did show up and she welcomed him with a generous glimpse of her cleavage, Annabelle was sure they wouldn’t complain. She hadn’t missed some of the looks they gave her when they stood by her desk, even in what she considered an unflattering uniform.

Annabelle was a healthy young girl and at 18, she lived for those moments when men of all ages turned around to look at her, or when they told her how attractive they thought she was. She loved every minute of it, and whenever the chance was presented to her, she played along, which often led her to end up in a sexy situation with the most varied kind of guys. Sometimes she would end up in a car, riding the young and eager cock of a boy her age, others she would end up in a motel, bent over as the cock of a college guy pounded her hard. And then, some other times, Annabelle spent the night in an apartment, feet high in the air and thighs spread wide as an experienced, older cock plundered her young pussy so thoroughly, she always ended up begging for more. And those were her favorites.

Annabelle shifted in her chair, thinking of the last time she had found herself in such situation, and moaning as the tiny little panties she wore pressed her core in all the right places; she might have a boring uniform, but she’d be damned if she didn’t look as sexy as she pleased under it!

About a week ago, Annabelle had been jogging at the local park, wanting to blow some steam after a particularly long day at the office. After running around the park a couple of times, she was doing some stretching when a guy in his early forties came up to her. They chatted for a while as he asked her what the best paths were for a good jog and basically trying to spend some more time with her, all the while giving her looks that told Annabelle exactly what was in his mind. He was so attractive, Annabelle played along, showing him generous hints of cleavage as she stretched and giving him long glimpses of her ass in those tight shorts of hers whenever she had the chance. The moment he asked her to go for a walk down the paths she had mentioned, Annabelle knew what was going to happen.

And she had been right: the guy wasted no time in useless preliminaries, and as soon as they found a mildly secluded corner, he jumped her with lust in his eyes. As a consequence, Annabelle ended up with her face against a tree, her hands trying futilely to hold on to its rough bark as the guy lowered her shorts and panties, spread her legs, and ate her pussy out in the open. And boy, could he eat pussy! His tongue had done things to her that had her almost begging for mercy. She squirmed at the memory of that nimble tongue slipping into her wet, wanting hole. She had returned the favor by giving his nice cock a good tit-fuck right in the spot. By the time they were done, and Annabelle’s ample breasts were covered in his hot cum, they arranged a meeting that night at his apartment, where he fucked her in all ways imaginable. Young boys might have boundless energy when it came to sex, but older cocks, Annabelle mused, had the experience that satisfied her eager pussy.

Lost in her reverie, and enjoying the tingling of her wet core, Annabelle didn’t notice the man standing before her until he placed another big pile of papers before her with a loud thud. Startled, Annabelle looked up to find Mr. Anthony Robbins, one of her bosses, staring down at her with a slightly scolding look on his face.

“Annabelle, I need you to photocopy these immediately. We have a meeting tomorrow morning and casino şirketleri I want them ready before you leave this afternoon. Understood?”

Straightening up, Annabelle looked at her boss as she mustered her most professional expression, one that belied the caliber of the thoughts she had just been having.

“Yes, Sir.” She answered, promptly taking the pile in her hands. “Should I leave the dossiers on your desk?”

Mr. Robbins took a moment to answer, and the reason had Annabelle blushing to a crimson red. His dark eyes were fixed on her exposed cleavage, which she had failed to button up since she had never noticed him coming. She wondered whether she should try to cover herself or not, but then decided it was a bit too late for that. An impish side of her, moreover, enjoyed the attention of who had to be the most handsome man in the firm: tall, dark, very handsome… and in his forties.

“Yes, please.” He finally answered, as if snapping out of a daze. “I’ll give them a look just in case.”

Nodding, Annabelle stood up, wanting to obey the order right away. Giving Mr. Robbins a smile, she picked up the pile of papers and headed to the small copy room down by the corridor. What she didn’t notice in her eagerness to make up for her distraction, however, was the pair of eyes that settled on her with a newly found hunger.

Anthony stared at the soft sway of his secretary’s hips as she walked away, stunned by the discovery he had just made. He hadn’t been involved in the process of hiring a new secretary for the summer; what was there so difficult about it, after all? They needed a girl who could manage her way around a computer, answer phones, make calls and coffee. Hardly rocket science, to be honest! Annabelle had been there for a few weeks now, and hadn’t it been for that generous cleavage exposed by the three top undone buttons of her shirts, he might have never really noticed her. But now, as she walked with a gentle, sensual sway of her hips, Anthony couldn’t help but feel a familiar stirring in his loins.

Annabelle had a body not even the uniform could hide. He had heard some of the comments his partners occasionally made about her, but only now did he notice how right they were. She had curves in all the right places; a waist accentuated by the skirt and flaring hips that begged for his hands to hold them tight as he pounded her sweet, young pussy from behind. Her legs were slender and long, and the high heels made them look even more inviting. And as for her breasts… Anthony shifted from one foot to the other, trying to ease some of the tension the zipper created on his hardening member. They were ample, full, obviously soft, and for a moment, his mind clouded with visions of his hard cock nestled between them. The idea got his already stiff cock growing into new proportions. Good God, the girl was young enough to be his daughter!

But she wasn’t, whispered a voice in his ear. And since Anthony’s lust-fogged mind couldn’t think properly, he did the one thing that seemed right: he followed sexy Annabelle to the copy room.

Inside, Annabelle was torn between scolding herself for her idiocy, and struggling against the sensual images that swarmed her mind. What if Mr. Robbins told her off for not attending to the proper dress code? Because flaunting her breasts for the world to see was not part of said code! What if he fired her for misconduct?

Yet, although the responsible part of her enjoyed the chance to give her grief for her mistake, the sensual, horny part of her relished on reliving some of her most exciting previous experiences, where her mind took great pleasure on replacing the man in them for a very aroused, very hot, and very sexy Mr. Robbins. She pictured herself riding his cock so slow he begged for more, then saw herself on her hands and knees, her boss pounding her from behind the way she liked best. Would his cock be big? Would it fill her mouth and satiate her hungry pussy with its girth? Annabelle fanned herself with some papers as the copy machine began to release sheet after sheet. Good God, she needed a good fuck. It didn’t matter if she ended up fucking someone in the bathroom of a bar; she would go out that night, and she would let herself be fucked in all ways imaginable, because that was exactly what she needed.

Annabelle didn’t pay much attention to the copy machine when it started beeping, not until the persistent sound managed to shatter the lustful haze that surrounded her. Fuck! That piece of crap did it every single time. Whenever Annabelle came here, the damned machine had to act up. Jammed paper, lack of toner, the machine was simply having a bad day… it was like a clock, it happened every damned time, and Annabelle cursed under her breath. Taking a step back, she bent over at the waist and opened the lid of the machine, trying to see with inexperienced eyes what on Earth was going on.

Nonetheless, being horny was first and foremost in her mind, and despite the annoyance inside her, Annabelle couldn’t casino firmaları help teasing herself just a little, if only to forget the hard time the machine was giving her. Bent over as she was, she arched her back and spread her feet as far as the skirt allowed her to. When she did, the thin strap of cloth she was wearing under her skirt slid snugly between her pussy lips, deliciously teasing her in all the right places. A moan escaped her lips. With her back arched like that, her hungry pussy almost swallowing her little thong, and her breasts nearly hanging out her shirt, Annabelle could easily forget that the damned machine was acting up.

It was the tiny, sweet and wanton little moan what succeeded on making Anthony as hard as a rock. In her hurry, Annabelle had left the door open. He had braced himself for some privileged views of her lovely ass when she bent over to open the lid of the copy machine; what he hadn’t expected, however, was to have her assuming such an openly sexual posture, and to hear how much she enjoyed it. With Annabelle bent over, her ass high in the air and thighs spread, the moan she had emitted made his cock twitch. And that silent invitation her body gave his as it so submissively offered itself? There was no possible way Anthony could ignore it.

Walking up to her, he made sure he aligned his hard cock with her young pussy. Then, stepping close to her, he grabbed her round hips in his hands and pushed; not too hard, but enough to make Annabelle feel how much she had turned him on. Nonetheless, trying to cover up his true intentions, Anthony too bent over until his entire body covered hers, and reached for a switch inside the machine.

“Here.” He said, taking his time to flick the switches and pulling at some rods. “A pull here and a push there, and that’s it, the paper’s out.”

Annabelle could hardly believe what was going on. Shocked to immobility, she felt every inch of Mr. Robbins’ front glued to her back. His warm chest was wide and his body was strong, filling her with ideas of domination that made tremble. What she felt nestled between her thighs, however, made her weak at the knees. He was… hard! Her boss’ cock, which he had strategically positioned so it teased her already needy pussy, was hard as a rock. And those tiny little thrusts he gave her as he pulled at the rods of the copy machine? They pushed the strap of her thong further between her lips, making it impossible for her to restrain the lustful moan that escaped her throat.

Anthony wasn’t thinking straight and he knew it. Deep down inside he knew he could get into some deep, deep trouble for what he was doing, but to hell with it! His hard dick was doing all the thinking, and when it had a young, warm pussy so close to it, it demanded to be rammed in there. Nothing more. And Annabelle’s body was so tempting…! Her high heels left her at the right height for him to pump into her comfortably. Her ass seemed soft and plaint, and as he looked over her shoulder, he could see her breasts hanging under her shirt, dangling with her agitated breath even within the confines of her lacey white bra; a call he couldn’t resist.

“Um, Annabelle.” Anthony whispered in her ear as his hands went from the machine to her waist and then, very slowly, upwards until he cupped her full breasts. “You know you’re supposed to obey my every order, don’t you?”

Was this a test? Annabelle couldn’t form a single coherent thought, not with that hard cock poking at her, and not with those big hands cupping her breasts so perfectly, her pussy tightened with need. What if Mr. Robbins was seeing how far she was willing to go to keep her job? Would he try to blackmail her later on?

“Mr. Robbins…” She began to say, but a gentle squeeze of his hands silenced her. Also, it robbed her of her breath.

“My every order, Annabelle.” He repeated, his words accentuated by soft thrusts of his hips against hers. Then, one hand freed a breast and began a slow journey down her body, posing itself lightly on her mound through her skirt. “You should tend to my every need and follow each one of my commands. You know that, don’t you?”

Annabelle couldn’t answer, for the wild thumping of her heart barely allowed her to breathe. She was one big, tense muscle, clamoring for release. When she didn’t answer as soon as Mr. Robbins wished her too, he gave her breast a tighter squeeze.


She swallowed hard.

“Yes, Sir.”

“And if I ask you to suck my cock, you will obey, am I clear?”

Again, Annabelle swallowed, her mouth watering at the thought.

“I will, Sir.” The idea of calling him Sir, of him having all the control, was fuelling her fantasies of submission to a strong man until they blazed uncontrollably inside her.

“What will you do, Annabelle?” He wanted to hear the words, and as he waited, his hand slipped under her skirt.

“I’ll… I’ll suck your cock, Sir.” The moment those words left her mouth, Anthony felt his cock stiffening to a breaking point. güvenilir casino

“And if I tell you to give me this sweet, young pussy?”

Annabelle bit her lip when the tip of his fingers brushed her soaked flesh.

“I’ll give you my sweet, young pussy, Sir. So you can do with it as you please.”

Mr. Robbins seemed to like that last but of improvisation, for his fingers dived under her thong, tearing a strangled cry from her lips.

“You’re so wet, baby.” Anthony said reverently as his fingers slipped all over her flesh. They touched her everywhere. Mr. Robbins acquainted himself with every corner of her intimacy, teasing her clit with slow circles that made her whimper before finding a way into her tightness. When he did, he bit on her shoulder, hard, for his fingers fit so snugly in her wet, wanting hole, Anthony could only imagine what it would feel like to feel that softness wrapping his aching cock. Her hips bucked endlessly under his ministrations, and once he was satisfied she was properly teased, and that his hand was soaking wet as he wanted it, he took it to her lips. “Lick it clean, Annabelle. Show me how much you like to suck. And if you’re a good girl, I might clean your cunt with my own tongue.”

Annabelle parted her lips to answer, but ended up full of two fingers that dripped with her own cum. God knew she had sucked her share of wet cocks, but when Mr. Robbins slipped two thick fingers in her mouth and she tasted herself, Annabelle almost came. There was something about the whole situation, about fucking this older man, her boss, in a very public place, that was driving her over the edge. She pushed herself back against his straining cock as she diligently licked his fingers clean, showing him in great detail what she could do with her tongue.

“Oh yes, babygirl… suck them good… lick my fingers clean…” Mr. Robbins panted in her ear as one of his hands unbuttoned her shirt and then bunched her skirt up. “Boy, you’re good! I bet you’re a fine cocksucker, aren’t you?”

Annabelle lost it. That was why she loved fucking older men – that feeling of power they got from fucking such a young girl like her made her crazy with lust. She liked powerful men, men who weren’t afraid to show it, and this one that had her captive right in front of the copy machine was the epitome of that.

When his fingers once again found the path to her wanting pussy, Annabelle’s knees almost gave away.

“So wet.” Mr. Robbins whispered in her ear. “Mmm… this pussy needs a good fuck so bad, babygirl…” He tugged at the thong and her hips bucked when the pressure it applied teased her clit. “Such a little slut, wearing tiny little thongs at work. I bet you’ve worn this quite a few times, uh? Does it make you hot walking around wearing these?”

With his fingers clean of her juices, Annabelle let them go with a popping sound and stared at him over her shoulder.

“It does, Sir… it makes me feel sexy and dirty walking around all these men wearing a thong. And it makes me so, so wet!”

Anthony’s cock poked at her pussy, making Annabelle gasp with lust. Then, lowering his mouth to her ear, he whispered.

“Stay just like that, babygirl. Let Mr. Robbins see your sweet pussy and the piece of ass you’ve been hiding.”

Annabelle bit her lip when his big, strong hands moved down her body and his warmth abandoned her. Then, he slowly bunched her skirt up from behind, exposing her ass and a pussy that had wrapped itself around a tiny black lace thong that hid nothing.

“Oh, baby.” Mr. Robbins said as his hands massaged her ass cheeks. “You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. God, I’d give my right hand to give it a nice, hard fuck.” Parting her ass cheeks and then pushing them together, he pressed an openmouthed kiss to her roundness. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, honey?”

A long, loud moan left Annabelle’s throat.

“No, Sir.” She answered with a trembling voice. Boy, did she want it now.

Anthony chuckled.

“Some other time, then.”

Before Annabelle could argue, his strong hands lowered her thong with a slowness that tortured her and Anthony’s cock throbbed with need when the thin black strap slowly parted her swollen, pink, and hairless lips, threads of wetness clinging to it and to her flesh. The sexy garment ended around her upper thighs, and the thought the sight her soaking wet, exposed pussy must be making, made her grip the copy machine tighter. What she didn’t know was that, under Anthony’s stunned gaze, the muscles of that sweet spot between her thighs squeezed tight too, juice overflowing her wanting flesh and filling him with a hunger he could barely control.

“Oh, sweet Jesus…” He murmured at the sight. That had to be the hottest thing he had ever seen in his entire life. He had fucked many women as a young man and still did, but that sweet, young girl exposed so completely to him? She was driving him wild. He wanted nothing more than to bury his face in that soft, enticing pussy and eat her until she came over and over again, so he could move on and fill her with that throbbing piece of flesh that made his slacks the most uncomfortable piece of clothing ever. Oh, yes… this little girl was in for the ride of her life.

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