Anna’s New Position

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They say that when you’ve fallen 9 times, you just have to get up that tenth to make it, but Anna was tired of drudging herself up time and time again and needed a break. The environment in her all-women workplace was wearing on her and she knew it was time to look for something new, so she finished out her workday to keep whatever shred of a good relationship she had with her boss alive, and went in to give her notice.

“What the hell is this?”

“It’s just a formal note to show that I’m giving my two-week notice. I’ve enjoyed working here, but it’s time for me to move forward.”

Her boss opened her mouth to respond, closed it, then slowly smiled. “You know, we were looking at downsizing anyways; if you’re wanting to leave, just leave today.”

Anna hadn’t even thought of receiving that answer. How did she lose control of the situation so quickly? “You know, I do still have several projects open that I would like to finish before I leave, so if I could just finish out the month…”

“I’ll have one of the other girls take care of them, just go pack up your desk.”

Anna nearly laughed from the shock of it. The emotional turmoil that hit stunned her speechless and froze her in her place. Her boss looked up from her desk and rose a brow, “Good luck to you.”

‘Good luck to you?’ Anna thought. ‘I’ve worked here for six years and all I get is a good luck to you? Why the hell have I stayed so long?’ Trying to keep her face neutral, Anna gave a curt nod and headed to her desk before realizing she had nothing to pack her belongings in. Sighing and heading to the storage closet, she ran into Mark – the lone man in the pack (who fit in simply because of his orientation) – and gave a half-hearted smile.

“Honey! What’s wrong??” Mark’s choir-boy face fell as she briefly surmised her situation. “Oh babe, don’t you worry. I have a friend who’s looking for a girl to fill an empty place at his shop…just call this number,” he grabbed her hand and scribbled a name and number on it, “and tell him I sent you. You’ll get the position, no question.”

Anna leaned in and hugged him tight before pulling away, smiling. Multiple promises to stay in touch and go out for drinks the following weekend followed before she found an empty box in the closet and strolled back to her desk, humming happily while she packed up her desk and walked out the door.


She was confident, but nervous. The job wasn’t in the best part of the city and the pay could have been better, but it was a job and it would pay the bills. She strolled into the shop – a restaurant supply depot, wearing her favorite interview outfit: dark charcoal slacks with smartly ironed lines down the front, a quietly hued magenta shirt with a ruffled bib, and a matching charcoal boyfriend blazer. Gaining directions to the manager’s office from a shop worker, she trotted up a flight of stairs and turned a quick corner to the left before tapping on the door.

“Come in.” The voice was deep, husky even. Her subway-hopping to get to the shop was made completely worth it when she pushed the door open and saw him. He stood to greet her and she noted his height – a good foot over her; he had a few extra pounds on him, but was in great shape – his arms sculpted from hours of heavy labor; his hazel eyes caught her dark brown ones and for a moment, it was as if time stopped and neither could look away.

She cleared her throat and found her voice. “Rob, yes? Mark sent me.”

“…Mark? Mark Hussman?? Ha! How’s he doing these days? He told you we grew up together, yeah?”

They spent the next few moments chatting about Mark and the position he held with her previous company before settling in for the ‘official’ interview. The chemistry between the two of them filled the room and she didn’t have to wait for him to say so to know she had the position. With questions concerning hours, benefits, and salary behind them, he stood once more – a gentlemanly act she appreciated – and stuck out his hand.

“So, see you Monday then?”

She took his hand, calloused and rough – a working man’s hand – and smiled. “I’ll be here.”

“Wonderful; I’ll show you to the door.” He swept his right hand to the side, pointing towards the exit while using his left at the small of her back to gently guide her. There was nothing sexual about the act, but the pressure from his fingertips and palms was distracting, and she didn’t see the cable snaking out under a large cooler. She tripped gracelessly, arms flailing, mouth open – but no sound escaping, and she knew she was going to hit hard, when she suddenly felt a pair of strong arms around her waist, catching her fall and slightly lifting her off the ground in the effort. Jerking to a stop, breathing hard from the panic of the near-fall, she turned towards him. The pace of his breathing matched her casino şirketleri own, and his arms around the small of her waist had inadvertantly pulled her closer to him when she turned.

Their faces were no more than half a foot apart and her mouth parted slightly as she watched him unconsciously lick his lips. ‘He wants to kiss me,’ she realized with a mental gasp. There was nothing she wanted more than to push him back into his office and kiss those perfectly shaped lips for hours on end, but she didn’t want to be ‘that’ girl. Snaking her arm up to his chest, she gently pushed away.


The spell seemed to snap for him when she spoke and he blinked hard a couple of times before giving her a slight smile. “Any time.”

“Monday then?”



Monday morning, a half hour early, she walked through the doors. She knew that while there were a good dozen men working downstairs with deliveries, she would be working upstairs with Rob, and had brought coffee for the both of them. Tapping the door lightly before walking in and holding the coffee up for him to see, she smiled and said, “Didn’t know how you liked it, so I just got us both black…figured we could doctor them up here.”

He grinned, the smile reaching his eyes. “I like my coffee like I like my women – light and sweet.” She giggled and walked out of the office to the fridge to fix the coffee to his liking before settling in at her new desk – which was set not even two feet from his own. Looking at the stacks of paper that had accumulated since the last person had held her position, she took a deep breath.

“Soooo…which of my services are you looking for today?”

She had asked the question in a light-hearted, joking tone, but he glanced over with a look in his eye that caught the breath in her throat. She swallowed hard and drew her hand over the desk, showing off the mass of paperwork.

“Invoices…data entry…filing…etcetera.”

He smiled. “Let’s start with invoices and move on from there.”

They quickly settled into a rhythm, working well with one another, the months passed quickly, and for the first time in her professional life – she was happy. The tension between the two of them continued to mount, though, twisting them deeper down, until they were cracking sexual jokes and sharing stolen looks on a daily basis.

One day, while working on a quote for a customer, she looked over.

“Rob…this cafe asked for a ten-inch baster – but I don’t think it’ll be enough.”

“God, Anna! Ten inches isn’t enough for you?”

She chuckled as he winked at her, “Oooh, I’m good with ten inches…I just don’t think they are.”

He paused for a moment and she assumed he was considering which item to offer the cafe as an alternate until he spoke, his tone lower than usual.

“Could you grab me a coffee?”

She was surprised, but immediately smiled and stood. “Of course.”

Walking out of the office, she poured a coffee for the both of them, lightening his and keeping hers black, before heading back in…and nearly running smack into his chest. “Oh!I’m so sorry! In my own little world here.” She started to laugh until she looked up and caught his eyes. The laugh cut short in her throat as she watched him slowly take the mugs out of her hands and set them on the desk behind her.

“I hope this isn’t too forward, but…”

He leaned forward slowly, so slowly, and kissed her lightly. She was shocked out of reacting, and as he began to pull back, she saw he looked a bit sheepish and realized he had taken her lack of response as a “no”. Wrapping her right arm around his neck and pressing her left to the middle of his back, she pulled him back to her, and kissed him deeply. She could feel his surprise through his kiss, but he recovered quickly, and wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly to him as he kissed her over and again, stopping only to lightly suck and nibble her bottom lip. The kiss deepened and she opened her mouth to him; their tongues sparred and she felt his insistence as he slowly began to get a bit rougher with her – one hand now locked around her wrists while he kept the other cupped around her cheek, holding her to him.

He broke the kiss and pulled back, looking into her eyes, seemingly looking into her, and stepped so close to her that she was forced to take a step back. This was obviously exactly what he wanted as he did so several more times until the backs of her knees bumped into the couch. Her head turned to look at the couch, then back to him, searching his face, pleading him silently to not stop. He cocked his head slightly to the side, smiled, and with a slight push to her shoulders, she fell back onto the waiting cushions.

She assumed he would step between her legs for her to lick and suck him and was all casino firmaları too willing to comply, but when she reached for his belt, he batted her hand away.

“No. Just…close your eyes.”

Looking at him with a raised brow for a moment, but unwilling to stop, she slowly closed her already heavy lids, and trembled at the possibilities of what was about to happen. The room was silent, save their breathing, and hers sped up all the more when he didn’t automatically touch her after her eyes closed. A good thirty seconds passed with no touch from him and she was about to open her eyes when she heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper. Her heart pounded in fear and lust and she swore that even the men downstairs must be able to hear it. She waited…for what, she didn’t know. Would he would trail his cock over her mouth before having her suck him off? Would he turn her around and fuck her doggy-style? The anticipation was torturous and after what seemed like hours since hearing the zipper crawl down in the first place, she opened her eyes to see him standing in front of her, eyes closed, head tipped back, slowly stroking himself.

She watched him, mouth open, lust completely overtaking her, but didn’t move to touch him. Instead, she closed her eyes again and waited. He didn’t keep her in suspense long. Instead of doing any of the things that she had expected, she instead felt him draw a single line with his fingertip over her bare thigh. Silently praising herself for wearing a skirt that morning, she bit back a moan, and scooted forward on the couch, trying to get closer to his finger. Everytime she pushed herself forward in an attempt to force his hand onto her pussy, though, he would pull back slightly, always close, but never quite touching. He did this for several minutes before pulling his hand away completely, ignoring her quiet groan of displeasure.

Struggling to keep her eyes closed, she sat on the couch and thought of how she must look. Hair mussed from his fingers tracing through it as they kissed, shirt half-untucked, skirt close to the top of her waist, panties obviously soaked…what a sight! She almost laughed from the thought of it, but was cut short when she felt Rob’s hot breath on the inside of her thigh. Her back arched and she reared off the couch as he bit down on the tender flesh of her inner leg. That’ll leave a mark. She smiled at the thought of looking down the next morning and remembering this moment, but her smile was erased by a moan as he burrowed his mouth over the front of her now-sheer panties. She felt him licking her through the cloth and couldn’t stand not looking any longer; opening her eyes, she saw that he was kneeling before her, looking up as he licked and nibbled.


He stopped and watched her as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her underwear, eyes never leaving his, grinning as she lifted her hips off the couch for a moment to draw the panties off her rounded ass before pulling her knees to her chest to tug them over her heels. He growled under his breath, and catching her legs while they were still in the air, placed them over his shoulders, and dove in at her pussy as if he simply couldn’t wait any longer. She gasped as she felt him flatten his tongue to take in the entirety of her in one lick, and moaned as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her already-hard clit. Angling his body slightly to the side, he allowed himself easy access to slowly slide a finger inside of her.

He groaned into her pussy and she could feel the vibrations of it. “Good fuck, woman…you’re so fucking tight.”

She could do nothing but smile and lift her hips to push his fingers deeper into her, but doing that seemed to draw him over the edge. “Christ…I can’t…I can’t not…” She wasn’t positive what he ‘couldn’t not’ do – but wanted whatever it was and found herself moaning, “Please. Please, Rob.”

At that, he pulled his mouth away from her pussy, quickly stood, stepped out of his already-dropped pants, and stepped between her legs. Picking her hips up and off the couch, she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist, gasping as she felt the head of his cock tracing her lips. He looked at her, almost as if seeking permission, and she felt herself nodding, thinking of nothing but how badly she needed to feel him inside of her. He slowly slid the head of his cock into her, and she closed her eyes while dropping her head back.

He drew the head out, and immediately pushed in again, delving slightly deeper than before. Her breath was already coming in short bursts, and she knew a couple strokes from him would be all it would take for her to come hard. He had slowly pulled out and was ever so slowly entering her again when she pulled her head up, caught his eye, and flashed him her best “fucking fuck me already” look while tightening her güvenilir casino grip on his waist with her legs and jerking him towards her, pulling him into her completely. His eyes widened and jaw dropped as he felt himself bottom out inside of her and she let out a short laugh from the relief of finally having him in her.

Her laughter stopped short when he lifted her hips completely off the couch and reached under to swat her ass, “Bad.” If only he knew… Anna thought. “Really? That’s it?” She mock-taunted. “One swat and you think I’ve learned my lesson?” She tightened her legs around him once more and slammed his cock into her, his hipbones grinding against hers.

Without skipping a beat or saying a word, he pulled himself out of her in one swift draw, the head of his cock making her gasp as it popped out. He pulled her up from the couch to him and she leaned in to kiss him – only to be pushed away. Her eyes widened in shock, and then widened further as he dropped himself onto the couch and tugged her wrist sharply to pull her down. Before she knew it, she was lying over his lap, skirt shoved over the rise of her ass, her face red with embarrassment and lust.

“Since one swat obviously doesn’t work with you…”

She felt his legs tense against her chest and stomach as he pulled his arm back and cried out as his hand came snapping down.


“Please what? Please more? I was going to stop at one, but since you asked so nicely…”

She couldn’t say no quickly enough before he had spanked her sharply several more times. As embarrassed as she was, she found herself more turned on then she had ever been. No man had ever dared spank her before. She had always fantasized about the control one would have to have over her to do so, and she had always been turned on by authority figures and control being taken away from her, but had never even considered spanking as something she would like. She found herself wanting to play along further, though, and began pleading with him to stop.

“I’ll be good. Just…please…fuck me.”

He didn’t say a word, but simply picked her up off of him and set her top half against the couch, her knees and ass on the floor. Kneeling behind her, one knee drawn up as if he were preparing to propose, he steadied his cock with his right hand, placed his left on her hip, and slowly drew his entire length into her. Anna pushed her chest and face deeper into the couch to lift her ass up higher, offering more of herself to him. Squeezing her muscles, she milked his cock until he began to pick up his pace. His breathing grew more and shallow and Anna couldn’t think of anything she wanted more than for him to come for her. She twisted her body slightly so she could look over his shoulder and watch him fuck her.

“Fuck, Rob…fuck me. I want to feel every fucking inch of your hard, thick cock sliding inside of me. I want to feel you grow harder… harder… harder… I want…to feel…you come.”

He gripped both of her hips while grinding his teeth together in a near-grimace and growled under his breath as he fucked her until she felt his cock begin to spasm. He slammed into her as he came, and slowly winded his pace down, sliding gently in and out of her. He was preparing to pull out when she stopped him, took his hand off her hip and guided it to her pussy.


“How could I possibly say no?”

He slowly traced her lips, but wasted no time in trailing up to her clit, and began rubbing his fingers in soft, slow circles on the top of it.



“It…oh god…you’re going to make me come.”

He upped both the speed and pressure at her words, holding her up and close to him with his left hand, while playing with her clit with his right. She could feel his semi-hard cock stirring back to life inside of her, and she was close to coming when he growled.

“Anna…you have 5 seconds.”

Anna somehow found the breath to gasp out, “What??”

“If you don’t come in 5 seconds…I’m going to stop.”

“Oh god.”

His fingers began moving faster over her clit. “5.”

“Please, no.”

He tightened his grip around her waist. “4.”

“Rob, I can’t.”

He slowly started pumping his cock inside of her. “3.”

“Please…I can’t!”

He was fucking her harshly now, never slowing his play. “2.”

“Oh god…Rob…I’m…”

He moved his hand from her waist to inside her shirt, pulling on her nipples gently as he fucked her and played with her pussy. “1.”

“I’m going to come. Rob. Oh God!”

She rocked back hard against him and felt him hard and thick inside of her as she came. He slowly lowered her back to the couch as she came down from her post-orgasmic high, and gently pulled out of her, wanting to slide into her again after watching his come and her juices drip out of her onto the carpet.

She pulled herself up onto the couch, caught the bottom of his shirt, and tugged him down to meet her in a kiss. Looking over at the desk, she grinned up at him.

“Coffee’s cold.”

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