Anniversary Ch. 07: Last Day

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I feel a pleasant discomfort between my legs and a tickle and without opening my eyes I try to understand what is happening. I am laying on my back and like every morning my cock is horny and standing, like a mast. The only thing that escapes the stereotypes of a typical morning is that you woke up first and without wasting time you got into your job.

You slipped at the bottom of the bed and started working my morning erection. I open my legs to make it easier for you but not my eyes. I don’t want to spoil it for you, I like that you took the initiative and I want to enjoy every second of your actions. Although I have woken you up in this way countless times you don’t happen to do this often, so I pretend to still sleep with my eyes closed trying to feel everything you do to me.

I feel your lips slipping on my thighs very gently almost imperceptibly. Then they go up to my belly kissing the area around my navel as your tits are rubbing against my cock. You put my shaft between them and shake them up and down, that feeling is amazing and I miss a little sigh. Your kisses now become more noticeable, putting a little more pressure on my skin with your lips.

You kiss the base of my cock and then you go down between my legs, my crotch and my balls. You lick my testickls that have started to produce semen again. You suck them and at the same time licking them with your tongue as they are nesting in your mouth. I start rocking the basin up and down like when I m dreaming that I’m fucking you.

You put my shaft between your lips and in the background your tongue moistens it as you pass your mouth over it, along its entire length, top to bottom. Starting from the small piece of leather that is stuck to the prick head, all the way down to the bag with my cum. You go back to the top, first you kiss my head and then you open your lips and put it in your mouth. I can’t pretend sleeping any more more so i make my present by saying.

_ Aaaahh!! Baby, what a surprise. That’s great.

_ Stay as you are, do nothing. Like you’re still sleeping.

You start sucking my cock and I feel shivers running through my whole body. After you salivate my cock enough, you ride me and with your hand you lead it into your soaked pussy hole. I feel the warmth of your vagina and I think I have finally found my place.

You start stroking up and down very slowly, as if you are enjoying every inch of my swollen cock that slips deep into your cervix. You continue at the same slow pace, touching my balls with one hand, while the other caressing your breasts.

Then you sit on me and shake your pelvis in circles for a while until you start shaking back and forth, like a jockey riding a horse. Always in slow motion, there is nothing wild or hasty in this casino şirketleri intercourse. Everything is soft and tender, we just make love, in fact you make love to me. Even when you shudder and pour the fluids of your orgasm around my cock, you don’t accelerate or shout.

You just take a deep breath, tilt your head back and feel the waves of pleasure caused by the orgasm that overwhelms you. Again, you don’t stop, you continue at the same slow pace, you enjoy my hard cock that slips in and out of your vagina and I do the same. That’s where his position is, I think, he has to stay there for hours, days, years, forever.

Your soaked cervix is massaging my cock and vice versa, it couldn’t be better anywhere else right now, it has found its place. Even when you are tired, you fall on me and you join your skin with mine, our bodies are becoming one, I don’t come out of you. You keep rocking your pelvis, kissing me on the mouth and neck, licking the lobe of my ear and whispering to me how much you love me and want our bodies to stay together forever.

Your legs are shaking and I understand that you can’t go any further, I slide my hands from your back to your buttocks and after I caress them a little I lift them and take turn. I start rocking my own basin up and down to relax you, at the same slow pace that you did a while ago. I make big moves to feel my thick long cock along its entire length and we both enjoy it. As much as I want to stay, I can’t take it anymore, it’s my turn to orgasm.

_ Where do you want me to cum?

I ask you in a whisper.

_ Inside me. Don’t get out of there please. I want us to cum together.

I try to hold as long as I can but in vain. After a few more moves, I shoot my sperm deep into your vagina.

I hold you tightly on me as my cock fills your pussy with semen and you rub your clit on my shaved skin. We stay tied like this for a long time until we both recover. The time has come for us to leave the room and return home, even if neither of us wants it.

_ Do you think what I think?

_ That we have to leave.

_ Yes unfortunately. Our weekend is ending and we have to go back. But we have to do it again soon.

_ Agree. Remember you promise me a jacuzzi.

_ Since you know my baby, I do everything I say. Have I ever disappointed you?

_ Never. You always do what you promise me. After so many times that we did it and despite the sadness caused by the ending weekend you are still horny?

_ Yes, I would suggest you not to waste any more time. We have time to go for another round.

And without wasting time, you get up and turn by putting your head over my pelvis and your pussy in my mouth. You start cleaning my hard cock with your tongue, you suck casino firmaları and swallow your juice that is mixed with my sperm on my smeared wood. I do the same to your pussy, licking and sucking your still dripping pussy and swallowing your juice that have been mixed with my semen.

It’s the first time I’ve tried this combination and I can say it’s not bad at all.

On the contrary, I would say that the smell of my semen with the taste of your juices makes me even more horny. I can now see clearly why you almost always do it. Every time I cum inside you, you clean my smeared sterilizer with great appetite. After you clean the whole area around my cock and lick the shaft from the base to the top, you hide it with one thrust all in your mouth, roaring because I plug my nose into your hole as I suck your clit and stroke it in my mouth with the tip of my tongue.

It drives me crazy as the cock’s head vibrates in your mouth as you roar, so I keep working your clit with my tongue, to make you keep roaring.

_ I want you. Inside me. Again.

You tell me in a deep voice full of desire. I slide on the mattress to escape the grip of your legs and turn to throw you on the bed on your back. I put my knees between your open legs and look at your wet wide-open pussy with admiration.

We have been together for several years and every time I see it so horny and wet ready to swallow my swollen cock inside I thank my luck that brought me close to you. I grab it with one hand and rub it along your slit between your pussy lips and after smearing it with your fluids I rest it on your clit.

I move my pelvis back and forth and rub my prick head on it making the gentlest massage available. So I rub my most sensitive spot on your own and every time I do that I know what will happen next.

_ I want you inside me now. Are you going to fuck or your are going to tease me for the rest of the day.

_ I m not going to fuck you princess. I will make love to you as you did to me before.

I bend over you and mark your hole with the prick head. I push my pelvis forward and slide my cock into your hole to its base and start fucking you.

_ Slow, slow, take it easy.

You tell me and wrap your legs around my waist pushing me and giving me the rythm. After a few shakes I have established your rhythm, I lift my body and grab your legs without stop moving my pelvis. I grab them by the ankles, lift them up and open them completely because I want to see your pussy swallowing my dick.

At this rate and after so many times that I have finished the last two days I can fuck you for hours without cuming. I tilt my head to the side and start kissing and licking your foot from the knee to the ankle. I slide my tongue over your calf a güvenilir casino few times and then I start sucking it and biting it lightly.

I join your legs, hug them tightly on my chest and lick the other side now. Slowly, first one and then the other, being careful not to leave the slightest point of your foot complaining. I love your body from top to toenails and I don’t miss the opportunity to show it to you when we make love.

The wild and passionate sex we had in the past few days is good, but this is exactly what we both need now. Your breath becomes faster and faster and small slow sighs escape your mouth.

I understand that you are ready to reach another orgasm and I know well in which way I will pressure you better.

I open your legs and pass them around my waist, bending over you, I stick my cock all the way in you, I touch your clit with my groin and I rub on it. This way you reach two orgasms at the same time, clitoral and vaginal.

_ Aaaahh!! I love you, I love you, only you know how to please me like that. You always know what I want and you always do it the best way for me.

You grab your tits and after you squeeze them a little you shake them and tell me.

_ Now it’s your turn.

So many times we did it these two days I didn’t happen to cum on your tits.

It’s one of the things I love to do for you and we haven’t done it yet. But it’s time to.

I ride your chest and put my cock between your tits. You squeeze your soft melons around me and rest my testickls on your chest. I slowly start to fuck your tits and every time the prickhead reaches near your mouth you lick it before it gets lost again in the depth of your ravine. I lean forward, rest on the wall and bring the tip of my cock closer to your mouth. You tilt your head forward, put in as much as you can and start sucking it, while you squeeze your tits around my dick and start shaking them up and down.

I can’t resist anymore and I spray my cum into your mouth, you keep sucking and swallowing the sperm through my cock until the last drop. I slide on the mattress to lie down next to you and kiss you.

We stay there, looking at each other speechless for a long time until we get up to start packing.

After a stop at the well-known place for lunch, we took the road back home to our routine. Neither of us was very happy about it but we overcame it by planning the next trip some weekend within the next month.

Just before we arrive, you ask me to stop at the same gas station where you gave the show two days ago and I didn’t understand why but I didn’t comment. You go straight into the cafe where by chance the same girl you met last time is on duty.

You return with two ice creams and a piece of paper with a phone number in your hand. When I asked you what it was, you told me that you liked the girl and would like to get to know her better. And so ends one of the best two days of my life and yours I imagine until the next of course.

The end.

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