Another Addicted Story ch. 9-13

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This isn’t my story, however I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.

It has 24 chapters and you can find it on storiesonline. If you don’t like any of the themes, you don’t have to read it. I hope you enjoy the story.


by PariahsoolChapter 9: Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Elizabeth’s ass may have been sagging and had its share of cellulite but that didn’t mean she didn’t know how to use it. Her vaginal control was really good but I wasn’t ready to blow my load just yet. I had gotten more sex from Elizabeth in the last two days than I had in the last six months, so I didn’t have the urge to blow my stack right away and I pulled out. That got Dr. Cole’s immediate attention who turned around looking for her next load and instead saw me zipping my pants up.

What is wrong?

Nothing, get dressed and call your assistant in here.

Yes. She complied as the disappointment showed on her face. I thought briefly about making her add ‗sir’, but that didn’t strike me right.

You wanted to see me Dr. Cole?

Yes, Shannon; please send this sample to the lab for the tests indicated on the form.

Yes Dr. Cole, will that be all?

Actually, Shannon maybe you could answer a question the doctor and I have been debating. Do you think that roast beef is the best meal you could ever eat?

Shannon gave me an odd look before immediately answering. I don’t like roast beef so I would have to say no.

But if I brought in a dish of roast beef, made with my very own personal recipe, would you eat it all if I asked, for me?

For you, yes. Was her reply; flat and with out reservation.

Even though you hate roast beef.


Why, if you hate roast beef?

I don’t know, because you asked, I guess.

Dr. Cole said that you hate the Beatles too, is that correct?

That caused her to give Dr. Cole a questioning look before she turned back to me. Yes, I can’t stand the Beatles. My mom used to play them non-stop growing up.

So, if I told you there was a secret message is the White Album, would you listen to it?

Again the pause and look before answering. If you asked me to I think I could handle listening to it one more time.

You have to listen to it five times non-stop.

That gave her a grimace but she responded with an, Okay.

Thank you Shannon, please send out that sample.

Yes, doctor.

After Shannon left, Elizabeth looked at me smugly. Convinced now that she would do anything you asked?

No, but I am intrigued.

What, you won’t be happy until she is sucking you off? Or bending over my desk?

Touché’, but no. I have another question for Shannon. I will be right back.

When I looked in on Shannon, she was absently rubbing more of my special balm on her lips while her forehead was scrunched in deep thought.

Something wrong Shannon?

Yeah, I hate roast beef and I hate the Beatles and I can’t figure out why I told you I would eat and listen to them for you.

Are you having boyfriend issues?

Not really, I don’t have a boyfriend right now; I haven’t been ready for another relationship since I broke up with my last boyfriend.

Ahh, living the celibate lifestyle than?

Not really, I still have my vibrator. And then her face went pale as she looked up at me, realizing what she had just told me.

Does it upset you want you just told me?

Well, yeah, I don’t know you!

Even though you know that you can trust me?

Well, yeah.

That is fine Shannon, you are a great girl and you can trust me and you don’t need to worry about eating roast beef or listening to the Beatles, I would never make you do that.

Okay. And the scrunchiness on her forehead went away.

I am going to go say goodbye to Dr. Cole, so have a nice day.

That cheered her up, Thanks you too.

Elizabeth was reading something on her computer when I re-entered her office but knew from my grin that I was satisfied.

What did you find out?

That I have to be careful with what I ask.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Until I use it to fuck everyone in sight, eh?

Ha, you could use it for just that.

But I think if the girl does not want to, she will remember that she doesn’t want to and call the cops on me afterwards.

There is that, I have been thinking about your wife, does she snore?

Yes, ever since she let herself get really out of shape, she has been snoring, but the same is true for me. Why?

When she is sleeping, you might be able to put your seed on her lips.

So she can wake up and scream at me some more?

If successful, then she won’t be screaming at you now will she?

That really isn’t a recommendation a doctor should be making.

I know, but your case is so unique, your seed is breaking all the rules…

And you can’t resist breaking a few of your own.

Sad but true. I understand that I could lose my license and possibly face jail time, but this is so cutting edge, so unbelievable that I think it is worth doing.

Then again, if it is true, how could you stop yourself?

This while not plausible, would make a viable defence on my part.

Okay. Do I use the balm or the actual sperm?

Actual sperm would be my guess; her apparent resistance to your sperm due to its smell would indicate that a stronger dose is required. Or you could opt with putting the balm on her lips but that will probably take multiple applications and how many times do you think she will let you wake her up in the middle of the night?

Damn, you have me excited about all of the prospects that are suddenly in front of me.

Does that mean I can bend back over my desk?

No, strip and ride me; when I am ready you can jump off and swallow.

Yum, now that sounds like a plan, my pussy is drooling for your cock.

I lowered my pants as I watch Elizabeth disrobe again. Actually, when you are naked, put your lab coat back on, unbuttoned and get over her and started riding.

She wasn’t kidding about her pussy being drenched because she slid straight down on my pole as soon as she had positioned herself above me; the arms of my chair prevented her legs from going any lower so she pivoted her legs on the arms of the chair, allowing her to lift her feet off of the ground and slam her pussy all the way down. We both grunted from her exertion.

Flexing her thighs, she was able to lift her pussy up a few inches before letting gravity drop her heavily back down on me. She was able to do this six or seven more times, each time both of us moaned our pleasure. She was not a spry gymnast and the last time she flexed her thighs to raise her hips she continued until her feet were back touching the ground and after catching her breath, we moved to her armless desk chair and she proceeded to ride me in a more traditional fashion.

While she was doing her part, I was feasting on her tit flesh. Her areolas were stretched across tip of her hanging boobs and her nipples were mostly just bumps in the middle of her areolas and I loved them. So full and soft and wonderful to nibble on.

The slobbering attention I lavished on her tits didn’t get much of a response out of Dr. Cole, so I nipped the left one.

Ouch! Came her reply as she stopped at the peak of her up motion, the look of pain all over her face. She did not like what I had just done.

Do you want me to stop with the nipping?

No, you can do anything you want, just let me swallow your seed! And went back to lowering her deftly squeezing pussy on my man stick.

There it was again, her desire to let me do anything  to her. I did not bite her nipples again and instead concentrated on squeezing not too hard and fondling her heavy hangers while rubbing them against my face.

So you don’t like having your nipples bit but you like having sucker marks left on her boobs?

Uh-uH she grunted not pausing.

How many containers of lip balm do you think you can make out of one load?

I knew she was getting flabbergasted by my questions while she was trying to concentrate on riding up and down my dick but because I asked, she had to answer.

May … be, uh … eleven.

That many?

Ye … ah. It … de … pends on … the st-st-st-shit. Oh, shit, yes!

She apparently did like having her heavy hooters sucked because after finding a spot not marked by her husbands mouth, I started to add my own mark when she cascaded over the edge and I felt even more of her liquid soak my nuts as her pussy imitated a vice grip. I didn’t stop sucking on her tit until her hips stopped jerking.

I was really impressed with Dr. Cole when she didn’t stop fucking me up and down. She wasn’t as fast when she first started and I could feel her legs shaking from the effort, but I let her continue to see how far she could make her body physically respond.

After five more minutes of her continued up and down fucking of my cock I knew I was reaching my breaking point; her excellent vaginal squeezing had abated and the way her shaking legs were adding to the overall vibratory sensation was too much. Latching on to her right tit, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and her scream as both of us orgasmed definitely told her assistant Shannon that we were up to no good.

I had forgotten about giving this load down Elizabeth’s throat but she did not, halfway through her scream, she ripped her swollen nipple out of my mouth as she dismounted me and dropped to her knees. My first string of cum lashed out on to her belly, her greedy mouth made sure the following strings of ejaculation made it down her pulsating throat.

Honestly, I didn’t care where I was shooting, too lost in my own bodily experience, though I don’t think she stopped grunting and moaning until after my seed was gone.

After I caught my breath, I looked down at Dr. Cole still nursing on my limp penis while her breathing slowed. Where you able to cum and still have the piece of mind to know to jump off of my dick to get my seed in your mouth?

Yeah, I was thinking about nothing other than swallowing your seed. She paused as she scooped twice to get my first shot that was dribbling down her belly into her mouth. I knew you were gonna cum and that thought coupled with your sucking on my nipple sent me over and even with my mind on me cumming, I knew I had to get down to my knees. I don’t think I thought about it, I just did it.

And your orgasm?

Interrupted, but swallowing your seed was a pleasure in itself.

Swallowing me causes orgasms?

No, not orgasm, just, I don’t know, pleasure. A different type of pleasure. Not better, not worst, just different.

And if you had to choose between orgasm and swallowing me, what would you pick?

So long as you can get it up, you. I have gone through a few dry spells before, right after my kids were born and when I was younger so I would definitely have to say your sperm.

I laughed at that answer because while she believed it, I wasn’t sure how much of the ‗mind control’ aspect of my sperm was clouding her decision.

Dr. Cole; Elizabeth, where do you see this going? You and I?

So long as you are willing, I want you here letting me relieve you of all of that tasty stress. But if you want, I will be happy with just the lip balm and a periodic taste from the source.

So we are now friends with benefits? What about your husband?

Yes, friends with benefits. My husband has had his fair share of attention on the side so he will just have to deal with me slobbering over your dick.

What if I ask you to divorce him and marry me?

I would, but I wouldn’t be happy about doing it, but I would if you ask me to. Do you want me to?

No, just asking. I am happy that you realized I may not be able to provide you with all of the drinks you would want from the tap.

Heh, tap, that is because I think you want to tap some other pretties!

Maybe, but the main one I want to tap is Ann, she is my wife, and I love her. She isn’t perfect and neither am I, but I think maybe now I can get her to being a bit closer to perfect for me.

Good for you, but don’t over do it. Take precaution in not trying to make your wife into someone or thing she is not.

I understand that. Now, you can quit licking and get dressed. On my way out I will have another quick talk with Shannon to make sure she isn’t going to cause any issues.

If she does I will just fire her. She is not going to blackmail me because I am going to tell Stephen tonight that I have found someone who I want to play around with. If he makes a peep, I will mention his liaisons with Mary Ann, Guinevere, Stella and any other female I think he may have shoved his dick into. Besides, I am going to tell him this while sucking his dick, wishing it was yours. Guys are simple, suck on their dick and they become real compliant. Heh, well maybe not you.

I think I will talk to her anyway. I will come by at four PM tomorrow, but only so you can get a sample to make up some more batches of the lip balm. How will the lip balm keep?

It should maintain it’s potency at least a few weeks, maybe longer. Refrigeration will probably help keep its potency. After I get a few batches made, we might want to start freezing your loads until needed.

Excellent, make two or three batches and then refrigerate the following ones, but I want you to make sure you don’t lose them or let someone else get them because casino şirketleri they are looking to be worth more than their weight in gold. Much more.

Will do.

As I approached Shannon to settle my bill, which made me laugh, I had been paying for each doctor’s visit which to some may have equated to paying a hooker for blow jobs. Shannon gave me a knowing look, she definitely heard Dr. Cole lose it earlier.

Shannon, do you have any issues with what Dr. Cole and I were doing?

No, not really. I mean, I should but since I let Dr. Cole’s husband fuck me in the record room last month I think it would stupid of me to look down on her for getting some even though you are her patient.

Did you enjoy your time with Dr. Cole, the husband?

Yeah, it wasn’t the dicking he gave me, it was him eating me out after he shot his wad in me afterwards that I liked the best. But it wasn’t enough for me to want to get with him again. Looking up at me with that embarrassed face, I soothed her fears by thanking her for sharing and reinforcing that she could trust me. I suddenly had this perverse feeling that I was mimicking Obi-one from Star Wars and the whole, ‗these are not the droids you are looking for’. The whole time I stood next to her she couldn’t stop chewing on her lips.


Chapter 10: Spedman Movers

I went back to work, which was an uneventful move of an eighty year old lady from a retirement home to her daughter’s house. Afterwards, my current employee, Dish asked if I was going to watch my team play tonight. The last time I needed to hire new help, Ann surprised me by suggesting I give Dish a look see.

The fact that Ann was suggesting I hire a female; to help me in my moving business seemed odd, until I saw Dish in person. Dish easily stood five nine or ten, which put her on the tall side as females go and the rest of her body put her on the large side. Her large rack probably put Dish in the obese category fat wise but she wasn’t fat at all, trust me on that. She was just big and she put her shape in good use by playing any and all athletics in high school and college.

Similar to me, an injury ended her collegiate career even before it started and when she lost her scholarship, she dropped out. Somehow, she met up with Ann and made it known that she was not adverse to hard work. As I said, Ann surprised me by referring Dish, whose real name was Trish but growing up had the nickname Trish the Dish and she said that when her chest went out of proportion, she requested that everyone simple call her Dish.

Face wise, she was just there, not gorgeous but not ugly like the Cousins either. With most males, I am sure her face was an after thought to her tits. Not long after she started working for me she confided in me that while she wished they were smaller, she didn’t suffer back pains from her over abundant chest and she liked how her tits alone could fluster most guys.

I gave Dish a trial offer for the one job I had the next day and she handled herself easily; she wasn’t as strong as most of my previous co-workers but she wasn’t the weakest either. She has been with me ever since doing a better job than any of her predecessors. We get along great and can freely talk about anything. Of course, Ann, whom referred Dish has since changed her mind and has been pressuring me into firing Dish because she thinks that Dish wants me in a carnal way and doesn’t think that is right.

I would be surprised if Dish did have feelings for me because she strikes me as butch with her short hair cut and mannerisms and as much as I enjoy her company I am not willing to lose my children to be with a girl half my age. I have told Ann that I would fire Dish only when I could find someone better to replace her. Ann isn’t sexist and knows what she was capable of physically and so assumed that Dish was similarly capable and is expecting some guy off the street to be able to do a better job but so far she has been wrong.

A few weeks ago Dish approached me for a favor. To my knowledge she didn’t drink, do drugs or party excessively, so I agreed to hear her request. She wanted money but only four hundred clams. She lost her scholarship but not her love of sports, especially softball. Her injury prohibits her from playing at the collegiate level but not the local league level and she wanted me to sponsor a team for her to play on. I was to be the honorary coach of the Spedman Movers team in the local woman’s under thirty-five softball league.

I said yes without consulting Ann, mainly because she had been on me to advertise in places other than the yellow pages. Ann of course was livid and forbade me to ever stepping near one of their games.

I told Dish I would see if I could make it and went home, hungry for dinner and a nap; Dr. Cole and all of that day’s excitement wore me out.

When I arrived home dinner was ready, thanks to my loving daughter who fixed my favorite; lasagna. I had taught her how to make it when she was my tom-boy daughter and every now and then she will surprise the family by making it, better than I ever could, I might add. In typical Ann fashion, Ann can’t stand lasagna and complains every time it is made. Tonight when she called from work and found out what Barbara had made for dinner told Barbara that she would not be home until later. So Barbara, Chad and I had a nice dinner, with toasted buttered bread, laughing and enjoying each other’s company before I went to take a nap in the front of the TV.

My kids are great; they had long since quit fighting with each other and Chad knows that if Barbara cooks then he has to do the dishes. He likes Barbara’s cooking as much as I do, it is better than mine or Ann’s, so he gladly does the dishes.

I was half asleep when the phone rang; Barbara said it was Dish wanting to know if I was going to the game. Barbara asked if she and Chad could go before I had the chance to answer Dish, nap time really had my name. Chad asked ‗go where’ and when he was told a softball game said, ‗no thanks’ but quickly recanted when he was told by Barbara that we would be watching Dish and some other girls play for my team. I guess maybe he was getting interested in girls because he changed his tune.

The team wearing my name on it did not win. Obviously they were not the best team there, but Dish was definitely the best player. She can’t run, like me but nothing got past her on first and every time she was up at the plate she knocked the ball over the fence, even with the pitcher was trying to bean her with the ball; thankfully it was not a fast pitch league.

After the game we were invited to a watering hole that the team was going to claim as their own, but since I don’t drink I told the team ‗thanks, but no thanks’ and good luck on their next game. Barbara enjoyed herself but Chad seemed despondent to leave all of those sweaty girls.

That night I surfed porn on the net until I had enough stimulation to blow my stack; it wasn’t a full load, but there was plenty for the job at hand. I approached my sleeping wife where she had taken residence on the living room couch; she started sleeping there because of the odor emanating from between my legs but after her first couple of nights there, proclaimed that she thought she slept much better on the ultra firm cushions of the couch vice our over stuffed queen sized bed.

The closer I got to the couch, the easier I was able to hear her breathing; she wasn’t snoring, yet. Her lips were dry looking but not chapped. Still, to me she was beautiful. If only she could sleep the days away and not show us her ugly side. Her constant yelling was not appeasing.

She was in rare form that night after she found out we went to watch Dish play softball, she really went bonkers because I took Barbara and Chad, even though we all had a great time. Hopefully, if this works, I will be able to get Ann to mellow a little, asking her nicely to mellow got me no where in the past.

While at the game I had given a lot of thought about using my seed to get me lots of nookie, but as much as I liked watching Dish jog the bases or a few of the other girls who had killer bodies, I kept coming back to wanting to be with Ann and being happy with her. She had been my girl for the last eighteen years and I wasn’t ready to give up on her yet.

What I held in my right hand could get me my hearts desire; it could get me Ann in ways I had only dreamed of having her.

Dipping my left index finger into my seed pooled in the palm of my right hand, after wiping off the excess jizz, I leaned over my prone wife and placed my finger as close to her lower lip as I could get it with out touching the lip. I didn’t want to just wipe my finger on her lips; I felt that would wake her, which was something for my sanity that I felt needed to be avoided from doing.

My arm was shaking but the finger was under my control and I was able to move it a hair at a time; many times I pre-emotively jerked my hand away with out touching her lip. Each time I went back, again and again to touch her lip with out touching her lip.

I felt my cum starting to dry on my finger before I finally made contact; the finger did not touch her lip, only the cum on my finger tip. I was able to ever so lightly dab twice more before her lips felt a presence and she sucked her lower lip into her mouth only to make a grimace face upon tasting my seed. But she did not wake.

With my heart pounding, I decided to give her seven more dabs before calling it a night. Twice more she sucked in her lips and twice more her face grimaced to my taste but she did not awaken.

When I was done, I ensconced away to the master bath where I washed my hands before going to bed. I don’t remember my dreams, I think I dreamed good dreams but I did not wake feeling refreshed.


Chapter 11: Not Quite There Yet

Barbara and Chad were off to school by the time I woke the next morning since I was able to sleep in; my only jobs for the day were in the afternoon.

Ann was dressed and getting her jacket on to leave when she saw me and started in right away. “Well, look who is among the living? Think you can get some stuff done around the house? The yard is looking ratty and the downstairs basement could use paint. I bought that navy blue paint over two months ago and you still haven’t painted the bathroom with it.”

Here I was, heavy heart, feeling guilty about what I did, attempted to do to my wife last night and here she is busting my chops because I only had a half day of work. Yes, I like to take it easy when I have mornings like this one but that is because all too often I have to work until eight or ten in the evening. I didn’t have a set schedule like my wife and she gave me crap for it all the time.

“Will you just hush and go to work?” I grumbled at her before shambling to the kitchen for some toast and juice. When she didn’t snap back, I stopped to look at her. The confusion on her face was priceless; until she saw me smile, I guess she just can’t stand the thought of me being happy because she snapped, “I don’t want the neighbors to think we are slobs!” And thankfully she was gone.

I sat and thought about it; maybe one or two more sessions with my dabbing her lips might do the trick. As to doing something around the house and what the neighbors thought, fuck them, the house was clean, the yard was trimmed, the garbage contained. Our house didn’t look like it belonged in a magazine but it looked comfy and lived in, the best kind.

I met with Dish for lunch before going to our first of two jobs for the afternoon. Between the jobs I stopped off at Dr. Cole’s, chatted with Shannon a bit, smiling every time she spread my special sauce on her lips while waiting for Elizabeth. She was in a meeting with her husband upstairs and it was taking longer than expected. I only had a few more minutes before I was going to have to leave for my next job when she finally strutted down the steps and strut is exactly what she did.

She had a smile plastered on her face and was wearing her typical white doctor/lab coat that hung down to just below her hips, but the more I looked the more I thought she was naked underneath. After taking my file she led me back to her office and upon discarding her coat proved that she was indeed naked underneath.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting but my husband got randy about the idea I was coming down here to suck you off and insisted on having his way with me.”

“From the smile on your face and the additionally hickies on her chest, I don’t think you mind.”

“No, I didn’t” and then she was engulfing my filling meat looking to emptying its sack. Looking around, I saw that she had already deposited a sample container next to my chair on her desk, easily within reach. Closing my eyes, I let my self relax as she administered me with her talented and every eager mouth.

While she sucked, naked between my legs, I kept thinking about Ann, and how great sex was going to be with us in a day or two. Ann acting the slut for my dick was all it really took for me to grab Dr. Cole’s hair a bit rougher than I was planning to let her know I was ready. Smiling at me, she did not take her eyes off of me as she completed her job and soon I was moaning into the container while she finished me with her hand.

After a couple of minutes of small talk, letting Elizabeth know that I thought her suggestion with my snaring Ann was on the money, I had to jet to my next job. Dish wanted to know what the doctor’s casino firmaları office had been doing to me because I met up with her with a smile on my face. I didn’t care, life was looking up.

Dish again asked me to go with her for a drink but I passed on the offer but looked at her queerly because she was only nineteen. “Don’t they card you?” I had known many a nineteen year olds who partied harder than they did when they were actually of the legal age.

She gave me an impish smile and said, “Some do and some don’t but who said anything about alcohol? I had another drink in mind.”

Chuckling I told Dish, “Another time” twice before dropping her off at her apartment and driving home.

Since Barbara made a dish Ann did not like, she had told the kids that she was going to be making dinner tonight but because she also got home late, but not as late as me, she brought Chinese home so I actually had two good meals in two days. After dinner I played Madden with Chad for a couple of hours and Barbara was trying to sew a shirt for her Home Economics class before they got ready for bed. After kissing them good night, I went in search of my wife.

Ann liked to watch three or four TV shows during the week, but this wasn’t one of the nights those shows were on. Nights like this she would either find something to keep herself occupied which hopefully did not include yelling at her family or working on the bills. When we got married, I had started doing the bills and didn’t have an issue doing them but Ann blew a gasket when she found out that I was rounding all of the transactions to the nearest dollar instead of doing it to the penny. Since that day Ann has done the bills and when she offered to do the bills for my business, I let her.

I had a co-worker who said I was stupid because his brother was taken to the cleaner when his wife divorced him and he had no clue how much his wife had spent. I didn’t sweat that because I wasn’t divorcing Ann and financially, with everything we had been through, I trusted her explicitly.

I found my wife, in bed, trying to read a business magazine while staving off sleep. Kissing her on the forehead, I asked her why she didn’t just go to sleep.

With a sheepish, “Well, I am tired, I didn’t sleep good last night” she said okay and I turned out the lamp next to the bed. I lay with her until I heard her lightly snoring, enjoying her smell and warmth.

I thought about just going to sleep myself but felt compelled to finish what I had started and groggily went to find some suitable porn on the internet. Wasn’t hard to do and soon enough, but not too soon, I was back in the master bedroom where my wife was sleeping. I was again able to dab my wife’s lips ten times with my seed not waking her and she only grimaced twice when she licked her lips. After washing up, I stripped naked and cuddled up to Ann in her over sized night shirt and panties.

I woke twice due to bad dreams and was glad I didn’t remember those bad dreams in the morning.

I woke when Ann walked back in the bedroom from her shower; I stretched and asked my wife how she felt. Looking at me she stopped drying her hair to answer that she felt funny.

“What do you mean funny?”

“Well, it is like I have a craving, but I don’t know for what.”

Her robe had loosened enough to where I could see most of one tit and half of the other as she went back to drying her hair with a towel. My dick was already hard, morning hard on and everything, so I gamely replied that, “I know what I want. I want some desert!”

Ann was used the sexual innuendos I used to throw her way but stopped liking them after her hysterectomy and I waited for her snarky reply, telling me to cool it.

She looked at the towel in her hands and her bare breast before throwing the towel to the ground and shrugging off her robe and saying, “Okay.”

“Well then get up here!” I was ecstatic as she climbed on the bed and straddled my head, putting her sweet pot in range of my eager tongue.

She didn’t say anything about me hurrying because we both knew she had a major weakness when she was eaten; her g-spot. Once I really got her motor running, which normally takes only a couple of minutes, she would simply say, “Okay, now” which was the signal for me to start fingering her g-spot. No matter how often I tried to get her to say ‘finger my g-spot’ or something else more descriptive, she wouldn’t move from her ‘okay, now’ command.

This time was no different and within two minutes she was humming and said, “Okay, now” and less than a minute later she was moaning her pleasure and I was lapping up mine.

It had been years since we had any sort of sexual activity in the morning and I savored her flavor as I watched her get dress. Yes, she was over weight and a bitch, but I did love her. It wasn’t until after she went to kiss me goodbye and made a face about my having not wiped her pussy glaze off my face and kissed my forehead instead that I realized my morning hard-on didn’t get any attention. So much for her tasting my seed turning her into a nympho for my dick but since I was going to stop off at Dr. Cole’s before my first job later in the morning, I didn’t sweat it.


Chapter 12: Candy for All

When I arrived home that evening, the kids were scarce and after seeing who was in the kitchen with Ann, I wanted to disappear myself. The cousins were in rare form with both of them laying into me about how useless men were. Normally their presence is such an irritant that I immediately run to another room but Elizabeth was under the impression that Ann may have been susceptible to my control and so I weathered their boorish comments and focused on my wife.

Like a ring leader, she was sitting back and enjoying the show as the two fugly cousins sounded off and thinking back, I understood that is what she always did. When the cousins weren’t around, she would bad mouth them because of their hygiene or how slutty they were; how they were both useless welfare cases but when she was with them I think they made her feel superior; they fed her ego.

I picked up six of the eleven tins that Dr. Cole had made; they were actually in some collector tins that her son collected to make them look more authentic while easily distinguishable from lip balm sold in similar type tins; her son was none too happy about her mother taking one of his many collections, even after she said she would pay EBay rates for them.

“Ann, can I see you in the hallway?” And I turned to go towards the den when I heard Teresa speak up.

“Who does he think you are his slave? He didn’t even say please!”

Ann laughed agreeing with Teresa but I was relieved when she did join me in the hallway which was in view of the kitchen and the cousins but discreet enough for some privacy if you spoke low enough. I did not speak low and neither did Ann.

“What do you want Eddie? I have guests over.”

“Well, I was thinking that I took care of you this morning, you could give me a kiss thank you.”

PDA: Public Displays of Affection was a definite no-no in Ann’s eyes, she didn’t even like to hold hands and I can count the number of times on two fingers that she has kissed me in front of the cousins, one of which was at our wedding.

Terry, the sluttier of the two cousins and the one who has told Ann numerous times that she fancied me and would love to take me for a spin, wanted to know what I did for Ann, “Took care of you Ann, don’t keep us waiting?”

Teresa, who could be just as slutty as her cousin when she wasn’t being hoity-toity took offence to my request, “Ann, are you going to let him talk to you like that?”

Both cousins’ sound bites distracted Ann enough to look their way before looking back at me and reaching up to wrap her hands around my neck, pulled me down and planted a hard kiss on my lips. When she was done and let my head pull away her face went red and she looked away. The cousins couldn’t keep to themselves;

“Woot! You go girl! Get some.” From Terry, of course.

“Ann, what has gotten over you?” And that was Teresa.

When Ann got back to the table their voices lowered and I knew ‘it’, my control of my wife was happening. Reaching into my pocket, I followed Ann back into the kitchen with the widest shit eating grin I have ever remembered having.

“Hey Ann, when I went to the doctor the other day, I was given some trial tins of lip balm that some company was marketing and since your lips are always so chapped, I thought you might like it.”

I tossed the small tin which Ann deftly caught one handed; examined the outside closely before opening it up and sniffing. The jerk of her head away from the offending tin while grimacing ugly told me that she still was sensitive to the smell of my seed.

“What the hell is this?”

“Ocean Breeze Lip Balm is what I was told it was called. Supposed to be some good stuff. Try it, you might like it.”

Sneering at me, Ann replied, “I doubt it” before she did indeed try it.

“Stinks.” And then she licked it with her tongue and she couldn’t stop licking her lips. The cousins were curious about her sudden change in facial expression, to a much more agreeable one; like she was really enjoying licking her lips.

Teresa, possibly because of her fish like lips, was constantly using lip balm and looked at me, expecting a hand out as always I am sure. I didn’t disappoint and she caught the one I tossed her way.

Terry, not to be left out on getting something free chimed in, “Hey I love the smell of the Ocean! Do you have one for me?” More like she loves the taste of salt, she was notorious for drowning McDonald’s French Fries in even more salt and she bored everyone about how just loved the taste of cum. She smiled quite ugly when I tossed one her way too. And then I just stood there while the three of them couldn’t stop licking their lips.

Elizabeth, after comparing how much lip balm her and Shannon had used speculated that each tin should last between two and three weeks.

Looking at the kitchen and the left over spaghetti and unclean dishes, I was confident that Ann or more likely Terry did the cooking and Ann was waiting for someone else to clean them up. Smelling the cool spaghetti, I confirmed that it was Terry’s recipe, too much garlic and nuked me a small plate. As I sat at the table, I gave my wife and her ugly cousins their first command.

“Why don’t the three of you clean up the dishes?”

Terry jumped up to get to it with Ann and Teresa looking at me like I was an alien for suggesting such a thing before they joined Terry. As I ate I pondered where everything was taking me, taking us. I didn’t plan on making a habit of ordering anyone around but I did plan on tweaking Ann here and there. First up was so she would be more agreeable to sex and that she had a mouth and a set of hands that could be used in sex. The second thing I definitely was going to adjust was her screaming at the kids; our kids were great kids and she needed to treat them as such.

Looking at the two cousins I smirked. Ann wasn’t the only one to think disrespectful things behind their back. My crime was my pet nicknames for them; Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Terry, Thing 2, was point blank about her love of sex, especially oral sex but who would want to let her touch them, let alone fuck her when she constantly stunk, in dire need of a wash, especially her poon-tang and at least twice had mold growing in her folds of fat. Yes, she had big, fat titties, but add in her hygiene and ugly face; no thank you. The real sad thing was her two daughters were following in her footsteps hygiene wise with the oldest also including childhood obesity.

Teresa, Thing 1, was a typical religious hypocrite; acting every bit the ‘I am better than you because God is in my pocket’ while inside her bedroom she liked to do depraved things; which in her case was stuffing monstrous dildos up her ass. Every bit the size queen, a man is useless if he doesn’t have a ten inch dick nor has the most talented tongue this side of Gene Simmons. Ann can be blamed for Teresa’s monstrous dildo obsession because when we left for college as a gag gift she bought Teresa a dildo sixteen inches long and the width of a coke can. When Ann asked Teresa about the gag gift, Teresa response was that it was great and the next time Ann bought her a gift she could buy a bigger one because her ass was almost able to take all it.

When I knew I was going to get Ann addicted to my seed, it was a forgone conclusion that I was going to have to include Thing 1 and Thing 2 just so nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the three of them. Nothing about Teresa really screamed for me to alter, she was an ugly girl, angry about her own shortcomings.

Terry on the other hand, I did have an urge to manipulate; her terrible hygiene practices had to go, as well as her kid’s hygiene. Thinking about her daughter Jenny’s obesity reminded me of how Teresa and Ann constantly gripe about how fat they had gotten but couldn’t be bothered to get up off their lazy ass to do something about their excessive weight gain.

Teresa, growing up wanted to be a ballerina and took dance classes for years, fighting the reality of her own grown spurts. By the time she reached thirteen, the size of her chest squashed her dreams of being a ballerina but she still danced and out of high school became a dance instructor. Why not have Teresa start an aerobics class for Ann, Terry and Terry’s eldest? At least I could do was plant a thought in their minds.

“Teresa, güvenilir casino have you ever thought of starting an aerobics class for the three of you to get some exercise?”

“We get plenty of exercise shopping, thank you very much.”

“You said it Ann, besides I hate any exercise that is not done in the bedroom.”

“Sick. Yes, Eddie I have thought about it, but no one wants to join me.”

“Well, I am just saying, you might want to think of exercising together, it would be great for all of you. You can even get Jenny to join in.”

Terry continued to shake her head, “Jenny? No, she can’t be bothered to get off of the computer. Now Jacki, her skinny butt would love to get some more exercise even though she doesn’t need any.”

I left them to themselves, still licking their lips while they verbally punished Jacki for having the audacity to be skinny. Ann, as she does every time someone skinny is brought up made the comment that she would be happy when whichever skinny persons metabolism slowed down and they started putting on the weight.

Terry, presumably on her way back from the water closet stopped by the TV room to say hi to me. When she wasn’t around Ann or Teresa, Terry very much fawned over me. Rubbing her fat titties, because she knew I loved big titties, into me at every opportunity. Her stench reminded me of my earlier declaration.

“Terry, how do you think I smell?”

Bringing her head too uncomfortably close to my head, she made a big display of sniffing real long. “Hmmm, sexy. I want to eat you up. I have asked Ann, hell I have told her that anytime she needs a break from you, I would gladly be her sexual substitute.”

I nodded, having heard that before, but what she said next was a new one for me.

“I know how Ann doesn’t take care of you the way she should, so I am telling you now, if you ever want some satisfaction, just call me and I will come to you sucking!”

Shocked at her forwardness, I told her she had never said something like that to me before.

“That is because I was afraid of losing Ann as a friend. Smelling you, I don’t care about Ann anymore, I want you!” She reinforced that comment trying to kiss me but I was able to hold her at bay with my hands on her shoulders.

“Terry, I know that comments have been made about your body odor.”

Oblivious to where I was headed, “So.”

“Well, I think you would be much more appealing if you took a shower every day. Your kids too.”


“I think it is in your best interest if you take a shower everyday. Can you do that for me?”

“Wha? I guess … why?”

“Because you have a strong odour and need to work on curbing it.”

“So, you have a strong odor and I LOVE IT!” Again she pressured me for a kiss.

“Terry! Stop, now!” And she did. “Now, like I said, if you want me to find you more appealing, you need to take a shower every day and your girls need to start doing the same! Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, I can do that. For you!”

“Good and fumigate that apartment of yours too, every time I go over there, there is cockroaches crawling all over the place. That is not sanitary either.”


“No buts Terry, clean yourself up and your kids and your home. That will go along way to making you much more appealing. Please.”

Teresa and Terry left not long after that and after I showered myself, I went to bed joining Ann. The kids came home during my shower and were getting ready for bed. Ann lay on her side of the bed on her back, just licking her lips. I smiled, watching her for a while before I kissed her on the cheek good night for sleep.


Chapter 13: Tighter Than A Virgin

I had a nightmare that woke me and looking around; I confirmed all was well and cuddled up to Ann. I had nice dreams when I went back to sleep, sexual dreams with Ann. She was teasing me orally for such a long time before she finally took me into her small mouth. She started moaning and causing delicious vibrations to wrap around my dick and that felt too real. Over and over again the vibrations racked my penis and I soon felt the urge to cum.

Opening my eyes, the room still dark, I heard someone moaning and felt my dick throb to a wonderful wet sensation. Looking to Ann’s side of the bed, I saw she wasn’t sleeping there but she was kneeling between my legs giving me a blow job like she never had before. There was no timidity or reluctance in her sucking action, she was like a woman starving and my man meat was her salvation.

When she saw that I was awake, she gave me an impish look while not releasing my meat from her lips.

“What are you doing?” Trust me I wasn’t complaining, every guy should be awaken this way at least once.

She started to speak with my dick in her mouth but I couldn’t understand her completely and told her to speak without it in her mouth. As she pulled her mouth off of my tube steak, she gave a disappointed look and started licking it while answering me.

“I don’t know what happened, I woke up a few hours ago, craving something but I didn’t know what. I walked around the kitchen and didn’t see anything I wanted so I came back to bed and was cold and I cuddled up with you.” She constantly refers to me as her bio-electric heating blanket.

“It was when I smelled you, prior to your getting sick, I loved how you smelled and I was seeing if your old smell was back. It wasn’t, but there was something, that nasty smell of yours but only it wasn’t so nasty. Well, it was nasty but in an intriguing sort of way. So I started sniffing around you and after I got you on your back I knew right away where the smell was coming from.

“You still smell nasty down there, going all those times to the doctor hasn’t done a thing for your smell, your smell though, I couldn’t understand it. It smelled nasty but I couldn’t stop sniffing it. What did the doctor say was going on?”

I ignored her question while watching her carry on licking my shaft. When I didn’t answer she continued.

“You know I think oral sex is disgusting, same as anal sex. So I tried to go back to sleep and I couldn’t. I tossed and turned for an hour then I went to the couch and tossed some more. I don’t think I was on the couch for ten minutes before I couldn’t help myself and came back in here. You were dead to the world and I thought maybe you would want to eat me or something and I tried waking you up but you didn’t budge.

“So I thought I would get you awake by playing with your thing. You are still leaking you know? I wish you wouldn’t sleep naked while it is continuing to leak. I even screamed when I got it on my hand and you just snored away. When I yanked my hand away it got close to my face and I couldn’t help smell my hand…”

Ann quit licking and looked very despondent.

“You know how I think sex is nasty with fluids and every thing getting every where, I … I couldn’t help myself and I licked my hand. It was nasty, it still tastes nasty…”


“But I can’t stop myself, it makes me tingle when I lick it. It has salty, alkaline taste, sort of like when you put your tongue on a nine volt battery but with a much better sensation. My whole body tingles when I am licking it. I … I cleaned my hand and started to cry when I realized where the liquid is coming from. And so I bent down and started licking you. You stopped snoring at that time and I thought a small insignificant lick woke you, but you didn’t wake and I continued licking. I haven’t been able to stop.”

“Take it in your mouth and suck.” She did and I rolled my head backwards. Damn that was nice. She stopped sucking and went back to licking. “You sucked on it earlier, didn’t you? That is what woke me.”

“Yes. I am sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“Because I can’t stop licking you. Every now and then I get even greedier and start sucking you but stop when my mouth gets sore.”

I was hard when I woke up, now that I was awake, I was steel hard.

“Get up here!”

She moved but protested on her way up.

“But I need to go brush my teeth; I don’t want to kiss you after my mouth as been down there. That is disgusting.”

“Not any more!” The act of sex with Ann had no chance of serendipity, no impromptu sex with her without a shower or some other sort of cleaning action involved before hand. Or rather that was the way Ann used to insist it be.

I wasn’t bothered by the idea that there may, however unlikely with the way she had been so thorough, have been my pre-cum on her lips. The smell between my legs was not strong to me and neither the taste. No I didn’t quaff a load but I couldn’t resist taking a slight taste when I was rubbing it on Ann’s lips the night before last. No tingling sensation or anything else just salty.

As Ann and I kissed, I caressed her body and especially her flanks, not her ass but the side of her ass before reaching between her legs. She was wet but not drenching like I had been hoping. Rolling her on her back, I lifted myself to her head so she could go back to worshiping my cock. She didn’t have to be asked to start licking but licking wasn’t doing what I wanted and I told her to open wide.

The look boring in to me from her eyes told me she wasn’t happy with what I was getting ready to do. Grabbing the back of her head I started feeding her ultra small mouth my every-ready dick and lusted after every inch that I pushed inside. All too soon I hit her gag area and had to pull back.

“Come on baby, take it, you can take it. I know you can. When I pull out you breathe. Trust me and relax your throat.”

It was the trust and relax comment that did the trick and soon I was able to slide my dick in an area it had never been before and it was oh, so damn tight!

I wasn’t going all hog wild on her, not like I wanted to but she was still producing plenty of saliva to make sure I was plenty wet for her and she was very relieved when I pulled out and moved between her legs. She was as tight as I remembered as I slowly claimed that portion of her that was set aside for excreting babies and satisfying husbands.

“Ugh! What are you trying to do? Shove that thing out my throat?” That was Ann’s idea of talking dirty.

I was calm and cool, but I was a man on a mission.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me!”

The way her pussy was grabbing me, she didn’t have to do much but I still wanted more from her. I wanted her to fuck me, not lay there and let her naturally tight pussy squeeze me to death. I wanted her to want me! I wanted her to want to please me while I was pleasing her!

“Oh, no, oh no, I … I’m CUMING!”

FUCK! That quick, she really must have been primed by my seed. I wasn’t ready and so I didn’t stop.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me!” Damn her pussy DID feel like it was trying to rip my dick off. I bent down and after kissing her neck, started sucking that sweet spot in her the crook of her neck. She squealed, she loves to be sucked there but goes ballistic afterwards if I leave a mark. She was mine now and I was going to claim her and leave MY mark!

I pounded her while sucking and was building a nice head of steam; I was going to cum soon! I pulled back to look at Ann as we were in the act of sex. I looked at her beautiful face and I … I saw pain. I was hurting her. Part of my head screamed, “YES” because I have a bit of a sadistic streak. I knew I did since I played pee-wee football.

My size gave me a great advantage over most of the kids I played with and one time I lined up against this string bean of a kid on a goal line stance. I wasn’t going to let him get in my way of making the play to stop his team from scoring. They had been running away from me all day and at the goal line they were limited on where they could go. When the ball was snapped I slammed into the kid to bury their quarterback for a loss before he could hand the ball off.

Later that night, one of the parents had filmed the game and we watched it at his house. When that play came up they must have repeated it fifty times. I hit that kid so hard that he flew back at least five or six feet even though it looked like he flew back ten yards. I was proud of that hit I laid on a kid who was probably fifty or sixty pounds lighter than me. When one of the parents let it be known that I had dislocated his shoulder on the hit I was really proud of myself.

And once again, I was causing my wife pain. Stopping I looked down on her as my penis lost its rigidness; I like to give pain but pain is not beautiful. I cuddled with my wife as she recovered from my pounding of her. As I was holding her, I relaxed when her breathing told me she had finally fallen back to sleep.

The alarm woke both of us and after kissing me on the lips, she said she was going to get a wash cloth to clean up the dried juices on my dick so she could lick me some more before she had to go to work.

“No. You don’t need to do that.” I stopped her.

“Why not? Don’t you want me to lick it?”

“My dick doesn’t have dried anything on it, remember how it leaks. Get your head down her and start licking now.”

“But. Our juices…” And she tentatively licked the flanged tip of my penis.

She meant her juices. Ann thought the change in her body after her hysterectomy made her pussy stink and her pussy juice nasty. It didn’t matter how many times I thought she actually tasted sweeter after the surgery, she didn’t believe me.

Ann licked and sucked the tip for ten minutes before she had to rush to get a shower and get dressed in her nice but conservative work clothes. When she kissed me goodbye, she stopped to lick my drooling penis before leaving the room. As she walked out I reminded her not to forget her Ocean Breeze Lip Balm.

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