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I’ve been thinking about meeting him ever since I first heard his voice. My god, that voice was made for loving, and his pic, what more could a girl ask for. The plane trip to Mechanicsville didn’t take that long, just wish I had longer in town. He said he’d meet me in the airport lounge. I wore the jeans he likes, I hope he likes everything else. Kinda scary coming this far, hope I don’t need to turn right around. Maybe he won’t be here, maybe the chemistry won’t click. Damn, there I go second guessing things.

I step off the plane, the lounge is down to the right. I think I’ll stop in the restroom to freshen up first. Don’t know where I’m going after meeting Joe or if he’s even here. Damn, I look kinda tired, maybe he won’t notice or won’t care. I leave the restroom, heading down the concourse to the lounge. Oh my god, he’s sitting right by the door. My legs are shaking with anticipation, I open the door, my eyes going right to him. His eyes start twinkling “Hi Jackie, glad you could make it.”

“No baby, I’m glad I came” I say laughing and sit down.

“Care for a drink or something to eat” he says with that sexy voice he has. “I ate on the plane baby, but I was looking for an appetizer, maybe you could suggest something” I smile as I say this. He looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and says “why don’t we get casino şirketleri out of here, I have some in my room”. Oh hell, yes I’m thinking, I’m ready Joe.

We head down the corridor till I see a sign “Airport Hotel Bus”. Hell that is very convenient. Why waste time driving. I’m loving this already. We get into the bus, take a seat towards the back. My hands reach over into his crotch where I gently squeeze and rub. He’s looking at me and grinning. He reaches out and slips his left hand into my jeans. “Oh baby, you are wet” he says. He strokes me while I rub him through his jeans. “Are we there yet baby?” I ask. “Oh yes, yes we are” he moans.

The bus stops in front of the hotel, we step out. “You go in front of me baby, I kinda have a problem” he says. I look down and his cock is so hard in his jeans, I think he’s going to explode. I am happy to oblige. We head to the elevators. We step in, no one else is there. God, I want him, I reach over and unzip his jeans. His cock is pressing against his underwear. I rub it up and down. The elevator doors open, I pull his shirt out of his jeans to cover his erection. He’s breathing heavy and I am doing the same. We fairly run down the hall, he gets his room pass out and opens the door. Inside, he can barely put the chain on the door, I see him trembling.

“Baby, casino firmaları it’s gonna be alright” I whisper in his ear. I take his hands and walk him over to the side of the bed. I unbutton his shirt, taking it completely off his body. I run my hands up and down his chest, rolling his nipples in my palms. I bend to remove his shoes and socks, my mouth sliding over his hard gorgeous erection. When I’m finished I unzip his jeans, and pull them down also taking his underwear.

His cock leaps out at me with a life of it’s own. I stroke his penis lovingly with my hands, then bend to lick the head. Slowly, I lick the shaft. He’s moaning and grasping my hair. “Baby you have too many clothes on” he moans. I tell him “Lay on the bed baby”. He does as I ask. I kick off my shoes, then unzip my shirt. I’m not wearing a bra and I can see his eyes widen. I slowly unzip my jeans, wiggling them over my hips. I leave my panties on and join him on the bed. “Your turn baby” I say. He reaches up to me, slides his right hand into my panties, 1-2 fingers sliding into my cunt. I moan with anticipation. He takes the panties off with his other hand. “Baby, I need to suck your cunt” he says with that voice I dream of. “I want to suck your cock baby, lets do 69, then go from there” I smile as I say that.

I turn around and put my pussy güvenilir casino in his mouth. He’s licking and sucking before I can even start on him. I take his cock into my mouth, gently pressing it between my lips. I slowly start sucking, taking it farther into my mouth. Licking the length of him, slowly taking his balls into my hands. I lick the entire shaft, then take one ball in my mouth savoring the texture, I release it only to take the other one in. He continues to lick and suck me. “Oh baby, oh baby I”m cumin….please………….Oh no………………………” I scream as my juices pump into his mouth. I drive my mouth deeper and deeper onto him, I can feel him getting harder, throbbing in my mouth.

“Oh GOD, oh suck it Jackie, suck it” he moans. He pumps harder and harder. I feel him cumming. He strains his body upwards, I start swallowing his cum. “Baby, baby” save some he begs. I know what he likes, I hold some in my mouth as his body slowly settles back on the bed. I turn around and kiss him on the mouth, his cum mingling with mine, our tongues meeting. I rub my body up and down on his, ready for more.

“Thank you baby” he says. Not a problem I’m thinking, I know it will be a great night. We lay quietly, I can hear his heart beat settling down. “I am so glad you came baby” he drawls. There’s a knock at the door. “Did you order something baby” I say. “Yes baby I did” he says this as he goes to the door naked. He undoes the chain, and as he does he says “I ordered the Main Course”. In steps a gorgeous hunk with a brunette following. “Mechanicsville welcomes you Jackie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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