Army Brat Ch. 04

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Note from Slick: Please read chapters one thru three to get up to speed. The sex picks up in this chapter so it will make some of you happier. And there will be more chapters. I promise. All rights reserved.


“Let’s go to the boat,” Danny whispered now that they had made up. He dreamed about their second time together and knew it would be a lot better than the first.

Ellen also wanted to make love again on the boat but it had been a few days since her period stopped. She didn’t want to take any chance of getting pregnant. “Ok, but you will need to get some condoms,” she whispered.

Danny was penniless. “I’m broke.”

“Me too and I don’t have my credit card.” She saw Buttons and Jimmy talking by his car. “I’ll ask Buttons.”


“Do you want to go somewhere for a bite to eat?” Jimmy asked the shorter girl.

Button’s wasn’t hungry for food. She too was thinking about the boat and since she knew where the key was kept she knew Ellen wouldn’t mind if she used the privacy of the boat to get to know Jimmy better. She turned to speak to Ellen and saw the girl walking up to her.

“Can I borrow $10?” Ellen asked.

Buttons looked across the way and saw Ellen’s dad and Danny’s mom getting into his car. “Why don’t you ask your dad?”

“I can’t,” she said. “If I say that it’s for food they will want to eat with us.”

“If it is not for food then what?”

Ellen leaned over so Jimmy couldn’t hear. “Condoms.”

“Rubbers,” Buttons said loudly. She turned and realized that Jimmy heard her. “Oops.”

“Thanks,” Ellen blushed.

“I didn’t hear a thing,” Jimmy grinned as he turned away.

Buttons reached into her purse and pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to her. “Here but I was wondering if we could use the boat.”

Ellen leaned over again. “That’s where we need to use the condoms.”

Buttons pulled her away so Jimmy really couldn’t hear. “Maybe we can take shifts?”

“God, you are not going to let him…you know?”

“No, but I have some lost ground to catch up on,” Buttons whispered.

“How about the four of us go out on the boat this weekend? Daddy lets me take it out as long as I’m with someone.”

“Yeah, and then we can really take turns.”


“OK, I’m sure Jimmy and I can find somewhere to park tonight.”

Ellen walked back and handed Danny the money. “Do you know how much they cost?”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Uh no..I’ve never really used one remember?”

“Well lets get as many as you can for $10,” Ellen grinned. “We are going to take the boat out on Saturday with Buttons and Jimmy.”


She smacked his arm. “We can take turns using the cabin. Come on we don’t have much time.”


“Where can we go?” Janet asked Allan as they watched the kids drive out of the lot. “It’s been a while and I can’t wait.”

“I know,” he grinned. “We can’t go to either of our houses because they might show up there. Let’s go to the boat.”

“Ummm, I still have tingles from the first time we did it on the boat.”

“I wish we could go away for a weekend,” Allan said after they entered his car and backed out of the parking space. “Dr. Burns has a cabin in the mountains that he said I could use.”

“I’m off in two weekends,” Janet said. “But, what about the kids?”

“Yeah the kids. Too bad my mother left so soon. Do you think we can leave them alone?”

“I think we are fooling ourselves to think that they won’t go all the way,” Janet said hoping it wouldn’t upset him. “They are 18 and I keep hearing that most kids that age have done it.”

“I know. I’ve been tossing around how I can get Ellen on birth control.”

Janet laughed. “Well, I probably shouldn’t be the one talking to her about it since I’m Danny’s mother.”

“Yeah, and if I suggest it and she isn’t planning on doing it then I’ve given the green light. Having our kids dating is complicated.”

“I know,” Janet said. “Speaking of protection I need to stop by my house before going to the boat.”

“Sure,” Allan smiled.


Danny and Ellen stood in front of the huge display of condoms. “Which one should I buy?” He whispered.

“Definitely large or extra large,” she giggled.

“I know but some are lubricated, some have ribs and they even have flavors. Why would they have flavors?”

Ellen looked around to make sure they were alone before she put her index finger in her mouth and moved it in and out.

“Oh,” Danny blushed. “Have you ever…” She smacked his arm before he could finish.

Danny pivoted back when she hit him and his hip smashed into the large condom display. About ten hooks full of condom boxes fell from the shelf causing a loud crash. “SHIT!”

Ellen was laughing so hard she did not hear the little old lady walk up behind her.

“CLEAN UP ON AISLE FIVE!” Elsie screamed.

Danny jumped down on his knees and tried to get the little packages grouped together so he could quickly mount them back up on the display. Meanwhile a cute girl and an older man with a mop came around the corner. Danny blushed casino şirketleri when he looked up and saw the three store employees grinning. “These…uh…they fell…and.”

Ellen had to walk away to stop from laughing out loud. She moved back away from the group and used her phone to take a photo.

Danny and the employees quickly got the condoms back on the hooks. “Thank you. I’m sorry you know…”

The manager smiled and whispered, “Next time don’t be so anxious.”

After grabbing a box he quickly paid and met Ellen outside by the car. “Thanks for deserting me,” he said looking upset.

She tried her best to be serious. “I’m sorry I had to leave.. HA-HA-HA!”

“When you are done laughing we can leave. Actually right now I don’t feel like we really need these. Maybe I’ll take them back.” He turned towards the store but she grabbed his arm.

“I’m sorry. Please….let’s go to the boat.”

“I was just kidding,” he smiled.


“Hurry,” Janet said to Allan while running ahead of him down to the boat. She jumped on board and helped him to get on. He fumbled opening the lock and then quickly hurried down the stairs.

Allan turned on the tiny light next to the bed to keep the mood. He lifted Janet’s sweater off her head and released her bra clasp. Seconds later he pushed off her shorts and panties.

“I’ve never gotten naked that fast before,” she giggled. “Let me help you.”

Allan pulled off his shirt while she removed his shorts and boxers. They both pulled out the sliding bed and jumped on it at the same time. Their lips met and parted while their hands caressed and explored.

“Let’s take our time,” Janet whispered. Her fingers gathered his pre-cum and rubbed it all around the swollen knob.


“Turn here,” Buttons said to Jimmy as they drove by the river. He pulled the car into the space and set the parking brake they both looked straight ahead afraid to look at each other.

“You were wonderful tonight,” Buttons whispered. “Are you going to play professional baseball or go to college?”

“I’m not sure. The University of Miami is recruiting me pretty hard and the pro scouts have said I have a great chance to make the big leagues. What do you think I should do?”

She turned and looked into his hazel eyes. “You can do whatever you want.” They both knew that she didn’t just mean his career.

Jimmy, being a lot taller, slumped down in his seat and turned towards her. He, like her, did not have a whole lot of experience so when her body and face moved towards him he moved too quickly and they bumped heads. “Ouch.”

Buttons giggled. “You stay still and I’ll move.” She released her seatbelt and turned and crawled up onto the seat on her knees. She saw his eyes close when her face neared. Her eyes closed as well when their lips met and his hand moved behind her back.

Jimmy was more than excited as they frenched and touched their backs and arms. He kept kissing as he reached down and pushed the electric seat control in reverse. As the seat moved back so did his body and Button’s giving her room to move her leg over his lap and lower her stomach down onto his hard-on.

She felt him try to lift her up to prevent her from feeling his shaft but she pulled his hands from her waist. “Don’t worry it can’t get out,” she giggled.


“Hurry,” Ellen said to Danny after they parked the car. Neither saw her father’s car parked in the shadows. After grabbing the box of condoms they ran down towards the boat slips.

Danny made it to the boat first and stood on the back as Ellen joined him. “The key is missing.”

“It has to be there.” She said as she searched the hiding area. It was then they heard her father talking.

“Ohhh God Janet your tongue is driving me crazy!”

Danny and Ellen suddenly realized what they were hearing. “Oh my God,” she whispered.

“Suck it….oh yes…don’t stop!”

Danny, not wanting to hear anymore, panicked. “Let’s get out of here!” He rushed to get off and tripped over some rope.

Ellen too was shocked but when he fell she laughed. She pulled him up and they took off back up the boat ramp.


Janet had not performed oral sex in quite a while but still remembered the technique. She teased with her tongue around the round crown and then slowly swallowed the whole length. She heard his moans and begging which gave her confidence. But then he grabbed her head and pulled her mouth away.

“Did you hear something?”

“Just you whimpering,” she giggled. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No…….I don’t care what the noise was. Just don’t stop.”

Allan moved back and felt her soft damp lips and tongue return. Maria had always refused to provide oral sex so this was his first. He never knew what he had been missing until that moment.

Janet had this big strong man moaning and begging for more. She teased her tongue over his balls and then took each one in her mouth. She could feel that he was about to explode so she quickly engulfed half of his shaft before jerking off the bottom half.

“OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM!” casino firmaları Allan cried to give her enough time to move away. But her lips locked as his first blast splattered against the back of her throat. “OH SHIT!”

Janet managed to swallow quickly enough to keep from choking. When he was finally empty she pulled off and wiped the leaked liquid from her lips and chin. “Well doc I think the operation was a success,” she whispered as she moved up next to him.

“It sure was,” Allan purred. “And what can I do for you?”

“I think you know,” she smiled putting her hand on his shoulder and guiding him downward.


“Oh my God,” Danny gasped while standing by his car trying to catch his breath. “I can’t believe what we heard.”

“I know,” Ellen smiled. “Maybe we should go to my house and try the same thing?”

He turned to her. “You mean…”

“Yes,” she smiled. They jumped into his car and as he was backing out he saw Jimmy and Buttons standing there. “What are they doing here?”

Buttons moved to Ellen’s window and waited for her to lower it. “We tried to catch you before you got to the boat. We saw your parents go in about ten minutes before you got here. I tried to call your cell.”

Ellen realized that she had turned it off. “Too late. We could hear what they were doing.”

“Yuck,” Buttons said. “I hope I never hear my parents doing it.”

Ellen looked over at Jimmy. “How are you two doing?”

“Good,” Jimmy grinned.

“Well, we don’t have much time,” Danny said impatiently not wanting to lose the opportunity for oral sex. “We will talk to you two later.” He put it in gear and backed away.

“Danny that was rude,” Ellen smiled. “But I’m glad you did it.”


“So do you want to watch TV?” Ellen teased after they sat on the black leather sofa in the den.

“I don’t think so,” he smiled. He shifted closer and when she turned his lips met hers. When his tongue entered her mouth she clamped her lips on it and started sucking it like it was his cock.

Ellen had sucked Todd’s tongue before but never down below. Her fingers fumbled with the opening on his baseball pants and realized that she would have to remove them and the sliding pants. She pulled her lips back. “Help me take everything off.”

“We shouldn’t. What if they come home early?”

“We can hear the garage door opening up and you can run to the bathroom to get dressed.”

Danny lifted and with four hands they were able to get him quickly naked from the waist down. His hard-on pointed straight upward in anticipation of what was to come.

“Ummm,” Ellen giggled. Her small fingers curled around the huge pink lollipop and rubbed off the pre-cum. “Now remember I’ve never did this before.”

“Ahhh,” Danny moaned when her tongue licked completely around the ridge. His right hand dropped down her back until it disappeared under her shorts and panties. He squeezed her soft buns while her mouth opened and engulfed the whole crown. “ELLEN!”

She had her mouth full otherwise she would have laughed. She knew what to do so she managed to take about three more inches before slowly sliding her mouth off. “Pop.”

“Please,” he begged like her father had done on the boat before. His middle finger parted her butt cheeks and pushed downward until he touched her tiny rear hole.

“What are you doing back there?” Ellen giggled.

“Sorry,” Danny laughed. “I was just exploring.”

“Where did you put the condoms?”

“Oh shit. They are in the car.”

Since she was still dressed she jumped up. “Don’t move and don’t let it go down.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Hurry up.”

Less than a minute later she returned and ripped open the box with her teeth. Like in the store the condoms fell out and scattered everywhere. She grabbed the closest one and tossed it to him. “Try it on for size.”

Danny tried to watch her undress while he opened the small square package. “Black. We got black condoms.”

“You picked them out and I like licorice,” Ellen giggled. She pushed down her thong and took it from his hand. “Lie back.” She tried putting it on one way but it was upside down. “Oops.”

Danny reached over to take it from her but she pushed his hand back. “Sorry.”

Ellen was determined now to get it on. She rolled it over the knob until it continued down, down and down to two inches from the base. “Does it have to go all the way down?”

“I don’t know,” Danny sighed. “I think as long as the tip is covered it’s ok.”

“We had this in health class last year in school,” Ellen whispered. “I can’t remember.” Both looked at the black rubber covered penis ready for some action.

“Is it flavored?” She asked as she reached for the empty box. “It has a licorice flavor.”

“Please Ellen.”

“Ok, I’ll taste one later,” she smiled. She straddled his lap and lowered her wet and ready pussy. “Hold me and lower me slowly.”

“Ahhh,” Danny moaned feeling the very tight and hot hole. “It feels so good.”

“The lubrication is helping,” she moaned wondering if it was going to come out of her mouth because güvenilir casino it was so big. With her knees on the leather sofa she pushed up from his shoulders and lifted upward. Down again and then back up again. Over and over she moved until she got the rhythm. “OH DANNY!”

Danny was doing his best not to cum. He tried to think about something else not as pleasant as she fucked up and down his shaft. Neither said a word as they let their bodies communicate.

“Ah…..ah…..ah….ah….ah…ah,” she moaned each time she hit bottom. “Danny…I’m getting…close.”

“Me too…….ahhhh.”


“OH YES!” He cried out feeling the hot spunk fill the small void in the tip of the black rubber glove.


Buttons was humping Jimmy’s bulge rapidly and hard. She felt his hand cup her butt and stop her. “What’s wrong?”

He blushed. “I don’t want to have an accident in my baseball pants.”

“Oh,” she giggled. “Let’s just kiss.” Her mouth opened wide to let his tongue back in. She felt his hands massaging her butt as they explored and tasted for the next fifteen minutes. It was then his hands got brave and moved up under the back of her shirt to her bra. She felt it release and moved back.

“Sorry I can reconnect it,” Jimmy whispered.

“It’s not that,” she blushed. “You see I’m not very big.”

“May I?”

“Yes,” she said leaning back to allow his big hands to roam under her arms until they pushed the small cups out of the way and covered her tiny titties.

“They’re nice,” Jimmy smiled as he rolled the tiny tips between this thumbs and index fingers.

Buttons smiled. “Really? Do you like them?”

“Definitely,” Jimmy replied. But he liked her butt better and returned there a minute later.


“Quick get dressed,” Ellen said to Danny after she climbed off of him. It was fifteen minutes later when they heard the garage door opening.

“Hi Dad, where is Mrs. Upton?” Ellen asked her daddy innocently.

“I dropped her off and she told me to tell Danny to get home and finish his homework.” Allan smiled.

“Good idea,” Danny said standing up. He leaned over and lightly kissed Ellen and walked by Allan who stopped him.

Danny stood nervously.

“I just wanted to say the homerun really impressed me tonight son.” He did not mean to actually call Danny son. “Oh..I didn’t mean.”

Danny grinned. “Thank you sir. I know what you meant.” After he left Allan sat next to his daughter.

“This is going to be very hard for me so I’m just going to say it.”

Ellen sat up. “What?”

“Well… know…I realized that Danny and you are getting really serious but you have to use caution and…maybe you should have……”

Ellen interrupted him. “I was going to ask you about the best birth control.”

“You’re not my little girl anymore are you?”

“I’ll always be your little girl,” Ellen smiled. Her head fell over onto his shoulder.


Danny found his mother waiting at the kitchen table for him. “I only have a little bit of homework.”

“Sit down please.”

Danny thought that he had been busted. “What did I do?”

“It’s what I don’t want you to do,” she said nervously. “I know I’m not your father but someone needs to talk to you about sex.”

Danny almost fell of his chair. “Sex….Ma I know about sex and have known since the fourth grade.”

“Oh yeah…but you know birth control and…”

“Ma…relax. Ellen and I are not dummies.”

“Does that mean…”

“I think we have talked enough,” he said smiling. “But thanks for giving me my talk eight years too late.” She faked a swing at him but he ducked it and kissed her cheek. “How about you?”

“Danny…let’s not go there,” she blushed.

“This is so weird,” he chuckled while walking up to his bedroom and calling Ellen. “You won’t believe what conversation my mother and I just had.”

“Birth control,” Ellen added.

“Your dad too?”

“Yep, this is very good since I can now get on the pill.”

“But what about all the rubbers I bought?”

“Give them to Jimmy,” Ellen giggled.


It was seven o’clock the next morning when the doorbell rang. He opened it to find the same news man who confronted him in the school parking lot.

“Danny can I speak with you?”

Danny saw the camera on the man’s shoulder behind the man with the microphone. “No comment.” He started to close the door but the man stuck his arm with the microphone in the door.

“What’s going on?” Janet asked. “Can’t you get the door closed?” Before Danny could stop her she pushed it against the man’s arm.

“OUCH!” They heard from the other side and then saw him let go of the microphone.

She picked up the mike. “LEAVE US ALONE!” She quickly opened the door and tossed it outside.

“I’ll call the police this morning and see what we can do. I think they have to stay out by the street.”

Danny managed to get his car out of the driveway and into the street as they chased after him. He pulled into the parking lot and smiled when it was empty. Ellen had told him that she would see him at lunch time so he hurried inside to finish some last minute studying for a test. As he sat in the home room he saw the head cheerleader and most popular girl in school walking up to him.

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