Ashley’s Blue Eyes

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Ashley turned off her faucet, pulled back her hair, and slowly slipped her naked body into the steaming hot water she had just drawn. Releasing a breath, she leaned back and closed her eyes. It had been a hot day, but still nothing refreshed her more, oddly enough, than a hot bath. Classes were over the summer, but she had spent all day working. Ashley was the smallest waitress on staff at the Texas Ranch Restaurant, and probably was so because she hated all the food they served. She was rather short and fairly thin, her blonde hair straight and silky, reaching her back when it was down. Although Ashley was beautiful and had nearly infinite romantic options, she had always been in love with the lead guitarist and lead singer of Ravage. It had been her favorite band since they first started making music two years ago, and she had seen them in concert once before they became very popular. Tonight Ravage was having a concert about half an hour from her house, and she had great tickets. Ever since the first time she’d first heard Dane’s voice on the radio she’d fantasized about sleeping with him. This time, this concert, tonight, she was determined. Ashley was young, only nineteen, but she certainly wasn’t a virgin. She’d moved out of the house on her eighteenth birthday, so she had certain personal freedoms not characteristic to girls attending local college. Even though Ashley was far from pure, she wasn’t a slut either. She was choosy about whom she allowed to take her to bed.

Reopening her eyes, she lathered one lightly tanned leg and rolled a razor gently across it, making it silky smooth. The lilac-scented lather graced her other leg as well, and all the space in between. After making herself perfectly smooth she smiled and tried to imagine Dane’s hands on her. Placing her hands on her breasts, she closed her eyes again and squeezed gently, then rolled her hands down her smooth tummy and parted her labia with a finger, rubbing over her clitoris gently. She took care washing the rest of her slim form, and then dried herself with a thick, white towel. Having not masturbated to the point of orgasm, she was still almost painfully aroused, but she wanted to save it until after the show, for Dane. She rubbed moisturizer into her skin so that it would retain its silky feel, and brushed and dried her hair straight. Thoughtfully, she went to her drawer and gazed at her selection of thongs. She decided she didn’t have a statement to make and that a black satin one would be simultaneously simple and sexy, and she put on a strapless bra to match. She admired her form a moment and then sought out her black tube top and red miniskirt with black pinstripes. She didn’t put on any nylons, and completed her look with a silver rhinestone necklace that spelled out her name and a pair of black flip-flops. She never wore makeup—her complexion, much like her facial features, had always been attractive. Nodding with approval, she picked up her car keys and headed out.


Lighting a cigarette, he leaned out his hotel window balcony to look at the people walking below. Inhaling the sweet nicotine, he thought about the show tonight. It was going to be just like all the others—they’d gone over al the set lists, all the jokes. The booze, he was certain, was waiting on a cart somewhere downstairs, ready to be brought up as soon as he left to perform. And this was a decent community—it had a college, which meant plenty of hot girls. His band mates usually took more than one, but call him a softie—he liked to pick the girls who really wanted him, and not really the ones who just wanted to say they’d slept with a big rock star. He liked to be with them one on one. Certainly, he didn’t have enough regard for their emotions to keep them around, but he liked to talk to them—hear their stupid dreams. It was an addiction of sorts, just likes the booze and the cigarettes and the high from singing into a football field dense with people. He turned his eyes from the street below to the ash gathering on the cigarette in his hand. After dumping the ash, he took another thoughtful drag and then stamped it out on the concrete. Re-entering his room, he pulled on a black wife beater, a white button up top which he didn’t bother to button, and a pair of jeans, baggy but not sagging. He belted them, placed his feet in a pair of ankle height combat boots, and combed at his longish brown hair, satisfied with his appearance. He was a hard partier, but he didn’t have years behind him to make him old. Time to get in the limousine, he thought, as he made for the door.


As soon as the first guitar chords reached her ears, Ashley felt like she was on a spectacular high. She was right up front, she could clearly see the way Dane’s eyes moved. She was convinced they fell on her once or twice—if anything, she thought, she was the picture of suburban beauty. Maybe her job would be too hard. She chanted the lyrics softer then the other fans, in a graceful sort of way that was reverent, worshipping of the figure on the stage above. He was invincible. The words of his casino şirketleri songs were so wise, so melodic. He was perfect. Every second she looked at him she became more convinced of her need to be with him that night. She connected with him so much. Her panties were practically soaked beneath her little skirt that hugged her slim hips. There was a light amount of perspiration on her forehead because so many people were around, but by the time the sun had been set for an hour or so, she was cool in the tube top, but no less heated beneath her skirt.

The magic of the show ended and the masses began to herd out. Ashley and a few suburban mothers with teenage daughters and a couple other more sleazy-looking women made their way to the bus and limousine that had transported the band. They all waited, the sleazes chattering together about other stars they’d fucked and the mothers talking about how well the voice lessons were going for their daughters. Ashley kept to herself, near the front of the crowd, but far to the side. She would be the last person Dane was sure to see when he came out. She held the inner booklet of a Ravage CD to her chest and waited in silence.


Through the tinted windows of the bus, Dane and his band mates surveyed the crowd. The drummer and bassist were bantering back and forth about the women who looked like good screws. Both had been interested in one girl close to the front. They said she was the most angelic thing they’d ever seen and her body was hot as hell. The problem was that they couldn’t figure out whether she was there as a groupie or if she was an innocent teen. They didn’t really want to ask if she wanted to come back with them, even though they both agreed they’d love to fuck her. This perked Dane’s ears and he went to the window to have a look. He was slightly sweaty from the show, and he had a hard on from the rush and the adrenaline, but he was surprised to feel it seem to strain against his pants when he caught sight of the blonde in the tube top his friends had been talking about. He downed the last of the water he had been drinking to cool off and inhaled, not saying a word, chuckling a bit as the drummer asked his opinions on the girls he had planned to pick up.

“You guys ready? We’ll get the autographs over in no more than fifteen minutes, and all the moms will leave with their teens, then you guys can get whoever you want.”

They all nodded and Dane was the first to descend the steps of the bus, and the small crowd squealed as a whole with joy. He smiled his superstar smile and began signing CD cases, cleavage, bras, autograph books, and ticket stubs. Finally, he’d made it down the line to the blonde he’d seen from inside the bus in the miniskirt. He smiled at her, and asked her to whom he was to address the autograph as he took the CD case from her nervous hands. As he signed “To Ashley—Dane Ravage,” he cut his eyes up at the girl who was looking at him expectantly. He licked his lips, noticing the crowd had dispersed, and made a point to check out some of the groupies behind her who were all staring at him, despite the advances of the bassist and the drummer.

“You better go home now, girl, or they’ll get the wrong idea.”

He handed her the CD case with a somewhat sad smile. He was testing her. He never asked a girl to come back with him. Even the ones who didn’t want to sleep with any rock star had to beg for it. Deciding she was pretty uptight, he started to turn, but to his slight surprise she spoke.

“With all due respect, I think you might have the wrong idea.”

Her voice was almost a whisper, but the only noises were coming from the girls trying to get with his band mates, deciding that Dane was somewhat of a lost cause, talking to an innocent-looking blonde. They hadn’t given up for sure, but they wanted to make sure they all had an in with at least one band member. Dane turned back to face the girl he now knew as Ashley and raised his brows, but made no verbal response.

“I’ve wanted to spend the night with you ever since I heard ‘Spirit Flies’ on the radio. If you let me sleep with you, I promise you won’t regret it. I may not party as hard as those girls do all the time, but I know how.”

Her voice was no longer timorous, but rather extremely soft and reverent, as if she were speaking to God himself. Dane smiled a little, more overwhelmed by her quiet respect than he would be if she begged and screamed and wailed for the privilege of being his little slut for the night. He nodded a little and then looked at the guard, then snapped his neck to one side, telling the both of them that she was to come from behind the chain and join him. Ashley eagerly completed this and stood beside Dane. As his arm snaked around her waist and he rushed her to the limo to avoid onslaught by the jealous groupies screaming claims about how they could do a better job than that little virgin, Ashley thought she might faint. It was actually going to happen. She was really going to get to sleep with Dane. He was just as perfect as she’d imagined, casino firmaları even so close without all the photo manipulation. As soon as he got in his personal limo with Ashley, Dane lit a cigarette and nodded for the driver to take them to the hotel. It was late now. Midnight, perhaps. He offered Ashley a cigarette, but had anticipated her decline. He released the smoke in a smooth stream off the side and further inspected the creature who he was going to put on his king sized bed and fuck until she cried. Offering her a more authentic smile, he began speaking.

“So you’ve been a fan for awhile, huh?”

As he took another drag he put his arm around her and drew her closer to him, and then he reached around her slim waist to stroke her thigh.

“Well it’s not a long way to the hotel. I’m excited to see why I’m not likely to regret sleeping with you.”

Taking a final drag, he put out his cigarette in the ashtray and let his hand ride up to her panties, pleased but not surprised to find them wet.

“I’m glad to see you enjoyed the concert, baby.”

He then stroked her thigh a bit more, not wanting to lose control before they got to the hotel. Ashley looked at him through her large blue lusting eyes and smiled as he stroked her thigh and panties.

“You’re perfect,” she whispered with so much honesty that it took Dane a little off guard and forced him into a laugh.

“If it wasn’t for what I just felt I’d say you were way too innocent to be here right now.”

“I’ll do anything you want. Drag me around everywhere like your pet, if you want. I’d do anything for you, Dane.” She whispered again.

Dane swallowed, growing accustomed to her treatment, but not sure how to use it to his advantage without hurting her too badly. He just smiled and placed his large hand on her cheek, giving her a few gentle kisses.

“We’re almost at the hotel, baby. Almost there.”

Dane was used to flattery, but there was something in Ashley’s blue eyes that was almost causing him to bust his fly. As soon as the limo stopped, he had his arm around her and was leading her inside and upstairs as quickly as possible to his suite with the balcony. As soon as he got in he smiled at his bottle of vodka and poured her a shot and one for himself. Bravely, Ashley downed the shot with Dane, and then did the same with another. She declined a third. She wanted to remember what was happening, and she wasn’t used to drinking as much as he was. He nodded without much emotional reaction to her drinking abilities or lack thereof and collapsed on a chair, closing his eyes and resting his head back.

“I’m going to rest for awhile, get my strength together, but come here, baby.”

Just by the way Dane was sitting and the way he had his legs cocked, Ashley knew what he wanted. She knelt down and undid his belt, pulling down his pants. And exposing his rock hard erection to the air. Her heart fluttered within her ample but not excessive chest at his size—more perfection, she thought. Rolling her tongue across her full lips, she leaned forward and kissed the head a few lingering times, then licked its whole length up and down. He took another swig of vodka and closed his eyes, breathing deeply and enjoying the girl’s mouth on him. Putting her hands on Dane’s thighs, Ashley took his head in her dainty mouth and coated it with moisture, sucking lightly and allowing it to slip around over her tongue. Dane groaned as Ashley started sucking harder, swirling her tongue over his head.

“You’re good at giving head, baby. You’ve practiced.”

At the compliment, the pressure of Ashley’s sucking increased and she began moving her tongue faster, flicking almost, and she began to move her head forward and backward over his long, firm erection. Dane was grunting and groaning somewhat regularly now, pleasantly surprised by her skill. Usually the sweet ones weren’t very good at giving head. He actually had to concentrate on not going off right away. The speed of her head bobs with all the sucking and all that tongue soon had Dane almost at peak, and he gave the short warning of , “Oh, God….yeah,” before cumming. Ashley swallowed without the slightest disgust, in fact, she seemed somehow honored that he had enjoyed her blow job so much. Breathing hard for a little while, Dane put his bottle down and swallowed.

“Come here, baby.”

He drew her into his lap and put his arms around her, rolling his hands up her tube top and under her bra to feel her breasts. They were a good size, perfect heaping handfuls, and he kneaded them softly, appreciatively. He could feel her nipples get hard under the touch of his large hands smiled a bit. He helped her slip off the top and then undid her bra with skill characteristic to a man who has slept with many women. Leaning forward, he began to suck one of her nipples, then gnawed on the tip ever so slightly. He wet the nipple with his tongue and sucked some more. He wasn’t anywhere near another full erection, but he was stiffening again. She had so much energy and he wanted to really güvenilir casino do her. As he sucked on her nipples, his hands moved to her hips and started to rub up and down her sides suggestively, mimicking a sexual rhythm. He ceased with her nipples and moved up to her neck, sucking the soft skin roughly, but not so rough as to leave a lasting mark. Still rolling his hands over her sides, her miniskirt all bunched up around her slender waist now, he looked her in the eyes. He really didn’t do that with women, but her innocent blue eyes really got him off. He rubbed, just watching her eyes as she looked at him with pure admiration, and he leaned into her gently, and kissed her lips. It had been a long time since he had kissed a woman, but he was not rusty. His tongue rolled with her’s for a moment before he pulled back, trying to think about what he’d done. The alcohol was stirring things up a bit, making him a little looser. He actually thought he’d felt something.

After giving him that blow job, Ashley had really loosened up. Her hands were all over him, under his muscle shirt, massaging the rippled muscles of his chest and abdomen. This time his hands went up the outside of her bare thighs and slipped down her black satin thong. Then, he wrapped his arms tightly around her and brought her to the king size bed, tearing down the sheets before he placed her down. He took her skirt and panties the rest of the way off and smiled, finally seeing the smooth skin that she had so carefully shaved. It really turned him on that she made all these efforts solely for him, and he began rubbing her clitoris again, and then moved two of his fingers to rest slightly inside her tight little hole. Her hands had run down and were jacking him off gently, and he had gotten his full erection once again, stiff and long. She had closed her eyes, two of his fingers swallowed up with a contraction of her inner velvet, and now he was making light “come here” motions with his fingers inside her to stimulate her. Wrapping her smooth legs around him, Ashley smiled softly in a very indescribable innocence, considering the situation.

“I want you to put it in Dane.”

Her plea was almost childlike and he removed his fingers from her and she aligned his head with her wet opening, waiting in nearly painful anticipation to make one thrust into her. After a short moment, she felt him fill her. He left it in for a minute to get used to how tight she was and to spread her a little bit. The short, innocent ones were always the tightest. Then, he pulled out until only the head was in, and then pushed in as far as he could get with her as tight as she was. He set up a rather slow rhythm of these full thrusts. Her moans under him were constant even though they had just started. He moved her legs up on his shoulders, stretching her. Her slick insides let him go faster, and the new position of her legs let him get deeper. Ashley was so keyed up with her fantasy coming true and giving him head and then having him touch her that it didn’t take long before her thighs started shaking wildly and she was in the throes of an orgasm. Dane didn’t even slow down, riding her all the way out through her climax and then he continued on only slightly more gently. He groaned, trying to keep his stamina up. He tried to think about anything but her innocent eyes, and he kept pumping into her. The light squeals and airy moans penetrated his mind just as his member was penetrating her sweet folds. He kept going steadily, trying to build her up again, overloading her senses. Ashley’s breathing was ragged and desperate; she felt what he was trying to do and her insides tightened up around him, gripping him fiercely as he thrusted in an out of her slickness. Her gentle moans did not cease, however, and soon Dane was groaning louder, and pumping harder, faster.

“Ohhh,” was the only sound Dane gone out before he released an explosion of his seed into her depths. The other spasms were less fierce because of the head she had given him earlier, but the first shooting was enough to send Ashley over the edge for a second time, almost making her scream with intensity. As Dane slowly began to deflate inside her, he was filled with pride at the orgasms he had given her and the way she had reacted. He got the modest, innocent girl almost shouting in his bed. Looking down at her glowing, pleased face, he was overcome with a desire to protect her and coddle her. He pressed his lips tenderly to her’s once again, not showing any sign that she was being treated any more specially than any other girl, but his mind was on the brink of explosion with all of his conflicting thoughts. Freeing himself from her, he sat up, leaning his back against the headboard, and pulling Ashley close to him. She rested her head on his chest and looked up at him, beaming with admiration and pleasure. She felt as if she were complete now. The man of her dreams had just made love to her. Rubbing her smooth back, Dane pulled the petite girl in tight and kissed her forehead. His breathing was quicker to slow down than her’s, but when she was fully relaxed again, she started talking. She wasn’t babbling like the other girls—she was sharing, and expecting something in return. He was actually compelled to talk a little about his life and his experiences and his feelings.

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