Ashley’s Mix-up, Josh’s side

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Josh was excited to say the least. His girlfriend was his love and he was finally going to be able to have sex with her. He always saved having sex until he was sure that he loved the girl. He never wanted to have meaningless sex. He was worried though because he hears of all the horror stories of men finishing too quickly.

He sits down at his computer and starts to watch some porn. He quickly got hard from watching the guy fuck the girl hard. He lowers his pants and starts to stroke his cock. He strokes the shaft a few times and then rubs his thumb on the head. He repeats this action and closes his eyes. He imagines Ashley on him instead of his hand. The moans from the porn are Ashley’s moans in his imagination.

He watches her slender gorgeous body riding his cock. She enjoys every stroke into her. His hands guide her hips on his cock. Making it as pleasurable as possible for him. He takes her nipple into her mouth and his cock explodes in her pussy.

He continues to work his hand on his cock even after he came. It was much quicker than he was hoping and he wanted to make sure he could make Ashley enjoy herself. He starts to feel pain in his cock as he continues but refuses to give up. He watches his porn as the guy cums in the girl’s mouth.

He watches her as she eats the cum as if she was starving for it. He never had a blow job. He wishes that Ashley would want his cum as much as the girl in the porn wants the cum of the random guy. The next porn starts. But his imagination was stuck on Ashley sucking his cock. He could see her head bobbing up and down on his cock. She was taking his whole cock in her mouth.

He starts to stroke his dick faster as he sees in his mind the girl he loves sucking his cock. She moans with pleasure as she sucks it. He could almost feel his fingers running through her hair as he forces his dick into her throat. She gags but it doesn’t bother her. She is so hungry for his dick she just continues to allow him to fuck her throat.

His casino şirketleri dick is filled with the combined senses of pain and pleasure. He tries to hold back but he feels his cum start to shoot out of his cock and covers his hand and stomach in hot cum. He moans as the intensity builds. The pleasure was gone again and still he was cuming too fast for his liking. His dick however was too sensitive to be touched.

He watches his screen as the girl is fucked with an impossibly huge cock. He rubs his balls to stimulate himself as he gives his dick a break. He starts to imagine Ashley again. Ashley was dressed in the most sexy lingerie. She kneels down on her knees and says “I want you to be my master. I want to serve you and fulfill your every desire.”

Josh grabs her by her hands and helps her stand. “I would like that very much, my love.” He kisses her and then takes her to the bed. He turns her around and bends her over. He lowers her thong and pushes into her.

He starts to stroke his erect cock again as he pushes into her in his fantasy. He pounds her pussy and her ass is jiggling every time he pounds into her. He rubs his hand across one of her cheeks. He caresses her ass. He lifts up his hand and slaps one of her cheeks. He feels his cock getting even more wet from his juices. He smiles to see how much she enjoys it. The cheek that he slapped is starting to grow red as he lifts his hand and slaps it again. He pounds faster into her making her start to moan loudly.

He continues to spank her as he slams into her tight pussy. He could hear her whimpering and saying, “thank you master, thank you master, thank you master.” Once he stops spanking her ass it is bright red and hot to the touch. He pulls out of her and flips her over and starts to fuck her again.

He breasts bounce wildly with every thrust. He dips his head down and takes one of her nipples into his mouth. She moans with pleasure. The pleasure overwhelms him as his imagination takes over his senses. casino firmaları He releases his cum inside her.

He pumps his dick harder and faster with his hand as he fucks Ashley in his mind. His cum squirting all over his computer desk and screen. He slumps back into his chair satisfied. He opens his eyes and sees all of his sticky white cum covering himself and his computer.

He gets up and cleans up his cum. After getting dressed he checks his phone and sees a text from Ashley telling him it is safe to come over and to meet her in the shower. He got in his truck and drove to the address she gave him. Driving around the corner, he finds a good place to park. He sneaks in the back door. He can hear the shower running and his dick throbs back to life. He walks through what seems to be the master bedroom.

The bathroom is full of steam and he quickly strips off his clothes and jumps in the shower with his cock fully erect. He is pleased to find Ashley bent over with her firm ass presented nicely to him. His cock throbs eagerly. Josh decides not to waste any time and starts to rub his cock against her lips.

She pushes back into him and his cock easily slides into place. She braces herself against the rim of the tub giving him full access to her. He slowly works his way into her hoping he wont hurt her too badly for her first time. Her hips are slippery as he grabs them using them to help him thrust into her harder.

Her moans fill the bathroom as she is obviously enjoying his cock inside of her. Having cum so many times earlier Josh is not having a hard time having to hold back his cum. He reaches down and plays with her clit making her moan more loudly. Her body tightens on his dick as she came hard.

Wanting to kiss her he told her, “stand up”. She went suddenly stiff and still. She slowly stands up and turns to look at Josh. It was not Ashley. He has never seem this person before in his life. His dick throbs again knowing what he has done.

She looks güvenilir casino down as his dick twitches and smiles. She walks up to him and kisses him on his lips and he kisses her back. She takes her hand and rubs his cock willingly. She is confident in her actions and does not seem shy about it.

He lowers his hand to her pussy and starts to push his fingers inside. She reacts immediately. Even though they do not know each other she seems to be enjoying herself and willing to submit to Josh’s will. She grows wetter as he continues to finger her. He lifts one of her legs and rests it on the side of the tub.

With her leg out of the way he now has better access and he starts to speed up his pace. She matches his speed with her hand on his cock. Both of them moaning happily. He uses his body to press her against the wall of the tub. He hooks his free arm around the leg that is on the side of the tub.

He lifts her up slightly and slides his fingers out of her. He wraps his newly free arm around her other leg and lifts her up and pushes her against the wall to support her. She reaches down and guides his cock to her entrance. He nudges his hips forward allowing himself to slide into her wet passage.

He starts to thrust up into her while supporting her entire weight. Every thrust into her was met with a loud wet slap of skin on skin. Her moans quickly grew loud again. He buries his face into her full bouncing breasts. Her breasts are larger than Ashley’s even though they were the same body size.

She takes his mouth again with her and caresses her tongue against his. He starts to feel himself needing to resist cuming. Her body tightens on him again as she screams while cuming on him. Her cum drips off his balls and the water washes it away.

Outside the bathroom they hear a door open and footsteps in the bedroom. Knowing that they were already caught he just continued to pound into her. He takes her nipple into his mouth and sucks on it hard. He feels his cum build and he releases it into her as he moans softly.

He lets her down and kisses her softly one more time before they rinse off and turn off the shower. They climb out and get dressed and then open to door to see what scene meets their eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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