Asian Games: Event 1

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Best Friend

Whenever Mike traveled on business, he liked to get physical activity between the meetings. Usually this was a quick trip to the hotel gym, a jog in the hotel grounds, a dip in the pool, or sometimes a quick game of tennis. On his recent trip through Asia, he did the same, except this time, each destination rewarded his dedication to fitness with an experience of sexual novelty. Without planning to, he sampled a veritable international menu of fuckable women.

It all began in Taiwan where his meetings were in the morning and he was free until dinner. The meetings had gone well, most people being interested in the professional management training seminars his company was offering. He called down to the fitness center and asked for an hour with the hotel tennis pro at noon. He then changed and headed out to warm up. Mike was well maintained for his forty years, but her knew he would need to stretch before a game against a pro. As he as ending his routine, he noticed a young woman in tennis gear heading toward the one tennis court. Had he made a mistake in his booking time? The woman, almost a girl, put her hair up as Mike admired her trim ass under her tennis skirt. He noticed she had large breasts for a Chinese woman, which bounced nicely under her half T-shirt as she walked up to him. Around her neck were the white straps of the bikini top that was restraining her tits. Her skin color was that of someone who had spent hours in the sun without burning.

“Hello, I am Sammy, and I am your tennis partner for the hour,” she said in a crisp California accent, “you look ready, so let’s have some fun.”

Mike stared for a while and then walked to his side of the court. She was good, better than him in many respects, and she soon had him running from side to side. He soon got used to her shots and was able to power a few past her as well. At the first water break she stripped off her T-shirt and played in her bikini top providing Mike with a gorgeous view of the top half of her perfectly round and tanned globes. Every time she bent to pick up the balls at the net, he was treated to a view of her breasts hanging down, or if she was facing the other way, the even more erotic view of her ass as her skirt moved up her thighs.

Finally, after an hour, he sat down sweaty and exhausted. She walked around collecting the balls, providing Mike with more bending scenes to jerk off on later in the privacy of his hotel bath. He was completely hard by the time Sammy walked up to him, sweat forming rivulets down her wet-dream of a body. Her nipples had stood up because of the gentle breeze. She looked down at Mike’s güvenilir bahis crotch and licked some sweat of her upper lip. Her tongue made his dick twitch. He knew she had seen that and was a little embarrassed. She came and stood right in front of him, her groin directly in front of him. She was close enough to smell and she smelled sweet and sweaty.

‘What are your plans this afternoon?” she asked him, the sound of her voice distracting him from her glowing, brown skin.

‘Well, I need a shower first”.

“Why not shower here,” she asked, pointing to the little pro-hut, “It has a great shower, towel …you could shower with me.”

Mike was sure he had misheard, but she pulled him up and made her follow him inside. The light inside was dim, but he could see that she had pulled open the string of her bikini top and was heading toward another room. She looked over her shoulder allowing him to admire her naked back. Her perfect figure was silhouetted against the light. She grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down in a sexy striptease just for him. Her white panties formed a thin line down her ass crack. Mike stripped his T-shirt and shorts and followed her in his briefs, his massive erection leading him on.

He entered the shower to see her reaching into the shower cubicle to turn on the water; she spun around and walked to him, reaching out to stroke his cock through his briefs. She fell to her knees, stripped him, and took him in her mouth wordlessly. Mike moaned. She took him out and stroked him with her long, thin fingers.

“I have not seen such a great cock since I returned from the States. I knew yours was the right one for me. Hmmmm…” she moaned on his pecker.

Mike lifted her and placed her on the sink counter. The steam from the shower as misting up the room, but he could still see the two of them in the mirror behind her. He bent down and saw that her panty crotch had become transparent with dampness. He peeled it off her ass to reveal a perfect, pink pussy with the sparsest of black hair above the clit. She had not shaved this; it was naturally this bare. He could smell her as he dropped his head between her legs.

“Wait for after the shower, honey, I’ll taste better then” Sammy said closing her legs.

“I want your all natural taste, and I want it now” he said pushing her knees apart with his broad shoulders.

He was not disappointed. She had a sweet taste like a ripe fruit. Her pussy lips were wet and soft and he licked around her pussy for a while. He then licked her from ass to clit and back, before putting his tongue deep inside her. türkçe bahis She lacked the sour taste some women have in the depths of their cunts. She was sugar-sweet everywhere.

She had started moving her hips against his face and urging him to lick her higher. He found her love bud easily and started licking it slowly. He licked it from side to side, and around it. He then lowered his lips around her clit and kept licking it inside her mouth. Her juices were now flowing onto his chest. So he stuck a finger in her tight twat. He had to work it a bit before he could get it to move freely inside her.

“Suck me please,” she whispered as he moved his fingers to the roof of her pussy, and then forward so that it was right behind the spot he was licking. He started sucking her softly and then as his fingers applied pressure from inside against her rough G-spot, he sucked her harder and harder, as her moans transformed to screams, and her movement against his mouth became pure and simple face fucking.

“I am having …aaaa…you are making me have. …fuck …oh fuck me with your …aaaaaa” and she wet his face with her sweet cunt juices.

The stepped into the shower, she holding his throbbing member. Sammy poured some soap gel onto her hand and started moving it up and down all 8 inches in her hands. She moved down and caressed his cannon balls with her soapy fingers. She poured some more gel directly onto her tits, rubbed them, allowing him to see her run her hands all over her delectable titties, down her flat belly to her nearly bald pussy. When she had a good lather worked up she rubbed her slippery breasts on his chest. She moved them from side to side and up and down. He kissed her deep as she kept rubbing her soapy body against his; creating erotic sparks of sexual static between them. She took her tongue from out of his mouth, and turned to get some shampoo. The sight of her tight rump was too much for Mike and he thrust against her. She moaned and grabbed him in her soapy hands from between her legs and rubbed his cock against her ass, her crack, her asshole, and then against her soapy pussy. His head was totally exposed and the friction against her slit from that angle was more than he could stand. He yelled, but never stopped thrusting against her. She rubbed him against her clit harder and harder until she started shaking with her second orgasm of the afternoon. She turned toward him, kissed his mouth, sucked his tongue, bit his lips, his nipples and then bent down and let the shower wash the soap off his pecker before taking him deep in her mouth. He felt the back of her throat and heard her gag güvenilir bahis siteleri momentarily before she got used to the girth of his penis. She reached around, massaged his balls, until she finally rested a slim, soapy finger against his ass. It was slippery enough for her to slip in, and soon she was massaging him from inside with one finger, fondling his balls with another, and sucking his cock deep in her warm mouth.

Mike came with a loud, jungle yell. Sammy held him against her throat as his love cream erupted. The finger in his ass made him come with greater power than he ever had before. He felt her swallow three times to get all his cum out into her belly. When she let him out of her mouth, a little white dribble fell out, but she quickly caught it with the finger she had removed from his ass.

‘Yummy, I love the taste of a man’s cock and ass” she grinned up at him.

They toweled each other off before heading to the other room where a soft couch beckoned them for some real fucking. Sammy opened a drawer and took out a box of lubricated and ribbed condoms. She bent down and put one on Mike. Nothing was as kinky as having a woman place a condom on his cock, it was the ultimate intimacy, and it held the promise of unthinkable, but safe, excitement. Once she was done Sammy bent over the couch and Mike aimed his rod into her pussy from the back. She was tight, and it must have hurt her as he plunged in without warning. She yelped.

“Fuck me harder, fuck me like a dog” she ordered through clamped teeth, ‘Don’t stop until you cum.”

He grabbed her delicious tits as the hung down. Visions of her leaning over the net to pick up the tennis balls came back to him and he throbbed inside her. His other hand pinched her clit and she came quickly in that position. She withdrew his cock from inside him.

She pushed him down on the couch and sat on top of him. She first let him lick her sweet honey pot again, then rubbed his cock against her tits. She pushed them together for him, as his rod moved up and down. He noticed how dark her nipples were, and they excited him even more, he leant forward and sucked them for a while until she said

“Now! Fuck my pussy now” and sat on him. She positioned the cock head at her opening and he impatiently thrust into her. She hung her tits in front of his mouth and he instinctively sucked the dark nipples. With the first poke, she was feeling waves of orgasm washing over her. She tightened her already tight pussy, and in two more thrusts, he exploded again, filling the condom tip in short spurts of cum.

They collapsed in a heap of sweat, cum and saliva until it was time for him to go to his dinner. The next day he left for the next destination on his Asian business trip, not expecting to be fucked with such intensity again. Traveling in Asia was great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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