At Long Last Ch. 02

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I hadn’t seen Jessica in a few years. Kids, distance, jobs. All good stuff, but it meant I wasn’t as close to my friend as I used to be. We still texted relatively frequently, it got a little raunchy sometimes. Every once in a while, her boyfriend Chris would send some dirty pictures of them. But for the most part, we were just college friends who grew apart but still cared about each other.

Then one night, around 9:30 as I was I got a text:

“Chris is out of town, kids are asleep…want to come over and have a drink?”

My wife and I lived in different cities and had an open relationship, so in the back of my mind I kept thinking “maybe I can get laid tonight!” Realistically, though, I knew this would be a catch-up session. MAYBE I could see her naked again and take some pictures for her boyfriend, but that didn’t seem likely.

In college, her drink of choice was a dark and stormy. Hoping that was still true, I grabbed my bottle of Goslings dark rum from the bar, and grabbed some ginger beer from the kitchen, before hopping in the car and heading over there. With no traffic that late at night, I made the normally hour-long drive in 45 minutes.

I texted her to let her know I was there (I didn’t want to wake her kids). She met me at the front door, and immediately wrapped me in the biggest hug I’d had in a long while. She was wearing a pair of black pants and a white tank top (with a pink bra!). Her hair was much longer than it had been. Childbirth had treated her well: her formerly B-cup breasts were pushing Ds, and her hips held the perfect curves, down to phenomenal legs I’d credit to the running she’s always enjoyed. My arms went around her waist, while hers wrapped around my back. She used her right arm to pull my head down next to her cheek, giving me a gentle kiss and whispering “God, it’s good to see you, Thomas.” She was the only one who called me Thomas. I know she was just a friend, but that breathy whisper in my ear was giving my cock certain thoughts I didn’t need to entertain.

She pulled away and grabbed my hand, pulling me up the short flight of stairs and into the kitchen. “How have you been,” she asked, as she took the bag out of my hand and took out highball glasses to make the drinks. “I’ve been good,” I shared, talking about working and my family as she opened and poured and mixed. “What about you?”

“Life is generally good,” she told me, as she handed me a drink, took my hand, and pulled me back down the stairs to their family room. I sat on the love seat as she curled up on the sofa and told me about all the great things in her life: her career success, her loving family, health issues. As we drank, we reminisced about college. We talked about our friends, and gossiped about those we kept in touch with. She refreshed our drinks once I as I checked in with my wife, and a second time as I looked up Andrea on Facebook to see who she was dating now.

“I told you she was dating that former priest,” I said triumphantly, as she came back down the stairs with our drinks. “Look at this guy, he seems like a nice guy, I just can’t imagine dating a former priest.” I looked up to see her standing at the bottom of the stairs, two drinks in her hand. She’d removed her shirt and pants while upstairs, and was standing in nothing but her pink bra and the matching pink panties.

“So…hey,” I said, tongue-tied.

“Hey,” she softly replied, walking over to me and handing me her drink.

“Ummmm…hey,” I said, never short of witty banter.

“You may not touch me tonight. But Chris is out of town, and I’d love some sexy photos to send him. And I decide to touch you, well, that’s my prerogative.”

“Fine by me,” I said, trying to respectfully look her in the eyes, but feeling the need to take in her entire sexy body.

“Here’s the deal. Tell me what to do. What to touch. How to look. Take as many picture as you want on your phone. Afterwards, text Chris with the best four or five, and send them all to me. If he wants more, feel free to send them to him.”

“I’m totally on board.”

“Alright, Thomas, how do you bahis firmaları want me?”

“I want to pound you from behind on the coffee table, but for now, go back to the bottom of the stairs.”

She rolled her eyes as she sauntered over to the stairs. I asked her go the second step and put her hand on the railing, and I began taking pictures.

At first, I was timid. “Could you take a step down please?” “Can you try moving your neck back a bit?” “Can you look directly into the camera?” But then I began to get a little more directive. “Jess, spread your legs a bit. Good girl, just like that.” I’d taken over 100 pictures, and we were still on the stairs.

“Go over to the couch,” I told her. I had her sit, facing forward, legs spread. She looked so comfortable, so confident, so beautiful, so sexy. And was that a small spot of moisture I could start to see in her panties? Time to kick this up a notch.

“Let me see you slowly reach into your panties.” A naughty look came across her face, as she smiled at me. Her fingers paused just inside, teasing. I winked and made the “go on” motion with my hands. She looked up at me as she continued moving. She bit her lip gently as she made contact with her pussy.

“Go ahead, girl, touch it a little more,” I encouraged her, as she continued looking into the camera. She moaned gently.

“Lay back.”

“Spread your legs a little more.”

“Touch your clit. Good girl.” She continued to work her pussy, still wearing that bra and panties. It somehow made the whole scene naughtier. I had to remind myself to keep taking pictures!

“Alright, Jessica, take off the bra.” She reached back to snap it off. Holy shit, her breasts were huge. What had been small and curved were now much larger, and well-rounded, with just a hint of sag from motherhood. Her nipples were also larger than I remembered, more pointed. She continued to touch herself, starting to moan. My cock, which up to this point I’d been able to control, began to stiffen.

“We keep the toys in the spare bedroom,” she said to me. I remembered that bedroom. Years before, her boyfriend and I had spitroasted her there. I reluctantly left the room, walking down the hall. Straight in front of me, I saw the open door. Nothing in the room other than a bed, a dresser, and a night table. I fumbled all the drawers of the dresser before realizing they held nothing but towels. I opened the night stand drawer to find a half-dozen toys—vibrators, cock rings, handcuffs. A small but mighty collection. I grabbed the lube and the toy I remembered her telling me was her favorite: the rabbit vibrator. She loved when those bunny ears would brush her clit while she was filled.

I hurried back, to see her a little more frantically touching herself. “Here you go,” I said, tossing her the vibrator as I set the lube down on the table. “Take off your panties.”

Now I had to stop myself from moaning as I watched her pull down those moist panties. Her perfect pussy—hairless, small tight labia, reddened from arousal—came into view, and I zoomed into to keep myself from grabbing my cock right there. She knew that was happening, and stared at my cock as she once again bit her lip. What an incredibly sexy look on a woman.

“Ready for some videos?” I asked. “Touch yourself and moan his name.”

I switched to video as she took the rabbit and turned it on. While it’s the start of something sexy, there is also something incredibly silly to me about the rabbit ears turning. Apparently she felt the same way because we locked eyes—and both burst out laughing.

“Come sit next to me,” she said, turning off the vibrator and then pulling me down to sit next to her now naked body. I put my arm around me and she curled into me. I gently kissed the top of her head, as we sat for a moment. “You’re a good friend, Tom,” she said. “I love our friendship,” I told her. “It’s unique. I’m so happy I have my wife and you have your boyfriend, and that we can still be there to support each other.” “Good,” she said, putting her hand on my knee. “Are you still turned on?”

“Not at all,” kaçak iddaa I said, laughing, as she could feel my hard cock pressing against her arm.


“Not at all,” she said, gently pulling my hand down to lay against her pussy. She gasped slightly as I started to push my finger in. “Yes,” she moaned, as I continued to touch her, pulling her closer against me.

“Alright,” she blurted out. “Let’s get back to the photos.”

I stood up as she turned the vibrator back on. She started to move it towards her slit as I resumed taking a video. “Oh, Chris,” she moaned, looking directly into the camera. “Baby, I need that cock.” I could smell her arousal.

“Lay back,” I whispered, hoping it didn’t pick up on the camera. She lay down on the sofa as I moved toward the arm. She resumed working the vibrator into her, eyes closed, moaning gently. I reached down to spread her legs a little more, pushing the right one up towards the back of the couch, and the left towards the coffee table.

She gasped loudly as the rabbit ears finally brushed against her clit, her eyes shooting open as she looked into the camera. “Fuck, baby,” she said. “That feels so good. I wish it was your cock.”

I knew she was looking at Chris, but I couldn’t help but feel it was for me. My cock was now rock hard, uncomfortably pushing out my slacks. She looked down at it, then back at the camera, as she began to slowly pump the vibrator in and out of her gash. She unleashed a string of dirty talk.

“Yes, Chris, I need your big, fat cock. I miss it, baby. I miss you. I miss you inside me. I miss how you control me. Fuck my cunt, baby. Fill me with your cum. No, don’t fill me with your cum. Fuck me until you cum on my face. Do it, baby.”

Part of me wanted to try a different position, but I could see she was way into this. I didn’t want to interrupt her working her way towards an orgasm.

“Baby, I can’t wait ’til you come home and fill me with that cock. How do you want to fuck me, baby? From behind? Bend me over the couch? Let me ride you, baby. Fill me with that cock as I bounce on you. I know how you love my titties in your face. Bite my nipples as you fill me with cum.”

“Or,” she said, as she slowed down the in and out motion of the vibrator in her pussy, “should we find another girl? Do you finally want Dusty to join us? Should she fuck me with a strap-on while I suck your cock? Or what about Sandy? Would you mind if I licked my clit while you fucked her?”

She looked up at me. “Alright, Tom, what’s next?”

Whew…I’m glad we can extend this a little. “Hands and knees,” I said. I don’t know if Chris likes it, but this is what I love to see.

She removed the vibrator, set it on the table, and flipped over on her knees. She put her left hand on the couch cushion, and ran the fingers of her right hand through her pussy. “This way?” she said to me, looking over her shoulder as I kept taking pictures.

“God yes,” I responded, as she kept touching herself.

“Hand me the vibrator,” she said to me. I picked it up, and caught a whiff of her pussy, feeling her juices on my fingers. She kept touching herself. “Here,” I said. She ignored me. I awkwardly held the vibrator with one hand as I tried to keep up taking pictures with the other.

She looked over her shoulder, and we made eye contact. “Put it in me,” she said softly. Well, then.

I put down the camera and stood behind her as I slowly pressed the vibrating rod into her pussy, feeling the whirring of the ears. Her slit opened and she moaned as I pressed it in. I placed one hand on her back, right on that tramp stamp she got in college, as I pushed harder and deeper. She was so wet, practically gushing with each push in. The pussy smell filled the room.

As the ears reached her clit, I saw her body tighten. She put both hands on the pillow and pushed back slightly against me. Her moans were louder. I held the vibrator firmly in her, even as it felt like her pussy was pushing it back. Finally, she said “fuck me, Tom.”

I pulled the vibrator out slowly, and then pushed it back kaçak bahis in. She moaned and pushed back and against me, as I accelerated. I pushed down her back as I pushed it back in. I could tell she was trying to hold in her screams, so we didn’t wake her kids, as I kept fucking her from behind, my cock tenting out my pants, her body shaking and her pussy gushing. “Do me, Tom, do me. Fuck me, Tom, fuck me,” she began to chant under her breath. I watch her body tensing, her legs shaking, as I fucked her hard with the vibrator.

“Hold it in, Tom,” she suddenly half-screamed. I pushed it deep inside, as it vibrated in her and brushed her clit. For almost ten seconds, she tensed, shaking slightly, then with a small gush of fluid out of her pussy, collapsed on the couch.

I pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. I sat next to her, my hand slowly rubbing her back, until she started to stir again.

“You ok, friend?” I asked. “I’m getting there,” she said with a slight smile.

“Wow, that was amazing,” she said as she started to get up. “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry we didn’t get as many photos as Chris would like,” I said. “Particularly towards the end.”

“That’s ok,” she said. “We can do it again sometime.”

I started to get up, to hand her the discarded panties on the floor.

“Still turned on?” she said with a slight smile.

“Not at all,” I said with a smile, since she could still see my hard-on poking through my pants.

“Take it out,” she said.

“What?” I replied, understanding her words but not sure if she meant it.

“I want you to get off for me.”

I immediately pulled down my zipper and pulled out my cock. “Stroke it, Tom,” she said to me. I began to stroke my cock for her, watching her as she sat there naked, her eyes on my cock. “Do it, Tom. Do it for me. Jerk that cock.” She stood up and moved directly in front of me, her eyes never leaving my cock. “Stroke it, baby.”

Suddenly, she leaned forward and put one hand on my shoulder, looking me in the eyes as I jerked off. With the other hand, she pushed down my pants, leaving me in a dress shirt, boxers, and socks. “Are you going to cum for me, baby?” she asked, staring me in the eyes.

“I want to,” I replied.

“Want some help?”

“Always,” I said, not sure where this was leading.

She took my hand off my cock and led me to the couch. She sat me down, then knelt in front of me. She stared at my cock, then my eyes, then my cock, then my eyes. She slowly wrapped her hand around my cock. “Do you want me to jerk it off?” she asked. “God, yes,” I said. She started moving her hand up and down.

I always thought there was nothing excited about a handjob. Watching a woman do what I do regularly, but with less talent. I’m not impressed. But Jessica suddenly made me a believer. Sometimes she went fast, then slow. She gripped it hard, then softly. At one point she spit in her hand to give it a little lube (I suppose we could have used the lube I’d brought, but she was an artist without it). The entire time she jerked me off, she stared at my cock, as if mesmerized. I’d seen her boyfriend’s cock. It was bigger than mine, in every way. But she made me feel so special as she knelt in front of me.

In just a few minutes, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Her talent, combined with the sexiness of the evening, were going to get me off. “Jess, I’m almost there. I’m going to cum,” I managed to moan. “Cum for me, baby. Cum for me, ” she began to chant.

“I’m there, baby. I’m going to cum.” As I felt the cum begin running from my balls, she grabbed her panties off the floor and put them on top of my cock, still stroking it.

Six, seven, eight contractions later, her panties were a sodden mess. It was the most amazing orgasm I’d felt in a long while, and it was all at her hands. Incredible.

I guess I looked shy for a moment, because she said “I don’t regret it. That was fun. Chris knew this might happen. We’re all good.” As I smiled, she said “I need to get to bed. Get your clothes on and get out. And send Chris the pictures as soon as you get home.”

Then she pulled me close, still naked, my cum still dripping off the end of my cock, and wrapped her arms around me saying “Thanks for being a good friend. We need to do this again sometime soon.”

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