Au Naturel Ch. 04

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Hi again.

No, I got here just a few minutes ago.


And you?

Ready to order?

While we’re waiting for our food, I thought I’d tell you about my first encounter with Stacey.

If you remember, I told you last time that we discovered we only lived about 35 miles apart. She lived in Louisville. As you know, I live across the river just outside New Albany.

We agreed by email to meet at a neutral location. After all, it’s one thing to share ideas and opinions about sex anonymously. It’s something else to meet face to face and wonder what kind of connection there would be in the real world. Though our emails became really graphic sexually, we never did “cyber.” Yes, there were times we deliberately tried to turn the other on, but our emails never were personal.

Stacey chose an upscale restaurant near the riverfront. I arrived about fifteen minutes early and was seated at our table. I wanted to be able to see what she looked like before we actually met. She told me what she’d be wearing, but even if I didn’t know that before hand, I had a feeling I would know her.

When I first saw her, I was stunned. She was wearing a black dress that hugged her body. It was nearly skin-tight. It sloped low in front toward her cleavage and the back was open below her waistline exposing the beginning of her wonderfully-shaped ass. Her complexion suggested the look of her European heritage. Her skin had a healthy, tanned glow. A single strand pearl necklace graced her neck. The hem of her dress fell to just above her knees. The dress showed off her fabulous figure from shoulders to breasts to waist to hips to legs. She was not wearing hose. With her color and those legs she didn’t need any. Matching black low heeled shoes completed her outfit.

She appeared to be around 5′ 6″ tall. Her auburn hair was the color of mahogany. It looked dark brown, but when the light hit her hair a certain way, you could see the slightest touch of dark red. It fell just to her shoulders and was perfectly styled, pulled back on one side and held with a pearl-studded clasp.

Her eyes were dazzling, as emerald green as the ocean surrounding a Caribbean island. There was a depth to her eyes, radiating not just intelligence but promises of delights to come.

Her face, oh my, her face. Perfection personified. It was shaped like a teardrop. Smiles and laughter must spring naturally from her character because faint creases could be seen in the corners of her eyes and the edges of her mouth. Her cheekbones, though evident, were not so prominent as to detract from the symmetry of her face. They sloped gently toward her ears. The tip of her chin was neither pointed nor blunt. Her jaw line was not squared. No, from her perfectly rounded chin, her jaw line swept gently upward toward her ears and merged seamlessly with her cheekbones. Her ears were neither flat against her head nor tilting too far outward. Dancing from her ears were simple pearl earrings. Her lips. Oh, her lips. Again, they were perfect. Not too full. Not too thin. Delicate. There was at the same time a suggestion of mischievousness and a sensuality to her lips when she smiled and occasionally licked them with the tip of her tongue. She was absolutely beautiful.

As for the rest of her figure, you can imagine how exciting and stimulating it was. Her neck, again neither too long nor too short, sat above flawlessly shaped shoulders. They didn’t slope down from her neck, but were slightly squared, giving her an aura of strength. Her breasts appeared to be 34C, not so large as to detract from her figure, yet large enough to hint of the pleasures that exist in them and between them. From her shoulders, her body curved like an hourglass to her waist then outward again and around her hips.

The dress displayed an inviting “V” where her abdomen met her legs and accentuated the sway of her hips and ass when she walked. Her muscular thighs and calves revealed what I already knew, that she was an avid runner and swimmer. Her shapely ankles perfectly linked her legs and feet. Lithe is the word I would use to describe her body.

No, I do not exaggerate. All I know is that no woman has ever so instantly appealed to my mind, my emotions, and my body as Stacey did that first moment I saw her.

When she saw me, she smiled broadly as she was escorted to the table by the maitre de. Every eye in the room watched her approach our table in obvious admiration.

The maitre de seated her and a waiter dressed in a black tuxedo appeared immediately. He asked if we would care to begin with a bottle of wine. She nodded and I told her to choose. She asked if the restaurant served a chilled, dry Lambrusco wine. When told yes, she ordered a bottle. We said our hellos and started looking over the menu. The waiter quickly returned and poured her half a glass of wine. Holding the stem, she admired the ruby red color. She swirled the glass rapidly. Stopping the swirling, she brought the glass to her casino şirketleri nose and took several quick, full sniffs. Satisfied with the aroma, she sipped a small amount and splashed it over her tongue. She nodded her approval to the waiter and he poured a glass for me.

The waiter asked if we would like an appetizer and again I deferred to Stacey. She asked if the oysters on the half shell were served with a chef’s sauce. The waiter said it was a tart onion vinaigrette. She nodded her approval and ordered. As he left, Stacey innocently looked me in the eye and said that she heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Yes, bold is a word that can be used to describe her personality.

We looked over the menu and discussed what we might order. The waiter returned with the appetizer. The oysters were placed on a layer of crushed ice with lemon slices, the sauce, and thin slices of buttered pumpernickel on the side. The waiter stood while Stacey sprinkled some lemon on an oyster, dipped it in the sauce and sensuously rolled it in her mouth. She nodded to the waiter and told him to return later to take our order. She looked at me and sucked on the oyster.

I know, I know. I was overwhelmed by her presence. In every way, she is every man’s dream.

When the waiter returned again, we placed our orders. Stacey decided on the braised Tuscan lamb shank bathed in a broth of rosemary, fontina mill-cut white grits, tomato, fennel and bourbon. I ordered seared Hawaiian billfish with a glaze made of parsnips, pomegranates, saffron, vanilla, carrot puree, and soy.

We ate the oysters and talked. Though we were meeting for the first time, our conversation was amazingly easy. We shared our life histories, our work, and our interests. Our dinner arrived, and we continued our conversation. After our meal, we both ordered freshly ground Hawaiian Kona coffee served black.

I asked Stacey if she would like dessert. She tilted her head and told me that, if I didn’t mind, she would like us to have each other for dessert.

Yes, just like that. No beating around the bush for Stacey.

What do you think? Of course I agreed. And quickly.

She invited me to follow her home. I walked her to her car and, before she got in, she gave me a full-body hug, pushed her hips against mine, and placed a brief peck on my lips. She said that I tasted better than our meal and couldn’t wait to taste the rest of me.

How do you think I reacted? I was getting hard already.

Giving me her address, she pulled away.

By the time I was on my way and found her address, I was a good five to ten minutes behind her.

She lived in a condominium complex. Gorgeous view of the river and downtown. Plenty of glass.

Yes, the one with the marina.

I found her condo and rang the doorbell. The door opened and there stood Stacey, completely naked. She grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me inside, kicking the door shut with her heel. We embraced and shared a long sensuous kiss, our tongues darting and snaking in and out of our mouths.

Oh yes, the feel of Stacey against me caused an instant erection.

She said let’s get me out of my clothes and unbuckled my belt. In seconds, I too was naked. She took hold of my cock and pulled me into her bedroom.

Yes. Bold doesn’t quite do her justice. Maybe aggressive is a better word.

She pulled me to the bed and said she wanted me hard and she wanted me fast. Still gripping my cock, she lay backward on the bed and opened her legs. I could see that juices were already dripping from her pussy. I mounted her and drove my cock deep inside her. She crossed her ankles across my back and with her heels, drove my cock deep inside her pussy every time I pulled back. In seconds, our need brought us to climax together. I breathlessly rolled onto my back and lay next to her. We both lay there panting and trying to catch our breath.

The next thing I knew she straddled me with her mouth over my cock and her pussy over my mouth. She devoured my cock and pressed her pussy against my mouth. She sucked me like I had never been sucked before. It felt like she was trying to suck my cum right out of me. Add to that her fondling of my balls and my anus, it took all I had not to come immediately.

Me? What did I do? Well, I matched her enthusiasm.

I licked her pussy lips, sucked her clit, covered my hands with her juices and rubbed them all over her ass. I licked up and down her pussy lips and occasionally tongued as deep as I could reach between them. She squirmed and squealed when I fingered her anus and positioned herself so that I could penetrate her there with my tongue. She was becoming agitated and nearing an orgasm. With her mouth still gripping my cock, she rolled me over on top of her. She raised her legs and I put my elbows behind her knees raising her ass in the air. I worked on her pussy lips, her clit, and her anus. Every time she was about to cum, I’d back off. I’d nip her casino firmaları inner thighs with my teeth, pinch her ass cheeks, and push on her anus. Then I’d bring her to the brink again and back off. I did that again and again.

What was she doing? She was doing her best to get me to cum. She was also whining and complaining around my cock in her mouth.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She clamped her legs around my head, pounded her fists on my back and shouted Let me come, dammit, let me cum.

So I did. And I came too.

So that was the beginning of a night of passion. Through our emails we had gained the knowledge of what it is that transports each other to the utmost sexual pleasure and we took full advantage of that knowledge. All night long. Oh there were times one or the other of us or both of us dozed for a short while. I can tell you that to be awakened by Stacey was a real experience.

An example? Here’s one from our first night together. I woke up with one of her hands squeezing the base of my cock while the fingers of her other hand were scratching and squeezing my scrotum. And her mouth! She was sucking my cock so hard , even though it was soft, I thought she’d suck the cum right out of my balls. I tell you, if a man has Stacey, he sure wouldn’t need a vacuum pump to get hard. She fondled my balls, sucked my cock as hard as she could, then when I was about to come, she pressed her fingers against my perineum. The when I did come she pushed a finger hard against my anus. And she would’t stop! She kept sucking and sucking even while I was yelling enough, enough, stop, stop. I literally had to grab her hair and pull her off my cock. Then, she told me to suck her clit until she came. Which I gladly did. In fact, she did this often to me. I once asked her why and she told me she liked she made me react. She said the way she made me wiggle, moan, and scream really turned her on.

How did I wake her up? I remember one time that first night, I started running my fingers around her nipples and, as she was waking up, started sucking on them. She kneaded her breasts with her hands and fed me one nipple at a time. Meanwhile, she started running a finger around her clit. I told you she really loved oral sex, so she begged me to suck her clit and tongue her pussy. I moistened a finger and when she came I pushed it in her anus up to my first knuckle.

We woke each other up in other ways when we pulled an all-nighter. One or the other of us would straddle the other and use mouths, lips, and tongues to wake each other up.

My favorite way to wake Stacey up? I could only do this if she was sound asleep. I’d stroke my cock to get it hard and softly stimulate her pussy. Gently I’d move her legs apart, raise her knees, and because her pussy was always wet, softly push my cock up adn down between her pussy lips. When I saw her eyes begin to open, I’d push my cock all the way into her pussy and pull out. When she realized what I was doing, she would put her arms and legs around me and we would push in and out until we both came. It didn’t matter who came first, we just kept at it until we had no more energy left. Some times she would come multiple times and, if we lasted long enough, I would come more than once too.

OK, back to that first night. The first pink rays of dawn were splashing the eastern sky when we finally collapsed from exhaustion. We slept until noon.

Stacey prepared a brunch for us and we made plans to meet again. She suggested that we make it my place next time since it is in the country. That way she said she could make all the noise she wanted to without worrying about bothering her neighbors.

Remember that camping trip I told you about? The one where she screamed and carried on? Well, at my place she was free to let herself go as much as she wanted. She loved expressing herself that way.

Did I love her? I guess there wasn’t time enough for that. Love grows over time. From familiarity and trust. We became very familiar in the time we had together. We also developed a trust. Remember, though, she moved to San Francisco just a few months after we met.

Yes, I did develop strong feelings for her that went far beyond the sex. She was intelligent, an interesting conversationalist, laughed easily, and had a great sense of humor. Out of the blue, she could make a comments or observation that made me almost bend over and cry from laughter. But then, there was the age difference between us, twenty-three years. And, as you know, I am a fairly traditional conservative mid-westerner while she was a quite the liberal. We could talk for hours on end, until one or the other of us initiated sex. Then we would have sex for hours on end. Everything else was forgotten in the throws of passion.

The important thing was that we developed an honest and open affection for each other based on mutual respect and the enjoyment of each other’s company. So, yes, we did have feelings for each other. güvenilir casino Though sex was a big part of our relationship, it by far wasn’t the only part.

I guess that’s why our last time together was so bittersweet, so poignant, so emotional.

We planned to spend our last night together at my place. I made a salad, baked two potatoes, and grilled filet mignon. She brought a bottle of Lambrusco as a reminder of our first night together. After dinner, we sat on the porch swing and talked about our favorite experiences with each other, both sexual and non-sexual. Dusk turned to darkness. I put my arm around Stacey and she snuggled against me. I tilted her head and placed a tender kiss on her lips. We spent time just holding each other, stroking each other’s faces, sharing gentle kisses, and words of affection. We kissed more that last evening together than we had in all the time we had known each other. They were soft kisses, filled with meaning.

I think you’ll appreciate this metaphor. Many of our sexual encounters were like a 100 meter sprint. Exciting, explosive, fast, furious, bodies thrashing from the need for release. Other times, having sex with Stacey was like a middle distance run, a mixture of energy and endurance. There was an ebb and flow in those encounters, building, building to the ending kick and the final climatic conclusion.

Our last night together was different. It was like a marathon. It transported us to an almost out of body experience where we reached new heights of consciousness and passion.

I had removed the mattress from my camper and placed in on the ground in the yard. Under a starlit sky, we slowly undressed each other and sank onto the softness in each other’s arms. It seems we both wanted our last time together to be a long, yet satisfying sensual experience.

How did I know that? Because we both took great care to hold our passions in check. There would be no raging sexual acrobatics for us that night.

We spoke little. We caressed each other in a less sexual way than usual. Faces, arms, hands, fingers, we explored each other. There were moments when, in spite of efforts to hold them back, tears would flow down our cheeks.

Yes, I admit it. I shed more than a few tears.

At one point, Stacey reversed her position. She crossed her right leg over my left one and I crossed my left over her right. We simply caressed each other, my fingers on her pussy and her fingers on my cock. No words, just absorbed in a gentle stimulation of each other.

After awhile, Stacey changed position again so that we lay face to face with our heads inches apart. Our eyes were fixed on each other’s. Hands cupped faces, gentle kisses shared, words of affection passed between us. Fingers of both my hands glided slowly, hypnotically down to her pussy and I caressed her there . With both her hands, she stroked my cock. It was almost as if we were sharing the same consciousness. My fingers found her clit and I started rubbing it gently. Her body squirmed, she let out a soft gasp. As I continued rubbing it, she made whimpering sounds. Her body shuddered and with a slight moan asked, please lick me.

I rolled onto my side and into a 69 position and turned her toward me. With my right elbow, I moved her leg over my shoulder opening her sex to my mouth. She did the same to me. We continued our stimulation with our mouths and tongues and fingers. It was amazing.

Though neither of us spoke a word, we made no attempt to bring each other to orgasm. We simply were content to allow our bodies to experience the currents of sensations coursing through us and between us.

With my tongue, I licked the length of her wet pussy lips, probing deep into their warm recesses. When I began gliding my tongue over her clit, she moaned. Around and around went my tongue, making a circuitous trip, sending her deeper into ecstasy.

I moaned Love me with your mouth, Stacey and felt her mouth encompass my cock, her tongue circling the tip, and then stimulating the tender underside.

It was so strange. On other nights we might have been yelling and screaming and our bodies would have been thrashing at this point. But on this night, at this moment, we were simply being and feeling.

We lost ourselves in each other. We lost all awareness of everything. Nothing existed outside of each other and what we were sharing together. We surrendered ourselves to the perfect satisfaction of each other. Our bodies, our flesh, became one. Our souls melded into one. Our minds joined as one.

Again, without words, we knew together the moment for our ultimate sharing. I moved so that I hovered over her. She took my cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy. I pushed forward. She raised her hips and pushed toward me. I slid inside and she accepted my cock.

We spoke no words. We only gazed into each other’s eyes. Deep affection flowed from our eyes to each other. Slowly we moved back and forth. There was no frenzy. We simply loved until a swelling orgasm flowed between us and over us and through us. Tears of pure joy slid down our cheeks. It was a spiritual experience.

Afterward, we lay side by side. The enormity of what we had just shared turned our tears into sobs.

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